Monday, June 18, 2018

Patriots / Master #s / History in Atlanta

With the next Season behind the 99th for the NFL, I wanted to look at the previous Master # seasons

88th NFL Season-2007
Super Bowl 42
Patriots lose to Giants: 17-14 (31)

-patriots record was 18-1 after they lost SB42
-brady turns 42, 181 days after SB53
-181 = 42nd prime

77th NFL Season-1996
Super Bowl 31:
Patriots lose to Packers: 35-21 (56)

66th NFL Season-1985
Super Bowl 20:
Patriots lose to Bears: 46-10 (56)

55th NFL Season-1974
Patriots did not make playoffs
Record was 7-7

44th NFL Season-1963
Patriots were in the AFL but made the
4th AFL Championship Game
Patriots lose to Chargers: 51-10 (61)

The one time they didn’t make the SB was in the 55th seasons
-The Patriots are 5-5 in SBs

They currently have 523 wins all time
523 = 99th prime

SB53 will be played in Atlanta

The Patriots have played in Atlanta 8 times
The series is tied 4-4

First match up in ATL was in 1977 which was..
The 58th NFL Season
This was 41 years ago
Game played on 12/4/77
Patriots won 16-10
Game was 4 months 1 day after Tom Brady was born (8/3/77)
Game was played 41 years 61 days prior to SB53
Patriots Record improved to 8-4
City of Atlanta is on the 84th Meridian

The week before the game was played the Patriots defeated the Eagles by a score of 14-6.
This improved their record to 7-4 on the season.

Patriots and Eagles just met in this past Super Bowl
The Eagles on the game 41-33 (74)
Flag Day (6/14) was a big key for that game

Atlanta & Philly last two NFC teams in SB

Last time the Patriots played in ATL was 2013 which was the 94th NFL Season
Game was played 9/29/13
Patriots won 30-23 (53)
This was played 1953 days before SB53 which will be played in 20(19)
Brady was 36 years old

Brady's has started 2 other games in ATL

The first was on 11/4/01
Patriots won 24-10 (34)
-SB53 on the 34th day of the year

The 2nd was on 10/9/05
Patriots won 31-28 (59)
-2018 is the Patriots 59th Season

The Patriots have won 6 straight vs ATL
The last time ATL won was in 1998
This was the year they appeared in SB33
ATL lost This Super Bowl to Denver 34-19 (53)

In Week 10 they played the Patriots
ATL won 41-10 (51)
ATL was up in the game 28-3 just like in SB51

Prior to the start of the 2018 Season, Tom Brady will turn 41

Brady has started 72 games vs the NFC
Record: 54-18
This can be reduced to 9-9

If he makes SB53 that would be his 77th game as the NFC

If Patriots make SB53 from a 1st round bye the Super Bowl would be Brady’s 307th game
307 = 63rd prime
Brady can improve to 6-3 in Superbowls

Patriots can never be counted out, this might be the last year they are a top team

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Dwight Clark / Raymond Berry / 1986 / Steve Young

If you haven't already be sure to check out the two post I've made on Clark and Berry

On 6/4 Dwight Clark passed away @ 61 years old

In my post about Raymond Berry, I thought he may be sacrificed for the upcoming season, so I wanted to see if there were any connections between these two

For those who don't know Berry was a wide receiver for the Colts and...
Coached the Patriots

From what I found there was only 1 game that Clark played in and Berry was the HC.

This was Week 15 of the 1986 Season
-1986 was the 67th NFL Season
--67 = 19th prime
SB53 will be played in 20(19)

The game was played on 12/14/86
The 49ers won vs the Patriots 29-24 (53)
The 53 total points jump out because SB53

Clark had had 21 receiving yards in the game
From Clark's bday (1/8) to the day he died was 21 weeks
The day he died left 210 days left in the year
21st prime = 73
2018 will be the 49ers 73rd season
In 1973 Berry was inducted in the Hall of Fame

The game was played 290 days after Berry's 53rd bday & 340 days after Clarks 29th bday
Berry was 34 years old his last season as an NFL WR (1967)
SB53 will be played on the 34th day of the year (2019)

Clark also had 61 catches during the 86' regular season
61 = 18th prime

Both teams would lose on the road in the Divisional Round of the playoffs
-Patriots lost to Denver: 22-17 (39)
-49ers lost to NYG: 49-3 (52)
(FYI:SB 39 & 52 Teams were Patriots vs Eagles)
Giants would go on to beat the Broncos in SB21, 39-20 (59)

Their final records in 86'
-Patriots: 11-6
-49ers: 10-6-1
49ers tie was with ATL Falcons that year...
-ATL is hosting SB53

Berry coached 87 regular season games
-Clark wore # 87
Clark most catches in the regular season was 82
-Berry wore # 82

Berry's last season as a player...
-Colts finished 11-1-2

On 11/12 there is only 1 NFL game
Giants play @ SF in Week 10
This date leaves 49 days left in the year
The game is also 11 weeks 6 days before SB53

Another thing that sticks out if both teams next game is against the Bucs
-SF- (10) Giants,(11) BYE, (12) Bucs
-NYG- (9) BYE, (10) SF, (11) Bucs

These teams BYE weeks being 9 & 11 sticks out
The Twin Towers Collasping got a obvious reasons but also...
From the Date of Clark 10th bday (1/8/67) to Berry last game (12/17/67) was 11 months 9 days & also 49weeks

Both teams next game against the Bucs stood out to me but I found it strange so I looked into it

Shortly after the 86'season ended the
49ers traded with the Bucs to get Steve Young
-Young would not become the full time starter until 1991
--He was 29 years old
-His first start that year was vs the Giants

The first playoff game Young appeared in was Clark's last game ever in the 87-88 season
-49ers lost to the Vikings 36-24

In 94' Young lead the 49ers to a win in SB29
Clark died 94 days before the 2018 started

Young last playoff game was played in 1999
-Clark was the 49ers General Manager this year
-49ers lost to ATL 20-18
-2018 is the NFL 99th season
—ATL is hosting SB53
Young's Final Playoff record: 8-6

In 1984 the followings events happened;
-Steve Young was drafted by the Bucs
-Colts moved from Baltimore to Indianapolis
-49ers would win Superbowl 19
--They scored 82 points in the postseason
-Patriots started 5-3 fired their HC (Ron Meyer)
—Then Hired Berry and finished 3-5

Berry also has history with the Giants
He beat them in the 1958 Championship game...
Known as "The Greatest Game Ever Played"

Well see what happens, I don't want Berry to pass but to me it's not looking good for him

He will turn 86, 24 days after SB53
He turned 24 years old the year Clark was born
Since they have connections to the 86' season so maybe it won't happen until after SB53

A day it might happen is March 23
This date is 24 days after his 86th birthday
-The 82nd day of the year and 283 remaining
283 = 61st prime

That's making me think of the Patriots who have history with 28-3 & Atlanta
49ers lead the series vs the Patriots 8-5

Hmmmm possible SB53 matchup???

UPDATE: 6/15/18
I'm finding some parrells that connect Clark and Berry to former Dolphins & Colts HC, Don Shula.
Shula coached Berry on the Colts and coached The Dolphins against Clark/49ers in SB19
This was the last SB appearance for both Shula & Clark
One year later in SB20, Berry made his only SB (20/19)

In 84' Season Shula/Dolphins beat the Patriots
-Score: 44-24 (68/86)
The next week, Patriots fired Rob Meyer as HC then hired Berry

In 86’ Shula coached vs Berry 2X and Clark 1X
WEEK 4: 49ers defeated Dolphins 31-16
WEEK 5: Patriots defeated Dolphins 34-7
WEEK 16 Patriots defeated Dolphins 34-27

34's jump out at me but also..
Shula was outscored 99-50 in those games (149)
-149 = 35th prime (35 mirrors 53)

2018 will be the 99th Season and 53rd SB
SB53 will be played on the 34th day of the year

If you keeping score the 49ers out scored the Patriots & Dolphins 60-40 (6/4) in 1986
-6/4, the date Clark died on

The 86' Dolphins went 8-8
-Shula is currently 88 years old
Might have to keep an eye on him too

Another connection I found with these three men was the LA/St Louis Rams

The Rams defeated the Colts 34-10
-This was his last game in NFL as a player

The Rams defeated the Patriots 24-20
-Berry’s last game as an Head Coach

Colts defeat Rams 13-7
-Don Shula last game as the HC of the Colts

Dolphins defeat Rams 41-22
-Shula's last game regular season game as HC of the Dolphins

49ers defeat Rams 48-0
-Dwight Clark last regular season game as a TE for the 49ers

49ers defeat Rams 38-19
Dwight Clark was an a GM for the 49ers during the 1998 Season

All these games were the last week of the regula season


I need to look into this more but wanted to document for now

Monday, June 4, 2018

Dwight Clark / 49ers Riddle

Former 49er Tight End, Dwight Clark, passed away at 61

The # 61 jumped out at me because...
61 = 18th
The upcoming season will happen in 20(18)

Keep in mind 2018 is the NFLs 99th season

Clark was born on 1/8/57
-His 1/8 birthday is similar to 18
He died on 6/4/18
-This is the 155th day of the year and leaves 210 remaining
-From the day of his birthday to the day he died was 21 weeks

Clark is most famous for "The Catch" which happened during the 19(81)-82 season
He scored the game winning touchdown in the NFC Championship game
This gave the 49ers a 28-27 win over the Cowboys

The 49ers would then go on to win Super Bowl 16 vs the Bengals: 26-21
16 is 61 flipped but also....the 16th prime = 53
The next Super Bowl will be the 53rd
The 49ers win the 16th SB, 16 days after Clarks 24th birthday
Those 49ers finished that season with 16 wins

His last game was played on 1/9/88
The 49ers lost that game to the Vikings 36-24 in the playoffs
-In 2018 they open the season against the Vikings***

In Clarks first & last career games vs Minnesota...
Minnesota outscored SF 64-46 In Clarks 1st & last games!!
Which is insane because he died 6/4

Clark was 31 years old and had 1 catch for 13 yards in the game
This sticks out to me because...
31 = 11th prime & 13 = 6th prime (11/6)

Been seeing 116 a lot lately
The NFL draft was on the 116th day of the year and
The season starts on a date that leaves 116 days left in the year

We also had the first ever 16 seed upset a 1 in the NCAA tournament
This happened in North Carolina
Clark was born in North Carolin

Clark died 94 days before the start of the NFL Season (9/6/18)
94 is 49 flipped 49ers won the SB in the 1994 season
This was the 29th Super Bowl
In his last season Clark finished with 290 yards
The season when clark was 29
29 = 10th prime

New 49ers QB, Jimmy G, wears # 10
The 49ers traded for Jimmy G on 10/31/17
This was the 304th day of the year and leaves 61 remaining
We already know the importance of 61 but the 304 or 34 is as well
Super Bowl 53 will be played on the 34th day of the year

From the date of the Jimmy G trade to Clarks 61st bday (1/8/18) is a span of...
2 months 9 days or 10 weeks

From Jimmy G's Bday (11/2/18) to SB53 is span of 94 days

Ive also been documenting the # 58 in connection to the city of Atlanta who is hosting Super bowl 53

In both Weeks 5 & 8 the 49ers play the Cardinals (another bird team)
What's funny if that meet in the 1st & last weeks of October (10th month)
These teams have met 53 times
49ers lead series 29-24
-2018 will make it 24 seasons since the 49ers won SB29
-The 49ers also won SB24

***i may have figured out why “58” & “116” keep popping up
They both have 29 as a multiple
Just wanted to document that cause seems every post I do those #s have came up**

Anyway back to Clark, he wore #87 and his last NFL season was in 1987
29 * 3 =87

Looking at his Former head coach Bill Walsh there appears to be even more connections..
He won 3 SBs. Ages 50, 53, & 57...add those up you get 160 (16)

Walsh died on 11/30/07 which is the 334th day of the year and leaves 31 remaining
SB53 is the 34th day of the year and leaves 331

Walsh last game was in SB23 when the 49ers defeated the Bengals 20-16
In that SB, Joe Montana threw a 10 yard TD to # 82 John Taylor with 34 seconds left
Those 49ers finished 13-6 (136 which is the 16th triangular #)

Joe Montana's birthday is 6/11/56 which can be written 11/6
From his birthday to the start of the season is 87 days
As previously stated 87 is the number Clark wore
Clark’s 61st bday was 5 months 3 days prior to Montana’s 62nd bday
Clark caught 41 TD passes from Joe Montana

Clarks death is clearly a YUGE riddle for the upcoming season...

The 49ers are looking real good, honestly a little to good...makes me think it might be a trap to trick all of us paying attention to the numbers....

Just gotta keep paying attention

Getting minimal views/ zero comments on my post lately.. Not gonna stop me from making them but would enjoy to hear from people who are reading them to get some feedback....As the season gets closer im sure that will change

***Week 1 49ers @ Vikings**
49ers lead series 23-22-1
This will be the 47th matchup
-47 = 15th prime

Minnesota leads 14-9 @ home

I'm liking the Vikings to make the series 23-23-1 on 9/9/18
23 = 9th prime

I think I’ll do a full break down of the 49ers schedule like I did with the Falcons but heres another quick one

WEEK 10 @ home vs Giants
This will be the 41st matchup
-Series tied 20-20

This will be the 23rd in SF
SF leads 12-9

Can get 13th home series win in 41st matchup
13th prime = 41

The game is played on 11/12/18
-Which leaves 49 days left in the year
-SB53 will be the 49th SB of the modern era

The game is also 83 days before SB23
83 = 23rd prime

Friday, June 1, 2018

2018 Falcons / 2002 Season

Since Atlanta is hosting Super Bowl 53 I wanted to take a look at their schedule for clues and do some early breakdowns.

