Friday, October 19, 2018

Browns Trade Carlos Hyde to Jaguars

Appears to be for a 2019 5th round pick
I'll be interested to see what # pick it ends up being

The moves comes 29 days after Hydes 28th birthday....
& 107 days before SB53
-28th prime = 107

Hyde also wore# 34 for CLEVELAND & 28 for SF
ATL has previously hosted SBs 28 & 34
Last week Hyde had 34 rushing yards...
& is averaging 3.4 per rush this year

Hyde has 29 career TDs
29 = 10th prime

He was the 57th pick in 2014 draft
His next game will be his 57th in the NFL
Record is 19-36-1 (via pro football reference)

57 seems to be a big number
5th prime = 11 & 7th = 17 (11/17)
If you flip 1117 you get LIII which is Roman numerals for 53

Last season he played for the 49ers
After beating the Jaguars 44-33 in Week 16....
Hyde predicted the 49ers would win Super Bowl 53

He had 54 rush yards in the game
SB54 will be played in Miami
Maybe some Florida riddle for next season?
Hyde is from Naples Florida
This week Browns are @ Tampa
Jags @ home vs Texans
Detroit is playing in Miami and there are codes for them to make SB54

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Jim Taylor, Former Green Bay Packer dead at 83

Jim Taylor died on 10/13/18
23 days after his 83rd birthday

He had 83 RS rushing TDs

83=23 rd prime
23=9th prime

Hidden 99

It’s the 99th NFL season

He died 113 days before SB53
Last NfL Season was in 1967
He played for the Saints who finished 3-11
His last game was aganist the Redskins

This comes just after saints QB Drew Brees broke the NFL passing yards record vs the Redskins

He went to College @ LSU & died in Baton Rogue

LSU is playing George this week, the state where SB53 will be played

Gonna look into this more...

Monday, October 8, 2018

WEEK 5: MNF. Redskins @ Saints

Date: 10-8-18
281 day of year & leaves 84
-281 = 60th prime
118 days til SB53

Redskins lead series 17-9 (27th Matchup)
-Last game, 11/9/17-Skins won 34-31 (65)
-333 days before MNF matchup
-Saints became 8-2, Redskins 4-6
Last time Redskins Won in NO was 9/9/12 (99)
-They won 40-32 (72)

79th game of the NFL Season (22nd prime)
Home teams: 49-26-2
• W1: 8-7-1
• W2: 11-4-1
• W3: 10-6
• W4: 9-6
• W5: 11-3
-Redskins can get 27th road win in 27th meeting
27 days til 11/4, Redskins play ATL (SB53 Host)

ATR: 360-443-5 (809th game)
-809 = 140th prime #
Could stay on 443 losses (86th prime)

RSR: 352-433-5 (791st game)
-can get 353rd RS Win (71st prime)
-can get 361st AT win (SQ root=19)
-can get 444th AT loss
2018 Record: 3-1
-Can become 4-1 (13th prime)
-Beat NYG last week 33-18 (51)

-91 days til 55th bday (13th triangular #)
ATR: 150-122 (273rd game)
RSR: 143-117 (261st game)
-can get 151st win (36th prime)
-Can get 118 RS loss, 118 days before SB53

SEAN PAYTON (54 y/o)
-283 days since bday, 82 til next
-283 =61st prime
ATR: 115-77 (193rd game)
-193 = 44th prime
RSR: 108-72 (181st game)
• 181 = 42nd prime
• 109=29th prime
• 73=21st prime
Vs Redskins he is 2-3 (6th game)

DREW BREES (39 y/o)
-266 since bday & 99 days til next
ATR: 152-113 (266th career start)
- Can get 153rd win (17th triangular #)

ATHR: 84-48 (133rd start)
SAINTS: 122-84 (207th start)
SAINTS HOME: 68-35 (10th start)

He has 79 RS losses as Saints QB
Brees is 3-4 vs Redskins
MNF: 12-9 (22nd start)
NFC EAST: 31-12 (44th start)

ATR: 618-601-28 (1,249th game)
• 1249 (204th prime)
• Can get 619th (114th prime)
• Stay on 601 (110th prime)
RSR: 595-582-28 (1,206th game)
2018 Record: 2-1
-Won last game vs Packers 31-17 (48)

DAN SYNDER: (53 y/o)
-319 days since bday & 46 til next
ATR: 136-177-1 (315th game)
-137 = 33rd prime
RSR: 134-172-1 (308th game)
-can get 173rd loss (40th prime)

JAY GRUDEN: (51 years old)
-218 days since bday, 147 til next
ATR: 30-37-1 (69th game)
RSR: 30-36-1 (68th game)

ALEX SMITH (34 y/o)

211 days til 35th bday
-211 = 47th prime
ATR: 92-68-1 (162nd start)
A.T. Road: 40-40 (81st start)
R.S. Road: 39-38 (78th start)
-can become 39-39 vs 39 y/o Brees

NFC: 44-38-1 (84th start)

Smith is 4-7 vs NFC South in RS
-Can improve to 5-7 (bday is 5/7)

Tough game I keep changing my mind, going with the Redskins but take the points if you’re betting


Saints are up big so this will be another L for me

Hindsight is 20/20 it might have been this easy

79th Game of the year
A loss makes Redskins 2-2
22Nd prime = 79

But oooo well, I haven’t felt that great about most of my predictions this year but always want to pick a team

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Week 5 SNF: Cowboys @ Texans

Quick one

Cowboys lead 3-1 (4th meeting)

Game is 23 days after Watson’s 23rd birthday.

He can fall to 2-3 at home

Game is 70 days after Prescott’s 25th bday
He can get 25th RS win
Jason Garret can get 70th RS win
70th prime = 349
Game is 349 after O’Brien bday

Prescott can get 13th road win
Stay on 13 all time losses

13th prime= 41
Cowboys take 4-1 series lead
Texans Fall to 1-4 on the year

Pick: Cowboys

Post Game:

The 23 days after Watson 23rd birthday
Texans became 2-3

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Week 5 TNF: Colts @ Patriots

10/4/9, 277th d.o.y leaves 88
-277 = 59th prime
Patriots in 59th season

Patriots favored by 10 or 10.5 right now
O/U @ 51.5

This is the 64th Game of the Season

2018 Home Team Records
-W1: 8-7-1
-W2: 11-4-1
-W3: 10-6
-W4: 9-6
Overall: 38-23-2

Patriots lead Series 51-29 (81st meeting)
Last meeting Patriots won 34-27 (61)
-Game is 61 days before Reich 57th b/d
-Reich was 57th pick in 85' draft

Patriots lead 29-12 @ Home (42nd game)
-Last game in NE; Pats won 45-7 (52)
Patriots can get 52nd series win

Andrew Luck (29 y/o)
ATR: 47-33 (81st game)
Away: 21-20 (42nd game)
Patriots: 0-5 (6th game)
-Could become 1-5,leave Pats @ 51 wins
AFC: 36-24 (61st start)
AFC East: 3-9 (13th start)

Tom Brady (41y/o)
-Game is 62 days after his bday
ATR: 225-67 (293rd start)
-293 = 62nd prime
Home: 130-24 (155th start)
Colts AT: 14-4 (19th start)
Colts RS: 10-3 (14th start)

Brady can get 11th RS win vs Colts
-11th prime = 31
Luck gets 31st RS loss
-TNF record would become 3-1
& be 3-10 vs AFC East

Brady's RS record becomes 11-3
Game is 113 days after Jim Irsays 59th b/d
-113= 30th prime
Patriots can get 30th (H) win vs Colts

Colts become 1-4 (41) vs 41 y/o Brady
41= 13th prime

Brady gets 15th A.T. win vs Colts
Luck stays on 47 A.T. wins
-15th prime = 47

Brady is 37-7 vs AFC South (45th start)
-Patriots won 38-7 last week

Belichick (66 y/o)
ATR: 280-131
-281 = 60th prime

Game is 171 days after B.B. Bday
-171= 18th triangular #
Brady ATR vs AFC: 171-50 (222nd start)

Brady can get 131st Home win
BB stays on 131 AT losses
-131 = 32nd prime
Patriots can become 3-2

Game is 303 days b4 Brady's 42nd b/d
BB 330th game as Pats HC
Luck could stay on 33 losses
Or stay on 33 R.S wins vs AFC

Game is 22 days after Lucks bday
Luck can get 22nd road win
Or get 22nd RS loss
-22nd prime = 253
BB can get 253 RS win

Patriots can get 389th RS loss
This is Krafts 389th RS game as owner
-389= 77th prime
BB can get 77th Loss as Pats HC
Kraft 77 years old

Irsay has 271 A.T wins with Colts
Kraft gets to 271 RS wins if Pats win
-271= 58th prime
Brady could get 58th RS home loss

As usual Prime Time games are always double coded but the majority Of the numbers seem to favor the Patriots

Pick: Patriots but Colts cover

I'll try to add more before the game

Monday, October 1, 2018

Week 4: MNF Chiefs @ Broncos

63th game of the year

Chiefs lead series 61-55 (117th meeting)

In Denver Broncos lead 35-23 (59th game)
Both team in 59th season
59 = 17th prime

Reid's 89th game as Chiefs HC
Chiefs can get 461st RS win
-461 = 89th prime

89 = 24th primE
Chiefs could get 24th win in DEN

-Keenum can get 24th AT win
Keenum could stay on 19 RS losses
-19= 8th prime
Vance Joseph could get 8th win

Broncos can get 406th RS loss
Joseph is 46 years old
Loss makes his record 7-13
-7 = 4th prime & 13 = 6th (4/6)
Elway can get 46th loss as President

Elway could stay on 45 losses
-45th prime = 197
Game is 197 days after Reid's bday
Can stay on 197 AT wins

2018 Home Team
-W1: 8-7-1
-W2: 11-4-1
-W3: 10-6
-W4: 9-5
Overall: 38-22-2

This is Reid's 308th RS game
Colorado the 38th state

Reid can get his 187th RS win
11*17 = 187 & 187th prime = 1117
This is the 117th meeting (11/17)
-1807 days since Keenum last start Vs KC

Home teams can lose 23rd game
Keenum stays on 23 RS wins
Gets 9th Loss in his 23rd Home start
9th prime = 23
Record becomes 14-9
-149 = 35th prime
Denver stays on 35 home wins vs KC

Keenum RS Home Record becomes 13-9
139 days before his 31st bday

Last week these teams faced SB47 teams

Chiefs beat 49ers 38-27
Broncos loss to Ravens 27-14

Chiefs can get 470th AT win

47 = 15th prime
Game is a span of 15 days...
after Mahomes 23b/d

Pick Chiefs

Halftime update

Broncos lead 13-10 (23)

Keenum has 139 yards

My guess that favors KC

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Seahawks @ Cardinals

Seahawks Cardinals

🚨🚨Upset Alert 🚨🚨

The game is a span of 233 days after Josh Rosen’s birthday
233 = 51st prime

Pete Carroll can get 51st RS loss as Seahawks HC
Russel Wilson making 51st RS road start

233 is also the 13th triangular #
Cards & Hawks can become 1-3

This is Wilson’s 13th start vs Cards
A loss makes him 6-6-1
661=121st prime #

Pete Carroll can stay on 89 wins with Hawks and can 89th loss all time
89 = 24th prime

Carrol could become 9-7-1 vs Cards
971 = 164th prime
In Carroll’s 146th game as Seahawks HC

Game is 53 days as Steve Wilks 49th bday

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Week 4: TNF

Vikings @ Rams
270 d.o.y, 95 remaining

Vikings Lead Series 27-16-2 (46th meeting)

