Monday, January 13, 2020

NFC Championship Game: #2 Seed Packers @ #1 Seed 49ers

#2 Seeded Packers @ #1 Seeded 49ers
Packers lead 36-31-1 (69th meeting
SF leads 19-12-1 @ home (33rd meeting)
Last Meeting played on 11/24/19 in SF
SF won 37-8 (45)

SF 49ers
ATR: 615-510-6 (1,142nd game)
Playoffs: 32-31 (54th game)
Home Playoffs: 22-9 (32nd game)
NFCCG: 6-9 (16th game)
Levi Stadium: 23-26 (50th game)
2019: 14-3
Last week: Won 27-10 (37)
In Miami: 4-4 (would be 9th game)

Jed York (39 years old)
DOB: 3/9/1980
ATR: 94-90-1 (186th game)
Playoffs: 6-3

Kyle Shanahan (40 years old)
DOB 12/14/1979
ATR: 24-25 (50th game)
Home: 14-11 (26th game)

Jimmy G (28 years old)
DOB: 11/2/1991
Game is 79 days after his birthday
ATR: 22-5 (28th game)
49ers: 20-5 (26th game)
Home: 11-2 (14th game)

Green Bay Packers
ATR: 791-596-38 (1,426th game)
Playoffs: 35-22(58th game)
Playoffs Road: 12-16 (29th game)
NFCCG: 5-4 (10th game)
Last Week: W 28-23 (51)
In Miami: 6-10 (would be 17th game)

Matt Lafleur (40 years old)
DOB: 11/14/1979
Game is 66 days after his birthday`
ATR: 14-3 (18th game)
Road: 6-2

Aaron Rodgers
DOB: 12/2/1983
48 days before game
ATR: 123-67-1 (192nd game)
Road: 50-48 (99th)
Playoffs: 10-7 (18th)
Playoffs Road: 5-5 (11th)
Vs 49ers: 4-5 (10th game)

AFC Champioship Game: #6 Seed Titans @ #2 Seed Chiefs

#6 Seeded Titans @ #2 Seeded Chiefs
Game played 1/19/2020
19th day of the year, leaves 347 remaining
347 = 69th prime
KC leads the series 29-24 (54th meeting)
KC Leads @ home 17-11 (29th meeting)

Tennessee Titans
ATR: 457-490-6 (954th game)
Playoffs: 17-20 (38th game)
Road Playoffs: 11-14 (26th game)
AFCCG: 1-4 (6th game)
In Miami 9-13 (would be 24th game)
2019: 11-7
Won last week 28-12 (40)

Owner: Amy Adams Strunk
DOB: Born in 1955, can’t find the date
ATR: 39-29 (59th game)
Playoffs: 3-1 (5th game)

Mike Vrabel (44 years old)
DOB: 8/14/75
158 days after birthday
ATR: 20-14 (35th game)
Road: 10-8

Ryan Tannehill (31 years old)
DOB: 7/27/1988
Game is 190 days before 32nd birthday
ATR: 51-49 (101st game)
Road Record: 21-29 (51st game)
Titans: 9-3 (13th game)
Titans Road: 6-1 (8th game)

KC Chiefs:
ATR: 492-442-12 (947th game)
947 = 161st prime
Playoffs: 11-19 (31st game)
Home Playoffs: 4-8 (13th game)
AFCCG 2-2 (5th game)
Arrow Head: 224-158-1 (384th game)
In Miami: 7-11 (Would be 19th game)
2019: 13-4 (18th game)
Won last week 51-31 (82)

Clark Hunt (54 years old)
ATR: 109-108 (218th game)
Playoffs: 3-6 (10th game)

Andy Reid (61years old)
DOB: 3/19/58
306 days after birthday
ATR: 220-142 (364th game)
Playoffs: 13-14 (28th game)
Championship Games: 1-5 (7th game)
KC Chiefs: 80-40 (121st game)
KC Playoffs: 3-5 (10th game)
KC Home: 43-18 (62nd game)