This is their Francises 53rd Season.

For starters ATL is opening @ Philadelphia vs the defending Champion Eagles
That means ATL will be involved if the first and last game of the 2018 Season
ATL & Philly are also the last two teams to represent the NFC in the SB

The game will be played on 9/6/18
This is the 249th day of the year and leaves 116 days remaining
This game is 150 days before SB53

This will be their 35th matchup (19th meeting in Philly)
-Philly leads 19-14-1
-19 = 8th prime
ATL last hosted a SB 19 years ago (SB34)

Last time ATL win in Philly the score was 30-17 (47)
-47 = 15th prime
-ATL can get 15th win vs Philly all time
-Philly also beat ATL 15-10 in the playoffs last year

The dates of ATL's first and last home games of the season also stick out
-First Home Game-9/16/18
This is the 159th day of the year and leaves 106 days remaining
-Last Home Game-12/16/18
This is the 350th day of the year and leaves 15 days remaining
Both dates being on the 16th on the month is interesting
-16th prime = 53

From 9/16/18 to 12/16/18 is 91 days
-91 = 13th triangular #

Their first home game is against the Carolina Panthers who play in Charlotte, NC

Charlotte was the city where a 16 seed upset a # 1 seed in the NCAA tournament for the first time ever
-The 16 seed (UMBC) scored 53 points in the second half
The next time Falcons play the Panthers will be in Week 16
16th prime = 53

This will be the teams 47th match up
-ATL leads series 28-18
This will be the. 24th game in ATL
ATL leads 17-6

I'd bet these teams split the two matchups this year
That would make the series 29-19 all time
29 = 10 prime & 19 = 8th prime (108/18) in 20(18)

ATL win @ home gives them 18 vs Panthers all time in the 2018 season

If Carolina wins the match up @ home in Week 16 they would lead the series 13-11
13 = 6th prime 11 = 5th prime (65)
Virginia was the # 1 seed that lost to the 16 seed in Charlotte
Their record went to 31-3 (313 = 65th prime)

Falcons last home game on 12/16/18 is played 49 days before SB53
-SB53 will be the 49th SB of the Modern Era
-The date leaves 15 days left in the year and will be Week 15

They are playing the Cardinals in this game
This will be the 31st match up (11th prime)
Cardinals lead series 16-14
ATL can get 15th series win in Week 15

This will be the teams 19th meeting in ATL
19 = 8th prime
New Cardinals Coach, Steve Wilks birthday is 8/8
ATL leads series 12-6 @ home
Would also get 13th series home @ home and stay on 6 losses
6th prime = 13

Cards stay on 16 series wins on the 16th day of the month

Their 2nd home game is vs the Saints on 9/23/18
-This date leaves 99 days left in the year
-2018 is also the NFL's 99th NFL season
Which is a perfect day for the game because it will be the 99th meeting between this teams

ATL leads 52-46.
ATL leads 27-22 @ home

I think NO gets their 23rd win in ATL on 9/23
9th prime = 23

ATL leads the series 26-24 in NO
The next game will be the 51st in NO
Week 12 in NO for the 100th matchup ATL will get their 53rd series win

Home vs Cincinnati on 9/30/18
The game is 18 weeks before SB53
Game is also 4 weeks 4 days before (44)

This will be the 14th matchup
Cincy leads 8-5

This will be the 7th game in ATL
Series is tied 3-3

One team will improve to 4-3 in ATL in the teams 14th matchup
14th prime = 43

My gut says ATL wins this one

They travel to Pittsburg on 10/7/18
Once again this is a perfect day for these teams to play.
-First the date; 10/7 is a hidden 17
-From that day to SB53 is 17 weeks

This will be the 17th matchup between these teams
-Pitt leads the series 13-2-1

In the 2002 Season 16 years ago these teams tied 34-34.
-SB53 is going to be played on the 34th day of the year

ATL in 0-6-1 @ Pitt
A ATL win would make it 1-6-1 (16/61)
16th prime = 53 & 18th prime = 61

If Pitt loses the series will be 13-3-1 (13/31)
13 = 6th prime & 31 = 11th prime (More 116)

Based off all the 16 we are seeing I would bet ATL gets their first win in PITT this year

They play the NY Giants on Monday Night Football @ Home
DATE: 10/22/18
-This date leaves 70 days left in the year
-This game is 104 days before SB53

This will be the 25th match up
-Series is tied 12-12
This will be the 13th in ATL
The Giants surprising lead 8-4 in ATL

In a bunch of my previous post the # 58 was always coming up with ATL...
Liking ATL making the series 5-8 @ home and get their 13th win of the series

After a BYE they travel to Washington to play the Redskins
DATE: 11/4/18'
-This game is played 2 months 30 days before SB53
-SB53 is played on 2/3
-The game is also 91 days before SB53

This will be their 26th matchup
-Washington leads 15-9-1
-Washington leads 10-3 @ home

ATL last won in Washington back in 1993 the first year they hosted the SB
Score was 30-17 (47 / 15th prime)
Washington can stay on 15 series wins with a loss

But 16's seem like the play this year and Washington can get their 16th series win

WEEK 10:
They head to Cleveland
DATE: 11/11/18
-This date is 84 days before SB53
-Also is 2 months 23 days (223 = 48th prime)
The 84/48 stick out because ATL is on the 84th Meridian

This will be their 15th match up
-Cleveland leads the series 11-3
The 8th match up in Cleveland
-Cleveland leads 5-2 @ home

Liking ATL to make it 5-3

I made a post below on how I think the Browns will return to the playoffs this year
Last time they made it was 16 years ago in 2002
Week 17 they beat ATL 24-16 to clinch a playoff birth

WEEK 11:
The Cowboys come to ATL on 11/18/18
-This date is 2 months 16 days before SB53
-Funny because the Area Code of Cleveland is 216

Dallas leads the series 16-11
-Meaning This will be their 28th matchup
-The 28 sticks out because Dallas won SB28 which was the first year ATL hosted
-If a NFC team wins this year they will have 28 SB victories

The series is tied 7-7 in ATL
The game is also 77 days before SB 53

Based on all the 7's I'm liking Dallas to get 17th series win
7th prime = 17

WEEK 13:
Baltimore heads to ATL on 12/2/18
The game is 9 weeks before SB53
Also is 63 days

These teams were the only ones to draft QBs in the 1st round of the 2008 draft
Matt Ryan-3rd pick
Joe Flacco-18th pick
-Both players are 33 years old
From Flacco's 1/16 bday to this game is 10 months 16 days

Baltimore leads the series 3-2
-This will be the 6th matchup during Week 13
-6th prime = 13

This will be the 4th match up in ATL
ATL leads 2-1 @ home

Seems to me like ATL will tie the series 3-3

WEEK 14:
@ Green Bay on 12/9/18
8 weeks before SB53

This will be the teams 34th matchup
-GB leads 17-16
This will be the 17th matchup in GB
-GB leads 11-5

The game is 7 days after Aaron Rodgers 35th bday.
7th prime = 17

The 7/17 code appears to favor ATL

TAMPA 6 & 17:
ATL plays Tampa @ home in Week 6
They play in Tampa Bay Week 17

Week 6 will be the 50th meeting between the teams
ATL leads 25-24
It will be the 24th meeting in ATL
ATL leafs 13-10

The game is on 10/14/18
This game is 16 weeks before SB52 &
Also is 3 months 20 days before

ATL can make the series 14-10 in ATL on 10/14
I like ATL to win in Week 6

In Week 17 they meet in Tampa on 12/30/18

This would be the 51st match up between these teams
-This would be the 27th in Tampa
-Tampa leads 14-12 @ home

Not really sure about this last game

Alright so if you're keeping score;

Saints, Panthers Steelers, Giants, Browns, Ravens, Packers, Cardinals, Bucs

Saints, Panthers, Redskins, Cowboys

Eagles, Bengals, Bucs (2nd game)

That makes them 9-4.

I think they either go 10-6 (16) or...
12-4 which can be reduced to 3-4 (1+2=3)
Like I've said SB53 is being played on the 34th day of the year &...
The last Super Bowl ATL hosted was SB34

It's WAY too early they could easily go 4-12 or 6-10 but whatever haha

We will see what happens once the season starts

Now let's take a look at some 2002 connections...

I sprinkled some in during the ATL 2018 breakdown but here are some additional finds

ATL opens with the Eagles in Week 1...
Then ends with the Bucs in Week 17

In 2002 NFC Championship game the Bucs beat the Eagles 27-10 (37)
After that the Bucs would win SB37 vs the Raiders 48-21
In SB15 the Raiders Beat the Eagles 27-10 (37)
37 = 12th prime

2002 was the NFL 83rd Season
2018 was the 83rd Season of the NFL Draft
83 = 23rd prime #

The only team in their 23rd Season is the Ravens
Ravens HC John Harbaugh birthday is September 23rd (9/23)

Check out my post about the Hall of Fame game below
The Ravens are playing in it this year.

Only 3 teams who played in the game went to the SB
-01' Rams
-94' Chargers
-88' Bengals
All three got their 1st loss of the season 99 days before their respective SBs
They all would go on to lose in those SBs

Week 8 The Ravens play in Carolina on 10/8/18 which is a 99 days before SB53 if you include the end date
Week 8 is also the Week ATL had their Bye

We already have a connection between them through the NCAA #16 over #1 upset

From the date of this years HOF game (8/2/18) to 10/28/18 is span of 88 days

Seeing a lot of 28/82 which makes me think the NFC gets their 28th SB this year

**Seeing all these ties ATL has with teams makes me think there will be a few this upcoming season**

Thursday, May 31, 2018

AFC North vs NFC West

It's still early but after my most recent post were I went back and looked at the SB history, I thought I would share my findings on another potential SB matchup

The past two times the Patriots have lost a SB to an NFC East Team (SB's 42 & 46)....
In following Super Bowl an AFC North team beat a NFC West Team
-SB43: Steelers over Cardinals: 27-23
-SB47: Ravens over 49ers: 34-31

The Patriots just lost to the Eagles in SB52

Also in the Super Bowl # in these games are prime #s
-43 = 14th prime
-47 = 15th prime
-53 = 16th prime

The AFC North & NFC West have even more history together
-In SB14 the Steelers beat the LA Rams 31-19 (50)
-In SB16 the 49ers beat the Bengals 26-21 (47)

The only matchup not to be AFC North vs NFC West was...
SB15: Where the Raiders beat the Eagles 27-10 (37)
However we just saw the Eagles win SB52 so clearly this matchup is connected.

While I would not at all be surprised to see the Steelers, Rams, make it, The matchup I'm leaning towards is between...

Ravens & 49ers

If you've been reading my post you can clearly tell I'm hot on the Ravens
A lot can change during the year but for now these two seem like a solid match up based on the #s

Recall these teams previously met in SB47..
In Both Ravens SB wins they've scored 34 points
SB47 was played on 2/3 (Feb 2nd) which is the 34th day of the year
SB53 will also be played on the 2/3
The last SB ATL hosted was SB34

The following year the Ravens won SB35
Flip 35 you get 53
53 = 16th prime, Flip 16 you get 61
If 49ers win SB53, their SB record would be 6-1 (61)
49ers HC, Kyle Shannan, current record is 6-10
61 = 18th prime
The upcoming season is 20(18)

49ers current playoff record is 31-21
If they got a First Round Bye then won SB 53 they would have 34 wins
Recall SB53 will be played on the 34th day of the year
They would also stay on 21 losses while dropping the Ravens SB record to 2-1
21st prime = 73
2018 will be the 49ers 73rd Season

Ravens Current Playoff Record is 15-8
If they would to start in the Wild Card Round then lose in SB53 their record would become 18-9
Staying on 18 playoff wins to end the 20(18) Season also looks good

If Ravens do make SB53 from the WC Round...
SB53 would be the franchise's 379th all time game
379 = 75th prime
The NFL's 75th Season was in 1994...
The 49ers beat the Chargers in SB29 by a score of 49-26 (75)

Early that year on 1/30/1994 The Cowboys Defeated the Bills in SB28
SB28 was the first year ATL hosted a SB
SB28 was the end of the 74th NFL Season
Fast forward to the most recent SB which was SB52
The total points scored was 74 points

SB53 will also be the 49th SB of the Modern Era
I recently saw the 49ers were wearing throwback uniforms from the 94' season
That's not a coincidence....