Vikes could stay with 27 wins on 270th d.o.y

Last meeting on 11/19/17
Vikings won 24-7 (31)
-Rams can fall to 3-1
Vikings record became 8-2, can get 28th series win

LA RAMS (82nd Season)
ATR: 577-584-21 (1,183th game)
RSR: 558-559-21 (1,139th game)

2018: 3-0
Won last week: 35-23 (58)

SEAN McVay (32 y/o)
-119 days til 33rd bday

ATR: 14-6 (21st game)
RSR: 14-5 (20th game)

JARED GOFF (23 y/o)
-17 days til 24th bday

ATR: 14-12 (27th game)
RSR: 14-11 (26th game)
HOME: 6-8 (15th game)

VIKINGS (58th Season)
ATR: 491-420-11 (901st game)
RSR: 471-391-11 (874nd game)
-491 = 94th prime

Could get 421st AT Loss
421 = 82nd prime (rams 82nd season)

2018: 1-1-1
can become 2-1-1
-211 = 47th prime
4 months 7 days til SB53

Lost Last Week: 27-6 (33)

Mike ZIMMER (62 y/o)
-114 days since 63rd bday
-251 days til next (54th prime)

ATR: 41-28-1 (71st game)
RSR: 40-26-1 (68th game)

Zimmer can get 41st RS win and stay on 26 losses
Goff gets 13th RS loss in 26th RS game

Could get 27th loss

Can get 42nd AT win, Vikes stay on 420 losses
Stay on 28 AT losses, Zimmer stays on 28 losses,

-39 days since bday

ATR: 27-32-2 (62nd start)
RSR: 27-31-2 (61st start)
Road: 10-18-2 (31nd start)

Can get 28th win
-28th prime = 103
Rams fall to 3-1, Goff gets 13th loss

Can get 11th road win
-11th prime = 31

49th game of the year
O/U for game is 49 points

2018 Home teams Records:
Week 1: 8-7-1
Week 2: 11-4-1
Week 3: 10-6

Overall: 29-17-2

PICK: Vikings


Swing and a miss with my pick. I wasn't very confident in it but felt like they might punk everyone by having the Vikings loss to the worst NFL team @ home then beat the best on the road but that was incorrect.


Rams 38 Vikings 31 (69)
31 = 11th prime
Vikings become 1-2-1 (sq root = 11)
Goff stays on 11 RS losses
11th = 5th prime
Goff threw 5 TDs

Last won went for 31 yards To #17
Robert Woods
Game was 170 days after woods 26th bday
Game was 17 days after goffs bday
Woods finished with 101 yards
101 = 26th prime

Goff won his 26th RS game
Record is now 15-11

26 big # this year

Monday, September 24, 2018

Another Falcon goes Down

Another Falcon Out

Falcons are dropping like flys this year

This times it's #37 Ricardo Allen
ATL losses game with 37 points

ATL lost to NO 43-37
ATL Record became 1-2
12th prime = 37
Game was 12 days after Dan Quinn's bday

43=14th prime & 37= 12th
He's currently 26 y/o
This was his 26th home game

Allens 49th RS game & 53rd career start
Bree’s Saints away Record became 53-49

His bday is 12/18/18
From game to bday was 86 days
-86th prime = 443
Saints stayed on 443 losses

On 8/6 Allen signed a contract extension
This was a span of 49 days before the game

Allens bday is 47 days before SB53
ATL stayed on 47 wins vs NO
SB47 was played in NO
-Both teams who played scored 27 points on 9/23
-Ravens & 49ers

Allen went to Purdue like Drew Bree's
-Purdue beat BC this weekend 30-13 (43)
Matt RYAN went to BC

30-13 was the score of SB28
-The first SB ATL hosted
-Cowboy beat the Bills

This was Brees 26th game vs ATL
-Record is now 17-9
-179= 41st prime
Also Sean Payton 179 RS game

Saints got 351st RS win
351 = 26th triangular #
Ryan got his 26th RS home loss

Game was 251 days after Brees bday &
He was making his 251st RS start
251 = 54th prime

It was 114 days til Brees next bday
He picked up 114th RS win with Saints
Sean Payton picked up his 114th win

Brees got 144th RS win
-144th prime = 827
This was ATL 827th game

This was RYANs 171st start
171 = 18th triangular #

Game was 129 days after Ryan's b/d
I had a 129 with Brees but can't find it

The player likely to replace Allen is Jordan Richards who was acquire before the season started from the Patriots

Richards wore #37 with NE but wears #29 with ATL
The game was 120 days before Richards 26th b/d

ATL has now lost #s 22, 37, 45 this year
Add them up you get 104 like 14

#45 Dion Jones birthday is 11/4

11/4 is the 9th Week
ATL plays Washington &
NO plays the Rams

From 9/23 to 11/4 is 42 days
NO can get 42nd win vs Rams

It's the 26th meeting between ATL/Wash

9/23 leaving 99 days left in the year and all these 26 would appear to bode well for the AFC who's trying to get their 26th SB win

Only time will tell

Week 3 MNF: Steelers @ Buccaneers

Steelers @ Buccaneers

Game played 9/24/18
267th day of year, 98 remaining

Steelers lead series 8-2 (11th Meeting)
Steelers lead 5-1 in TB (7th Meeting)
Last meeting 9/28/14, TB won 27-24

Steelers (86th Season)
ATR: 655-578-22 (1255th game)
RSR: 619-553-22 (1,195th game)

Mike Tomlin
DOB: 3/15/72 (46 y/o)
-193 days after bday

ART: 124-68-1 (132nd game)
RSR: 116-61-1 (179th game)

Ben Roethlisberger
DOB: 3/2/82 (32 y/o)
206 days after birthday

ATR: 148-72-1 (222nd start)
RSR: 135-64-1 (201st start)
-136 = 16th triangular #

Other Records
NFC: 35-16 (RS) & 37-17 overall
Road: 61-40-1
-Can get 41st lost in Tomlins 179th game
-179 = 41st prime
Ben can get 62nd road win, Steelers get 620th RSW

MNF: 14-4 (19th game)

Buccaneers 43rd Season
ATR: 263-413-1 (678th game)
RSR: 257-404-1 (663rd game)
-257 = 55th prime, 263 = 56th

Dirk Koetter
DOB: 2/5/59 (59 y/o)
-231 days after bday (21st triangular #)

ATR: 16-18 (35th game)
-Koetter stays on 16s wins Big Ben gets 136th
-Big Ben can get 149th win (35th prime)

Ryan Fitzpatrick
DOB: 11/24/82 (35 y/o)
61 days til next bday

ATR: 50-70-1 (122nd start)
Home: 29-31-1 (62nd game)
-Big Ben can get 62nd road win

Fitz is 0-5 vs Steelers
Lost last game 31-13 on 10/9/16

Pretty weak decode but I'm liking the Steelers

2018 Home teams Records:

Week 1: 8-7-1
Week 2: 11-4-1
Week 3: 10-5

Overall: 29-16-2

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Jets @ Browns

Jets @ Browns
DATE: 9/20/18
263rd d.o.y & 102 left
33rd NFL game of the year

26th matchup between teams
-Browns lead series 13-12
18th in Cleveland
-Browns lead 9-8

Browns 70th Season
ATR: 525-507-14 (1,047th Game)
RSR: 509-487-14 (1,011th Game)
-Browns can become 1-1-1 with a W

Jimmy Haslem
DOB: 3/9/65
170 days til 65th BD
ATR: 20-77-1 (99th Game)

Hue Jackson
DOB: 10/22/65
333 days after 54th b/d & 32 before his 55th
HC: 9-41-1 (51st game)
Browns: 1-32-1

Tyrod Taylor
DOB: 8/3/89
48 days after 29BD & 317 til 30th
ATR: 22-22-1 (46th start)

New York Jets 59th Season
ATR: 410-493-8 (912th game)
RSR: 398-480-8 (887th game)

Woody Johnson
DOB: 4/12/47
161 days since 71BD & 204 til 72nd
ATR: 144-158 (303rd game)
RSR: 138-152 (291st game)

Todd Bowles
DOB: 11/18/63
59 days til 55th BD
ATR: 23-30 (54th game)
Jets: 21-29 (51st)

Sam Darnold
DOB: 6/5/97
107 days since BD
ATR: 1-1 (3rd Game)

Gonna try to decode before tomorrow leaving here to try and help some others

Monday, September 17, 2018

Josh Gordon to Patriots

This happened 157 days after his 27th bday
-157=37th prime

Also 139 days before SB53
-139=34th prime
SB53 played on 34th d.o.y

Gordon 28th bday is 69 days after SB53
-Brady can get 6th win in 9th SB

Gordon last win was on 11/23/14
Browns won in ATL 26-24

Same week Patriots beat DET 34-9
Brady had 349 yards
-Patriots next game is vs DET

Gordon’s record is 10-30-1 (41)
Brady playoff record could become 30-10
He’s currently 41 y/o

Trade happened on 9/17 or 17/9
41st prime = 179

Gordon has 16 TDs
-16th prime = 53

Gordon went to College at Baylor & Utah but I don’t think he played any games for Utah

Baylor’s mascot is the Bears

Tonight Bears play the Seahawks
Two teams the Patriots have played in SB

1985-The 66th NFL Season
SB20 the 16th of the Modern Era
Bears beat Patriots 46-10

2014-The 95th NFL Season
SB49 the 45th of the Modern Era
Patriots beat Seahawks 28-24

Seahawks Coach Pete Carrol use to coach the Patriots

Seahawks can get 351st all time win on the 260th d.o.y
351 = 26th triangular #

Wilson could stay on 73 wins 73 days before his bday

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Keanu Neal / Redskins Riddle

Falcons safety # 22 Keanu Neal...
tore his ACL on 9/6/18
Birthday: 7/26/18
Injury was 42 days after his 23rd Birthday

"Keanu" made we think of the Keanu Reeves
Who starred in "The Replacements"
A movie about the 1987 NFL Strike
He Played QB Shane Falco,ex. Ohio State QB
-Falco similar Falcons

He Played for the Washington Sentinels who are suppose to be the 87' Redskins

In the 87' Season, Redskins won SB22
Defeated the Broncos 42-10
-2018 is Redskins 87th Season

In Week 2, Redskins lost to ATL 21-20
Week 3 was cancelled from the strike
-Redskins & Patriots were suppose to play

Replacements players played W 4,5,6
-Redskins won every game

Film aired 8/11/2000 & Runs for 118 minutes
2000 was year ATL last hosted a SB(34)

8/11 to Reeves birthday is 22 days
& 16 days From Neal's birthday
Reeves bday to SB53 is 22 weeks
In the movie Reeves wears # 16
-16th prime = 53

811= 141st prime
'87 Redskins finished RS 11-4
Redskins play ATL on 11/4/18
-91 days before SB53

In the Movie "Point Break" Reeves played another former Ohio State QB, Johnny Utah

Redskins QB Alex Smith went to Utah
Smith bday (5/7) to Reeves is 118 days

Smith's Coach @ Utah was Urban Meyer
He had 22 wins as Utah HC
He currently coaches Ohio State

In between those two jobs..
Meyer Coached at Florida
-Keanu Neal went to Florida

Meyer DOB: 7/10/64
Born in 64’like Reeves
Point Break aired 311 days after Reeves 26th bday
311=64th prime

From Meyer bday to Reeves is 54 days
Both are currently 54 years old

Reeves also played a former OSU QB
In “Point Break” which came out in 1991
-Point Break was Released on Meyers 27th bday
91’ Season when Redskins last won a SB (26)
SB26 was 220 days before Reeves next birthday

To top it off Keanu Neal's nick name is
"The Matrix" films Reeves also starred in