Patrick Mahomes (24 years old)
ATR: 26-8 (35th game)
Playoffs: 2-1
Home: 13-4 (18th game)

Lost to Tennessee 54 days after birthday
Record fell to 20-7

Who ever wins will be the 62nd QB To start in a SB

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Ricky Williams Heisman Trophy Sold for $504,000

Former NFL RB Ricky Williams Heisman Trophy was sold for $504,000
Fitting since this NFL Season will end with SB54

This was sold on 10-18-19
The 43rd day of the NFL Season
107 days before SB54

Williams was the 64th Heisman winner
In 2015 Williams was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame.
2015 was the 64th CFB HOF class

Williams was the 2nd Texas Longhorn to win the Heisman
The first was Earl Campbell, who won in 1977
Williams was born in 1977 just like Tom Brady
Patriots can fall to 6-4 in SBs
Campbell is currently 64 years old & was the 43rd Heisman Winner
SB54 would be Brady’s 43rd playoff game

Williams was drafted in 1999 which the was NFL’s 64th Draft
Campbell was drafted in 1978 which was the NFL 43rd draft

Williams’s last NFL game was against the Patriots
Game was played on 1/22/12, the 22nd day of the year
The Patriots won 23-20 (43)
Williams finished with 22 rushing yards
SB54 on 2/2/2020, the 33rd day of the year

Williams started his career with the NO Saints
-This was in 1999, the Saints 33rd Season
Campbell ended his career with the NO Saints
-This was in 1985, the Saints 19th Season
New Orleans Area Code is 504
From Campbell's birthday (3/29) to William's (5/21) is 54 days

From Campbell’s birthday to SB54 is 311 days
311 = 64th prime

Both Campbell and Williams finished with 74 Reg Season touchdowns
Williams was born 74 days before Brady

Williams played both his 43rd & 54th NFL games against the Patriots

I am working on a post about the President Bush’s connection to this years SB
The Bush’s represented Texas so this info about the former Texas Heisman winners is relevant

Monday, October 14, 2019

Week 7: Miami @ Buffalo

Week 7: Dolphins @ Bills
Dolphins leads series 61-48-1 (111th match up)
Dolphins lead 60-45-1 in regular season (107th matchup)
107 =28th prime
Bills leads 29-26 in Buffalo (56th matchup)
Bills lead 27-26 in RS games in Buffalo (54th match up)

The date of the game is 10/20/19
This is the 293rd day of the year and leaves 72 remaining
293 = 62nd prime, Dolphins can get 62nd series win

Miami Dolphins (54th Season)
ATR: 472-386-4 (863rd game)
863 = 150th prime
RSR: 453-365-4 (822nd game)

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross (79 y/o)
Record: 72-94 (167th game)
Road Record: 31-51 (83rd game)
He is 9-11 vs the Bills (21st game)
Could become 10-11 in teams 111th match up
He is 3-7 in Buffalo (11th game)

Brian Flores (38 y/o)
Game is 239 days before next birthday (52nd prime)
ATR: 0-5 (6th game)
Road: 0-1 (2nd game)

Josh Rosen (22 years old)
Game is 253 days after his birthday
253 = 22nd triangular #
ATR: 3-13 (17th start)
Road: 2-6 (9th start)
AFC: 0-5 (6th start)

Buffalo Bills (60th Season)
ATR: 433-494-8 (936th game)
433 = 84th prime
RSR: 419-478-8 (906th game)
419 = 81st prime & 479 = 92nd prime

New Era Field Record: 212-153 (366th game)
New Era RSR: 203-152 (356th game)

The Bills first Season at this Stadium was 1973
1973 was the NFL 54th Season
Dolphins won SB8 to end the 1973 Season

