Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Saints / Bears / Mike Ditka

Sean Payton's 1st win in ATL came on 11/26/06
Saints won 31-13 (44)
31=11th prime & 13 = 6th
More 11/6
This was Payton's 11th game (became 7-4)

A span of 4453 days before SB53
NO already appeared in SB 44 now SB53?

Bree's had 349 yards in the game
349 = 70th prime

This was Bree's 70th start
Record came 37-33

The game was 33 days before Payton's 43rd birthday

Saints won in ATL 43-37 this year

Saints are 23-27 all time in ATL

The next game with be their 51st

Bree's 40th birthday is 19 days before SB53
He is 8-6 in ATL

SB53 could be Bree's is 16th playoff came
His record could become 10-6

Saints 1st win in ATL was 10/20/74
NO won 13-3 (16)
44 years 106 days before SB53
This was their 6th all time game in ATL

Saints record became 2-4
-SB53 played on 2/4

74' Season when SB(9) was played in New Orleans
Steelers Beat the Vikings 16-6
That year NO played both those teams

Week 11: L to Steelers 28-7
Week 12: L to Vikings 29-9

They were outscored 57-16

1974 was the NFL 55th Season
Sean Payton will be 55 for SB53

Payton was born in 1963, the 44th NFL Season
Payton was born on 12/29/63
Same day as the 1963 Championship Game
Bears beat Giants 14-10

Mike Ditka was on that Bears team
Ditka was in the news early this year for a Heart attack

This was announced on 11/23/18, the day after Thanksgiving

Ditka played for the Cowboys
Coached Bears and Saints

All Three teams that Ditka has connections to all won in thanksgiving

Bears over Lions 23-16 (39)
Cowboys over Redskins 31-23 (54)
Saints over Falcons 31-17 (48)

His 79th bday (10/18/18) is 108 days before SB53
Ditka turns 80, 257 days after SB52
-257 = 55th prime

Ditka last Season as a player was 1972 (53rd NFL Season)
Heart attack happened 72 days before SB53

Last season as Bears HC was 1992
When he was 53 years old
He was fired 1/5/93
-79 days after his 53rd birthday
Ditka is currently 79 years old

In 1988 Ditka got in the HOF
-79 days before his 49th bday
SB52 is the 4th of the modern era

Ditka was fired by the Saints in 1999
This again happened on 1/5/2000, just before ATL hosted their 2nd SB

As Saints coached he is most remembered for trading all his picks in the 19(99) draft for Ricky WIlliams

Ditka Won SB20 vs the Patriots
Date of the game was 1/26/86
-101 days after his 46th Birthday
Bears won 46-10
They finished 18-1

Lotta Bear/Saint connections

Back in the 2006 Season....
Bears beat the Saints in the NFC Championship
The score was 39-14 (53) '

The teams are 15-15 all time

Monday, November 26, 2018

Colin Kaepnick to Redskins?

Thanks to Jeremy White for his work which lead me to all the finds below.

Be sure to check out his blog


They just announced his case vs the NFL will be handled in Philadelphia in early 2019

Redskins next game is vs Philadelphia on 12/3/18
A span of 31 days after Kaps 31st bday
31=11th prime
This is Week 13 which mirrors 31
From 12/3/18 to SB53 is a span of 63 days

Redskins also play the Eagles again Week 17 on 12/30/18
From Kaeps Birthday to that date is 57 days, like Smith 5/7 bday

When Kaep replaced Smith back in 2012
49ers tied the Rams 24-24
Kaep went 11-17 for 117 yards
Flip 1117 you get LIII (53)

This was something I had mentioned before and thought Kaep may sign with a team that makes SB53

Smith broke his leg 15 days after Kaeps bday, 15th prime = 47
Kaep lead 49ers to SB47 replacing Smith

Also his last start was 1/1/17
49ers lost to Seahawks 25-23 (48)
Kaep was 29 years 59 days old
-29 = 10th prime, 59 =17th (117)

This was 109 weeks before SB53
-109= 29th prime

Kaep RS starting record is 28-30
Like 28-3, Patriots/ATL connection

Kaep last college game was vs Boston College, Nevada won 20-13 (33)
This was Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl!
Bob Kraft?!?
& was played in San Francisco