The Matrix was released in 1999
Same Season ATL last hosted a SB (34)
First Season Dan Snyder owned Redskins
Redskins = 99
2018 is 99th NFL Season

Villains in The Matrix are Agent Smith and Sentinels

2016 Film “Keanu” runs 99 minutes
Movie released the day after ATL drafter Neal

Keanu Neal has 187 career solo tackles
187th prime = 1117
11*17= 187
Flip 1117 you get LIII
Which is Roman numerals for 53


So now #45 Dion Jones on ATL is out for the year
His birthday is 11/4/18 a big day for ATL
-This date leaves 57 days left in the year
ATL playing Redskins on 11/4
Alex Smith birthday is 5/7

From Neal's birthday to Jones is 101 days
101 = 26th prime
AFC can win 26th SB

Keanu Reeves Daugther died on 12/4/99
Estranged wife on 4-2-01
1 year 99 days apart

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Patriots / # 42

This was suppose to be a quick one about Belichick and the # 42 but the same #s just kept popping up. I found connections to with dad and a bunch more, enjoy

Belichick became Browns HC in 1991
The Browns 42nd season
He was 39 year old

1991 was the NFL’s 72nd Season
Belichick turns 67, 72 days after SB53
-6*7=42 & 67 = 19th prime

In the 94’ Season @ age 42...
BB won 1st playoff game
This was his 65th game as Browns HC
Beat the Patriots 20-13 (33)
-Pats could improve to 6-5 in SBs
-BB born in 1952' (33rd NFL Season)

BB's 42nd R/S win was Brady’s 1st ever
Patriots beat Indy 44-13 on 9/30/01
Belichick was 49 y/o
-SB53 is the 49th of Modern Era

Later that year on 11/4/01
Patriots won in ATL 24-10
Brady became 4-2

2001 Season BB won his first SB (36)
-Patriots 42nd Season
-SB36 was 42 weeks after B.B. 49th bday

2007 He Lost SB42 to Giants 17-14 (31)
Patriots record became 18-1
-42nd prime = 181
-Belichick = 181 (RO)
SB42 was 42 weeks after 55th bday

Loss SB46 to Giants 21-17
-42nd SB of the modern era

SB53 could be BB's 42nd playoff game
-Brady turns 42, 181 days after SB53
SB53 would be 42 weeks after BB 66th bday

Patriots OC Josh Mcdaniels is currently 42 y/o
-His bday to SB53 is 41 weeks

On 10/9/05 Patriots played @ ATL
-Patriots won 31-28
Belichick Became 65-29 (94) as Pats HC
This was 67 days after Brady’s 28th bday
-Also his 67th RS start
Brady Record became 51-16
-Pats beat ATL in SB51 to end 20(16) season

Then 42 days later on 11/19/05...
Belichecks dad, Steve Belichick died
-Date left 42 days left in the year
This was 218 days after BB' 53rd bday

Steve died 317 days after his 86th bday (1/7/19)
-317 = 66th prime
-Belichick currently 66 years old

This was 286 days after Patriots won SB39
Defeated the Eagles 24-21 on 2/6/05
-37th day of the year
he turned 86, 4 w 2 days before SB39
This was BB's 171st game as HC
-171 = 18th triangular
His record became 99-72!! Unreal

The day after he died (11/20/05)
Patriots beat the Saints 24-17
Brady’s 72nd RS start & 63rd AT win

Steve played 1 season with Lions in 1941
Steve scored a 77 yard punt return on 10/26/41
-Brady born in 77’
Date left 66 days left in year
He also scored two rushing 2 TDs both 8 yards
Steve B average 4.2 yards per carry

Steve B dying at 86..
-86th prime = 443
If BB makes SB he will have coached..
Patriots for 344 games
-344 Mirrors 443

Patriots played in their 1st SB in 86' (85' season)

those are some crazy #s right there it makes me think Brady and Belichicks ride off into the asunder after this season

Other finds:

The 42nd season for the NFL was 1961
Packers beat Giants 37-0
Game was37 weeks after BB's 9th bday

BB first game as Pats HC was 9/3/00
Lost to Bucs 21-16. (37)
37 a big # check my post below
9/3/00 to 2/3/19 is 961 weeks
Square Root of 961 = 31
SB53 would be BB 31st playoff win

BB dad playing in 1941
The year Patriots Owner Bob Kraft was born
Kraft's currently 77
Kraft turns 78, 4 months 2 days after SB53
-78 = 12th triangular #

That means All three; Belichick, Brady and Kraft all have 42 connections from their birthdays to SB53

I found online that Krafts 1st official day as owner on the Patriots was 2/26/94
This was 99 days before Krafts 53rd birthday!

This was also 28 days after ATL hosted SB28

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Tropical Storm Gordon

Tropical Storm Gordon

News today 9/4 reported Tropical Storm Gordon

November 8, 1994, was the date Hurricane Gordon formed.

1994 was the year ATL hosted SB28
They had a player named Dwayne Gordon on the team who wore #53

He was drafted in 1993 by the Dolphins with the 218th pick @ 23 years old
190 days before his 24th birthday

He turns 49 on 11/2/18
This is 93 days before SB53
Dwayne Gordon = 53 (RFR)

His 11/2 birthday is like 112
Gordon played in 112 RSG

From 9/4 to 11/2 is 59 days
11/2 leaves 59 days left in Year
Patriots in 59th season

He went to school @ Neww Hampshire which is located in New England

His last year in the NfL was 2000
Brady’s 1st season

SB34 was played in 2000 ATL also hosted

Lost his last game to the Ravens 34-20
Patriots current playoff record is 34-20
This game was a span of 53 days after Gordon’s 31st birthday

This same day the Patriots/Belichecks lost
Miami beat them 27-24
Belichick Record as HC became 42-56

9/4 leaves 118 days left in the yeAr
Red Sox defeated the Braves tonight
BrAves starter record became 11-8

Apparently Hurricane Gordon was the 12th storm of 94’
12th prime = 37
Braves stayed at 37 home wins
Red Sox threw 157 pitches
157 = 37th prime
They scored 3 runs in the 5th inning

I like the Red Sox to win again tomorrow on 9/5
Braves can get 34th home loss in 139th game
34th prime = 139
They would also get their 63 loss of the year
From 9/5 to SB53 is 151 days
151 = 36th prime
Red Sox would get 97th win and 49th road win
Stay on 26 road losses

SB53 is 49th of Modern Era
AFC looking to win 26th SB

Nationals loss to the Cardinals 11-8
Got their 34th home loss in 139th game
Stayed on 69 wins in their 69th home game

Related active players
Melvin Gordon plays for the Chargers
Josh Gordon plays for the Browns
There’s a Dwayne Allen on the Patriots

Update 9/5/18

Red Sox defeat Braves 9-8
Read the quick breakdown above, the win is. A good sign for the Patriots

Might have to start doing more baseball games🤔

Friday, August 31, 2018

Shane Lechler

Shane Lechler

Texans cut Shane Lechler today 8/31/18

Date is 5 weeks 3 days before SB53

9 days before Texans play Patriots on 9/9
He wore # 9

It was 24 days after his 42nd birthday

RSR: 113-273 (286)
Playoffs: 5-5
Overall: 118-173 (296)

His last playoff game was a L to the Pats
Score 34-16
-16th prime = 53
-SB53 played on 34 d.o.y
Texans finished 10-8

Last game L to Colts 22-13 (35)

He had 49 career passing yards
SB53 = 49th of modern era
Last year he averaged 49 yards per punt

Threw 1 TD for 35 yards
This was when he was 35 years old
Raiders defeated Browns 24-17 (41)

He was drafted in 2000 like Brady
Lechler went 142 overall by the Raiders

Pretty sure Brady's now the last left from that draft which is why I'm making the post this could be foreshadowing the last season for Brady

Monday, August 20, 2018

8/17/18: Braves get 53rd Loss

Braves loss to Rockies 11-5
This was their 53rd of the year
11 = 5th prime, 5 = 3rd (53)

Also both the previous and following game
Braves lost by a scores of 5-3

Braves record became 68-53
Home record fell to 34-26
-AFC can win 26th SB on 34th d.o.y.

Game was played 8/17/18
-the 229th d.o.y
Which is the 50th prime, 50th home game

Game was a span of 171 days b4 SB53
171 = 18th triangular #
2018 season coming up

Braves through 180 pitches in the game
115 for strikes (final score)

Braves starter, Newcomb, became 10-6
Like 16, 16th prime = 53

Date of games leaves 136 days left
136 = 16th triangular #

Their opponent the Rockies..
From Denver like the Broncos
Who the Falcons played in SB33
Broncos won 34-19 (53)
This was John Elway last game
Hmmmm🤔 interesting

Quick look at some other games that day

Red Sox won 7-3 over TB
Record became 87-36
Home record 43-15

Phillies won 4-2 over Mets
Record became 68-54
Home record 41-20

Date was 20 days before.
Falcons open vs Eagles
216 days after their playoff meeting

Quick post mainly to document

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Red Sox / Chris Sale


# 41 Chris Sale returned from the DL
Red Sox beat the Orioles 4-1
-41 = 13th prime
Sale was 13th pick in 2010 Draft

Sale Sox record is now 29-12 (41)
Sale is 29 years old
Overall 103-62

His last start was on 7/27/18
16 days before 8/12/18
Red Sox beat the Twins 4-3

Win today made them 43-20 on the road
Overall record 85-35 (120th game)
Sale is now 12-4 this year (16)
He had 13 strike outs in the game
He now was 219 this year

This was sales 23rd start on the year
23 = 9th prime
Game was 9 days after Brady’s 41st bday

8/12 also leaves 141 days left in the year
Before today Sale had pitched 141 innings
Hidden 14/41

This is 28 days before Patriots 1st game
They play the Houston Texans
On 8/12 the Houston Astro’s loss 4-3
This was their 28th home loss
First SB hosted by ATL was SB28
-A game that totaled 43 points

There’s a lot more but that’s all I got time for I’ll try to update later

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Isaiah Crowell

Jets Beat Falcons 17-0 on 8/10/18

Jets RB Isiah Crowelll scores the 1st TD

A number of things stick out with him

A 16 yard TD catch
16th prime = 53
He was on the Browns last year...
When they went 0-16

Crowell birthday is 1/8/1993
He turns 26, 26 days before SB53
AFC can win it’s 26th SB

In the game against ATL he also had...
2 rushes for 6 yards

In 2017 he had 206 rushes

His rookie year..
Browns beat ATL 26-24
Browns became 7-4
Falcons 4-7
Crowell had a 26 yard TD run which

He played his college ball @ Georgia
Finished with 26 TDs in college

Being born in 1993...
That was first season ATL hosted a SB
This was the 74th NFL season

He had the same birthday as Dwight Clark
Clark died on 6/4/18
He use to be the GM for the Browns
Crowell has played in 64 games
Browns record is 11-53

He signed a 12 million deal with the Jets 67 days after his bday
67 = 19th prime
He had 607 rushing yards as a rookie

The 12 makes me think of Brady
Jets end the season playing the Patriots
Game is 12/30/18, 35 days before SB53

Jets next game is vs Redskins
Who just loss to the Patriots 26-17

Today’s baseball games (8/11) are also interesting
Red Sox playing in their 61st road game /118th overall
Can become 41-20 & 83-35 Overall

Brady just turned 41 on 8/3

Braves are playing in their 53rd home game
Can get their 64th win (Dwight Clark)
This would be 67 days after his 6/4 death
They are playing Milwaukee who can get 67th win

Friday, August 10, 2018

8/9/18 Recap

8/9 Recap

In my post below I talked about how 8/9 was a big day for the NFL & MLB

Games I was interested in
-Braves @ Nationals
-Red Sox @ Toronto
-Redskins @ Patriots

Nationals Beat the Braves 6-3
Gott their 59th win on the year
-Patriots going into 59th season trying t
-Brady trying to go 6-3 in SBs

Nationals home record is now 30-28 like 28-3 look familiar??