If these teams do meet in SB53 regardless of result they would have a combined SB Record of 8-2 after the game
The Ravens open the Pre Season by playing in the Hall of Fame game
The HOF game is schedule to be played on 8/2
This game is 6 months 1 day before SB53

SB53 is 18 days after Joe Flacco's 34th birthday
Flacco was also the 18th pick in the 2008 draft
The only other QB drafted in the first round that year was Matt Ryan by the Falcons
Atlanta is hosting SB53

If the Ravens went 3-1 in the playoff this year Flaccos playoff record would go to 13-6
136 = 16th triangular #
We just had a 16 seed from Baltimore upset a # 1 Seed in the NCAA Tourney
Flacco's Bday is also 1/16

On this same day of the historic upset....
The Baltimore Ravens signed former SF 49er wide receiver, Michael Crabtree.
Crabtree was on the 49ers in SB47
Crabtree will turn 31 this year
In SB 47 he scored a 31 yard TD

31 = 11th prime
Raiders won SB11
Crabtree played for the Raiders last Season

Back to Ravens & 49ers...
From their teams previous match up in SB47 to SB53 is 313 weeks
313 = 65th prime (SB47 total score)
#1 Virginia fell to 31-3 after being upset by #16 UMBC
After losing SB47 the 49ers record dropped to 13-5-1
In The NCAA Tourney 16 seeds are now 1-135 against 1 seeds in the

Here's Another 116...
SF currently had 16 ties
Baltimore currently has 1

Finally ill end with this.
The NFC currently leads the AFC 27-25 in SB Wins
A NFC win would make it 28-25 lead
If you reduce 2+8 = 10, 2+5 = 7
10-7 or 107 which is the 28th prime

When these team played in SB47
Joe Flacco was 28 years old &...
49ers QB Colin Kaepernick was 25 years old

That's all for now, we will see what happens as the season gets close

**update: 6/6/18**
2018 will be SF's 73rd season & baltimore's 23

The 96' season was Baltimore 1st

That year in Week 12 they played the 49ers
-SF won 38-20 (58)
-SF became 8-3 on the year, Balt dropped to 3-8

What I find most interesting is the date of this game which was 11/17/96

If you flip 11/17 you get LIII which is Roman numerals for 53
The upcoming SB will be the 53rd

The Primes on their seasons as well
73=21st prime
23=9th prime

21/9 or 219
The upcoming SB will be played in 2019

Update 6/13/18

The 2017 49ers started the season 0-9 and finished 6-1in SF
This season on 9/16/18 they will be the Detroit Lions (Week 2)
The 49ers won SB16 in Detroit, this was the teams 1st SB
AS stated 16th prime = 53

SB16 was played on 1/24/82, 29ers scored 26 points
Week 2 will be the 26th matchup between the 49ers & Lions in SF
If 49ers Win they will lead the series 24-10-1 in SF
The lions would also stay on 28 all time wins vs the 49ers

Super Bowl History / Prime Numbers

Alright so on this post I want to get a lot of eyes on because there is a ton of information that I will miss and the more people who see the more we will find. I get little to no views on this blog so please share on whatever forum you wish so more people can look at this information and find more connections.

I went back and looked at all the Super Bowl Matchups were the final combined score totaled a Prime #

Green Bay Packers over KC Chiefs in Los Angeles, CA
SCORE: 33-14 (47 = 15th prime)
-Both SB15 & SB 47 were played in New Orleans
-Both were won by the AFC
-Both games had a Bird team playing a team from CA
-Raiders vs Eagles (15) & Ravens vs 49ers (47)

New York Jets over Baltimore Colts in Miami, FL
SCORE: 16-7 (23= 9th prime)
-In SB9 & SB23 the Steelers & 49ers would both win their first on back to back SBs
-Steelers won SB9 in New Orleans then SB10 in Miami
-49ers won SB23 in Miami then won SB24 in New Orleans
-Steelers SB's 9 & 10 total 19 (8th prime)
-49ers SB's 23 & 24 total 47 (15th prime)

Baltimore Colts over Dallas Cowboys in Miami, FL
SCORE: 16-13 (29= 10th prime)
-Both SB10 & 29 were played in Miami
-In SB10 the Steelers defeated the Cowboys
-To get to SB29 the 49ers & Chargers had to defeat the Cowboys and Steelers respectfully

Miami Dolphins over Minnesota Vikings in Houston, TX
SCORE: 24=7 (31 = 11th prime)
8th prime = 19
Dolphins lost in SB 19 to the 49ers; 38-16

Cowboys over Denver Broncos in New Orleans, LA
SCORE: 27-10 (37 = 12th prime)
- Bo

Raiders over Eagles in New Orleans, LA
SCORE: 27-10 (37=12th prime)
-SB12 & 15 played had same score (27-10) and both played in New Orleans
-Raiders played in both SB15 & 37

49ers over Bengals in Pontiac, MI
SCORE: 26-21 (47 = 15th prime)
-SB16 was 49ers 1st appearance, SB47 currently last appearance

Raiders over Redskins in Tampa, FL
SCORE: 38-9 (47th = 15th prime)
-SB's 15, 18 & 47 all won by "R" teams (Raiders & Ravens)
-All also played in NFC South Stadiums (Tampa & New Orleans)

Giants over Broncos in Los Angeles, CA
SCORE: 39-20 (59 = 17th prime)
-SB17 also win by NFC East team (Redskins)
-Both SB 17 & 21 played in LA
-In SB17 & 21: Redskins & Giants get 1st ever SB wins

Redskins over Bills in Minneapolis, MN
SCORE: 37-24 (61 = 18th prime)
-Redskins played in both SB26 & SB18

Cowboys over Bills in Atlanta, GA
SCORE: 30-13 (43 = 14th prime)
-In both SB 14 & 43 the Steelers defeated a NFC West Team which were...
-The Rams who scored 19 points (8th prime) vs Steelers &...
-The Cardinals who scored 23 (9th prime)
-The Rams and Cardinals were also making their 1st SB appearances

Broncos over Falcons in Miami, FL
SCORE: 34-19 (53 = 16th prime)

Ravens over Giants in Tampa, FL
SCORE: 34-7 (41 = 13th prime)
-SB's 13, 35 & 41 where played in Florida
-In those games the losing team finished with a prime # score
-SB13: Dallas-31/11th prime, SB35 Giants-7/4th prime, SB41-Bears 17/7th prime

Patriots over Rams in New Orleans, LA
SCORE: 20-17 (37 = 12th prime)

Patriots over Panthers in Houston, TX
SCORE: 32-29 (61 = 18th prime)

Steelers over Seahawks in Detroit, MI
SCORE: 21-10 (31 = 11th prime)

Giants over Patriots in Glendale, AZ
SCORE: 17-14 (31 =11th prime)
-Patriots loss both SB42 & SB31

Ok so if you haven't fallen asleep yet and are still with me lets take a look at the matchup/teams connections

If your keeping count that is 17 SB's where the combined final score totals a Prime #
Then add 1+2+3, etc... all the way to 17 you get 153
153 = 17th triangular #

Add up all the respective SB #s you get 378
378 = 27th triangular #

Add up the total points in all the games you get 715
Nothing sticks out about that # for now

Add up the prime # that go with the SB #s you get 229
229 = 50th prime
Next season will be the 50th SB of the Modern Era...
I have a feeling the total score will be a Prime #

I'm sure there are connections to those #s which is why I want more eyes seeing them to help out, but im moving on for now

The AFC leads the NFC: 10-7 in these games
107 = 28th prime

After SB's 2, 3 & 5...
No SB # that was a prime had a total combined score that was a prime

Keep in mind the upcoming SB will be the 53rd
53 = 16th prime
If that patten continues the total score will not be a prime #

SB53 will be the 15th primed # SB
As stated 15th prime = 47

Thats all I got for now I will update when I have more time.

Like I said please feel free to share this where ever you can. There is a lot more information to go through and find more connections

The more eyes that get to see this the more information we will find...

Here's a Random find since I had been looking at all the SB's
SB8: Miami defeats Vikings 24-7
8th prime = 19
SB19: SF defeats Miami 38-16 (54)

The score of 54 sticks out to me because Miami is hosting SB54
Also if you reduce the scores...
3+8=11 & 1+6 = 7
11 = 5th prime & 7 = 4th (54)

Every SB the Colts have played in has been in Miami
SB3: L to Jets 16-7
SB5: W vs. Dallas 16-13
SB41: W vs. Bears 29-17
SB44: L to Saints 31-17 (Prime reduced comes to 5-4)....
31-11-5 & 17-7-4

All those scores add to 136 which is the 16th triangular #

Monday, May 14, 2018

Cleveland Browns return to the Playoffs?

The Browns returned to Cleveland in 1999
This was the last year ATL hosted 34th Super Bowl

Since they returned in 1999 the Browns record is;
RSR: 88-216 (304 games)
ATR: 88-217 (305 games)

The 1999 Browns won 2 games
-Week 8 they defeated the Saints 21-16 (37)
-Week 10 they defeated the Steelers 16-15 (31)

Interesting 16 points involved with both games
Browns currently have 16 Playoffs wins
16th prime = 53
ATL hosting SB53

The 1999 Browns also played the two teams who would play in SB34
-Week 2: L to the Titans 26-9 (35)
-Week 7: L to the Rams 34-3 (37)

Other findings...

Since their return the only season they made the playoffs was 2002
This was 16 years ago
In Week 17 they defeated the Atlanta Falcons 24-16 to clinch a playoff spot

Those same '02 Falcons tied with the Steelers in Week 10: 34-34
Both teams records went to 5-3-1 after
Hmmm might be something more to that??

In 1953 the Browns reached the NFL Championship Game
They lost to the Lions 17-16 (33)
This was the 34th NFL Season
SB53 will be on the 34th day of the year

The numbers I keep seeing involving Cleveland appear to look good for them

This offseason Cleveland added some top tier players so the NFL is making a Cleveland turn around not look that surprising

Friday, May 4, 2018

Alex Smith

Alex Smith is one of the reasons I am liking the Redskins

DOB: 5/7/18
127TH D.O.Y, 238 remaining

ATR: 90-67-1 (158 starts)
RSR: 88-62-1 (151 starts/36th prime)

He's now been traded twice during his career

49ers to Chiefs (3/12/13)
Chiefs to Redskins /(3/14/18)

These trades were 5 years 3 days apart if you include the end day (53)

The first time he was traded for the 34th pick in the 2013 draft
Smith turns 34 before the 2018 Season

The first trade was also 5 weeks 3 days after the 49ers lost SB47 to the Ravens
The second trade was 5 weeks 3 days after SB52

Smith last start as a Chief was a L to Titans
Game played on 1/6/18
Score: 22-21 (43)
Game was 121 days before Smith's 34th bday

Smith last start as 49ers was a T to the Rams
Game Played 11/11/12 (316th D.O.Y)
Score: 24-24 (48)
Game was 188 days after 28th bday &...
177 days before 29th bday

Interesting teams because...
The Rams and Titans met in SB34 in ATL
This was the last time ATL hosted the SB

His first full season as a starter was 2006
49ers went 7-9 that season
Smith had 16 TDs & 16 INt

Smith's started 3 games vs ATL in his career

First start vs ATL was on 11/4/07 (week 8)
This date left 53 days left in the year
Falcons won 20-16
Smith was 23 years 181 days old
181 = 42nd prime
Smith got his 18th AT loss &...
Stayed on 11 AT wins (5th prime)

Next start vs ATL was on 10/3/10
ATL won 16-14
Smith was 26 years 149 days old (35th prime)
Smith got this 28th AT loss
ATL hosted S28
Smith stayed on 16 wins

Last start was 12/4/16
Chiefs won 29-28 (57))
This was 211 days after smith's 5/7 BD
211 = 47th prime
Smith got his 87th AT win &...
Stayed on 49 AT losses


The Redskins will be playing the Falcons on 11/4/18 @ home
The game is 181 days after Smiths 34th Bday (42nd Prime)

This game is 2 Months 30 days before SB53 (23)
SB53 played on. 2/3

Redskins lead Falcons 15-9-1 (27th matchup)
16 been hot this year so I'm thinking Redskins win this game

Last time the Redskins beat the Falcons @ home was in 1993
This was the first year ATL hosted the SC
Skins won 30-17 (47)

Redskins leading rusher had 10 carries for 16 yards
1..6 YPC

That's all i got for now...

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Ravens vs Redskins?

Ravens vs Redskins

Last game played 10-9-16
283rd day of the year
83 days remaining

Redskins won 16-10
That score makes me think of the recent NCAA tourney
When a 16 seed from Baltimore beat the 1 seed from Virginia

John Harbaugh got his 53 RS Loss
Jay Gruden got his 16th win
16th prime = 53
This game was played 16 days after Harbaugh's 53rd birthday

Gruden birthday is 3/4/67
The 34 sticks out because SB53 played on 34th day of the year Of 2019
19th prime = 67

After the game both teams records were 3-2
SB53 will be played on 2/3

Both teams names start with “R”
R = 18th letter of the alphabet
This is the 2018 Season

I’ll add more about the redskins when I have time

Also I'll keeping an eye on what happens on 5/3 with trades, free agent signing, retirements, etc

Friday, April 27, 2018

Detroit Lions

I received a comment from Rogelio on my 1999 Falcons post below and he made some interesting points about the Superbowls that add to 8

SB8: AFC East vs NFC North
SB17: AFC East vs NFC East
SB26: AFC East vs NFC East
SB35: AFC North vs NFC East
SB:44: AFC South vs NFC South

If the pattern were to reset this year
SB53: AFC East vs NFC North

Let's say it does, the Obvious teams would be Greeb Bay, who have Aaron Rodgers and Minnesota, who made the NFC Championship last season

One team who I've been keeping an eye on is the Detroit Lions

The Lions won the NFL Championship in 1935 (16th Season)

Lions defeated the Giants 26-7 (33)

In 1952 (33rd NFL Season) the Lions won again
Defeating the Browns 17-7 (24)

In 1953 (34th NFL Season)
Lions defeated the Browns again 17-16 (33)

In 1954 (35th NFL Season)
Browns beat the Lions 56-10 (66)

In 1957 (38th Season)
The Lions would play in/win their last Championship
Defeating the Browns 59-14 (73)

This was 61 years ago
61 = 18th prime

Their QB was Bobby Layne. He was 31 years old when they won in 1957
Layne was hurt in the last game of the Regular Season vs the Browns, he did not play in the playoffs

The following season (1958) the Lions traded Bobby Layne.
Layne was quoted as saying "the lions would not win for 50 years"

Since then the Lions Playoff Record is 1-12
Only win came in 1991, they defeated the Cowboys 38-6

In 2009 the first year after the curse would be over, the Lions Drafted Matthew Stafford # overall.