Bills Owner, Terry Pegula (68 y/o)
The game is 207 days after his birthday
His RS record is 42-43 (86th game)
He is 25-17 @ home (43rd game)
He is 6-4 vs Miami (11th game)
He is 4-1 @ home vs Miami (5th game)

Sean McDermott (45 years old)
Game played 153 days before next birthday
ATR: 19-19 (39th game)
RSR: 19-18 (18th game)
Home Record: 11-7 (19th game)
He is 3-1 vs Miami

Josh Allen (23 y/o)
Game played 153 days after birthday
ATR: 9-7 (17th start)
Home: 5-3 (9th start)
NFC: 3-1 (5th start)

Week 7 Game
Allen could stay on 7 losses
This be both Josh Rosen & Josh Allen’s 17th start
Allen wears # 17
In the 2018 draft, Allen was the 7th pick, Rosen was the 10th
Bills owner stays on 17 losses with a win
Bills are favored by 17 points

153 = 17th triangular #
The game is 153 days after Josh Allen’s birthday
Allen had 153 passing yards in his last game
Game is also 153 days before Sean McDermott’s next birthday
Bills could stay on 153 losses @ New Era Field
Or Bills could get 153rd RS loss @ New Era Field
From Rosen’s birthday to Allen’s is 100 days
This is the 100th NFL Season

Last meeting was on 12/30/18
This was 42 weeks before upcoming game
Buffalo won 42-17 (59=17th prime)
Buffalo would fall to 4-2 with a loss
Bills owner stays on 42 wins & falls to 4-2 vs Miami
Buffalo could get their 420th RS win
Miami has scored 42 points in 2019

Allen could fall to 5-4 @ home
54th RS meeting in Buffalo
Miami wins ties the RS series 27-27
Game is 207 days after Bills owner’s birthday

27th prime is 103, Two key #s for this year
McDermott lost his 17th game as Bills HC by a score of 10-3
This was in the 2017-18 Playoffs, lost to the Jaguars in Jacksonville
Jaguars play in Florida like Miami, who is hosting SB54
McDermott became 9-8 as HC with a loss
Allen's record falls to 9-8 with a loss
2017 was the NFL 98th Season

The lost to Jacksonville 293 days after McDermott’s 43rd birthday
Upcoming game vs Miami on the 293rd day
293 = 62nd prime, Dolphins can get 62nd series win

A player to keep an eye on is Dolphins TE Mike Gesicki
He was born on 10/3/95
The game will be played 17 days after his birthday
He was the 42nd pick in the 2018 draft
This will be his 22nd NFL game (7-14)
Last Season he had 22 catches for 202 yards
Remember SB54 is on 2/2/2020

Was thinking about picking Bills in my survivor league, but idk any more, Bills are big favorites, but I’d take Miami with the points, seeing some codes for a possible upset

Friday, October 11, 2019

49ers, Lions King / SF Giant Clues

Big Thanks to Bukk22 who gave me the tip on this one.

In 1994 the live animation version of the Lion King was released
The 1994 NFL Season ended with the 49ers winning SB29 in Miami

Now in 2019 a new version of the Lion king is released & Miami is hosting the SB

The 94' version was released on 6/15
2019 Lion king was released in the US on 7/19
This date leaves 165 days left in the year

The date of the 94' release was a span of 229 days before SB29.
229 = 50th prime
SB54 is the 50th of the Modern Era

The 94' movie runs 88 minutes long
The 19(88) NFL Season ended with the 49ers winning SB23 in Miami
California = 88
CA Super Bowl?

