Friday, October 19, 2018

Browns Trade Carlos Hyde to Jaguars

Appears to be for a 2019 5th round pick
I'll be interested to see what # pick it ends up being

The moves comes 29 days after Hydes 28th birthday....
& 107 days before SB53
-28th prime = 107

Hyde also wore# 34 for CLEVELAND & 28 for SF
ATL has previously hosted SBs 28 & 34
Last week Hyde had 34 rushing yards...
& is averaging 3.4 per rush this year

Hyde has 29 career TDs
29 = 10th prime

He was the 57th pick in 2014 draft
His next game will be his 57th in the NFL
Record is 19-36-1 (via pro football reference)

57 seems to be a big number
5th prime = 11 & 7th = 17 (11/17)
If you flip 1117 you get LIII which is Roman numerals for 53

Last season he played for the 49ers
After beating the Jaguars 44-33 in Week 16....
Hyde predicted the 49ers would win Super Bowl 53

He had 54 rush yards in the game
SB54 will be played in Miami
Maybe some Florida riddle for next season?
Hyde is from Naples Florida
This week Browns are @ Tampa
Jags @ home vs Texans
Detroit is playing in Miami and there are codes for them to make SB54

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Jim Taylor, Former Green Bay Packer dead at 83

Jim Taylor died on 10/13/18
23 days after his 83rd birthday

He had 83 RS rushing TDs

83=23 rd prime
23=9th prime

Hidden 99

It’s the 99th NFL season

He died 113 days before SB53
Last NfL Season was in 1967
He played for the Saints who finished 3-11
His last game was aganist the Redskins

This comes just after saints QB Drew Brees broke the NFL passing yards record vs the Redskins

He went to College @ LSU & died in Baton Rogue

LSU is playing George this week, the state where SB53 will be played

Gonna look into this more...

Monday, October 8, 2018

WEEK 5: MNF. Redskins @ Saints

Date: 10-8-18
281 day of year & leaves 84
-281 = 60th prime
118 days til SB53

Redskins lead series 17-9 (27th Matchup)
-Last game, 11/9/17-Skins won 34-31 (65)
-333 days before MNF matchup
-Saints became 8-2, Redskins 4-6
Last time Redskins Won in NO was 9/9/12 (99)
-They won 40-32 (72)

79th game of the NFL Season (22nd prime)
Home teams: 49-26-2
• W1: 8-7-1
• W2: 11-4-1
• W3: 10-6
• W4: 9-6
• W5: 11-3
-Redskins can get 27th road win in 27th meeting
27 days til 11/4, Redskins play ATL (SB53 Host)

ATR: 360-443-5 (809th game)
-809 = 140th prime #
Could stay on 443 losses (86th prime)

RSR: 352-433-5 (791st game)
-can get 353rd RS Win (71st prime)
-can get 361st AT win (SQ root=19)
-can get 444th AT loss
2018 Record: 3-1
-Can become 4-1 (13th prime)
-Beat NYG last week 33-18 (51)

-91 days til 55th bday (13th triangular #)
ATR: 150-122 (273rd game)
RSR: 143-117 (261st game)
-can get 151st win (36th prime)
-Can get 118 RS loss, 118 days before SB53

SEAN PAYTON (54 y/o)
-283 days since bday, 82 til next
-283 =61st prime
ATR: 115-77 (193rd game)
-193 = 44th prime
RSR: 108-72 (181st game)
• 181 = 42nd prime
• 109=29th prime
• 73=21st prime
Vs Redskins he is 2-3 (6th game)

DREW BREES (39 y/o)
-266 since bday & 99 days til next
ATR: 152-113 (266th career start)
- Can get 153rd win (17th triangular #)

ATHR: 84-48 (133rd start)
SAINTS: 122-84 (207th start)
SAINTS HOME: 68-35 (10th start)