Braves road record became 34-27 (61)
61 = 18th prime

Red Sox loss to the Blue Jays 8-5
Record became 81-35
-81 is 18 reversed & 35 is 53

Blue Jays home record is now 28-30 (LOL)

This was the Red Sox 59th road game
Record became 39-20

The 39 sticks out because The Falcons played in the last NFL in Toronto in 2013

Beat the Bills 34-31 (65)
Their record became 3-9

18 MLB played on this day
Winning teams outscored losing 65-39

Patriots beat the Redskins 26-17
They scored 26 straight
Interesting because AFC can win 26th SB
Redskins first SB win was SB17

Game was 179 days before SB53
179 = 41st prime
Tom Brady is 41 years old

Former Redskins QB Doug Williams turns 63 on 8/9
He was 8-9 as starter for Redskins...
& Retired in 1989.

Williams lead them to a win in SB22 during the 1987 season

2018 is the Redskins 87th season

I was wrong about both my Dez Bryant and Red Sox predictions....

Can’t win them alll

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Jim Harbaugh / Nick Saban

I was making a couple different post about both these guys then decided to combine parts of each so this post is a bit all over the place

Harbaugh has connections to Tom Brady & Alex Smith which goes well with the Patriots Redskins narrative

Harbaugh was head coach of Smith on 49ers
Harbaugh was a QB @ Michigan like Brady
Harbaugh now HC @ Michigan

Harbaugh 1st game as Michigan HC vs Utah
-Utah won 24-17 (41)
-Alex Smith went to Utah

Harbaugh was the 26th pick of the 87' Draft
-Redskins won the SB that season
-2018 is Redskins 87th season
-SB26 was Redskins last win (1991)

Harbaugh was born in 1963
-The NFL 44th Season
Finished with 44 reg season wins as NFL HC

Patriots made AFL Championship in 1963
-Lost to Chargers 51-10 (61)
Chargers were Harbaugh's last team as QB Harbaugh last season in the NFL was 2000
-This was Brady's 1st Season

This is making me think NFC Championship Game might be Redskins vs 49ers (82' season rematch)
With the winner playing the Patriots
(Ravens still my sleeper)

Harbaugh 55th bday is on 12/23/18
-This is the Week 16 of the NFL Season
His Bday is 42 days before SB53
Brady turns 42, 181 days after SB53
-181 = 42nd prime

Harbaugh got his 36th win as HC...
on his 50th bday
-Beat ATL 34-24 (58)
-49ers record became 11-4

This same week....
Patriots also became 11-4 by...
Beating the Ravens 41-7
-Ravens HC is Jim's brother John Harbaugh

Im thinking Alabama and Michigan will meet in the CF playoff or championship game

Championship game played @ Levi Stadium
-Home of the 49ers

One of the playoff games will be in Miami...
Where Saban was NFL Head coach

Brady won Orange Bowl over Alabama
35-34 (69) on 1/1/2000 in Miami
-This was his last college game

Earlier in that season on 10/9/99...
-Michigan State defeated Michigan 34-31
Saban was MSU coach at the time

He would leave for LSU after that season
Then leave LSU for Miami Dolphins
Then Miami for Alabama

12/31/2006 was Saban last game as NFL HC
-Dolphins lost to Colts 27-22 (49)
-SB53 will be the 49th of the Modern era
Dolphins Record became 6-10 (61)
-61 = 18th prime
Colts won SB41 in Miami later that season

Saban just won his 6th title on 1/8/18
In ATL where SB53 will be played
Brady like Saban can get his 6th ring
-Bama won on a 41 yard TD pass in OT
Brady will then 41 years old this year (8/3)

Bama won 26-23 (49)
-AFC can win its 26th SB

Alabama is always in the conversation...
but Michigan has not been for a while

They are already setting up Ohio State to be vulnerable this year which would help Michigan

Harbaugh current record @ Michigan...
-28-11 (39 games)
The Championship Game would be his 53rd

I could see them going 13-1 this year which..
-Makes his record 41-12
Two numbers that make me think of Brady

The Championship will be played 1/7/18
A span of 16 days after Harbaugh's bday
-16th prime = 53

Harbaugh turning 55...
Goes well with the prime # / Patriots riddle

If Michigan and the Ravens win...
both Harbaugh's brothers would be Champs

Last time Michigan played Bama was 2012
-Bama won 41-14 (55)
Bama would go on to win the title in Miami
They lost 1 game that year to...
-Texas A&M, who won 29-24 (53)

2012 NFL season ended with the...
"Harbaugh Bowl"
Ravens beat 49ers 34-31 in SB47
Game was played on 2/3 like SB53

Bama and Michigan are 2-2 all time
Loser would become 2-3

Saban turns 67 on 10/31/18
-304th d.o.y leaves 61 remaining
CF playoff Game in Miami is on 10/29/18
This is 59 days after Saban's 67th bday
-2018 is Patriots 59th season

Saban is also 5-2 in CF playoffs games
A loss makes him 5-3
A win then a loss makes him 6-3
A good for the Patriots

Red Sox record is currently 80-34
They have won 5 straight
I could see them extending it to 12 straight

That makes their record 87-34 (121 games)
They would be 53 games over .500
-SB53 played on 34th day of the year

Redskins in 87th season
Square root of 121 = 11
Alex Smith wears 11

If this happens the 87th win would be in Philadelphia vs the Phillies on 8/14/18
-Braves play Nationals on this day as well

Falcons open 2018 season in Philadelphia

Monday, August 6, 2018

Hue Jackson

Hue Jackson mother and brother recently passed away

As far as I know they haven't said the age of his brother but...
His mother was 83

Browns last made the playoffs in 2002
-The 83 rd NFL Season
In the last week of the season the Browns beat the Falcons 24-16 to clinch a playoff spot

Jackson got his only win as Browns coach on 12/24/16

Browns beat Chargers 20-17 (37)
Record became 1-14

Game played 63 days after Jackson 51st birthday

Jackson Record became 9-23 all time as HC
23 = 9th prime

Also on 12/24/16....

ATL beat Carolina 33-16 (49)
ATL became 10-5

Patriots beat NYJ 41-3 (44)
NE record became 13-2

Washington beat Chicago 41-21 (63)
Record became 8-6-1
-861 = 41st triangular number

12/24/16 was also the 359th day of the year
-359 = 72nd prime

72 is a big # for the Redskins, checkout my post below

From this date to SB53 is 2 years 41 days

Earlier in the 2016 Season..
-Patriots beat Browns 33-13..
-NE Record improved to 4-1
This was the Week Brady turned from his suspension

Brady will be 41 for the 2018 season

The Browns are also going to be the 13th team on Hard Knocks
13th prime = 41

I have a hunch the Browns might play the Patriots in the playoffs this year

Browns last playoff was in 94/95 vs Patriots
Score: 20-13 (33)
-Kraft 1st season as Patriots owner
-Belichick was the Browns coach
This was Browns 16th playoff win all time
-16th prime = 53

Browns Current playoff record is 16-20
If Browns win in WC round then lose to Patriots..
Record would be 17-21

Brady would be 7-1 vs Browns all time
1st ever meeting between these teams was in 1971

Seems unlikely at the moment but I do believe the Browns make playoff this year and the numbers look good for a Browns Patriots Matchup

Also my Dez signing on 8/8 is looking good right now and the team is the patriots

Saturday, August 4, 2018

James Hasty

Pigging backing off my 5/23 Birthday post which you can check out below.

I wanted to see what former NFL players had that birthday and turned 53 in 2018

One Player came up

James Hasty
DOB: 5/23/18

He was drafted 74th overall by the Jets in the 1988 draft
-1988 was the 53rd NFL Draft

He played 14 years in the NFL for the Jets, Chiefs & Raiders

His last season was 2001, when he was 36 years old
-He only appeared in one game for the Raiders

Game was 11/18/01
Raiders beat the Chargers 34-24 (58)
Which improved their record to 7-2
-From Hasty's bday to Brady's is 72 days

Game was played 179 days...
after Hasty's 36th bday
-179 = 41st prime
Brady will be 41 this season

Also on 11/18/01
Brady/Patriots lost to the Rams 24-17 (41)
Brady starting Record became 5-3
These teams would meet again in SB36

From 11/18/01 to SB36 was 77 days
-Brady born in 77'

In the 01'-02' playoffs...
Raiders lost to Patriots
-The infamous "Tuck Rule Game"...
played 1/19.02
11/18/01 to 1/19/02 is a span of 63 days
Patriots won 16-13 (29)

Hasty went to Washington State
Same as Drew Bledsoe...
who Brady took the starting job from

Hasty first NFL game was vs Patriots
Patriots beat the Jets: 28-3 (Look familiar?)

Hasty wore # 40 his whole career except..
his last season when he wore #34

If Brady makes SB53 that could be....
-His 40th playoff game on...
the 34th day of the year.

Hasty career Record was;
101-107-1 (209 games)
0-3 in playoffs

He played 18 games vs Patriots
Record: 10-8

His bday to the first Sunday (9/9) is 109 days

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Nationals improve to 53-53 / Redskins

I made a post on another blog on how we should an eye on this game because of the Nationals record and date

The post was;
“Tomorrow 7/31/18 a date to pay attention..

This date is 187 days before SB53
187th prime = 1117
If you flip you get LIII...
Roman Numbers for 53

Also 11 * 17 = 187

This is the 212th day of the year and leaves 153 (17th triangular #)

Washington Nationals
Nationals record is 52-53
Next game will be their 106th
16th prime = 53

played the N.Y. Mets on 7/31”

Nationals won 25-4 (29)
Nationals became 24-25 (49) @ home
-SB53 is the 49th of the Modern Era

Date can be written 31/7
-317 = 66th prime

First Super Bowl was in the 1966 season

Redskins went 7-7 in 66’
-Makes me think of Brady, born in 77’

66’ Redskins scored 72 points in one game
-Beat the New York Giants 72-41 (113)
Redskins record became 6-6

Game was played on 11/27/66
The 331st date of the year
-331= 67th prime = 19th prime
SB53 played in 20(19)

66’ Redskins beat ATL 33-20 (53)
Record became 3-2
ATL is hosting SB53 on 2/3
Game was on 10/9/66
10/9 a big date with ATL/Brady/SB51

66’ was ATL first year year in NFL
Started 0-9...
then beat the Giants 27-16 (43)
ATL Record became 1-9...
Giants fell to 1-8-1 (181 / 42nd prime)

Week before the Redskins game when...
-Giants became 1-9-1 (43rd prime)

More with 72....

