Saturday, October 19, 2019

Ricky Williams Heisman Trophy Sold for $504,000

Former NFL RB Ricky Williams Heisman Trophy was sold for $504,000
Fitting since this NFL Season will end with SB54

This was sold on 10-18-19
The 43rd day of the NFL Season
107 days before SB54

Williams was the 64th Heisman winner
In 2015 Williams was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame.
2015 was the 64th CFB HOF class

Williams was the 2nd Texas Longhorn to win the Heisman
The first was Earl Campbell, who won in 1977
Williams was born in 1977 just like Tom Brady
Patriots can fall to 6-4 in SBs
Campbell is currently 64 years old & was the 43rd Heisman Winner
SB54 would be Brady’s 43rd playoff game

Williams was drafted in 1999 which the was NFL’s 64th Draft
Campbell was drafted in 1978 which was the NFL 43rd draft

Williams’s last NFL game was against the Patriots
Game was played on 1/22/12, the 22nd day of the year
The Patriots won 23-20 (43)
Williams finished with 22 rushing yards
SB54 on 2/2/2020, the 33rd day of the year

Williams started his career with the NO Saints
-This was in 1999, the Saints 33rd Season
Campbell ended his career with the NO Saints
-This was in 1985, the Saints 19th Season
New Orleans Area Code is 504
From Campbell's birthday (3/29) to William's (5/21) is 54 days

From Campbell’s birthday to SB54 is 311 days
311 = 64th prime

Both Campbell and Williams finished with 74 Reg Season touchdowns
Williams was born 74 days before Brady

Williams played both his 43rd & 54th NFL games against the Patriots

I am working on a post about the President Bush’s connection to this years SB
The Bush’s represented Texas so this info about the former Texas Heisman winners is relevant


  1. Ricky Williams = 1122
    Texas Longhorns = 1122
    Washington DC = 1122

    Ricky Williams drafted by the Montreal Expos aka the Washington Nationals

    Ricky Williams was "the Texas Tornado" @ UT
    Tornado hit Bush's hometown the day after the story about Heisman

    Earl Campbell's son Christian played H.S. football with Drew Brees. Brees is from Austin
    Ricky Williams from San Diego where Brees started his career

    Haven't looked too much into NFL part of this riddle but hope it helps

  2. Lots of info for the Saints as well. Could be Saints vs 49ers.

    Any connections with that show on FOX Prodigal Son?
    Kyle Shanahan and his dad Mike?
    His dad won his first Super Bowl in his 3rd year as Broncos HC.
    Kyle is in his 3rd year. He was 18 years old when his dad won his first SB. 61 = 18th prime. 49ers can go 6-1 in SB's.

  3. I think Pats will win their 7th SB. The miracle in Miami happened last season on the 343rd day of the year, pats lost with 33. 7x7x7 = 343. SB54 is being played on the 33rd day of the year. Jesus died and rose again at age 33. AFC can improve to 7-4 over the NFC when playing at Miami Gardens. Jesus = 74 (english ordinal). Pats can win the 27th SB for the AFC and there are 27 books in the NT. Miami = 27 and it would be tied 27-27. Brady born the 215th day of the year which is the area code of Philadelphia. Philadelphia is one of the seven churches of revelation. I'm thinking Pats might go 19-0. Invincible = 54

    Soccer and football are intertwined at the top level. Believe when I say this.

    Tottenham Lost 2-7 to Bayern Munich in the Champions league which is the biggest club competition in soccer. It was Bayerns 343rd CL game and Tottenhams 49th. 7x7x7 = 343 and 7x7 = 49. The MVP was number 22 for Bayern and SB54 is being played on 2/2. AFC can win its 27th SB.

    1. I forget to say that the game was played on October 1st this year. Tom Brady is friends with Tottenhams best player Harry Kane. Last year, Tottenham beat Leicester 2-6, 6 weeks before SB53. Pats won 6th SB and AFC's 26th.

    2. Pats lost the miami miracle game with 33. Brady and the Pats can resurrect as Brady can win his 33rd playoff game if they go on to win SB54.

  4. We are in the times of revelation.

  5. Brady SB record will be 7-3 if he wins SB54.

    Perfect = 73 (english ordinal)

    Unbeaten season?

  6. The only team to go unbeaten and win the SB where the Miami Dolphins and SB54 is being hosted in Miami.

  7. The address of Hard Rock Stadium is 347 Don Shula drive. Shula started 73 games in the NFL and helped his school team to a 7–3 win–loss record in his senior year.

  8. Brady signed a 2 years, $70 million contract extension before the season began. I can see 27 there and a 7.

  9. UFC 244 = 22
    SB54 on 2/2
    This Saturday on 11/2 (112)
    Super Bowl = 112
    Jorge Masvidal (from Miami)
    Nate Diaz (From Stockton, Nor Cal)

    They are expecting President Trump and RObert Kraft to be in attendance among other celebrities. According to The Rock, he is going to put the made up belt named "BMF" belt around the winners waist. Just mocking the masses on how fake all sports are. The article I read said, "Just imagine if Diaz is the one that gets the mic after the fight" I guess because of all the puppets that will be there watching. ESPN reports Diaz record as 21-11 but everywhere else they have his record at 20-11. Going off the ESPN record it would be no surprise to see Diaz get his 22nd win and what do you know it will be his 33rd career fight lol. Another 49ers SB connection??

  10. A movie was released called "incinvible" 13 years ago and guess who was the main star in the movie? Mark Wahlberg. He is a big Pats fan and released a movie called "patriots day".

    He wore 83 in the invincible movie and Brady's birthday is 8/3. Is this predictive programming for Brady to win SB54 with a perfect season?

    Invincible = 54

    Brady SB record will be 7-3 if he wins SB54.

    Perfect = 73 (english ordinal)

    1. Invincible was released on the 237nd day of the year. Brady opened up this season with 237 career wins.

      2x3x7 = 42 and Brady is currently 42 years old.

    2. The football player who invincible was based on was Vince Papale. He is currently 73 years old.

  11. It would be a huge masonic ritual if Brady won his 7th SB with a 33rd playoff win.

    G = 7

    G can be found in the middle of the masonic square and compass. There 33 degrees within scottish rite freemasonry.

  12. Jesus performed 33 miracles in the bible.

  13. Don Shula was a 9th round 110 pick. Can you see the 911?

    54 for the Patriots Don'ta Hightower will be exactly 1560 weeks old for SB54. 911 is the 156th prime. Think of the name "hightower", the high twin towers. Remember the Patriots are the 9/11 team. I will get into why they are later. Building 7 was the last building to fall on 9/11.

    1. Wow, Those are great finds.

      Shula was 54 years old during the 1984 Season which ended with the dolphins losing to the 49ers 38-16 (54)

  14. Richard Sherman in the news yesterday for donating 5K to a youth football team from Compton (his hometown) so they could afford to travel to their championship game in Florida!
    Yesterdays date 11/18 is 76 days before the Super Bowl
    Richard Sherman = 76
    Miami Gardens = 76 (Miami gardens FL is where Dolphins stadium is)
    Sherman donated $5K, "Five Thousand" = 54
    A rookie player from the Raiders also donated, he wears the #22. Too many connections. I would not be surprised if they end up signing Antonio Brown. Emmanuel Sanders and AB were teammates in Pittsburgh.

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