Stafford turned 30 on 2/7/18.
38th day of the year

SB53 will be played 361 days later
19 = Square root of 361
SB53 to be played in 20(19)

Bobby Layne died 18 days before his 60th birthday, the curse is on its 60th year

He died 61 weeks 6 days before Stafford was born
He would have been 61 years old when Stafford was born
Layne was drafted 61 years prior to Stafford (1948)

The Lions have a new coach former Patriots DC, Matt Patricia
The Lions organization is loaded with former Patriots, both on the field and front office

Could be something...could mean nothing

There are some many riddles with so many different teams going on its crazy but I enjoy trying to decode them all

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

SB53: Ravens vs Rams ?

Let it be known I am not making any definite predictions at this point but would like to show connections at one possible matchup for SB53

Rams vs Ravens (R vs. R) would be perfect in 2018, the 99th NFL Season

R = 18th letter
9+9 = 18
9*9 = 81
Ravens won SB35 in 81st NFL season

They last played 11/22/15
This Day left 39 days left in year
This game was 167 weeks before SB53
167 = 39 prime

Ravens won 16-13 (29 = 10th prime)
Ravens kicker, Justin Tucker, hit a 47 yard FG as time expired to win. (15th prime)
This was the Ravens 16th drive-of the game

Ravens QB, Joe Flacco, was 30 years 310 days old when the game was played
331 = 67th prime
Flacco currently has 67 losses all time
67 = 19th prime
SB53 will be played in 2019 on the 34th day
The game will be played 18 days after Flacco's 34th bday

Flacco tore his ACL during the game and did not play for the rest of the 15’ Season
ACL =16

This ended his consecutive start streak at 137 games (33rd prime)
Sixteen = 33
Flacco is currently 33 years old

16th prime = 53
Ravens HC John Harbaugh was 53 when the game was played
This win was Harbaugh’s 85th all time
Flacco was born in 85’

The Ravens started 1-6 in 15’
The Rams started & finished 3-3 in 15’

Flaccos next start was Week 1 in 2016
Ravens defeated the Bills 13-7 (137) HA!
They started & finished 3-3 in 16'
Ravens finished 8-8 in 2016
8 + 8 = 16

Ravens play the Bills week 1 in 2018
Ravens lead series 4-3 (8th matchup)

AFC North & NFC West 6 SB Meetings:
-Steelers over Rams 31-19 (50)
-49ers over Bengals 26-21 (47)
-49ers over Bengals 20-16 (36)
-Steelers over Seahawks 21-10 (31)
-Steelers over Cardinals 27-23 (50)
-Ravens over 49ers 34-31 (65)

Add the appearances
14 (Rams) + 47 (Ravens) = 61 (18th Prime)

Also looks like SB14 foreshadowed SB43
-14th prime = 43

Will 16 do the same 53?
16th prime = 53

Another team I wanna look into is the other “R” team from the NFC..

The Redskins..

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

1999 Falcons / SB53 & 99th Season

In light of Atlanta hosting SB53 for the 99th NFL season I went back and looked at the last time ATL hosted which was in 1999

This was the season where the 34th SB took place. The Rams defeated the Titans 23-16

The 1999 Falcons played both these teams including the Rams twice

Week 3: L to Rams 35-7
Week 6: L to Rams 41-13
Week 15: L to Titans 30-17

The Rams gave the Falcons their 3rd & 5th losses (35/53) of that season

Titans gave ATL their 11th loss (5th prime) and kept them on 3 wins
Titans got 11th win, stayed on 3 losses

Rams and Titans both started 6-1 in 99'
-61 = 18th prime
-Both teams finished 13-3 in RS
-Both ended the year with 16 total wins
16th prime = 53

ATL got their;
1st win Week 5
2nd win Week 8
3rd win Week 13

Other interesting games for ATL in 1999:

Week 4:
-L to Baltimore 19-13 in OT
-Baltimore would win SB35 in 2000

Week 13:
-W vs New Orleans 35-12
-Got their 3rd win of the year

Week 17:
- W vs 49ers 34-29 (63)
-Got their 5th win of the season

Falcons QB, Chris Chandler was 34 years old in 1999
He finished with 34 RS wins as Falcons starter
He also has 34 losses as Falcons starter including playoffs

Chandler's 53rd BD is 115 days before SB 53

SB53 on the 34th day of the year

Monday, April 23, 2018

Willie Snead to Ravens / Hall of Fame Game

On 4-20-18 the Ravens signed the former NO Saints Receiver to a deal.

I ran some searches and had some interesting finds.

From 4/20/18 to 9/9/18 (First game) is 4 months 20 days

From 4/20/18 to SB53 is 290 days

Snead birthday 10/17 will be the 290th day of the year. He was born in 1992.

Last season he had 92 receiving yards

From his upcoming birthday to SB53 is 109 days. 109 = 29th prime.

The deal is 2 years 7 million with an additional 3.4 million in incentives
3.4 sticks out because SB53 on 34th day of the year.

He wore # 83 for the Saints but I have a feeling he might be wearing 82 for the Ravens

I also saw the Ravens will be playing in the HOF game on 8/2/18 vs the Bears.

This game is 6 months 1 day before SB53
61 / 18th prime & 53 / 16th prime

I went and looked to see how many teams who played in this game went on to make the SB.

The most recent was the 2001 Rams
2001 was the 82nd season for the NFL

In the 01 HOF Game Rams defeated the Dolphins 17-10

They would go on to lose to the Patriots in SB36, 20-17 in New Orleans
SB36 was played on 2/3 like SB53 will

The 01 Rams started out 6-0 before losing their first game, Week 7 to the Saints 34-31
They would lose again Week 11 24-17 vs the Bucs to fall to 8-2
They would win 8 straight before losing in the SB to the Patriots.

They started out 6-1 finished 8-1 and had two wins in between for a record of 16-3

Next up was the 1994 San Diego Chargers
1994 was the 75th Season for the NFL

On 7/30/94 they lost to the Falcons 21-17 in the HOF game

181 days prior to this game ATL hosted SB28
Cowboys defeated the Bills 30-13
181 or 18/81
2018 Season/ 99th NFL Season
9+9 = 18
9*9 = 81

Back to the Chargers
1994 was their 35th season

They also started out 6-0 before losing their 7th game to Broncos 20-15 (35) this dropped their record to 6-1
They would finish 11-5 in the RS
13-6 overall

In SB29 they were defeated by 49ers 49-26
The game was played on 1/29/95 in Miami

Last up we have the 1988 Bengals
1988 was the 69th season of the NFL

On 7/30/88 they defeated the LA Rams 14-7 in the HOF Game

The Bengals ALSO started 6-0
They lost Week 7 to the Pats 27-21
Final record was 14-5

In SB23 they lost to the 49ers 20-16
The played was played on 1/22/89 in Miami

This started out as a simple post but may be on to something here
All these teams started out 6-1 then 8-2 and followed it up with a SB loss

In 1988 Bengals QB, Boomer Esiason, won the MVP
In 2001 Rams QB, Kurt Warmer, won the MVP
In 1994, the Chargers lost to the MVP 49ers QB, Steve Young, in SB29

Holy shit just had another big find.
All three of these teams first lost of the season came 98 days or a span of 99 days before the SB in their respective seasons. That's crazy!
Remember this is the 99th NFL Season

The games played on Sunday of Week 8 for 2018 Season will be 98 days or a span of 99 days before SB53

The Ravens will be playing in Carolina vs The Panthers this week.
They don't have their bye until Week 10 so this would be their 8th game of the Season.

Week 1: Rams @ Raiders

Rams @ Raiders

Both these teams played in LA before relocating to St. Louis/Oakland.
Rams are now back in LA.

Game played 9-10-18 (MNF)
253rd day of the year
112 remaining

Raiders lead series 8-5 (14th game)
Raiders lead 5-2 @ home (8th game)

Rams winning to make it 5-3 jumps out for me.

Last game played 11/30/14 in St. Louis
Rams won 52-0

OAKLAND RAIDERS (2017: 6-10)
59th season

RSR: 462-411-11 (885th game)
ATR: 487-430-11 (931st game)

Could stay in 487 AT wins (93rd prime)
Could get 431st AT loss (83rd prime)

Lost last game played to the Chargers
30-10 (40)

DOB: 8/17/63 (54 y/o)

RSR: 95-81 (177th game)
ATR: 100-85 (186th game)

Last coached the Bucs in 2008, Of course his last game was against the Raiders.
12/28/08-Raiders won 31-24 (55)
Gruden will be 55 when they play the Rams

This same week the Rams lost to the Falcons (SB53 Host) 31-27 (58).
There is a riddle with Atlanta and # 58 I keep seeing.

DOB: 3/28/81 (27 y/o)

ATR: 28-34 (63rd start)
Getting his 35th loss to start this season would make sense.

LA RAMS (2017: 11-6)
82nd Season

RSR: 555-559-21 (1,166th game)
ATR: 574-584-21 (1,210th game)

Lost last game played to Falcons 26-13 (39)

DOB: 1/24/86 (32 y/o)

Game played 229 days after bday (50th prime)

ATR: 11-6 (18th game)

DOB: 10/14/94 (23 y/o)

Turns 24, 35 days after this game is played

RSR: 11-11 (23rd start)
ATR: 11-12 (24 start)

Nothing jumps out at me for this one but I'm leaning towards the Rams for now.

Week 1: Jaguars @ Giants

Jaguars @ Giants

Game played 9/9/18
252nd day of the year
113 days remaining

Series tied 3-3 (7th matchup)

Giants 3-0 @ home (4th matchup)

Last Meeting 11/30/14 in Jacksonville
Jaguars won 25-24 (49)

NEW YORK GIANTS (2017: 3-13)
94th NFL Season

RSR: 687-585-33 (1,306th game)
ATR: 711-610-33 (1,355th game)

Won last game vs Redskins 18-10 (28)

DOB: 4/14/65 (53 y/o)
Game is 149 days after 53 rd BD
149 = 35th prime

He previous was the HC coach of the Browns
ATR: 9-23 (33rd game)

Last Win as Browns HC was Week 14 of the 2012 Season
Browns beat the Chiefs 30-7 (37 =12th prime)
This improved their record to 5-8

He was the interim coach for 1 game for the Eagles on 1/3/16
The game was against the Giants
Eagles won 35-30 (65)

This game was also Eli's 35th birthday.

Giants finished that year 6-10 (61)
61 = 18th prime

DOB: 1/3/81 (37 y/o)

RSR: 111-103 (215th game)
ATR: 119-107 (227th game = 49th prime)

24th Season

RSR: 165-203 (369th game)
ATR: 172-210 (386th game)

Could get 173rd all time win (40th prime)
Could get 211th all time loss (47th prime)

Lost last game played to Patriots 24-20 (44) in AFC Championship

DOB: 7/25/64 (53 y/o)

The game is a span of 47 days after his 53rd bday

RSR: 26-24 (51st Game)
ATR: 28-25 (54th Game)

DOB: 4/28/92 (26 y/o)

RSR: 21-40 (62nd start)
ATR: 23-41 (65th Start)

35/53 seem to be big in this game which seem to favor the Giants for now.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Week 1: Texans @ Patriots

Texans @ Patriots
-Game played 9/9/18
-252nd day of the year
-113 days remaining

Pats lead series 9-1 (11th matchup)
Could improve to 10-1 (26th prime)

Pats lead 6-0 @ home
Could fall to 6-1
61 = 18th prime

Last matchup: 9/24/17
Patriots won 36-33 (69)
This game was played 350 days before upcoming game

59th season

RSR: 489-386-9 (885th game)
Can get 490th RS win to start the season where the 49th SB of the modern era will be played

ATR: 523-406-9 (939th game)
Could stay on 523 wins to start the 99th NFL Season
523 = 99th prime

Lost last game played to Eagles, 41-33 in SB52

DOB: 4/16/52 (66 y/o)

RSR: 250-118 (369th game)
Could get 251th career win (54th prime)

ATR: 289-129 (419th game =81st prime)

DOB: 8/3/77
The game is 37 days after his 41st BD
37 = 12th prime, 41 = 13th
The game is 1 month 7 days after his 41st BD
The game is also 5 weeks 3 days after BD

RSR: 196-55 (252nd game)
ATR: 223-65 (289th game)

Square Root of 289 = 17
Patriots can improve to 7-0 @ home Vs Texans
7th prime = 17th

HOUSTON TEXANS (2017: 4-12)
17th Season

RSR: 110-146 (257th game = 55th prime)

ATR: 113-150 (264th game)
Could stay on 113 wins (30th prime )
Can get loss # 151 (36th prime)

Lost last game played to the Colts 22-13 (35)

Bill O'Brien
DOB: 10/23/69 (48 y/o)
Turns 49 y/o 44 days after this game

RSR: 31-33 (65th game)
ATR: 32-35 (68th game)
Could get 36th career loss (Texans all time loss # 151)

DeShaun Watson
DOB: 9/14/95 (22 y/o)
ATR: 3-3 (7th start)

Watson falls to 3-4 and OBrien gets 34th RS loss.
SB53 played on 34th day of the year.