Redskins made their 1st SB in 1972
-The 53rd NFL Season

Made their last in 1991
-The 72nd season of the NFL

72 was 1 point less then the NFL record
Redskins won 73-0 in the 1940 Title game
1940 was the 21st NFL Season
-21st prime = 73

Nationals won by 21 runs on 7/31/18
-vs the New York Mets

Monday, July 30, 2018

Dez Bryant Prediction

Prediction: Dez Bryant

He wears #88
Be was born on 11/4/19(88)

Dez will sign with a team on 8/8/18
-This will 88 days before his 30th birthday

He was cut on 4/13/18
161 days after his 29th bday

From 4/13 to 8/8 is a 117 days
Next game= 117th all time

Also 114th regular season game...
like his 11/4 birthday

Last game with Cowboys he had 24 yards
He was the 24th pick in the draft
24th prime = 89

8/9 is start of the preseason

1988 was the NFLs 69th season
Dez has 69 catches last year

In 1988 only one team went 8-8
The Denver Broncos...their 29th season

Denver beat Dallas 42-17 (69) last year
Dez has 59 yards in the game
2018 is the Broncos 59th season

I also like the Patriots, Redkins or Browns


Patriots look like the team to sign on 8/8

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

If Patriots fo 15-1 then win Super Bowl 53

The following will be as if the Patriots finish the seasons 18-1 and win SB53

TOM BRADY-Quarterback
41 years old

Regular Season Record;
211-56 (267 Starts)
211 = 47th prime

Playoff Record: 30-10 (40 Starts)

Overall Record: 241-66 (307 Starts)
-241 = 53rd prime
-307 = 63rd prime

Can become 6-3 in SBs with SB53 win
66 all time loses, BB 66 years old

66 years old

Regular Season Record: 265-119 (384 Games)

Playoff Record; 31-11 (42 games)
-31 = 11th prime / 11 = 5th prime

Overall Record; 296-130 (426 Games)

77 years old

Regular Season Record: 283-117
283 = 61st prime

Playoff Record: 33-14 (47 Games)

Overall Record: 316-131 (447 Games)
-131 = 32nd Prime
131 also a Championship #

Regular Season Record: 504-387-9 (900 Games)
-Those all reduce to 9
-This is the 99th NFL Season

Playoff Record: 37-20 (57 Games)
-37 = 12th prime (Brady)
Patriots First SB appearance was SB20
-This was 66th NFL Season (Belichick)

Overall Record: 541-407-9 (957 Games)
541 = 100 prime
2019 will be the NFL's 100th season

SB53 is 100 days before Gronks 30th birthday
Recall SB53 can be Brady 30th Playoff win

The way all these numbers line up with all these individuals jumps right out to me.

Last team to go 18-1 and win SB was the 85’ bears

This was 33 years ago in the NFLs 66th Season
-Belichick currently 66 years old

Bears beat Patriots 46-10 (56) in SB20

1985 was the Patriots 16th season in the NFL
16th prime = 53

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

August 9th 2018


The 221st day of the year &...
Leaves 144 remaining

The following games will be played;

Patriots vs Redskins in the preseason
Braves vs Nationals
Red Sox vs Blue Jays

Redskins franchise started in Boston...
-They originally went by the Boston Braves

Barring any rain delays this would be..
-Braves 113th game of the season
-Nationals 114th game of the season
--This will be the 114th World Series

Add those together you get 227
-227 = 49th prime
SB53 will be the 49th of the Modern Era

This will also be the 16th meeting between Braves & Nationals
16th prime = 53

Red Sox will play their 117th game vs the Toronto Blue Jays
Falcons took part in the last NFL game in Toronto

They beat the Bills 34-31 (65)
Game was played on 12/1/13

From 8/9 to SB53 (2/3/19) is a span of 179 days
179 = 41st prime

Tom Brady turns 41 on 8/3/18
41 =. 13th prime

13th triangular # is 91
Belicheck 1st season as HC was 91'
Redskins won SB26 in the 91' season

89 = 24th prime
Belichick record became 2-4 as HC after losing to Redskins in 91'

Redskins play SB53 Host ATL on 11/4
-From 11/4 to SB53 is 91 days

11/4 is the 308th d.o.y. & leaves 57 remaining
Redskins QB, Alex Smith birthday is 5/7

11/4 is also 93 days after Brady's bday (8/3)
Smiths 35th bday is 93 days after SB53

SB53 will be played on the 34th day of the year
-Alex Smith is 34 years old

34 year old QBs are currently 3-5 in SBs
Brady was the last 34 y/o to start (SB46)

From Smith's Bday to 11/4 is 181 days
From SB53 to Brady's 42nd Bday (8/3) is 181 days
-181 = 42nd prime

From 8/9 to 11/4 is 87 days
-2018 is Redskins 87th season

# 87 Dwight Clark died on 6/4 @ 61 years old
-6/4 to 8/9 is 66 days
Bill Belichick is 66 years old

From Belichick's bday (4/16) to 6/4 is 49 days
-SB53 will be the 49th of the Moderan Era
Clark's last NFL season was in 1987

Redskins won the SB in the 87' season
Doug Williams lead them to a SB22 victory
The 87' Skins finished the regular season 11-4

There was a strike in 87'...
NFL did not play any games in Week 3
Redskins and Patriots were scheduled to play

87’ was the Patriots 18th season
-They finished 8-7 in

Doug Williams turns 63 on 8/9/18
-Tom Brady can become 6-3 in SBs with a win
Williams record as a Redskins was 8-9

Williams last start for the Redskins was in 89'
Redskins beat the Eagles 10-3 (103)
-103 = 27th prime

Williams last appearance for Redskins was in ATL
Redskins won 31-30 (61 = 18th prime)
-130 days after Williams 34th birthday
He threw a 34 yard TD and finished with 106 yards

Not sure of the dates for the World Series starts but those should give more clues

But thats all for now, 8/9 should give a couple hints a possible SB53 matchups and possible World Series as well


found a connection To Toronto

The Falcons played in the NFL last game in Toronto’s

They beat the Bills on 12/1/13
Score was 34-31 (65)

2013 Atl also played the Patriots and Redkins

On 9/29/13 Patriots won in ATL 30-23 (53)
Patriots become 4-0
SB53 could be Brady’s 40th playoff gme

ATL became 1-3
13th prime = 41
Brady will be 41 y/o when SB53 is played

On 12/15/14 Atl beat Washington 27-26 (53)
-Washington last SB appearance was 27 years ago in SB26

Atl record become 4-10 (41)
Washington become 3-11

From the Patriots game to Washington game was 77 days
-Brady born in 77’
-Robert Kraft currently 77 years old

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

New England Patriots & Washington Redskins

These teams are connected in several different ways...

For starters the Redskins Francise started in Boston

In 1932 the Boston Braves were founded
-This was the 13th season for the NFL
In 1933 they became the Boston Redskins

In 1936 the Boston Redskins made the NFL Championship
They lost to the Packers 21-6 (27)
This was the 17th NFL Season

In 1937 they moved to Washington
-This was the NFL 18th Season....
Redskins won the championship 28-21 (49)

2018 will be their 81st in Washington
The 2018 Super Bowl will be in Atlanta
Atlanta baseball team is the Braves

Redskins last SB appearance was the SB26
Redskins won 37-24 (61 = 18th prime)
They outscored playoff opponents 102-41
-61 point differential
This was 1991 season (72nd NFL season)

Redskins first SB appearance was 1972
-The 53rd NFL season
They lost SB7 to the Dolphins 14-7
The Dolphins finished the year undefeated
-No other team has done this since

72' Playoffs the Redskins scored 49 points
-SB53 will be the 49th of the modern era

72' was the first season...
Redskins played the Patriots
Game was on 10/1/72
-Patriots won 24-23 (47)
The date of 10/1 or 101 sticks out***
-101 = 26th prime

AFC can win 26th SB
10/1 also leaves 91 days left in the year
91 = 13th triangular #
13th prime = 41

Speaking of 41...
1972 was the Redskins 41st season
Patriots Franchise would not start up until 1960
-In the AFL but 1960 was the NFL 41st season

Brady will turn 41 before the season starts
Brady was drafted in 2000...
-the Patriots 41st season

Redksins coach, Jay Gruden bday is 3/4
-4 weeks 1 day after SB53

Brady becomes 4-1 vs Redskins with a win

Redskins next SB appearance came in 1982
-The 63rd NFL Season
Redskins won their first Super Bowl (17)

82' season was shortened by a 57 day strike
-New QB, Alex Smith, birthday is 5/7
Skins finished the regular season 8-1

The only game they loss was to Dallas 24-10 (34)
-Smith current 34 y/o, SB53 on 34th d.o.y
The loss dropped their record to 4-1
This loss was a span of 57 days before SB17

Skins finished 12-1 overall in 83'
-Square root of 121 = 11 (Smiths wears #11)
In SB17: Redskins defeat dolphins 27-17 (44)

The next year Redskins lost SB18
Raiders beat them 38-9 (47)
83' Redskins scored a NFL record 541 points
-541 = 100th prime
1983 was the Redskins 42nd Season

Patriots 42nd season was in In 2001 season
Brady won his first SB @ 24 years old..
The game was played 2/3/02 (SB36)
-This was 181 days before his 25th birthday
-181 = 42nd prime

'07 Patriots loss SB42 on 2/3/08
-They finished 18-1
-This was 181 days before his 31st birthday

Brady 42nd birthday is 181 days after SB53

The Patriots currently have 523 wins
523 = 99th prime
2018 is the 99th NFL Season

A 18-1 season would give them 541 wins
541 = 100th prime
This would be 35 years after Skins scored 541 points
-35 mirrors 53

If Patriots go 18-1...
Brady would finish with 241 wins
-241 = 53rd prime
241 has 24 & 41 hidden in it as well
Brady won his 1st SB @ 24 and could win his last @ 41

Redskins could improve to 4-2 with a SB win
Maybe Pats go 18-1 with a SB again?? unlikely...

A Patriots win in SB53 would make Brady 6-3 all time
SB53 would be Brady's 307th game
-307 = 63rd prime

Brady 6th career start was in ATL on 11/4/01
Patriots won 24-10 (34)
-SB53 will be played on the 34th day of 19'
Brady's record became 4-2 as a starter
Brady threw TDs passes for 4, 44 & 15 yards
-4 + 44 + 15 = 63
This game was 6300 days before SB53

A loss would be the Redskins 3rd in their 6th SB app.
Jay Gruden was born on the 63rd day of the year

In 19(63) Patriots made their first AFL championship game
Chargers won 51-10 (61)
63' was the NFL 44th Season
Patriots would not make playoffs again until 1976
-The NFL 57th Season

Alex Smith birthday is 5/7
Smith like Brady got his 1st start in ATL on 11/4 (2007)
-This date leaves 57 days left in the year
Falcons won 20-16 (36)
This was 181 days after Smith's 23rd birthday
Smith starting record became 11-18

Smith last start in ATL was 12/4/16..
-Chiefs won 29-28 (57)
Falcons became 7-5 which mirrors 57

A reason 57 could be a clue is...
5th prime = 11 & 7 prime = 17
If you combine you get 1117..
IF flipped is LIII which is Roman numerals for 53

Redskins play Atlanta on 11/4/18 (in DC)
This is 181 days after his 34th birthday
23 (y/o) + 34 (y/o) = 57

Smith's currently 11-3 all time vs AFC East teams
A loss brings him to 11-4 like the date 11/4
Also their bye weeks in 2018...
-Redskins Bye Week 4, Patriots Week 11

Brady is currently 14-6 vs the NFC East
A win makes him 15-6
156th prime = 911

Patriots owner is also born on the 156th day of the year
This is June 5th or 6/5
Patriots can become 6-5 in SBs

Brady took off at the time 9/11 happened
This would bring his career full circle

Brady & Smith got their 1st career starts vs Colts
Brady won 44-13 (57) on 9/30/01
Smith loss 28-3 (31) on 10/9/05
-This same day Brady/Pats beat ATL 31-28

Both teams will play the Colts in 200188
-Redskins on 9/16/18
-Patriots on 10/4/18
These games are 18 days apart

NFC East leads 9-2 over the AFC East in SB matchups
NFC-E has outscored them 304-188
If they played it would be the 12th matchup

Last time Skins played the Patriots was 11/8/15
This day left 53 days left in the year
Patriots won 27-10 (37)
Redskins dropped to 3-5
-This same day ATL fell to 6-3 after losing to SF 17-16

Redskins & Patriots are also playing this preseason
The game is on 8/9/18
From this day to SB53 is a span of 179 days
-179 = 41st prime
Also 8/9 or 89 = 24th prime