We just saw the Cardinals owner die at 88
In 1988 the Cardinals moved from St. Louis to Arizona
My Cardinals/Ravens post had a ton of 88 connections
In Week 1 this year the Cardinals tied Detroit 27-27
49ers won their first SB(16) in Detroit
Also The St. Louis Cardinals just advanced to the NLCS

The 2019 movie runs 118 minutes long
The 1994 version was released 118 days before Steve Young 33rd birthday
SB54 on the 33rd day of the year

Steve Young birthday (10/11) is 22 days before Jimmy Gs (11/2)
SB54 on 2/2

The 49ers Coach in 1994 was George Seifert, he was 54 years old that season
He turned 55 a week before SB29
His birthday is 1/22 (22nd day of the year)

Kyle Shanahan's birthday (12/4) is 49 days before Siefert's
22nd prime = 79
Seifert is currently 79 years old
Shanahan born in 19(79)

Siefert's Offensive Coordinator in 94' was Kyle's dad, Mike Shanahan

In Baseball, the SF Giants Played their 54th game of the Season in Miami
This game was played on 5/29/19
Giants lost 2-4, they got their 33rd loss of the Season
Miami Marlins picked up their 19th win

The following night they played again, this was Miami's 54th game of the year
Giants won 3-1, they picked up their 22nd win of the Season.
Their record was now 22-33
SB54 is played on 2/2, the 33rd day of the year which leaves 333 remaining
If the 49ers get a BYE then lose in the SB they'd be 33-22 in playoffs

This was the Giants 27th road game of the season (15-12)

2019 is the Marlins 27th Season for the Franchise
Also is 137th Season for the SF Giants (33rd Prime)

At this point I am all in on the 49ers representing the NFC in SB54

As for their opponent my top two candidates are the Patriots & Colts
I also see clues for the Chargers

The MLB Season may have left more clues
The SF Giants played a 3 game series in Boston against the Red Sox this year.
The Red Sox entered the series with 79 wins on the year
The Red Sox won the last game of the series by a score of 5-4
This gave the Giants their 79th loss on the year
The Giants also on 74 wins, 2019 is the 49ers 74th Season

The game was played on 9/19
This date left 103 days left in the year
103 = 27th prime

The Giants outscored the Red Sox 22-14 that series
The next Meeting between the Patriots & 49ers will be their 14th

Also on 9/19/19 the Jaguars beat the Titans 20-7 (27)
This game was played in Jacksonville Florida
This also was the 33rd game of the NFL Season

103/27 appear to be big clues this year
First game of the season ended 10-3, I already mentioned the 27-27 tie
This is interesting because the NFC leads 27-26 in SBs over AFC
An AFC win makes the series tied 27-27

Back to the Giants Red Sox game
According to Pro Baseball Reference the game lasted 3 hours & 17 minutes
317=66th prime
A loss makes in SB54 would make the Patriots SB Record 6-6
Brady's last College Football game was the 66th Orange Bowl in Miami
Patriots first SB appearance was in the NFL 66th Season (1985)

From 9/19 to 2/2/20 is 136 days
A loss to the 49ers would make Brady's record become 13-6 vs the NFC West

The date could also be written 19/9
Brady was the 199th pick in the 2000 NFL Draft
The 94' Lion King was released on the 199th day of the year
The 2019 Lion King was released 199 days before SB54
199 = 46th prime

There teams first played on 10/31/71
The 46 years later on 10/31/17 the Patriots traded Jimmy G to the 49ers

1971 was the 52nd NFL Season, 49ers could fall to 5-2 in SBs with a loss

The last meeting between was on 11/20/16
Patriots won 30-17
Tom Brady's all time record became 202-60
San Francisco = 202 (RO)
2019 is the Patriots 60th Season
This was 109 days after his 39th birthday
109 = 29 & 39th prime = 167
From the date of that game to 2/2/20 is 167 weeks
167 = 39th prime

The only QB that I am aware of to start a SB against his former team is Craig Morton
He started SB12 for the Broncos against the Cowboys
Cowboys won 27-10 (37)
This was the end of the 1977 season, Brady was born in 77
Jimmy Garoppolo (FR)
Craig Morton turns 77, 3 days after SB54

I took a look at the Miami Heat's schedule this year
Their last home game before SB54 is vs the Celtics
This is the Heat's 49th game of the year