Week 1- Bills @ Ravens

I'm going to start posting initial breakdowns of the Week 1 games, mainly to get WBC feedback since no one else comments. I will update all games as we get closer to the season.

Game played 9/9/18
252nd day of the year
113 days remaining

Ravens lead Series 4-3 (8th game)
Ravens lead 4-1 @ Home (5th game)

The Bills only win in Baltimore came on 10/31/1999, 13-10 (23)
This was the 304th day of the year and left 61 days
Interesting for the following reasons
-This is the 99th NFL Season
-SB53 will be played on the 34th day of the year
-61 = 18 prime (2018 Season)

Last game played between these teams was on 9/11/16 in Baltimore
The Ravens won 13-7 (20)

23rd Season (9th prime)

RSR: 190-161-1 (353rd game = 71st prime #)
ATR: 205-169-1 (376th game)
Could get 191st RS win (43rd prime)

Lost last game played to the Bengals 31-27 (58)
This loss kept the Ravens out and got the Bills in the playoffs

DOB: 9/23/62 (55 y/o)
This year his B/D leaves 99 days left in the year
The game is 14 days before 56th B/D.

RSR: 94-66 (161st game)
ATR: 204-71 (176th game)

DOB: 1/16/85 (33 y/o)
RSR: 92-62 (155th Start)
ATR: 102-67 (170th Start)

Could get 103rd career win (27th Prime)
9 x 23 = 207
9 & 23 come into play for the Ravens Season/Harbaugh Birthday

59th Season

RSR: 409-467-8 (885th Game)
409 = 80th prime.
This will also be the 49th SB of the modern Era

ATR: 423-483-8 (915th Game)

Lost last game played to Jaguars 10-3 (13)

DOB: 3/21/74 (44 y/o)

RSR: 9-7 (17th game)
ATR- 9-8 (18th game)
Could fall to 9-9 to start the 99th NFL Season

For now it appears the Bills Week 1 starter will be A.J McCarron.
He was a backup QB for the Bengals who eliminated the Ravens last season.

DOB: 9/13/90
ATR: 2-2 (0-1 in Playoffs)

Could fall to 2-3 to start the Ravens 23rd Season

His last RS start came against the Ravens on 1/3/16
The Bengals won 24-16 (40)
McCaron stat line-17/27, 160 yard, 2TDs

His last start was on 1/9/16 vs the Steelers in the playoffs
Steelers won 18-16 (34)

McCarron state line: 23-41, 212 yards, 1TD, I INT
23 = 9th prime, 41 = 13th prime.
9/13 just like his bday

Bengals had this game won until Vontaze Burfict & Pacman Jones made stupid penalties which gave the Steelers a 1st down and put them in FG range

Steelers kicker, Chris Boswell, then hit a 35 yarder with 18 seconds left to win the game

35 is 53 flipped, next SB will be the 53rd
18 seconds sticks out because this is the 2018 season

The total of 34 points does as well because SB53 will be played on the 34th day of the year.


As stated, It's super early so this can change as the season gets closer.

Feel free to share thoughts/additional info!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Colts Riddle with SB53 / NFL Draft

I am continuing to look into SB53

I am seeing connections that it will be between the Rams/49ers vs Ravens

A team that seems to be involved in the Riddle is the Colts. I don't like the Colts this year but next year I think they have a good shot to make it.

Anyway I looked a new Colts HC. Frank Reich.

He was a former NFL QB.
His last game started/played was 12/27/98. This was Week 17 of the 1998 Season
He started for the Lions vs the Ravens
Ravens won 19-10

The Ravens starting QB that day was Jim Harbaugh
Harbaugh coached current Colts QB, Andrew Luck, in college

Harbaugh is now the HC @ Michigan
He coached the 49ers for 4 years (11'-14')
Harbaugh also was the Colts starting Qb from 94-97'

The only other game Reich started that season was Week 16 vs the Atlanta Falcons
In week 15 vs the 49ers he came in relief and played most of the game

Reich upcoming birthday (12/4/18) is 61 days before SB53
Reich played his college ball @ Maryland

All these players/coaches are so intertwined its ridiculous iculos

More to this but just documenting this for now

Also the # 8 appears to have a a big role

This is the first time in 19 years ATL will host a SB
19 = 8th prime

Its SB53

The schedules should be released later this week, I’ll be interested to see the matchups/bye weeks for Weeks 3,5,8 & 16

The NFL Draft is going to begin on 4/26/18
This is the 116th day of the year
Ravens have the 16th pick in the 1st Rd
Ravens QB, Joe Flacco birthday is 1/16

The NFL Season starts on 9/6/18
This date leaves 116 days left in the year

Keep in mind this year was the first time ever a 16 seed defeated a 1 seed in the NCAA tournament
The 16 seed was from Baltimore
16th prime = 53

Random thought-I’ve been hearing a lot lately how a4 seed has only won the NBA Finals once
I see a narrative for a 4 to win this year because 4 is the square root of 16

Friday, March 30, 2018

Kansas & Kentucky / 7 & 8

I went and looked at past NCAA Basketball Champions and had some interesting finds.

All but one time when the year of the season ended in 7-8
Kansas or Kentucky won the championship

1947-48----Kentucky won (10th Tournament)
1957-58---Kentucky won (20th Tournament))
1967-68---UCLA won (30th Tournament)
*Only year not won UK or KU
1977-78---Kentucky won (40th Tournament)
1987-88---Kansas Won (50th Tournament)
1997-98---Kentucky Won (60th Tournament)
2007-08---Kansas Won (70th Tournament)

Both KU & UK wear blue/white.

If Kansas does win their record would be 33-7
337=68th prime #

Looking at this quick, I'm not finding any other connections but I am sure there are some...

I'll update if I find any more

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Great Mills / Tubby Smith / March Madness

Once again we had another shooting take place...

This time the shooting was in Great Mills, Maryland
This took place 34 days after the Parkland, FL shooting

The shooting in Maryland took place on the 79th day of the year (3/20)

College Basketball Coach Tubby Smith was an Alumni of Great Mills
Smith was recently fired by the Memphis Tigers
Yesterday, same day as the shooting, Memphis hired former NBA player, Penny Hardaway, to replace him.

Tubby Smith's first name is Orlando
Hardaway was drafted by the Golden State Warriors # 3 overall in the 1993 draft.
He was immediately traded to the Orlando Magic for Chris Webber.
Hardaway would team up with Shaq and lead the Magic to the 1995 NBA Finals.

Tubby Smith won a National Championship with Kentucky during the 97-98 Season.
They finished the season with 35 wins.
The Final Four was in San Antonio that season
The 17-18 Final Four will also be in San Antonio

97-98 was also the year Hardaway suffered a knee injury
He would never be an elite player after that.

The 1998 was the NFL's 79th season
The Denver Broncos defeated the Atlanta Falcons in SB33 by a score of 34-19 (53)
This would be the final game of Broncos QB, John Elways Career.

Elway went to Stanford University
Tubby Smith's 97-98 Wild Cats defeated Stanford in the Final Four 86-85. (171)
171 is the 18th Triangular #
This was Kentucky's 34th win of the season.
SB53 will be on the 34th day of the year

After the 97-98 NBA Season Michael Jordan would retire as well after winning a title
However Jordan would come out of retirement to play for the Washington Wizards
Jordan went to UNC
Charlotte, NC was the location where the 16 seeded UMBC upset # 1 UVA

The current Head Coach of Kentucky is John Calapari
Before coaching Kentucky he was the coach of the Memphis Tigers

Calapari won the National Championship with Kentucky during the 2011-2012 Season.
They defeated the Kansas Jay Hawks
During the 07-08 Season Calapri lead the Memphis Tigers to the National Championship Game
They lost to the Kansas Jayhawks
Guess What? This Final Four was in San Antonio too!
Both of these Calapri teams finished 38-2
However the 07-08 Memphis wins were vacated because Derrick Rose cheated on a test

**Quick Side Note**
Derrrick Rose and Penny Hardaway both went to school @ Memphis
They both also wore # 1
And they both had promising careers ruined by injuries
Probably more to this but just documenting for now...

Back to Tubby Smith, he was replaced as the coach of Kentucky by Billy Gillispie
Calapari then replaced Gillispie @ Kentucky
After being fired by Kentucky, Tubby Smith went to coach @ Minnesota
After Minnesota he would go on to be the Coach @ Texas Tech
Texas Tech needed a coach because they had just fired, Billy Gillispie.

This is making me think Kentucky will at least make the final this year.
As for an opponent...
Texas Tech is still alive in the tourney, so maybe they make a deep run.
They are a #3 seed and Kentucky is a #5, (53)
53 = 16th prime

Texas Tech Coach, Chris Beard, also has ties to Tubby Smith
In 2016, Beard accepted the HC job at UNLV
However he left to become the coach @ Texas Tech 19 days later
Texas Tech had an opening because Tubby Smith left to become the coach @ Memphis
Beard's College Record is currently 140-53 (193)
If he were to make the finals that would be his 197th game as a College HC
197 =45th prime
Beard is current 45 years old

If not its TT, maybe it will be the Kansas
This would be a Finals rubber match against Calapri
The date Championship Game (4/2) is 51 days after Calapari's bday
Kansas # 1 Seed, Kentucky #5 (51)

If Calapri does win the Champioship he would have 277 College wins
277 = 59th prime
Calapri is 59 years old

# 5 Kentucky is playing # 9 Kansas State in the Sweet Sixteen (59)
If Kentucky beats KSU they will have beaten the #12, 13 & 9 seeds

March Madness indeed...

Texas Tech also ties into my other postS
Michael Crabtree was from Texas Tech.
Crabtree was picked up by the Ravens the same day #16 seed UMBC upset #1 UVA.
If you haven't already, go check them out!

So much more connections to be made, I will update as I find more info

Thanks again to WBC, be sure to check his blog, linked up top!

Monday, March 19, 2018

Raymond Berry, SB53 Sacrifice?

If you haven't all ready be sure to check out my post below about the NCAA Upset and Baltimore Ravens

By going down that rabbit hole, I was lead to Raymond Berry.

Berry was a former NFL Hall Of Fame receiver for the Baltimore Colts
He would later become the Head Coach of the Patriots

DOB: 2/27/1933
Thats the 58th day of the year
Berry is currently 85 years old
2/27 is similar to 227 which is the 49th prime #
The upcoming NFL season will be the 49th of the Modern Era

In the 1958 Season The Baltimore Colts defeated the New York Giants 23-17
This was known as "The Greatest Game Ever Played"
The date of the game was 12/28/1958
From that date to the date of SB53 (2/3/19) is a span of 21953 days!!
Crazy because SB53 wIll be played in 2019

In Roman Numerals 53 is written LIII
If you flip LIII you get 1117
11 * 17 = 187
187th prime # = 1117

Berry last season as an NFL receiver was in 1967, he was 34 years old
The Date SB53 will be played is 2/3/19
This is the 34th day of the year

He was inducted to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1973
This is 45 years ago

In the middle of 1984 season the New England Patriots fired their HC, Ron Meyer
Meyer was 5-3 when he was fired
They then hired Berry to take over for Week 9
This was the teams 35th Season

1984 was also the Colts 1st seasom in Indianapolis
In week 12 the Patriots beat the Colts 50-17
The Colts record went to 4-8
The Patriots record went to 8-4
The City of Atlanta is on the 84th meridian
These teams would meet again in Week 16 of the '84 season
The Patriots won 16-10

The following year (1985) Berry would lead the Patriots to SB20
They were defeated by the Chicago Bears 46-10
This was the 66th season for the NFL

His final season as HC was in 1989, he was 56 years old
Berry would again coach aganist the Colts twice this year
The first was Week 8, Patriots won which improved their record to 3-5
The 2nd matchup was Week 13, Patriots won again
This made their record 5-8.
This would be Berrys last win as a HC
He was 10-2 vs the Colts

His last game was played on 12/24/1989
This was the 358 day of the year and left 7 remaining
Berry was born of the 58th day of the year and leaves 307 remaining
It was also 66 days before his 57th bday

HC ATR: 51-41
HC RSR: 48-39

Interesting how the 49ers won the SB in both Berrys 1st and last seasons

That's all for now, I will update if I find more info. Feel free to contact your thoughts or any connections you find below.