He has 79 RS losses as Saints QB
Brees is 3-4 vs Redskins
MNF: 12-9 (22nd start)
NFC EAST: 31-12 (44th start)

ATR: 618-601-28 (1,249th game)
• 1249 (204th prime)
• Can get 619th (114th prime)
• Stay on 601 (110th prime)
RSR: 595-582-28 (1,206th game)
2018 Record: 2-1
-Won last game vs Packers 31-17 (48)

DAN SYNDER: (53 y/o)
-319 days since bday & 46 til next
ATR: 136-177-1 (315th game)
-137 = 33rd prime
RSR: 134-172-1 (308th game)
-can get 173rd loss (40th prime)

JAY GRUDEN: (51 years old)
-218 days since bday, 147 til next
ATR: 30-37-1 (69th game)
RSR: 30-36-1 (68th game)

ALEX SMITH (34 y/o)

211 days til 35th bday
-211 = 47th prime
ATR: 92-68-1 (162nd start)
A.T. Road: 40-40 (81st start)
R.S. Road: 39-38 (78th start)
-can become 39-39 vs 39 y/o Brees

NFC: 44-38-1 (84th start)

Smith is 4-7 vs NFC South in RS
-Can improve to 5-7 (bday is 5/7)

Tough game I keep changing my mind, going with the Redskins but take the points if you’re betting


Saints are up big so this will be another L for me

Hindsight is 20/20 it might have been this easy

79th Game of the year
A loss makes Redskins 2-2
22Nd prime = 79

But oooo well, I haven’t felt that great about most of my predictions this year but always want to pick a team

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Week 5 SNF: Cowboys @ Texans

Quick one

Cowboys lead 3-1 (4th meeting)

Game is 23 days after Watson’s 23rd birthday.

He can fall to 2-3 at home

Game is 70 days after Prescott’s 25th bday
He can get 25th RS win
Jason Garret can get 70th RS win
70th prime = 349
Game is 349 after O’Brien bday

Prescott can get 13th road win
Stay on 13 all time losses

13th prime= 41
Cowboys take 4-1 series lead
Texans Fall to 1-4 on the year

Pick: Cowboys

Post Game:

The 23 days after Watson 23rd birthday
Texans became 2-3

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Week 5 TNF: Colts @ Patriots

10/4/9, 277th d.o.y leaves 88
-277 = 59th prime
Patriots in 59th season

Patriots favored by 10 or 10.5 right now
O/U @ 51.5

This is the 64th Game of the Season

2018 Home Team Records
-W1: 8-7-1
-W2: 11-4-1
-W3: 10-6
-W4: 9-6
Overall: 38-23-2

Patriots lead Series 51-29 (81st meeting)
Last meeting Patriots won 34-27 (61)
-Game is 61 days before Reich 57th b/d
-Reich was 57th pick in 85' draft

Patriots lead 29-12 @ Home (42nd game)
-Last game in NE; Pats won 45-7 (52)
Patriots can get 52nd series win

Andrew Luck (29 y/o)
ATR: 47-33 (81st game)
Away: 21-20 (42nd game)
Patriots: 0-5 (6th game)
-Could become 1-5,leave Pats @ 51 wins
AFC: 36-24 (61st start)
AFC East: 3-9 (13th start)

Tom Brady (41y/o)
-Game is 62 days after his bday
ATR: 225-67 (293rd start)
-293 = 62nd prime
Home: 130-24 (155th start)
Colts AT: 14-4 (19th start)
Colts RS: 10-3 (14th start)

Brady can get 11th RS win vs Colts
-11th prime = 31
Luck gets 31st RS loss
-TNF record would become 3-1
& be 3-10 vs AFC East

Brady's RS record becomes 11-3
Game is 113 days after Jim Irsays 59th b/d
-113= 30th prime
Patriots can get 30th (H) win vs Colts

