Thursday, February 8, 2018

Jeff Fisher / Superbowls 52 & 53 / Prince

I know this is way outta left field but I think there's a riddle Jeff Fisher and Superbowl 52 and maybe SB53

DOB: 2/25/58 (59 y/o)
HC for 350 games
Record 178-171-1

He coached 2 Franchises in 4 different cities.

He lead the Titans to SB34 which was played in Atlanta
SB53 will be played on the 34th day of the year in Atlanta
He was 41 years old at the time (Eagles SB52)
This was the end of the 99' season
Next year will the NFL's 99th season

His last season with the Titans was 2010, when he was 52 years old
They beat the Eagles 37-19 (53 to improve to 5-2 on the season
They lost their next game 25-33 (58) to the San Diego Chargers
This dropped their record to 5-3
The Titans would lose 5 more in a row to drop their record to 5-8
In week 14 when they got their 8th loss of the season it was to the Colts 30-28 (58)

After a promising 5-2 start they ended the season 1-8
Final Record was 6-10 (61)
61 = 18th prime

Check out the stats from the Titans Patriots playoff game in 2003
Loaded with 41/46

In Week 14 of the 2016 Fisher's Final game as a HC came ganist the Atlanta Falcons (L/42-14)
He was 58 at the time
He finished that season 4-9
Next year will be the 49th SB of the Modern era
4+9=13, 13th prime = 41
One week earlier in week 13 he lost to the Patriot 26-10 (36)

Fisher also won SB20 as a player on the Bears against the Patriots (46-10)
That game was in New Orleans

Players cut by Fisher who had a story line in SB52;
Nick Foles (Rams)
Legarette Blount (Titans)
Chris Long (Rams)

As stated, SB53 is being hosted by Atlanta
This is the first SB in Atlanta since SB34

Prince played his last concert in Atlanta
He played 25 songs
Prince & Fisher both born in 1958

Eagles won SB52 with 41 points
Prince performed halftime at SB41 had a tribute at SB52 half time show

I then looked at SB33 (Patriots points)
The Denver Broncos beat the Atlanta Falcons 34-19 (53)
This was played in Jan 99'

That was John Elways last game so I wouldn't be surprised to see one of the Hall of Fame QB winning it all then retiring

What else that sticks out to me is Superbowls 33,34,35 all connect back to Atlanta/SB53

SB33-Falcons played in
SB34-Was played in Atlanta
SB35- 35 is 53 flipped, SB53 is in Atlanta

I'll just leave this here for now, if anyone else finds other connections please share

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Superbowl 52 Recap

I've started to share this work more with family & friends recently and what I hear is "it's easy after the game to find connections with numbers & you can make connections with any numbers if you try hard enough"

I get why most would make this statement but I will continue to show connections to sports and numbers. I hope eventually the majority will start to see how everything is intertwined.

But anyway, here's what Ive found..

Eagles won 41 -33 (74)
74th prime =373
Foles finished with 373 passing yards

The 74 also sticks out because of Independence Day being 7/4
This Super Bowl was all about America (Patriots and Eagles)
It has connections to Flag day (See my Blog below)
Pledge of Allegiance being adopted by Congress 86 years ago

These teams previously met in the SB39
In SB52 After a missed extra point the score was 3-9
SB39 was 13 years ago
13th prime = 41
Eagles won with 41

Foles has 215 yards at Halftime
215 is Philadelphia area code
Dan Patrick mentioned this at halftime

This was Foles 43rd career start
This was also the Eagles 43rd playoff game
43=14th prime
In week 14 of this year the Eagles won with 43 points
This was the game Wentz went down which lead to Foles becoming the starter

Foles and Brady each had 28 completions In SB52
28th prime = 107 (17)
SB52 was the final game of the 17' season

Belichick playoff Record became 28-11
Both teams lost #11 this season (Wentz & Edelman)
11 = 5th prime