So the coach who Berry replaced,Ron Meyer died last year (12/5/17)
Berry and Meyer are connected in a couple different ways

They both coached the Patriots
Meyer coached the Colts, Berry played for Colts
Meyer was the HC @ SMU, Berry went to SML

Fibonacci #s seem to be the common theme here



Berry's last game as both a player & coach were losses to the LA Rams
Los Angeles Rams = 218 in Reverse Ordinal
12/17/67-Lost 34-10 (44)
12/24/89-Lost 24-20 (44)
That's very interesting, especially both games summing to 44
SB53 will be in Georgia, Georgia sums to 44
These games were 22 years 7 days apart
Recall his birthday, 2/27
Also 22/7= Pi

The 67' Colts finished 11-1-2.
Berry had 1 catch for 11 yards in the game
He finished the year with 11 catches for 167 yards

The 67' Rams would also finished 11-1-2
The Rams lost to the Packers in the playoffs 28-7 (35)
The Packers would go on to win Super Bowl 2 defeating the Oakland Raiders 33-14 (47)
This was their 2nd straight SB

The 89' Patriots Finished 5-11
The 1989 LA Rams would finsh the season 11-5
They would advance to the NFC Championship Game
They lost to the 49ers 30-3 (33)
The 49ers would go on to win Super Bowl 24 defeating the Denver Broncos 55-10
This was their 2nd straight SB

Current Rams DC, Wade Phillips, was the DC for the Broncos during the 89 Season

From the date of SB 2 until SB24 was 8050 days (58/85)
It was also 115 weeks (115/511)


I gotta make another post about this, I keep finding more...

Saturday, March 17, 2018

NCAA Upset # 16 over # 1 / Baltimore Ravens / SB53

Shout out to my boy, WayBeyond Coincidence, for pointing in me in this direction
Be sure to check out his Blog, its linked up top.

For the first time in NCAA Basketball History, a # 16 Seed upset a # 1 seed.

The University of Baltimore Maryland Retrievers defeated the University of Virginia Cavaliers 74-54 (128)
In year of the Dog it's Fitting the Retrievers pull off the upset

16 seeds are now 1-135 all time against 1 seeds
The 16 seeded Retrievers scored 53 points in the 2nd half

16th prime = 53
The next Super Bowl is SB53

From the date of the upset to the first Sunday of the upcoming NFL season is 5 months 23 days
523 = 99th Prime
This will be the 99th NFL Season

The Ravens are from Baltimore just like UMBC
Ravens have the 16th pick in the 1st Rd of the upcoming NFL Draft

On the same day as the upset,the Ravens signed former SF 49er wide receiver, Michael Crabtree.
He has worn # 15 his entire career
15th prime = 47

In SB47 the Ravens Defeated the 49ers 34-31 (65)
Crabtree was involved in the decisive play of that game

Crabtree will turn 31 this year
In SB 47 he scored a 31 yard TD

SB47 and SB53 both were/will be played on 2/3
2/3 is the 34 day of the year
In both the Ravens previous SB appearances (35&47) they scored 34 points
From SB47 to SB53 is 313 weeks
313 = 65th prime
Virginia fell to 31-3 after being upset by UMBC

Super Bowl 34 was played in Atlanta
Super Bowl Super Bowl 53 will be played in Atlanta on the 34th day

After losing SB47 the 49ers record dropped to 13-5-1
Recall 16 seeds are now 1-135 against 1 seeds

Back to this being the 99th NFL Season
The first Sunday of the upcoming NFL season will be on 9/9
Ravens Coach, John Harbaugh,, birthday is 9/23
This is a date that leaves 99 days left in the year
9/23 will be on Sunday this year
THe Ravens are scheduled to play in ATL this season
I'm thinking they are in the ATL on 9/23

This will be the Ravens 23rd Season
23 = 9th prime
The Ravens have played 23 playoff games (15-8)

Ravens QB, Joe Flacco birthday is January 16th or 1/16
Flacco will turn 34, 18 days before SB53
Flacco was the 18th overall pick in the 2008 draft
The only other QB drafted in the first round that year was Matt Ryan by the Atlanta Falcons

I looked at the last game of the Ravens 2017 Season.
They lost to the Bengals 31-27 (58)
The Bengals scored on a long pass to come back and win
When the ball was snapped there was 53 seconds on the clock
Andy Dalton threw a 49 yard pass to Tyler Boyd
By losing the game the Ravens were eliminated from the playoffs
The upcoming season will be the 53rd SB and is the 49th season of the modern era

There also seems to be connections to the city of Baltimore and the numbers 3 & 5

In SB3 the Baltimore Colts loss to the NY Jets 16-7
In SB5 the Baltimore Colts defeated the Dallas Cowboys 16-13
In SB35 the Baltimore Ravens defeated the NY Giants 34-7

Torrey Smith is also involved in this riddle
Smith wears # 82 like fomer colt Recicer Raymond Berry, more on him below
He was just traded from the Philadelphia Eagles to the Carolina Panthers on 3/15/18
The game between UMBC and UVA was played in Charlotte
Smith was from The University of Maryland and drafted by the Ravens, he was on the team when they won SB47
He then played 2 seasons for the 49ers before going to the Eagles
He had 53 catches as a 49er

Interesting he was the 58th pick on the 2011 draft, in my post below I get in to connections about the #58, Atlanta and Prince

The two Superbowls the Ravens won were played in NFC South team stadiums
47-New Orleans

The only teams would ever come out of the AFC anymore are the Patriots, Steelers, Broncos, Colts and Ravens..
-Colts & Broncos are not going this year ( I like the Colts for SB54)
-Patriots always have a chance but I don't think the NFL wants them going to their 3rd straight..
That leaves Steelers and Ravens, Steelers looked good last year and it all fell apart.

It's super early at this point but as of right now the Ravens are the team I am rolling with to make it out of the AFC.

A ton more to this, I need to keep digging...


As I keep digging I am finding more information

SB53 will be Written as LIII, when you flip that you get 1117
1117 is the 187th prime #
11 * 17 = 187
11 = 5th prime, 17= 8th (58)
The number 58 coming back into play yet again.

In the 1958 Season The Baltimore Colts defeated the New York Giants 23-17
This was known as "The Greatest Game Ever Played"
The game was tied 17-17 (More 34) when it went into OT
The date of the game was 12/28/1958
From that date to the date of SB53 (2/3/19) is a span of 21953 days!!
Crazy because SB53 wIll be played in 2019

This year will be the 60th anniversary of that game
The Giants and Colts Are scheduled to play this upcoming Season

In the game the Giants QB, Charlie Conerly, had 187 passing yards
Colts Receiver, Raymond Berry also had a 187 receiving yards

Looking like Raymond Berry might be sacrificed for SB53
DOB: 2/27/1933
Thats the 58th day of the year
Berry is currently 85 years old
227 is also the 49th prime #
The upcoming NFL season will be the 49th of the Modern Era
Berry last season as a player was in 1967, when he was 34 years old. (Another 34)
**This deserves a separate post

I will continue to look into this riddle

Another Crabtree related thing is the fight he got in with Aqib Talib
Talib is on the Rams now

Update 4/14/18

The 34th NFL Season was in 1953
This was the Baltimore Colts first season back after they folded two seasons prior.
The Colts started that year 3-5
They would lose to the Rams and 49ers twice each during the last 4 weeks of the season
More 34/53 finds

I am definitely leaning towards a Rams or 49ers vs Ravens or Steelers Super Bowl

The Colts are a big key to this riddle, they played all 4 of these teams during the 2017 season.

Week 1: Loss to Rams 46-9
Week 5: Won vs 49ers 26-23
Week 10: Loss to Steelers 20-17
Week 16: Loss to Ravens 23-16

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Jeff Fisher / Superbowls 52 & 53 / Prince

I know this is way outta left field but I think there's a riddle Jeff Fisher and Superbowl 52 and maybe SB53

DOB: 2/25/58 (59 y/o)
HC for 350 games
Record 178-171-1

He coached 2 Franchises in 4 different cities.

He lead the Titans to SB34 which was played in Atlanta
SB53 will be played on the 34th day of the year in Atlanta
He was 41 years old at the time (Eagles SB52)
This was the end of the 99' season
Next year will the NFL's 99th season

His last season with the Titans was 2010, when he was 52 years old
They beat the Eagles 37-19 (53 to improve to 5-2 on the season
They lost their next game 25-33 (58) to the San Diego Chargers
This dropped their record to 5-3
The Titans would lose 5 more in a row to drop their record to 5-8
In week 14 when they got their 8th loss of the season it was to the Colts 30-28 (58)

After a promising 5-2 start they ended the season 1-8
Final Record was 6-10 (61)
61 = 18th prime

Check out the stats from the Titans Patriots playoff game in 2003
Loaded with 41/46

In Week 14 of the 2016 Fisher's Final game as a HC came ganist the Atlanta Falcons (L/42-14)
He was 58 at the time
He finished that season 4-9
Next year will be the 49th SB of the Modern era
4+9=13, 13th prime = 41
One week earlier in week 13 he lost to the Patriot 26-10 (36)

Fisher also won SB20 as a player on the Bears against the Patriots (46-10)
That game was in New Orleans

Players cut by Fisher who had a story line in SB52;
Nick Foles (Rams)
Legarette Blount (Titans)
Chris Long (Rams)

As stated, SB53 is being hosted by Atlanta
This is the first SB in Atlanta since SB34

Prince played his last concert in Atlanta
He played 25 songs
Prince & Fisher both born in 1958

Eagles won SB52 with 41 points
Prince performed halftime at SB41 had a tribute at SB52 half time show

I then looked at SB33 (Patriots points)
The Denver Broncos beat the Atlanta Falcons 34-19 (53)
This was played in Jan 99'

That was John Elways last game so I wouldn't be surprised to see one of the Hall of Fame QB winning it all then retiring

What else that sticks out to me is Superbowls 33,34,35 all connect back to Atlanta/SB53

SB33-Falcons played in
SB34-Was played in Atlanta
SB35- 35 is 53 flipped, SB53 is in Atlanta

I'll just leave this here for now, if anyone else finds other connections please share

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Superbowl 52 Recap

I've started to share this work more with family & friends recently and what I hear is "it's easy after the game to find connections with numbers & you can make connections with any numbers if you try hard enough"

I get why most would make this statement but I will continue to show connections to sports and numbers. I hope eventually the majority will start to see how everything is intertwined.

But anyway, here's what Ive found..

Eagles won 41 -33 (74)
74th prime =373
Foles finished with 373 passing yards

The 74 also sticks out because of Independence Day being 7/4
This Super Bowl was all about America (Patriots and Eagles)
It has connections to Flag day (See my Blog below)
Pledge of Allegiance being adopted by Congress 86 years ago

These teams previously met in the SB39
In SB52 After a missed extra point the score was 3-9
SB39 was 13 years ago
13th prime = 41
Eagles won with 41

Foles has 215 yards at Halftime
215 is Philadelphia area code
Dan Patrick mentioned this at halftime

This was Foles 43rd career start
This was also the Eagles 43rd playoff game
43=14th prime
In week 14 of this year the Eagles won with 43 points
This was the game Wentz went down which lead to Foles becoming the starter

Foles and Brady each had 28 completions In SB52
28th prime = 107 (17)
SB52 was the final game of the 17' season

Belichick playoff Record became 28-11
Both teams lost #11 this season (Wentz & Edelman)
11 = 5th prime

Brady finished with 505 passing yards (55)
Patriots fell to 5-5 in SBs in their 10th SB appearance

If you add 1-10 you get 55
1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10 = 55

55 is the 10 Fibonacci Number
Fibonacci sequence, and characterized by the fact that every number after the first two is the sum of the two preceding ones: 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55

#55 (Brandon Graham) on the Eagles made a play to seal the win when he forced Brady to fumble

After this play there was 2:09 remaining in the game (29)
29 = 10th prime #
The Eagles would run the ball with #29 (Legarrette Blount) three straight times
Blount played for the Patriots last season
SB52 was 61 days after his 31st bday
61 = 18th prime
Blount scored 18 TDs last year with the patriots

After the 3 Blount runs It was then 4th & 6 when the Eagles kicker hit a 46 yard field goal leaving 1:05 on the clock
Foles turned 29, 15 days before SB52
AFC East teams are now 2-9 vs NFC East teams in the Super Bowl
All 3 QBs to start SBs for the Eagles (Jaworski,Mcnabb, Foles) were 29 at the time.

The Eagles kicker,Jake Elliot, hit a 61 yard field goal to beat the Giants earlier this season
61 = 18th prime
Elliott also hit a 46 yarder to tie the game @ 24 vs the Giants
Giants last team to beat Patriots in SB46

I looked at the other Eagle who was a Patriot last year
That player is Chris Long
His birthday 3/28 (Patriots comeback In SB51)
Long's 33rd birthday is 52 days after SB52
Patriots had 33 points in SB52

Eagles improved to 8-6 all time vs Patriots
NFC won its 27th SB
SB52 was 86 days after Eagles tight end (Zach Ertz ,#86), 27th birthday

Patriots player Malcolm Butler is currently 27 years old
From SB52 to his next birthday is a span of 27 days
Butler was "benched" and many are claiming this cost the Patriots the game
The player who replace defense Butler was# 25 Eric Rowe
Rowe birthday is 10/3 (103)
103 = 27th prime

#27 on the Eagles(Malcom Jenkins) knocked #14 on the Patriots (Brandin Cooks) out of the game

Former Eagles player Jerome Brown died at age 27 during the season where SB27 would be played
The score of SB27 was 52-17
Brown would have turned 53 on the date of SB52 (2/4/18)
Brady/Belichick dropped to 5-3 in SBs
Belichick stayed on 241 wins with Patriots
241= 53rd prime
Flip 53 you get 35
SB52 was played on the 35th day of the year

This was (#12)Brady's 37th playoff game
37=12th prime
Eagles are now 1-2 SBs

This was the 48th SB of the Modern era
Brady had 48 pass attempts in SB52
48th prime = 223
Brady stayed on 223 all time wins

In previous post I talked about Favre speaking to the Eagles beforeSB52

SB52 was played 117 days after Favre 48th bday
Flip 117 you get LII (52)

Back to the Eagles hitting a 46 yard field goal at the end of the the game
46th prime is 199
Favre finished with 199 wins
Brady was the 199th pick in the draft

Check out my Favre post below, there are a lot of connections to 58
58th prime = 271
Brady's playoff record is now 27-10

Philly lost SB15 27-10 to the Raiders (1st SB Appearance)
They beat Dallas 20-7 (27) to advance to that Super Bowl
Their QB, Ron Jaworski threw 27 TD that regular season

I recently found out the Brady has never won a SB when he did not beat the Steelers or Colts in the AFC championship

'01-Beat Steelers then Rams
'03-Beat Colts then Panthers
'04-Beat Steelers then Eagles
'14-Beat Colts then Seahawks
'16-Beat Steelers then Falcons

'07-Beat Chargers then lost to Giants
'11-Beat Ravens then lost to Giants
'17-Beat Jaguars then lost to Eagles

Very interesting...