The Heats first game of the season is @ home vs the Grizzlies
Last year Brady posted a video of a grizzly bear while he was in Montana
Former SF Tight End, Dwight Clark, died in Montana last year on 6/4
Clarks first & last NFL games were vs Minnesota...
Minnesota outscored SF 64-46 those 2 games

Brady lost his 64th regular season start in Miami on 12/20/04
Dolphins won 29-28
Brady's Regular season Record became 46-14
This game was 140 days after his 27th birthday

The NFC Championship game will be played @ 6:40 PM

SB54 could be Jimmy G’s 29th start
He turns 29 y/o 274 days after SB54
SB54 will be the 274th game as Miami Stadiums

There's a lot more meat on this bone..

I'm taking a deeper look at the Marlins, Giants & Red Sox 2019 schedules
Noticing a ton of numbers I've mentioned in this blog and a bunch of 5-4 games

The day the new Lions king released (7/19/19) The SF beat the Mets 1-0
The Giants record became 49-49, Road record: 22-26
**49ers won SB16 26-22 over the Bengals

This same date the Marlins loss to the Dodgers 2-1
Marlins got their 27th road loss (18-27)
Red Sox loss to the Orioles 11-2
This was the Red Sox 49th Road game (29-20)

There is much more, I may make another post breaking down what I find

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Super Bowl 54

Super Bowl 54
I think the 49ers will be coming out of the NFC and will face either the Patriots or the Colts

The next QB to start in a SB, who has not already appeared, will be the 62nd all time
Jimmy Garopolo was the 62nd pick in the 2014 draft
Belichick was 62 years old at the time
2014 draft was the 79th NFL draft
79 = 22nd prime, SB52 is played on 2/2/2020 in Miami

Garoppolo first played in Miami on 1/3/16 which was 62 days after his birthday
Brady got his 62nd career win in Miami on 11/13/05
Patriots won 23-16 (39), their record improved to 5-4 that year
Brady career record become 62-18

The 62nd NFL season was in 1981
This season was the year the 49ers won their first SB(16)
SB16 was played in Michigan
49ers opened the 1981 Season in Michigan, they lost to Detroit 24-17

Brady first NFL appearance was in Detroit, Patriots loss 34-9 (43)
This was 112 days after Brady’s birthday. Garopplo was born on 11/2
Brady got his 54th win vs the 49ers, Record became 54-14

Bradys first start in Miami was on 10/7/01
Patriot’s lost 30-10
Belichick’s career record as Head Coach became 43-59

Garoppolo was traded to the 49ers for the 43rd pick in the 2018 draft
The Patriots won 43-0 in Miami, 43 days after Bradys birthday
A win in the Divisional Round would make his record 14-3 all time in that round
That would put him in his 14th AFC Championship game (9-4)
SB43 would be Brady’s 43rd Playoff game

The Patriots would go on to trade that 43rd pick to the Detroit Lions

Garoppolo’s last appearance with the Patriots was also in Miami
Patriots won 35-14 (49), Patriots got their 14th win on the season

1962 was the NFL’s 43rd Season

There teams last played on 11/20/16
Patriots won 30-17 (47)
This was 167 weeks before SB54
167 = 39th prime, Brady was 39 years old when the game was played

The next meeting between 49ers & Patriots will be the 14th all time
The 49ers have their bye Week 4 and Patriots week 5
49ers lead 8-5
A win makes them 9-5
Garoppolo drafted on 5/9, his birthday leaves 59 days left in the year
Brady’s next game is from vs NFC West will be his 19th
His record is 13-5

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Week 2: 49ers @ Cincinnati

Week 2: 49ers @ Cincinnati
Game on 9/15/19
The 259th day of the year and leaves 107 remaining (28th prime)
Game is 140 days before SB54

49ers lead the series 11-4 (16th matchup)
49ers lead 9-4 in the regular season (14th matchup)
49ers lead 4-2 in Cincinnati (7th matchup)