Nevada finished 13-1(Championship)
131 = 32nd prime
Kaep is 32-32 as NFL starter

From Brady’s bday to Kaep is 92 days
Kaeps bday to SB53 is 92 days
Redskins last SB appearance in 92’
-1991 Season

Kaep was born 61 days before the Redskins won SB22

Redskins won that SB with Doug Williams who was also a back up QB

His first appearance that season was against the Eagles
Redskins won 34-24 (58)

SB22 was the end of the 1987 season
Williams birthday to Kaeps is 87 days

A date that would make sense is 11/30/18
This date leaves 31 days left in the year

I will keep updating as I find more info

Friday, November 2, 2018

November 4th

With this Sunday being 11/4 I wanna to touch on some info I have talked about before

Most of this is in my post below but I wanna to combine them since I think the games this Sunday will offer more clues

Tom Brady 1st start in ATL-11/4/01
-Patriots won 24-10 (34)
From this day to SB53 is 6300 days
-Brady can become 6-3 in SBs

Alex Smith-1st start in ATL- 11/4/07
-49ers lost 20-16
From this date to SB53 is 4109 days
-419 = 81st prime
This is the Redskins 81st season in Washington
41 y/o Brady / 9th SB appearance?

Brady's start 17 years ago
Smith's was 11 years ago

Flip 11/17 you get LIII
Which is Roman numerals for 53

Brady birthday to 11/4 is 93 days
SB53 to Brady's birthday 181 days

Smith birthday to 11/4 is 181 days
SB53 to Smith birthday is 93 days

19(93) first season ATL hosted a SB

Now on 11/4/18
Smith/ Redskins play ATL
A loss makes Redskins 5-3

11/4 leaves 57 days left in the year
Smith born May 7th or 5/7

Smith is 11-3 Vs AFC East in his career
Falls to 11-4 with a loss

Redskins BYE was Week 4
Patriots BYE week 11

11/4 to SB53 is 91 days
91' Season was Skins last SB appearance

Both players missed the 08' season
2008 was 89th NFL season

This preseason on 8/9...
Patriots beat Redskins 26-17 (43)

Same day former Redskin QB Doug Williams turned 63
Williams was 8-9 as Redskins Starter

He lead Redskins to SB22 win in 19(88)
-Smith birthday to Brady is 88 days

Redskins first SB appearance was 1/14/73
-1/14 similar to 11/4

261 days before that SB on 10/1/72...
Patriots beat Redskins 24-23
The 1st ever matchup between the two
That date left 91 days left in the year

From that date to SB53 is 16927 days
-The 1952 prime
1952 was the 33rd NFL season
-Redskins could fall to 3-3 in SBs
Bill Belichick was born 4-16-1952

Redskins lead series 6-4
Patriots win makes it 6-5 &...
Patriots become 6-5 in SBs

65th NFL season was 1984
Same year Alex Smith was born

In other post below I have talked about connections to 116

Patriots could make 11th SB appearance
Resskins could make 6th

Brady’s 1st start vs Washington was 9/28/03
This was 801 weeks before SB53
-This is the Redskins 81st season in Washington
Redskins won 20-17 (37)
That was Brady’s 37th career start
-37=12th prime
His record became 25-12

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Ha Ha Clinton-Dix traded to Washington

This comes on 10/30/18
A span of 53 days before his 26th birthday

His birthday to SB53 is 44 days

Washington next game is vs the Falcons
This will be the 26th matchup
Game is played on 11/4, 91days before SB53
Redskins last won SB in 1991 season

Dix was born 330 days after Redskins won SB26
He was traded on the 303rd day of the year

This was also 313 days after Dix 25th birthday
-313= 65th prime
Dix has started 65 regular season games

Packers next game is vs Patriots
Patriots could improve to 6-5 in Super Bowls

Think about Bill Clinton former President involved in sex scandal

The trade is 72 days after Clintons 72nd birthday
72 is a big # for Washington

They made their first SB in 1972
-1972 was the NFLs 53rd season
The 1972 Redskins finished 11-3
Bill Clinton was elected President 11/3/92
9 months 9 days after Redskins won SB26
-This is the 99th NFL season
SB26 was the end of the 1991 season

1991 was the NfLs 72nd season
Clinton Dix has 72 career starts
Current Prez Donny Trump is also 72 years old