Brady finished with 505 passing yards (55)
Patriots fell to 5-5 in SBs in their 10th SB appearance

If you add 1-10 you get 55
1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10 = 55

55 is the 10 Fibonacci Number
Fibonacci sequence, and characterized by the fact that every number after the first two is the sum of the two preceding ones: 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55

#55 (Brandon Graham) on the Eagles made a play to seal the win when he forced Brady to fumble

After this play there was 2:09 remaining in the game (29)
29 = 10th prime #
The Eagles would run the ball with #29 (Legarrette Blount) three straight times
Blount played for the Patriots last season
SB52 was 61 days after his 31st bday
61 = 18th prime
Blount scored 18 TDs last year with the patriots

After the 3 Blount runs It was then 4th & 6 when the Eagles kicker hit a 46 yard field goal leaving 1:05 on the clock
Foles turned 29, 15 days before SB52
AFC East teams are now 2-9 vs NFC East teams in the Super Bowl
All 3 QBs to start SBs for the Eagles (Jaworski,Mcnabb, Foles) were 29 at the time.

The Eagles kicker,Jake Elliot, hit a 61 yard field goal to beat the Giants earlier this season
61 = 18th prime
Elliott also hit a 46 yarder to tie the game @ 24 vs the Giants
Giants last team to beat Patriots in SB46

I looked at the other Eagle who was a Patriot last year
That player is Chris Long
His birthday 3/28 (Patriots comeback In SB51)
Long's 33rd birthday is 52 days after SB52
Patriots had 33 points in SB52

Eagles improved to 8-6 all time vs Patriots
NFC won its 27th SB
SB52 was 86 days after Eagles tight end (Zach Ertz ,#86), 27th birthday

Patriots player Malcolm Butler is currently 27 years old
From SB52 to his next birthday is a span of 27 days
Butler was "benched" and many are claiming this cost the Patriots the game
The player who replace defense Butler was# 25 Eric Rowe
Rowe birthday is 10/3 (103)
103 = 27th prime

#27 on the Eagles(Malcom Jenkins) knocked #14 on the Patriots (Brandin Cooks) out of the game

Former Eagles player Jerome Brown died at age 27 during the season where SB27 would be played
The score of SB27 was 52-17
Brown would have turned 53 on the date of SB52 (2/4/18)
Brady/Belichick dropped to 5-3 in SBs
Belichick stayed on 241 wins with Patriots
241= 53rd prime
Flip 53 you get 35
SB52 was played on the 35th day of the year

This was (#12)Brady's 37th playoff game
37=12th prime
Eagles are now 1-2 SBs

This was the 48th SB of the Modern era
Brady had 48 pass attempts in SB52
48th prime = 223
Brady stayed on 223 all time wins

In previous post I talked about Favre speaking to the Eagles beforeSB52

SB52 was played 117 days after Favre 48th bday
Flip 117 you get LII (52)

Back to the Eagles hitting a 46 yard field goal at the end of the the game
46th prime is 199
Favre finished with 199 wins
Brady was the 199th pick in the draft

Check out my Favre post below, there are a lot of connections to 58
58th prime = 271
Brady's playoff record is now 27-10

Philly lost SB15 27-10 to the Raiders (1st SB Appearance)
They beat Dallas 20-7 (27) to advance to that Super Bowl
Their QB, Ron Jaworski threw 27 TD that regular season

I recently found out the Brady has never won a SB when he did not beat the Steelers or Colts in the AFC championship

'01-Beat Steelers then Rams
'03-Beat Colts then Panthers
'04-Beat Steelers then Eagles
'14-Beat Colts then Seahawks
'16-Beat Steelers then Falcons

'07-Beat Chargers then lost to Giants
'11-Beat Ravens then lost to Giants
'17-Beat Jaguars then lost to Eagles

Very interesting...

Much more connections with this game and I will continue to update.

Please feel free to share any thoughts below, I am always interested to hear the average persons thoughts on these connections

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