Much more connections with this game and I will continue to update.

Please feel free to share any thoughts below, I am always interested to hear the average persons thoughts on these connections

Be sure to check out
As well

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Super Bowl 52 / Brett Favre / Prince / Terry Glenn

The Eagles are going to have Brett Favre speak with their team before SB52.

This seemed random at first, but after some digging,I found some connections as to why this is happening ...Enjoy!

Eagles coach,Doug Pederson, was Favre's back up in SB31
The Packers defeated the Patriots 35-21 in that SB
The game was in New Orleans and played on the 26th day of the year.
The O/U was 52 points

This upcoming SB is 117 days after Favre's 48th bday.
117 flipped is LII (52)
Favre played for Minnesota, who is hosting SB52.

52 is a reflection of 25
SB25 took place in 1991
In SB25, backup QB Hostetler lead the Giants to a win over the Buffalo Bills
12 weeks later Favre is drafted

Favre was drafted on 4/21/91 by The Atlanta Falcons
Then "25" years later...
On 4/21/16,The artist formerly known as Prince dies
Prince was from Minnesota
His last concert took place in Atlanta, he played 25 songs

Prince had a song called "I will die 4U"
"U" is the 21st letter of the alphabet (4/21)
From SB52 date (2/4) til 4/21 is span of 77 days

Brett Favre last NFL season was 2010
He would turn 41 during that season
Prince performed the halftime show @ SB41
Brady's 41st bday is 180 days after SB52 which is being played in 20(18)
41 = 13th prime

Favre's started 13 games in 2010
His record was 5-8
He would finish his career with 508 TD passes
Prince was born in 58
Belichick was 58 during the 2010 season
2017 is the Patriots 58th season

Favre would finish the season with
11 TDs 19 INTs
11 = 5th prime / 19 = 8th prime (58)

Brett Favre consectutive start streak ended this season
His last start of the Streak would be in Week "13" aganist the Buffalo Bills
The Vikings beat the Bills 38-14 (52)

The following week the Vikings played the Giants
(Bills & Giants= SB25 teAms)
Favre didn't start due to injury
This ended his streak at 297 straight
The Vikings would lose to the Giants
This dropped their record to 5-8

Favre & the Vikings also lost to Brady & the Patriots earlier that year
After that loss the Vikings record dropped to 2-5
The score was 28-18 (46)
46th prime = 199
Favre finished his career with 199 wins
Brady was the 199th pick in the draft

As stated Prince died in 2016
That same year Favre turned 46
And was also inducted in the Pro Football Hall of Fame

Terry Glenn caught Brady's 1st ever TD pass
He died 77 days before SB52
In 2001 he played for the Patriots
In 2002 he played for the Packers
Both those seasons he averaged 14.6 yards per catch!
Flag Day & Trump Bday (6/14)
I got a YUGE post on that which if you haven the already go check it out

To tie everything together...
Glenn played for the Patriots in SB31 against Favre, Pederson & the Packers

Let me know your thoughts on these connections

"When one realises one is asleep, at that moment one is already half-awake"
-P.D. Ouspensky

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Super Bowl 52

15-3 Eagles vs 15-3 Patriots
Game played 2/4/18 @ 6:30EST
35th day of the year

Eagles lead series 7-6.
This will be the 14th meeting.
Last meeting on 12/6/15
Eagles won 35-28 (63)

These teams played in SB39
Patriots won 24-21 (45)

New England Patriots
ATR: 523-405-9
Playoffs: 34-19

Bill Belichick
DOB: 4/16/52 (65 y/o)
ATR: 278-128
Playoffs: 28-10
The game is 71 days before his 66th BD.

Tom Brady
DOB: 8/3/77 (40 Y/o)
ATR: 223-64
Playoffs: 27-9

The game is 180 days before his 41st birthday.

Brady is currently 14-5 all time vs. NFC East teams.
See my blog below with regards to Flag Day (6/14).
That Patriots beat the Eagles 14-6 in 1977, same year Brady was born.
Terry Glenn died 77 days before SB52
He caught the first ever Tom Brady Touchdown pass

Philadelphia Eagles
ATR: 587-615-26
This will be there 1229th game all time
1229 = 201st prime.
Playoffs: 21-21

Doug Pederson
DOB: 1/31/68.
ATR: 22-12. (2-0 Playoffs)
This will be his 35th game as HC.

Interesting Pederson was a back up QB for the Packers when they played the Patriots in SB31.
That game was played on the 26th day of the year.
The O/U was listed at 52
The score was 35-21 (65)
Brady can get his 65th loss
More on Back up Qbs below.

Nick Foles
DOB: 1/20/89 (29 y/o)
ATR: 24-18. This will be his 43rd start.

The SB is 15 days after this 29th bday
Foles got his first start Week 15
The game is 150 days after the first regular season game (Pats vs Chiefs)

Can get 25th win in SB 52
25 a reflection of 52
In SB25 the backup QB, Jeff Hostetler, lead the NYG to a win over the Bills.
Hostetler was also 29 years old when he won.

See WayBeyondCoincidence Blog which I have shared below for a full breakdown on the connections between these two back up Qbs.

Other info that sticks out;

Michael Jordan Connections.
Michael Jordan won his 6th title on 6/14/98 (flag Day)
That was Trumps 52nd birthday
Brady can win his 6th title in SB52 to end the 98th NFL Season.

NFC EAst Teams are 8-2 vs AFC teams in SB.
This will be the 11th matchup
If Patriots win, it will 8-3 (Brady birthday)

Whats interesting is the NFC East has outscored the AFC 263-155
That's a +108 point differential, here we are in 20(18)
Also if you add up all the SB # they matched up it you get 263
263=56th prime

Both teams also lost #11 to injuries
(Edelman & Wentz)

Brady, Foles & Hostetler all replaced # 11 in their careers
(Bledsoe, Wentz & Simms)

Alex Reimer is the radio host who got Brady pissed by talking about his daughter.
They are now reporting he was on the Jay Leno show back in 2005.
The same year Patriots last played the Eagles in the SB

I hope to add more to this post before the game...

Jeff Hostetler Riddle / Super Bowl 52

I'm sharing the work from another decoder. Be sure to check out his page he does a great job.

A team from the NFC East, heavy under dogs, lost their starting QB
to injury late in the regular season, backup came in and lead them to
the Super Bowl, where they face a team from the AFC east,
in a state that equals 38...

Am I talking about the 1990 New York Giants and backup QB
Jeff Hostetler? Or am I talking about the 2017 Philadelphia Eagles
and backup QB Nick Foles?

One was Super Bowl 25. This is Super Bowl 52.
52 is the reverse of 25. Does it happen again?

If so it would be Nick Foles' 25th all time win...
and he seems awfully connected to Jeff Hostetler...

To begin with, just in their names:

"Jeff Hostetler" = 149\\
//"Nick Foles" = 149
"Nick Edward Foles" = 149.

"Jeff Hostetler" = 68\\
//"Nick Edward Foles" = 68.

"Jeff Hostetler" = 201 [francis bacon]\\
//"Foles" = 21.

"William Jeffrey Hostetler" = 138\\
//"Nicholas Foles" = 138.

"Hostetler" = 50\\
//"Nick Foles" = 50.

"Hostetler" = 49\\
//"Nick Foles" = 49.
"Nick Edward Foles" = 227 (49th prime).

"Hostetler" = 58\\
//"Nicholas Edward Foles" = 271 [francis bacon] (58th prime).

Then there's more for almost each one of those connections:

for the 149 (35th prime):
{{"Jeff Hostetler" = 149
"Nick Foles" = 149
"Nick Edward Foles" = 149}}
SB is 350 (35) days from Foles' birthday.
if he wins he improves to 20-11 all time w/Philly
2011 is the 305th prime (35)...
and they would prevent NE from getting their 35th playoff win,
71 days (71st prime is 353, a 35 both ways) from "Bill" = 35 Belichick's birthday.

Plus the Eagles coach, Doug Pederson, was a backup QB himself
and the SB is his 35th all time game...

and the previous game between the Eagles and Patriots,
the Eagles won with 35 points.

for the 68:
{{"Jeff Hostetler" = 68
"Nick Edward Foles" = 68}}
Doug Pederson (backup QB himself) was born in '68.

for the 21:
{{"Jeff Hostetler" = 201 [francis bacon]
"Foles" = 21}}
It's 2 weeks and 1 day (21) from Foles' birthday.

If they win they stay at 21 playoff losses.

"Doug" = 73 [francis bacon] (21st prime).

for the 50:
{{"Hostetler" = 50.
"Nick Foles" = 50}}
it's 50 weeks from Foles' birthday

Pederson will have just turned 50 a few days prior.

And they could beat "Brady" = 50.

for the 49:
{{"Hostetler" = 49.
"Nick Foles" = 49. "Nick Edward Foles" = 227}}
"Eagles" = 49

Pederson was 49 years old when they made the SB.
"Douglas Pederson" = 227 [francis bacon].

for the 58:
{{"Hostetler" = 58.
"Nicholas Edward Foles" = 271 [francis bacon]}}
Patriots are in their 58th season and Belichick & Brady could
fall to 27-10 (271) in the playoffs. 271 is the 58th prime.

And then there are other connections between Hostetler and Foles and the Eagles:

\\"Jeff Hostetler" = 202
He was born on the 22nd. His initials, "WJH" = 22.

The Super Bowl is 2 weeks and 2 days (22) from
Nick Foles' birthday.

"Eagles" = 22.
"Philadelphia Eagles" = 202 [francis bacon].
if they win they get their 22nd playoff win.

"Doug Irving Pederson" = 222
he enters the game with 22 all time wins...
"Douglas" = 79

"Philadelphia" = 79.//

\\Hostetler is 56 years old.

Foles enters the game with 56 all time touchdown w/Philadelphia.//

\\"Jeff Hostetler" = 67

67 is the 19th prime and Nick Foles enters the game
with 19 interceptions w/Philly.

If they win they improve to 22-21 in the playoffs,
2221 is the 331st prime, 331 is the 67th...

"Douglas Pederson" = 67.//

\\"Jeff Hostetler" = 59. He was the 59th overall draft pick.

Philly wins they get their 590th (59) all time win...

...and this is the '17 season. 59 is the 17th prime.//

\\"William Jeffrey Hostetler" = 129.

Nick Foles has birth numerology of 129.

it could be Belichick's 129th all time loss...

Plus, it's 11 months and 27 days (1127) from
Pederson's birthday... 1127 reversed is 7211...
7211 is the 921st prime... 921 reversed is 129...

AND the QB jersey numbers are 12 and 9 (129)//

\\"William Jeffrey Hostetler" = 114 and "Jeffrey" = 114
The SB is 9 month, 1 week, and 6 days (916) from his bday,
916 reversed is 619, 619 is the 114th prime...
and he was born in "Hollsopple" = 114.

"Doug Irving Pederson" = 114

"Minneapolis Minnesota" = 114.//

\\"William Jeffrey Hostetler" = 345

Nick Foles was born on the day that leaves 345 in the year.//

\\"Hostetler" = 122

"Pederson" = 122 [francis bacon].//

\\"Hostetler" = 41, his initials "WJH" = 41
he was born in "Hollsopple" = 41

On the day of the SB Foles is 10608 (168) days old 168 reversed is 861...
861 is the 41st triangular number.

"Super Bowl" = 41.//

So, Hostetler and Foles and the Eagles certainly seem connected...

Guess what... during the Hostetler SB season the Eagles happened
to play the Patriots (they don't play every year) and te Eagles won...
and they won with 48 points... SB 52 is the 48th SB of the modern era!

The MVP of Hostetler's SB wore #24 and this year's SB is on 2/4...
he went by the name O.J. & before this season began the famous O.J. was paroled.

"O.J." = 25 btw... SB 25 / SB 52... Hostetler has birth numerology of 25.

the previous time the Eagles and Patriots played was on the day that
leaves 25 days left in the year.

The SB is Belichick's 324th all time game. 325 is 25 squared.

If Philly wins then they will have 25 more losses than wins in their history.

BTW, that would mean New England would have 117 more wins than losses...
117 upside down is LII ... this is SB LII...