Former Skins QB, Doug Williams turns 63 on 8/9
Williams lead the Skins to a win in SB22
This was the 1987 season
In 87’ there was a 24 day strike
Week 3 was cancelled...
Redskins were suppose to play the Patriots
87' Skins wnt 11-4 in the RS
Williams record as Skins starter was 8-9

2018 will be the Redskins 87th season
#87 / Former 49er Dwight Clark recently died
Redskins & Pats are 8-7 combined in SBs

Patriots #87 is Rob Gronkowski
He was drafted 42nd overall in 2010
He turns 30, 100 days after SB53

2008 was the 89th NFL Season
Smith and Brady missed the '08 season with injuries
Brady started one game before getting hurt...
-This was against Smith former team, KC Chiefs

If Redskins get a 1st round bye then lose SB53...
Smith playoff record will be 4-6
46th prime = 199
Brady was the 199th Pick in the 2000 draft

Brady was drafted on the 107th day of the year
Add Brady age (41) & Belichick (66) = 107
But also....
-107 = 28th prime
NFC can win its 28th SB

1st round bye and SB win makes BB playoff record 31-11
SB53 would be Belichicks 42nd playoff game all time
Belichick got his first ever playoff win when he was 42 y/o

This was in the 94-95 Season as coach of the Browns
-Browns beat the Patriots 20-13 (33)
This was Cleveland 16th playoff win all time
They have not won a playoff game since
-16th prime = 53

From SB53 to BB 67th bday (4/16/19) is 72 days
'72 like the year the Redskins made 1st SB appearance
-Recall 72' was also the NFLS 53rd season

4/16/19 is also the 19th anniversary when Pats drafted Brady
-19th prime = 67

A SB53 win would make Patriots playoff record 37-20 (57)
-Smiths birthday is 5/7

Last game of their 2018 RS would be Pats 900th RS game all-time
-The 99th NFL season starts on 9/9

Patriots are 4-4 all time in ATL
-SB53 would be their 9th game

Redskins are 5-6-1 in ATL
-SB53 would be their 13th game
571 = 105th prime
661 = 121st prime

This is changing my AFC favorite to the Patriots &...
NFC favorite to the Redskins

AFC still could be Baltimore and I wouldn't be surprised to see the Raiders (see below)

NFC still see scripts for 49ers & Rams

The picture will be come clearer as the Super Bowl gets closer

10/1 also makes me think of the Vegas "shooting"
From the date of the shooting to SB53 is 490 days
The Washington Capitals won the Stanley Cup in Vegas
Bryce Harper, Washington Nationals player is from Vegas

The years Brady (77) & Smith (84) were born...
The Raiders won the Super Bowl

1976 Season (57th NFL Season)
Super Bowl 11 played on 1/9/1977:
-Raiders defeat Vikings: 32-14 (46)
Brady was born 206 days after SB11

1983 Season: (64th NFL Season)
Super Bowl 18 played on 1/22/84
-Raiders Defeated Redskins: 38-9
Alex Smith was born 106 days after SB18

Makes me think of the Raiders who are going to Vegas
Gruden bros coach both teams

Friday, July 13, 2018

May 23 Birthdays

This being the 99th NFL season I wanna to take a look @ May 23
99th prime = 523
First Sunday in upcoming season will be 9/9/18

From 5/23/18 to 9/9/18 is 109 days
From SB53 (2/3/19) to 5/23/19 is 109 days
109 = 29th prime

Lets take a look at the active players with a 5/23 bday

The best player on the list is Rams DT, Aaron Donald
He is currently 27 years old
Drafted 13th overall in 2014

The other player who sticks out is Tyus Bowser
I’ve never heard of Until now..

He was drafted 47th overall in 2017 by the Ravens
-Ravens won SB47

He was drafted 3 weeks 5 days before his 22nd bday
-Ravens won SB35
-35 mirrors 53

He’s currently 23 years old
-2018 is Ravens 23 season

He played his college ball in Houston
-He wore # 81 which mirrors 18
The year he was drafted the SB51 was played in Houston

Ravens open the Season @ home vs the Bills
This will be the 8th matchup
Ravens lead 4-3 (4-1 @ home)

The only year Bills won in Balt was 99’
Score: 13-10 (23)

If you go back to the 109/29
Bowser was born a span of 116 days after SB29
-49ers won 49-26 over the Chargers

116 keeps showing up with the Baltimore Ravens
-29 * 4 = 116

In the 2017 draft the Ravens also the 16th pick
16th prime = 53

Donald & Bowser both play for “R” teams
R = 18th letter of the alphabet
Last SB matchup of “R” teams was SB18
Raiders defeated Redskins 38-9 (47)
Team from CA vs D.C team

Update 7/30/18

Last season was the 98th for the NFL
-98th prime = 521

SB Champion Eagles has a player with a 5/21 bday

Corey Robinson 5/21/96

He was the 43rd pick of the 2017 draft

He tuened 21, 37 weeks before SB52
-Eagles become 1-2 in SBs
12th prime = 47

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Braves Outfielder: Nick Markakis / Super Bowl 53

Braves Outfielder Nick Markakis will make his first All Star appearance @ 34 years old.

This news jumped out to me for several different reasons...

The first is obvious...ATL is hosting the upcoming Super Bowl which...
Will be played on the 34th day of the year
Markakis is originally from Georgia
Markakis currently has 34 career HRs as a Brave
Markakis started his career on the Orioles who play in Baltimore just like the Ravens.

Markakis birthday of 11/17/83
SB53 in Roman numerals is written LIII
If you flip LIII your get 1117 similar to 11/17

This was announced on 7/9/18
Which is 131 days before his birthday
131 = 32nd prime
SB53 will be played on 2/3

He was drafted in 3 straight MLB drafts

First in 2001 Markakis was drafted by the Cincinnati Reds in the 35th round
-This was a few months after the Ravens had won SB35
Markakis did not sign with the Reds

The following year he was again drafted by the Reds this time in the 23rd round
-2018 will be the Ravens 23rd season
Markakis again did not sign with the Reds
-The day after Markakis 35th bday this year the Ravens play the Cincinnati Bengals

In 2003 the Orioles drafted him in the 1st round (7th overall)
He signed with the Orioles on 6/11/2003
-116 has been big with Baltimore this year, check out my posts below

He played 9 seasons in Baltimore and has currently played 4 in ATL
-SB53 will be the 49th of the modern era

He signed with the Braves on 12/3/14
This was 16 days after his 31st birthday
The contract was a 4 year deal worth 44 Million
Georgia = 44

From the day he signed with the Braves to SB53 is 1523 days
1523 = 241st prime
241 = 53rd prime

The Atlanta Falcons will play in the opening game of this season on 9/6
From that date to Markakis 35th bday is 51 days
ATL was in SB51

Nicholas William Markakis = 99 in Full Reduction
2018 will be the 99th NFL season

In 2006 Markakis won Rookie of the year
That same year the Colts won SB41
The Colts are originally from Baltimore

Now 13 years later Markakis will play in his first all star game
13th prime = 41

Markakis is another connection that brings Atlanta and Baltimore together so wanted to document

The MLB All Star game is in Washington DC which would be another clue for the Redskins

Friday, June 22, 2018

ESPN article about Ravens Rookie Orlando Brown Jr

Before I get into why this article jumped out at me, I will
Share what it was about

Ravens draft Pick, Orlando Brown Jr father, Orlando Brown Sr also played for the Ravens

Sr died back in 2011

Jr. was the Ravens 83rd pick of the 2018 draft
He went to college at Oklahoma

He was born the year the Ravens created their team
His dad was a long time Raven

Orlando Brown Sr died @ 40 years old on 9/23/11
This was Ravens HC, john Harbaugh, 49th bday
The next Super Bowl will be the 49th of the Modern Era
This date also leaves 99 days left in the year
2018 is the NFL's 99th season

Brown Sr was signed by the Cleveland Browns as an un-drafted free agent back in 1993
Atlanta hosted their first ever Super Bowl for the 93 season
They are hosting the Super Bowl for the 2018 season

The article also points out the Browns are the 40th father/son combo to play for the same franchise

In games Brown Sr played in his career record was 53-78-1
-Next Super Bowl will be the 53rd
-Brown Sr & Brown Jr wore/wear 78

In 2011 Ravens played the Rams the week before his
death &...
The Titans the week after Brown Sr's death
-WEEK 2: L vs Titans 26-13 (39)
-WEEK 3: W vs. Rams 37-7 (44)

Rams & Titans met in Super Bowl 34
This was the last SB hosted by Atlanta

If you total the scores (39+44) you get 83
Ravens drafted Brown Jr with the 83 pick in the 2018 draft
83 = 23rd prime
Ravens are going into their 23rd season
Brown Jr was born the same year of the Ravens 1st season (1996)

Brown Sr was he was born on 12/12/70
37 days later...
The Baltimore Colts would win SB5 on 1/17/18

He dies on 9/23/11
16 months 11 days later...
The Baltimore Ravens win SB47 on 2/3/13

The reason this Article stood up was because of the name "Orlando" and Baltimore connections
This reminded me of a shooting that took place in Great MIills Maryland, check it out below

Shooting in Great Mills, Maryland
Took place 34 days after the Parkland, FL shooting
This happened on the 79th day of the year
College Bball Coach Tubby Smith -Alumni of Great Mills

Smith was recently fired by the Memphis Tigers
Memphis hired former Penny Hardaway to replace him.
Hardaway was a former NBA Player
This was done the day of the Maryland shooting

Tubby Smith's first name is Orlando
Hardaway was drafted by the Golden State Warriors # 3 overall in the 1993 draft.
He was immediately traded to the Orlando Magic for Chris Webber.
Hardaway would team up with Shaquille and lead the Magic to the 1995 NBA Finals.

Baltimore also ties into the recent NCAA Tournament

A 16 seed up set a 1 seed in the NCAA tournament this year
The 16 see was from Baltimore, MD
They scored 53 points in the 2nd Half
53 = 16th prime

On the same day of this upset..
Michael Crabtree was signed by the Baltimore Ravens
-Former 49ers who played vs Ravens in SB47
47 = 15th prime
Crabtree wears # 15

Other finds:

The only tie in the Ravens history come on 11/16/97
This was Week 10 of the 1997 Season
They tied the Eagles 10-10
Both teams record became 4-6-1

Same # as flag day (6/14)
Flag day was a yuge riddle in last years Super Bowl

The date of the TIE being 1/16 is big as well
Joe Flacco birthday 1/16
16 seed upsetting a 1 seed (116)
NFL draft was on the 116th day of the year
NFL season starts on a day that leaves 116 days left in the year

The Ravens drafted QB Lamar Jackson in the 1st round
This appears to be signaling the end for Joe Flacco

The last QB to win a SB then not play on same team the following year was Trent Dilfer
This was after Dilfer won SB35 with the Ravens

Monday, June 18, 2018

Patriots / Master #s / History in Atlanta

With the next Season behind the 99th for the NFL, I wanted to look at the previous Master # seasons

88th NFL Season-2007
Super Bowl 42
Patriots lose to Giants: 17-14 (31)

-patriots record was 18-1 after they lost SB42
-brady turns 42, 181 days after SB53
-181 = 42nd prime

77th NFL Season-1996
Super Bowl 31:
Patriots lose to Packers: 35-21 (56)

66th NFL Season-1985
Super Bowl 20:
Patriots lose to Bears: 46-10 (56)

55th NFL Season-1974
Patriots did not make playoffs
Record was 7-7
This team started 6-1 then finished 1-6
Numbers that go well with the upcoming season
-61= 18th prime
--2018 Season
-16th prime and 53
--This will be the 53rd SB

44th NFL Season-1963
Patriots were in the AFL but made the
4th AFL Championship Game
Patriots lose to Chargers: 51-10 (61)

The one time they didn’t make the SB was in the 55th seasons
-The Patriots are 5-5 in SBs

They currently have 523 wins all time
523 = 99th prime

SB53 will be played in Atlanta

The Patriots have played in Atlanta 8 times
The series is tied 4-4

First match up in ATL was in 1977 which was..
The 58th NFL Season
This was 41 years ago
Game played on 12/4/77
Patriots won 16-10
Game was 4 months 1 day after Tom Brady was born (8/3/77)
Game was played 41 years 61 days prior to SB53
Patriots Record improved to 8-4
City of Atlanta is on the 84th Meridian

The week before the game was played the Patriots defeated the Eagles by a score of 14-6.
This improved their record to 7-4 on the season.