San Francisco 49ers (74th Season)
ATR: 602-507-16 (1,126th game)
RSR: 571-487-16 (1.074th game)
571 = 105th prime & 487 = 93rd prime

Jed York (39 years old)
Game is 190 days his 39th birthday
ATR: 81-87-1 (171st game)
171 = 18th triangular number
RSR: 76-84-1 (162nd game)
AT Road: 33-51-1 (85th game)
RS Road: 30-51 (82nd game)

Kyle Shanahan (39 years old)
His 40th birthday is 90 days after this game
ATR: 11-22 (34th game)
Road: 4-13 (18th game)
AFC: 5-3 (9th game)
AFC Road: 1-3 (5th game)

Jimmy Garoppolo (27 years old)
27th birthday was 317 days before game (66th prime)
Game is 49 days before his 28th birthday
His 28th birthday is the 306th day of the year and leaves 59 remaining

ATR: 9-2 (12th start)
Road: 5-2 (8th start)
AFC: 4-1 (6th start)
AFC Road: 1-1 (3rd start)

Cincinnati Bengals (52nd Season)
ATR: 362-442-4 (790th game)
443 = 86th prime
RSR: 357-428-4 (809th game)
809 = 140th prime

Paul Brown Stadium
ATR: 83-70-2 (156th game)
RSR: 83-66-2 (152nd game)

Mike Brown (84 years old)
29 Season as Owner
Birthday was 36 days before the game
ATR: 186-267-3 (457th game)
457 = 88th prime
RSR: 186-260-3 (450th game)
He is 3-4 vs the 49ers

Zac Taylor (36 years old)
37th birthday is 239 days after the game (52nd prime)
AT: 0-1 (2nd game)

Andy Dalton (31 years old)
Game is 44 days before his 32nd birthday
ATR: 68-55-2 (126th start)
RSR: 68-51-2 (122nd start)
Home: 37-23-2 (63rd start)
RS Home: 37-22-2 (62nd start)
NFC: 18-12-2 (33rd start)
NFC West: 5-3 (9th start)

This game is 330 days before Mike Browns 85th birthday
Jed York could stay on 33 road wins in his 85th AT road game

From Jed York birthday to Shanahan’s is 280 days
Jimmy G next birthday is his 28th
Date of game leaves 107 days left in the year

These teams met in SB23 which was the end of the 1988 Season
York could get his 88th AT loss in Mike Browns 457th game
1988 was the NFL’s 69th Season which was 31 years ago
31 year old Andy Dalton would pick up his 69th win

1988 was the 49ers 43rd Season
A loss would make them 4-3 all time in Cincinnati
43 = 14th prime
This is the 14th RS matchup between these teams
Shanahan could get his 14th Road loss & fall to 1-4 on the road vs AFC
Shanahan born on the 14th day of the month (12/14)
Shanahan’s birthday is 43 days after Jimmy G’s (11/2)
Game is 140 days before SB54
This is the Bengals 809th game

The first time these teams played in Cincinnati was 1981
1981 Bengals 14th Season
They played in Week 14: 49ers won 21-3 (24)
Bengals fell to 10-4. 49ers improved to 11-3
They would end up meeting in SB16 to end the 81’ Season
49ers won 26-21, their final record was 16-3. Bengals finished 14-5

Mike Browns currently 84 years old
Bengals can get 84th win at Paul Brown Stadium

Last meeting in Cincinnati was 2011, the Bengals 44th Season
Brown can become 4-4 vs 49ers all time with a win
Game is 44 days before Daltons next birthday

Dalton be become 6-3 vs NFC West in his 63rd RS home start
Zac Taylor is 36 years old, game is 36 days after Mike Browns birthday
Bengals can get 363rd all time win
A win makes the Bengals 5-9 vs 49ers in RS
Jimmy G’s next birthday is 306th day of the year and leaves 59 remaining

Line is even
O/U is 46

Picking the Bengals to win 23-20