Colts become 1-4 (41) vs 41 y/o Brady
41= 13th prime

Brady gets 15th A.T. win vs Colts
Luck stays on 47 A.T. wins
-15th prime = 47

Brady is 37-7 vs AFC South (45th start)
-Patriots won 38-7 last week

Belichick (66 y/o)
ATR: 280-131
-281 = 60th prime

Game is 171 days after B.B. Bday
-171= 18th triangular #
Brady ATR vs AFC: 171-50 (222nd start)

Brady can get 131st Home win
BB stays on 131 AT losses
-131 = 32nd prime
Patriots can become 3-2

Game is 303 days b4 Brady's 42nd b/d
BB 330th game as Pats HC
Luck could stay on 33 losses
Or stay on 33 R.S wins vs AFC

Game is 22 days after Lucks bday
Luck can get 22nd road win
Or get 22nd RS loss
-22nd prime = 253
BB can get 253 RS win

Patriots can get 389th RS loss
This is Krafts 389th RS game as owner
-389= 77th prime
BB can get 77th Loss as Pats HC
Kraft 77 years old

Irsay has 271 A.T wins with Colts
Kraft gets to 271 RS wins if Pats win
-271= 58th prime
Brady could get 58th RS home loss

As usual Prime Time games are always double coded but the majority Of the numbers seem to favor the Patriots

Pick: Patriots but Colts cover

I'll try to add more before the game

Monday, October 1, 2018

Week 4: MNF Chiefs @ Broncos

63th game of the year

Chiefs lead series 61-55 (117th meeting)

In Denver Broncos lead 35-23 (59th game)
Both team in 59th season
59 = 17th prime

Reid's 89th game as Chiefs HC
Chiefs can get 461st RS win
-461 = 89th prime

89 = 24th primE
Chiefs could get 24th win in DEN

-Keenum can get 24th AT win
Keenum could stay on 19 RS losses
-19= 8th prime
Vance Joseph could get 8th win

Broncos can get 406th RS loss
Joseph is 46 years old
Loss makes his record 7-13
-7 = 4th prime & 13 = 6th (4/6)
Elway can get 46th loss as President

Elway could stay on 45 losses
-45th prime = 197
Game is 197 days after Reid's bday
Can stay on 197 AT wins

2018 Home Team
-W1: 8-7-1
-W2: 11-4-1
-W3: 10-6
-W4: 9-5
Overall: 38-22-2

This is Reid's 308th RS game
Colorado the 38th state

Reid can get his 187th RS win
11*17 = 187 & 187th prime = 1117
This is the 117th meeting (11/17)
-1807 days since Keenum last start Vs KC

Home teams can lose 23rd game
Keenum stays on 23 RS wins
Gets 9th Loss in his 23rd Home start
9th prime = 23
Record becomes 14-9
-149 = 35th prime
Denver stays on 35 home wins vs KC

Keenum RS Home Record becomes 13-9
139 days before his 31st bday

Last week these teams faced SB47 teams

Chiefs beat 49ers 38-27
Broncos loss to Ravens 27-14

Chiefs can get 470th AT win

47 = 15th prime
Game is a span of 15 days...
after Mahomes 23b/d

Pick Chiefs

Halftime update

Broncos lead 13-10 (23)

Keenum has 139 yards

My guess that favors KC

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Seahawks @ Cardinals

Seahawks Cardinals

🚨🚨Upset Alert 🚨🚨

The game is a span of 233 days after Josh Rosen’s birthday
233 = 51st prime

Pete Carroll can get 51st RS loss as Seahawks HC
Russel Wilson making 51st RS road start

233 is also the 13th triangular #
Cards & Hawks can become 1-3

This is Wilson’s 13th start vs Cards
A loss makes him 6-6-1
661=121st prime #

Pete Carroll can stay on 89 wins with Hawks and can 89th loss all time
89 = 24th prime

Carrol could become 9-7-1 vs Cards
971 = 164th prime
In Carroll’s 146th game as Seahawks HC

Game is 53 days as Steve Wilks 49th bday