Patriots and Eagles just met in this past Super Bowl
The Eagles on the game 41-33 (74)
Flag Day (6/14) was a big key for that game

Atlanta & Philly last two NFC teams in SB

Last time the Patriots played in ATL was 2013 which was the 94th NFL Season
Game was played 9/29/13
Patriots won 30-23 (53)
This was played 1953 days before SB53 which will be played in 20(19)
Brady was 36 years old

Brady's has started 2 other games in ATL

The first was on 11/4/01
Patriots won 24-10 (34)
-SB53 on the 34th day of the year

The 2nd was on 10/9/05
Patriots won 31-28 (59)
-2018 is the Patriots 59th Season

The Patriots have won 6 straight vs ATL
The last time ATL won was in 1998
This was the year they appeared in SB33
ATL lost This Super Bowl to Denver 34-19 (53)

In Week 10 they played the Patriots
ATL won 41-10 (51)
ATL was up in the game 28-3 just like in SB51

Prior to the start of the 2018 Season, Tom Brady will turn 41

Brady has started 72 games vs the NFC
Record: 54-18
This can be reduced to 9-9

If he makes SB53 that would be his 77th game as the NFC

If Patriots make SB53 from a 1st round bye the Super Bowl would be Brady’s 307th game
307 = 63rd prime
Brady can improve to 6-3 in Superbowls

Patriots can never be counted out, this might be the last year they are a top team

Found a couple more finds with the Patriots and Primce#d

Their HC, Bill Belichick, was born in 1952
-1952 was the NFLs 33rd season

Their owner, Robert Kraft was born in 1941
-1941 was the NFLs 22nd season

Kraft has a very interesting bday...

Patriots can become 6-5 in SB with a SB53 win
SB53 played in 20(19)
Brady will be 41 years old when SB53 is played

From Krafts bday to Brady's is 59 days
2018 is Patriots 59th season

Also 6/5
-This is the 156th day of the year
-156 = 911 prime

Brady career begin to rise shortly after 9/11

Brady is currently 14-6 vs NFC east

Patriots would only play NFC East in SB53

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Dwight Clark / Raymond Berry / 1986 / Steve Young

If you haven't already be sure to check out the two post I've made on Clark and Berry

On 6/4 Dwight Clark passed away @ 61 years old

In my post about Raymond Berry, I thought he may be sacrificed for the upcoming season, so I wanted to see if there were any connections between these two

For those who don't know Berry was a wide receiver for the Colts and...
Coached the Patriots

From what I found there was only 1 game that Clark played in and Berry was the HC.

This was Week 15 of the 1986 Season
-1986 was the 67th NFL Season
--67 = 19th prime
SB53 will be played in 20(19)

The game was played on 12/14/86
The 49ers won vs the Patriots 29-24 (53)
The 53 total points jump out because SB53

Clark had had 21 receiving yards in the game
From Clark's bday (1/8) to the day he died was 21 weeks
The day he died left 210 days left in the year
21st prime = 73
2018 will be the 49ers 73rd season
In 1973 Berry was inducted in the Hall of Fame

The game was played 290 days after Berry's 53rd bday & 340 days after Clarks 29th bday
Berry was 34 years old his last season as an NFL WR (1967)
SB53 will be played on the 34th day of the year (2019)

Clark also had 61 catches during the 86' regular season
61 = 18th prime

Both teams would lose on the road in the Divisional Round of the playoffs
-Patriots lost to Denver: 22-17 (39)
-49ers lost to NYG: 49-3 (52)
(FYI:SB 39 & 52 Teams were Patriots vs Eagles)
Giants would go on to beat the Broncos in SB21, 39-20 (59)

Their final records in 86'
-Patriots: 11-6
-49ers: 10-6-1
49ers tie was with ATL Falcons that year...
-ATL is hosting SB53

Berry coached 87 regular season games
-Clark wore # 87
Clark most catches in the regular season was 82
-Berry wore # 82

Berry's last season as a player...
-Colts finished 11-1-2

On 11/12 there is only 1 NFL game
Giants play @ SF in Week 10
This date leaves 49 days left in the year
The game is also 11 weeks 6 days before SB53

Another thing that sticks out if both teams next game is against the Bucs
-SF- (10) Giants,(11) BYE, (12) Bucs
-NYG- (9) BYE, (10) SF, (11) Bucs

These teams BYE weeks being 9 & 11 sticks out
The Twin Towers Collasping got a obvious reasons but also...
From the Date of Clark 10th bday (1/8/67) to Berry last game (12/17/67) was 11 months 9 days & also 49weeks

Both teams next game against the Bucs stood out to me but I found it strange so I looked into it

Shortly after the 86'season ended the
49ers traded with the Bucs to get Steve Young
-Young would not become the full time starter until 1991
--He was 29 years old
-His first start that year was vs the Giants

The first playoff game Young appeared in was Clark's last game ever in the 87-88 season
-49ers lost to the Vikings 36-24

In 94' Young lead the 49ers to a win in SB29
Clark died 94 days before the 2018 started

Young last playoff game was played in 1999
-Clark was the 49ers General Manager this year
-49ers lost to ATL 20-18
-2018 is the NFL 99th season
—ATL is hosting SB53
Young's Final Playoff record: 8-6

In 1984 the followings events happened;
-Steve Young was drafted by the Bucs
-Colts moved from Baltimore to Indianapolis
-49ers would win Superbowl 19
--They scored 82 points in the postseason
-Patriots started 5-3 fired their HC (Ron Meyer)
—Then Hired Berry and finished 3-5

Berry also has history with the Giants
He beat them in the 1958 Championship game...
Known as "The Greatest Game Ever Played"

Well see what happens, I don't want Berry to pass but to me it's not looking good for him

He will turn 86, 24 days after SB53
He turned 24 years old the year Clark was born
Since they have connections to the 86' season so maybe it won't happen until after SB53

A day it might happen is March 23
This date is 24 days after his 86th birthday
-The 82nd day of the year and 283 remaining
283 = 61st prime

That's making me think of the Patriots who have history with 28-3 & Atlanta
49ers lead the series vs the Patriots 8-5

Hmmmm possible SB53 matchup???

UPDATE: 6/15/18
I'm finding some parrells that connect Clark and Berry to former Dolphins & Colts HC, Don Shula.
Shula coached Berry on the Colts and coached The Dolphins against Clark/49ers in SB19
This was the last SB appearance for both Shula & Clark
One year later in SB20, Berry made his only SB (20/19)

In 84' Season Shula/Dolphins beat the Patriots
-Score: 44-24 (68/86)
The next week, Patriots fired Rob Meyer as HC then hired Berry

In 86’ Shula coached vs Berry 2X and Clark 1X
WEEK 4: 49ers defeated Dolphins 31-16
WEEK 5: Patriots defeated Dolphins 34-7
WEEK 16 Patriots defeated Dolphins 34-27

34's jump out at me but also..
Shula was outscored 99-50 in those games (149)
-149 = 35th prime (35 mirrors 53)

2018 will be the 99th Season and 53rd SB
SB53 will be played on the 34th day of the year

If you keeping score the 49ers out scored the Patriots & Dolphins 60-40 (6/4) in 1986
-6/4, the date Clark died on

The 86' Dolphins went 8-8
-Shula is currently 88 years old
Might have to keep an eye on him too

Another connection I found with these three men was the LA/St Louis Rams

The Rams defeated the Colts 34-10
-This was his last game in NFL as a player

The Rams defeated the Patriots 24-20
-Berry’s last game as an Head Coach

Colts defeat Rams 13-7
-Don Shula last game as the HC of the Colts

Dolphins defeat Rams 41-22
-Shula's last game regular season game as HC of the Dolphins

49ers defeat Rams 48-0
-Dwight Clark last regular season game as a TE for the 49ers

49ers defeat Rams 38-19
Dwight Clark was an a GM for the 49ers during the 1998 Season

All these games were the last week of the regula season


I need to look into this more but wanted to document for now

Monday, June 4, 2018

Dwight Clark / 49ers Riddle

Former 49er Tight End, Dwight Clark, passed away at 61

The # 61 jumped out at me because...
61 = 18th
The upcoming season will happen in 20(18)

Keep in mind 2018 is the NFLs 99th season

Clark was born on 1/8/57
-His 1/8 birthday is similar to 18
He died on 6/4/18
-This is the 155th day of the year and leaves 210 remaining
-From the day of his birthday to the day he died was 21 weeks

Clark is most famous for "The Catch" which happened during the 19(81)-82 season
He scored the game winning touchdown in the NFC Championship game
This gave the 49ers a 28-27 win over the Cowboys

The 49ers would then go on to win Super Bowl 16 vs the Bengals: 26-21
16 is 61 flipped but also....the 16th prime = 53
The next Super Bowl will be the 53rd
The 49ers win the 16th SB, 16 days after Clarks 24th birthday
Those 49ers finished that season with 16 wins

His last game was played on 1/9/88
The 49ers lost that game to the Vikings 36-24 in the playoffs
-In 2018 they open the season against the Vikings***

In Clarks first & last career games vs Minnesota...
Minnesota outscored SF 64-46 In Clarks 1st & last games!!
Which is insane because he died 6/4

Clark was 31 years old and had 1 catch for 13 yards in the game
This sticks out to me because...
31 = 11th prime & 13 = 6th prime (11/6)

Been seeing 116 a lot lately
The NFL draft was on the 116th day of the year and
The season starts on a date that leaves 116 days left in the year

We also had the first ever 16 seed upset a 1 in the NCAA tournament
This happened in North Carolina
Clark was born in North Carolin

Clark died 94 days before the start of the NFL Season (9/6/18)
94 is 49 flipped 49ers won the SB in the 1994 season
This was the 29th Super Bowl
In his last season Clark finished with 290 yards
The season when clark was 29
29 = 10th prime

New 49ers QB, Jimmy G, wears # 10
The 49ers traded for Jimmy G on 10/31/17
This was the 304th day of the year and leaves 61 remaining
We already know the importance of 61 but the 304 or 34 is as well
Super Bowl 53 will be played on the 34th day of the year

From the date of the Jimmy G trade to Clarks 61st bday (1/8/18) is a span of...
2 months 9 days or 10 weeks

From Jimmy G's Bday (11/2/18) to SB53 is span of 94 days

Ive also been documenting the # 58 in connection to the city of Atlanta who is hosting Super bowl 53

In both Weeks 5 & 8 the 49ers play the Cardinals (another bird team)
What's funny if that meet in the 1st & last weeks of October (10th month)
These teams have met 53 times
49ers lead series 29-24
-2018 will make it 24 seasons since the 49ers won SB29
-The 49ers also won SB24

***i may have figured out why “58” & “116” keep popping up
They both have 29 as a multiple
Just wanted to document that cause seems every post I do those #s have came up**

Anyway back to Clark, he wore #87 and his last NFL season was in 1987
29 * 3 =87

Looking at his Former head coach Bill Walsh there appears to be even more connections..
He won 3 SBs. Ages 50, 53, & 57...add those up you get 160 (16)

Walsh died on 11/30/07 which is the 334th day of the year and leaves 31 remaining
SB53 is the 34th day of the year and leaves 331

Walsh last game was in SB23 when the 49ers defeated the Bengals 20-16
In that SB, Joe Montana threw a 10 yard TD to # 82 John Taylor with 34 seconds left
Those 49ers finished 13-6 (136 which is the 16th triangular #)

Joe Montana's birthday is 6/11/56 which can be written 11/6
From his birthday to the start of the season is 87 days
As previously stated 87 is the number Clark wore
Clark’s 61st bday was 5 months 3 days prior to Montana’s 62nd bday
Clark caught 41 TD passes from Joe Montana

Clarks death is clearly a YUGE riddle for the upcoming season...