Redskins Owner, Dan Synders birthday is 11/23/18
From That day to SB53 is 72 days

72 days after SB53 (4/16) Bill Belichick turns 67

The NFL did that start counting ties until 1972
We have seen a few ties already this season

Flip 72 you get 27
Clinton was born in 1946
1946 was the NFL 27th season

Monica Lewinsky, the woman he had an affair with was born on 7-23-1973
27 days before Clinton’s 27th birthday

1/14/1973 was the Date SB7 was played
This was the Redskins first SB appearance
Also 1/14 is Simlar to this Sunday's 11/4

Think about all those 72/27

Again this is the 99th NFL season

Holy shit Just noticed this was my 72nd post!
That’s the organic side of the #s right there

Update 11/2/18
Redskins QB went to Utah

Utah is currently 6-2 and ranked # 16
A win makes them 7-2
16th prime = 53

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Lottery Winner / Ravens / SB53 Riddle

Today is was announced that the lottery was won in Simpsonville, South Carolina and the amount was 1.6 million
For starters 16th prime = 53

This brings me back to a 16 seed from Baltimore upsetting a 1 seed which was played in Charlotte North Carolina
The 16 seed scored 53 points in the 2nd half

From Simpsonville to Charlotte is 103 miles
lottery win came 103 days before SB53
103 = 27th prime, AFC can win its 27th Super Bowl

The winning #s were 5, 28, 62, 65, 70 which totals 230

SB53 will be played on 2/3

The Ravens are playing the Carolina Panthers this week in Charlotte
A win will make the Ravens record 5-3 for the season
The game is on 10/28
From this date to SB53 is a span of 99 days
This is the 99th NFL Season
The score of the UMBC game was 74-54 (128)

This game is 227 days after the 16 seed upset
227 = 49th prime, SB53 is 49th of the Modern Era

UMBC first game this season is on 11/6 vs Marquette
This past Sunday Ravens lost to the Saints 24-23 (47)
-Ravens won SB47 in New Orleans
Flacco has 211 RS touchdowns (211 == 47th prime)
his past Saints game was Joe Flacco 161st R.S. start
He stayed on 106 wins
Flacco’s birthday is also 1/16
The NFL draft was on the 116th day of the year
The NFL season started on a date that left 116 days left in the year

The date of the upset was 3/16/18

Ravens signed Michael Crabtree on 3/17/18
Crabtree played for the 94ers aganist the ravens in SB47
He has 53 RS touchdowns in his career

Friday, October 19, 2018

Browns Trade Carlos Hyde to Jaguars

Appears to be for a 2019 5th round pick
I'll be interested to see what # pick it ends up being

The moves comes 29 days after Hydes 28th birthday....
& 107 days before SB53
-28th prime = 107

Hyde also wore# 34 for CLEVELAND & 28 for SF
ATL has previously hosted SBs 28 & 34
Last week Hyde had 34 rushing yards...
& is averaging 3.4 per rush this year

Hyde has 29 career TDs
29 = 10th prime

He was the 57th pick in 2014 draft
His next game will be his 57th in the NFL
Record is 19-36-1 (via pro football reference)

57 seems to be a big number
5th prime = 11 & 7th = 17 (11/17)
If you flip 1117 you get LIII which is Roman numerals for 53

Last season he played for the 49ers
After beating the Jaguars 44-33 in Week 16....
Hyde predicted the 49ers would win Super Bowl 53

He had 54 rush yards in the game
SB54 will be played in Miami
Maybe some Florida riddle for next season?
Hyde is from Naples Florida
This week Browns are @ Tampa
Jags @ home vs Texans
Detroit is playing in Miami and there are codes for them to make SB54

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Jim Taylor, Former Green Bay Packer dead at 83

Jim Taylor died on 10/13/18
23 days after his 83rd birthday

He had 83 RS rushing TDs

83=23 rd prime
23=9th prime

Hidden 99

It’s the 99th NFL season

He died 113 days before SB53
Last NfL Season was in 1967
He played for the Saints who finished 3-11
His last game was aganist the Redskins

This comes just after saints QB Drew Brees broke the NFL passing yards record vs the Redskins

He went to College @ LSU & died in Baton Rogue

LSU is playing George this week, the state where SB53 will be played

Gonna look into this more...