From the date of SB 25 to the date of SB 52:
324 months, 1 week, and 1 day, or 32411...
32411 reversed is 11423 which is the 1378th prime...
1378 just happens to be the 52nd triangular number... SB 52!

that's 9870 days... the 9870th prime is 103217...
I see 103 and 217 in 103217... the 217 is 2017 w/o the zero. This is the 2017 season.
103 is the 27th prime...
The NFC can get its 27th Super Bowl win
SB 25 was on the 27th... has the Eagles ranked as the seventh best offense,
the fourth best defense, thirteenth is passing, and third in rushing...
add those up... it's 27...
Brady would stay at 27 playoff wins (& Belichick at 27 w/New England)...
oh, btw, "Jeff" = 27.

Who better for the NFC to get their 27th SB win against:
"twenty-seven" = 46.
"Tom Brady" = 46, Brady went to "Michigan" = 46,
and Brady was the 199th overall draft pick. 199 is the 46th prime.

"twenty-seven" also = 125 (152 rearranged) and that brings us to our next section...

I noticed that during the Wild Card week of the playoffs this year,
the total number of points scored was 152... Maybe this year was a good
year to have a clue encoded in the Wild Card games because it's the year
of SB 52 and "Wild Card" = 52. Also 152 divided by the number of games (4)
equals 38 and the Super Bowl is in "Minnesota" = 38 and "U.S. Bank Stadium" = 38.

So, 152...

Back then, right after Wild Card week, I searched Google for "152"
and found an obscure horror film by that title. It's just called "152".
I noticed that it was released on 4/22 the year it was released and then...
a couple weeks later when I start checking the numbers on Jeff Hostetler,
to my astonishment, I see he was born on... 4/22!!!!!

My first thoughts on what team(s) the 152 might be good for was mainly
centered around either Drew Brees or Ben Roethlisberger's chances to
get their 152nd all time win by winning the Super Bowl... my second thought
was for either Pittsburgh or Philadelphia because they are from
"Pennsylvania" = 152.

GUESS where Hostetler was born (and attended college)...


When Philadelphia beat Atlanta I was pretty convinced it was going to be
the "Pennsylvania Bowl" and be Pit vs Philly...

Anyway, guess how many reg. season games Hostetler played in?


Ok so, the day the film "152" was released had numerology of 52!
and also of 32, "Eagles" = 32.

It was released on the 112th day of the year, or 211 reversed...
If Foles' wins he improves to 20-11 (211) all time w/Philly...

It was the day that leaves 253 days in the year...
"William Hostetler" = 253 [francis bacon]...
"Philadelphia Eagles New England Patriots Super Bowl fifty-two" = 253...
253 is the 22nd triangular number. Recall the 22 stuff:
\\"Jeff Hostetler" = 202
He was born (and the film was released) on the 22nd. His initials, "WJH" = 22.

The Super Bowl is 2 weeks and 2 days (22) from
Nick Foles' birthday.

"Eagles" = 22.
"Philadelphia Eagles" = 202 [francis bacon].
if they win they get their 22nd playoff win.

"Doug Irving Pederson" = 222
he enters the game with 22 all time wins...
"Douglas" = 79 (the 22nd prime).

"Philadelphia" = 79.//

...and then also, the 253rd prime is 1607 (167)...
on the day of the SB Nick Foles' is 10607 days old...
167 is the 39th prime and it's his 39th all time game appearance w/Philly...

And I'm not sure if this includes playoff games or not
but there's been a total of 16007 (167) NFL games to date...
so maybe that's just reg. season, but still...

Now, 152 reversed is 251, which is the 54th prime. PLUS "one hundred fifty-two" = 251...
Hostetler's birthday (4/22/61) to the release of the film "152" (4/22/06)
was exactly 540 months... 540 (54)...
Doug Pederson will be 50 years and 4 days old (54) on the day of the SB...
Foles' full first name, "Nicholas" = 54 [francis bacon]...
the SB is the Patriots' 54th playoff game...

Hostetler was 45 years old the day the film came out. Reverse of 54...
"New England" = 45...

the previous time they played each other was 791 days prior to the SB...
791 is 197 reversed... 197 is the 45th prime...

Now, like we said when we began the 152 section, 152 rearranged is 125...
The Giants finished the Hostetler SB season 12-5 (125)...

and another rearrangement is 521... 521 is the 98th prime...
this is the 98th season of the NFL...

Hostetler has 98 rushing yards in his playoff career.

And that about covers the 152 stuff.

Back to the time span between the Hostetler SB and this one...
9870 days... 9870 has 32 divisors... I think 32 will show up big on this
year's SB because it's the 48th of the modern era and 4x8=32.
I've checked that back quite a ways and it seems pretty solid.
The previous SB was the 47th, 4x7=28 and it went to O.T. 28-28...
but anyway...

32... "Eagles" = 32
the previous time they played the Patriots was 2y, 1m, 4w, and 1d prior, (2141)
and 2141 is the 323rd prime (a 32 both ways)...
that time span is also 2y, 1m, and 29d (2129) and 2129 is the 320th prime...

"Nicholas Edward Foles" = 320.

Pederson was born 1/31 (131, the 32nd prime).

Anyone else notice all the 29 scores this season? 29 is a rare score for
a team to score, and out of 16007 NFL games (that counts this season)
there were only 231 games in which at least one team scored 29...
That's 0.0144511 percent...

Just in the 2017 regular season there were 8 such games!
That's 0.03125 percent...

if you count this year's playoff games it's 9 and that's 0.0338345 percent,
which is, what, like 2.3 times higher than the average in NFL history?!?

Well Hostetler's birthday 4/22, the 422nd prime is 2917...
see the 29, and the 17... like 29 has been hot in '17 season...

Nick Foles just turned 29 years old...

"twenty-nine" = 49
{{"Hostetler" = 49.
"Nick Foles" = 49. "Nick Edward Foles" = 227}}
"Eagles" = 49

Pederson was 49 years old when they made the SB.
"Douglas Pederson" = 227 [francis bacon].

"twenty-nine" = 149
{{"Jeff Hostetler" = 149
"Nick Foles" = 149
"Nick Edward Foles" = 149}}
SB is 350 (35) days from Foles' birthday.
if he wins he improves to 20-11 all time w/Philly
2011 is the 305th prime (35)...
and they would prevent NE from getting their 35th playoff win,
71 days (71st prime is 353, a 35 both ways) from "Bill" = 35 Belichick's birthday.

Plus the Eagles coach, Doug Pederson, was a backup QB himself
and the SB is his 35th all time game...

and the previous game between the Eagles and Patriots,
the Eagles won with 35 points.

"twenty-nine" = 50
{{"Hostetler" = 50.
"Nick Foles" = 50}}
it's 50 weeks from Foles' birthday

Pederson will have just turned 50 a few days prior.

And they could beat "Brady" = 50.

and "twenty-five" (Hostetler SB25) is identical to "twenty-nine".

Hostetler's nickname, "Hoss" = 29.

Foles will be 29 years and 15 days old on the day of the SB...
the SB is 15 days from his birthday and Hostetler wore #15.

From the previous Eagles/Patriots game to this SB is
25 months and 29 days (SB25 and 29 stuff...)

Foles enters the SB with 29 all time interceptions.

The weeks the 29 scores happened this season were:
week 1, 2, 4, 7, 8, 15, and 16... add 'em up it's 53...
if Philly wins then Belichick stays at 241 all time wins w/NE
241 is the 53rd prime.

if we count the playoff week where a 29 score happened, it was
the 19th week, and so add 'em all up and it's 72...
the reverse of 27... Recall all the 27 stuff already talked about.

27 adds to 9 btw, and Foles wears #9 and from the anniversary of
the Hostetler SB, to this SB is 9 days...

More time span stuff form the Hostetler SB to this one...
9870 days... w/o the zero: 987 and 987 is the 16th Fibonacci number...
16 is 4 squared...

this could be the Eagles 4th football championship,
it's on the 4th, on the 44th parallel, and it's 4 days from Pederson's birthday.

From Hostetler's SB to this one, including the end date,
1410 weeks and 1 day (14101) and 14101 is 59 x 239...
59 x 239... that's the 17th prime times the 52nd...
the '17 season and SB 52...

Hostetler was born in '61... 61 is the 18th prime... it's the year '18...("Jeff" = 18)
All of Philly's scores vs New England, reduced to single digits and added
equals 61...

All of New England's scores vs Philly, reduced to single digits and added
equals 59... it's the '17 season (59 is the 17th prime)...

Now, you might think that would be all... but no, we dig even more!

Let's look at Hostetler's seasons, both the year he won the SB (1990)
and the year Nick Foles was born (1989)...

The Giants' first loss of Hostetler's SB year was to the Eagles! And it was on the 25th! They lost by 18 points! And their first win that year was against the Eagles! (they won with 27, NFC gets 27th SB win, recall all the 27 stuff, and they won by 7, 7th prime is 17 this is the '17 season...)

Hostetler's first start that season was vs the Cardinals. Foles went to Arizona.

As mentioned: Foles could get 25th win: he could beat "Bill Belichick" = 97 (the 25th prime). "Giants" = 25. Hostetler started 25 reg. season games for them, and won SB25 for them, duh.

They finished the 1990 reg. season by beating the Patriots... The score was 13-10 (131) the 32nd prime and as we already talked about I have a theory that 32 will show up on this year's SB 'cause it's the 48th of the modern era and 4x8=32... I've checked that back a good ways...
so recall all the 32 stuff... "Eagles" = 32 e.g.

So that was the Hostetler SB year, 1990, but Foles was born in 1989. So as for Hostetler in 1989: Hostetler apparently appeared in all 16 games for the Giants in their 1989 season but the first game he appears in the box score was week three and it was against... the Cardinals! (remember, Foles went to Arizona). He went 1 for 1 for 8 yards. They had 22 total completions in the game- his 1 completion helped bring the total to 22 (remember all the 22 stuff)... And they won the game with 35 points (see the 35 stuff).

Now get this, his next appearance in the box score was week five (week three/week five another 35?)... and it featured his first touchdown of the season... it was against the Eagles! and it was a very weird one... Well first, it was for 22 yards! He was 1-1 for 22yds. Remember the 22 stuff! But it was weird because it was to their linebacker Carl Banks! (initials "C" and "B" or 32? see the 32 stuff). And that was the Giants' first loss of the season and they fell to 4-1 (41) "Super Bowl" = 41... The date was 10/8 (108 or 18) and had numerology of 107 (17) and 117 (LII), and 45 ("New England" = 45)...

The next time he appears in the box score was week eight (week three plus week five equals week eight?)... Monday Night Football... against Minnesota! ...and the game totaled to 38 points!
"Minnesota" = 38 etc, and Philly advanced to the SB with 38 points... And they won that Monday Night game (with 24 points, SB is on 2/4) to improve to 7-1 (71 | 17)...

Then he started his one start of 1989 the next week, in week nine against the Cardinals! Foles went to Arizona and wears #9. His long pass was for 35 yards... see the 35 stuff.

Then he had one rushing attempt for three yards in week eleven. The Giants beat the Seahawks 15-3 (same as records of PHI and NE this year and adds to 18).

And the Giants finished the year 12-5 (152 rearranged like we already talked about)...
And so that was 17 games that year, the year Foles was born...
now Foles could win it in the '17 season.

And other odds and ends...

Hostetler has birth numerology of 43...

The SB is the Eagles' 43rd playoff game...
and Nick Foles' 43rd all time game.
Brady enters the game with 191 all time playoff interceptions. 191 is the 43rd prime.

From the Hostetler SB to this one:
324 months and 9 days (3249)
3249 is 57 squared...
"Foles" = 57.

Jeff Hostetler... J.H. "J.H." = 18 and
"J" = 1 and "H" = 8... another 18 for the year '18?

in reversed reduced "J.H." = 9... Foles wears #9.

Foles' initials, "NEF" = 25... SB 25...
and "NEF" = 56, Hostetler is 56 years old...

5x6=30, the 30th prime is 113, "Eagles" = 113
"Nicholas Edward Foles" = 113...

Nick Foles was born
"January twenty" = 223 [francis bacon]...

and Hostetler was born
"April twenty-second" = 223...

223 is the 48th prime, this is the 48th modern era SB...

"January twentieth" = 218 (2018 w/o the zero)...

"January twentieth" and "April twenty-second" = 92...

"Nick Foles" is 9 letters and 2 words (92)...

ok that might be silly but this is kind of neat:

"Jeff Hostetler Nick Foles" = 117... 117 is LII upside down... SB LII...

"Jeff Hostetler Nick Foles" = 351...
the SB is 351 days from Foles' birthday.

"Jeff Hostetler Nick Foles" = 99...
if Philly wins then New England stays at 523 all time wins...
523 is the 99th prime.

Hostetler's SB is remembered the for the missed FG that would have won it
for the Bills... The FG went wide right... Say "wide right" to any football fan and
they think of SB 25...

"wide right" = 103 (the 27th prime- NFC could get 27th SB win, etc, see all 27 stuff)
"wide right" = 58... Patriots are in their 58th season- see 58 stuff...
"wide right" = 50, SB is 50 weeks from Foles' bday, see other 50 stuff...
"wide right" = 140, time span from SB25 to SB52 9870 days 9870 is the 140th triangular number,
"wide right" = 59... 59 is the 17th prime, this is the '17 season.

And that's about that.

My next post will most likely be my full Super Bowl decode


thanks to Brendad F at for the Hostetler's 1st start in 1990 was v Cardinals
and Foles attended Arizona bit.
check his blog out!