The 49ers are looking real good, honestly a little to good...makes me think it might be a trap to trick all of us paying attention to the numbers....

Just gotta keep paying attention

Getting minimal views/ zero comments on my post lately.. Not gonna stop me from making them but would enjoy to hear from people who are reading them to get some feedback....As the season gets closer im sure that will change

***Week 1 49ers @ Vikings**
49ers lead series 23-22-1
This will be the 47th matchup
-47 = 15th prime

Minnesota leads 14-9 @ home

I'm liking the Vikings to make the series 23-23-1 on 9/9/18
23 = 9th prime

I think I’ll do a full break down of the 49ers schedule like I did with the Falcons but heres another quick one

WEEK 10 @ home vs Giants
This will be the 41st matchup
-Series tied 20-20

This will be the 23rd in SF
SF leads 12-9

Can get 13th home series win in 41st matchup
13th prime = 41

The game is played on 11/12/18
-Which leaves 49 days left in the year
-SB53 will be the 49th SB of the modern era

The game is also 83 days before SB23
83 = 23rd prime

Friday, June 1, 2018

2018 Falcons / 2002 Season

Since Atlanta is hosting Super Bowl 53 I wanted to take a look at their schedule for clues and do some early breakdowns.

This is their Francises 53rd Season.

For starters ATL is opening @ Philadelphia vs the defending Champion Eagles
That means ATL will be involved if the first and last game of the 2018 Season
ATL & Philly are also the last two teams to represent the NFC in the SB

The game will be played on 9/6/18
This is the 249th day of the year and leaves 116 days remaining
This game is 150 days before SB53

This will be their 35th matchup (19th meeting in Philly)
-Philly leads 19-14-1
-19 = 8th prime
ATL last hosted a SB 19 years ago (SB34)

Last time ATL win in Philly the score was 30-17 (47)
-47 = 15th prime
-ATL can get 15th win vs Philly all time
-Philly also beat ATL 15-10 in the playoffs last year

The dates of ATL's first and last home games of the season also stick out
-First Home Game-9/16/18
This is the 159th day of the year and leaves 106 days remaining
-Last Home Game-12/16/18
This is the 350th day of the year and leaves 15 days remaining
Both dates being on the 16th on the month is interesting
-16th prime = 53

From 9/16/18 to 12/16/18 is 91 days
-91 = 13th triangular #

Their first home game is against the Carolina Panthers who play in Charlotte, NC

Charlotte was the city where a 16 seed upset a # 1 seed in the NCAA tournament for the first time ever
-The 16 seed (UMBC) scored 53 points in the second half
The next time Falcons play the Panthers will be in Week 16
16th prime = 53

This will be the teams 47th match up
-ATL leads series 28-18
This will be the. 24th game in ATL
ATL leads 17-6

I'd bet these teams split the two matchups this year
That would make the series 29-19 all time
29 = 10 prime & 19 = 8th prime (108/18) in 20(18)

ATL win @ home gives them 18 vs Panthers all time in the 2018 season

If Carolina wins the match up @ home in Week 16 they would lead the series 13-11
13 = 6th prime 11 = 5th prime (65)
Virginia was the # 1 seed that lost to the 16 seed in Charlotte
Their record went to 31-3 (313 = 65th prime)

Falcons last home game on 12/16/18 is played 49 days before SB53
-SB53 will be the 49th SB of the Modern Era
-The date leaves 15 days left in the year and will be Week 15

They are playing the Cardinals in this game
This will be the 31st match up (11th prime)
Cardinals lead series 16-14
ATL can get 15th series win in Week 15

This will be the teams 19th meeting in ATL
19 = 8th prime
New Cardinals Coach, Steve Wilks birthday is 8/8
ATL leads series 12-6 @ home
Would also get 13th series home @ home and stay on 6 losses
6th prime = 13

Cards stay on 16 series wins on the 16th day of the month

Their 2nd home game is vs the Saints on 9/23/18
-This date leaves 99 days left in the year
-2018 is also the NFL's 99th NFL season
Which is a perfect day for the game because it will be the 99th meeting between this teams

ATL leads 52-46.
ATL leads 27-22 @ home

I think NO gets their 23rd win in ATL on 9/23
9th prime = 23

ATL leads the series 26-24 in NO
The next game will be the 51st in NO
Week 12 in NO for the 100th matchup ATL will get their 53rd series win

Home vs Cincinnati on 9/30/18
The game is 18 weeks before SB53
Game is also 4 weeks 4 days before (44)

This will be the 14th matchup
Cincy leads 8-5

This will be the 7th game in ATL
Series is tied 3-3

One team will improve to 4-3 in ATL in the teams 14th matchup
14th prime = 43

My gut says ATL wins this one

They travel to Pittsburg on 10/7/18
Once again this is a perfect day for these teams to play.
-First the date; 10/7 is a hidden 17
-From that day to SB53 is 17 weeks

This will be the 17th matchup between these teams
-Pitt leads the series 13-2-1

In the 2002 Season 16 years ago these teams tied 34-34.
-SB53 is going to be played on the 34th day of the year

ATL in 0-6-1 @ Pitt
A ATL win would make it 1-6-1 (16/61)
16th prime = 53 & 18th prime = 61

If Pitt loses the series will be 13-3-1 (13/31)
13 = 6th prime & 31 = 11th prime (More 116)

Based off all the 16 we are seeing I would bet ATL gets their first win in PITT this year

They play the NY Giants on Monday Night Football @ Home
DATE: 10/22/18
-This date leaves 70 days left in the year
-This game is 104 days before SB53

This will be the 25th match up
-Series is tied 12-12
This will be the 13th in ATL
The Giants surprising lead 8-4 in ATL

In a bunch of my previous post the # 58 was always coming up with ATL...
Liking ATL making the series 5-8 @ home and get their 13th win of the series

After a BYE they travel to Washington to play the Redskins
DATE: 11/4/18'
-This game is played 2 months 30 days before SB53
-SB53 is played on 2/3
-The game is also 91 days before SB53

This will be their 26th matchup
-Washington leads 15-9-1
-Washington leads 10-3 @ home

ATL last won in Washington back in 1993 the first year they hosted the SB
Score was 30-17 (47 / 15th prime)
Washington can stay on 15 series wins with a loss

But 16's seem like the play this year and Washington can get their 16th series win

WEEK 10:
They head to Cleveland
DATE: 11/11/18
-This date is 84 days before SB53
-Also is 2 months 23 days (223 = 48th prime)
The 84/48 stick out because ATL is on the 84th Meridian

This will be their 15th match up
-Cleveland leads the series 11-3
The 8th match up in Cleveland
-Cleveland leads 5-2 @ home

Liking ATL to make it 5-3

I made a post below on how I think the Browns will return to the playoffs this year
Last time they made it was 16 years ago in 2002
Week 17 they beat ATL 24-16 to clinch a playoff birth

WEEK 11:
The Cowboys come to ATL on 11/18/18
-This date is 2 months 16 days before SB53
-Funny because the Area Code of Cleveland is 216

Dallas leads the series 16-11
-Meaning This will be their 28th matchup
-The 28 sticks out because Dallas won SB28 which was the first year ATL hosted
-If a NFC team wins this year they will have 28 SB victories

The series is tied 7-7 in ATL
The game is also 77 days before SB 53

Based on all the 7's I'm liking Dallas to get 17th series win
7th prime = 17

WEEK 13:
Baltimore heads to ATL on 12/2/18
The game is 9 weeks before SB53
Also is 63 days

These teams were the only ones to draft QBs in the 1st round of the 2008 draft
Matt Ryan-3rd pick
Joe Flacco-18th pick
-Both players are 33 years old
From Flacco's 1/16 bday to this game is 10 months 16 days

Baltimore leads the series 3-2
-This will be the 6th matchup during Week 13
-6th prime = 13

This will be the 4th match up in ATL
ATL leads 2-1 @ home

Seems to me like ATL will tie the series 3-3

WEEK 14:
@ Green Bay on 12/9/18
8 weeks before SB53

This will be the teams 34th matchup
-GB leads 17-16
This will be the 17th matchup in GB
-GB leads 11-5

The game is 7 days after Aaron Rodgers 35th bday.
7th prime = 17

The 7/17 code appears to favor ATL

TAMPA 6 & 17:
ATL plays Tampa @ home in Week 6
They play in Tampa Bay Week 17

Week 6 will be the 50th meeting between the teams
ATL leads 25-24
It will be the 24th meeting in ATL
ATL leafs 13-10

The game is on 10/14/18
This game is 16 weeks before SB52 &
Also is 3 months 20 days before

ATL can make the series 14-10 in ATL on 10/14
I like ATL to win in Week 6

In Week 17 they meet in Tampa on 12/30/18

This would be the 51st match up between these teams
-This would be the 27th in Tampa
-Tampa leads 14-12 @ home

Not really sure about this last game

Alright so if you're keeping score;

Saints, Panthers Steelers, Giants, Browns, Ravens, Packers, Cardinals, Bucs

Saints, Panthers, Redskins, Cowboys

Eagles, Bengals, Bucs (2nd game)

That makes them 9-4.

I think they either go 10-6 (16) or...
12-4 which can be reduced to 3-4 (1+2=3)
Like I've said SB53 is being played on the 34th day of the year &...
The last Super Bowl ATL hosted was SB34

It's WAY too early they could easily go 4-12 or 6-10 but whatever haha

We will see what happens once the season starts

Now let's take a look at some 2002 connections...

I sprinkled some in during the ATL 2018 breakdown but here are some additional finds

ATL opens with the Eagles in Week 1...
Then ends with the Bucs in Week 17

In 2002 NFC Championship game the Bucs beat the Eagles 27-10 (37)
After that the Bucs would win SB37 vs the Raiders 48-21
In SB15 the Raiders Beat the Eagles 27-10 (37)
37 = 12th prime

2002 was the NFL 83rd Season
2018 was the 83rd Season of the NFL Draft
83 = 23rd prime #

The only team in their 23rd Season is the Ravens
Ravens HC John Harbaugh birthday is September 23rd (9/23)

Check out my post about the Hall of Fame game below
The Ravens are playing in it this year.

Only 3 teams who played in the game went to the SB
-01' Rams
-94' Chargers
-88' Bengals
All three got their 1st loss of the season 99 days before their respective SBs
They all would go on to lose in those SBs

Week 8 The Ravens play in Carolina on 10/8/18 which is a 99 days before SB53 if you include the end date
Week 8 is also the Week ATL had their Bye

We already have a connection between them through the NCAA #16 over #1 upset

From the date of this years HOF game (8/2/18) to 10/28/18 is span of 88 days

Seeing a lot of 28/82 which makes me think the NFC gets their 28th SB this year

**Seeing all these ties ATL has with teams makes me think there will be a few this upcoming season**