Friday, June 22, 2018

ESPN article about Ravens Rookie Orlando Brown Jr

Before I get into why this article jumped out at me, I will
Share what it was about

Ravens draft Pick, Orlando Brown Jr father, Orlando Brown Sr also played for the Ravens

Sr died back in 2011

Jr. was the Ravens 83rd pick of the 2018 draft
He went to college at Oklahoma

He was born the year the Ravens created their team
His dad was a long time Raven

Orlando Brown Sr died @ 40 years old on 9/23/11
This was Ravens HC, john Harbaugh, 49th bday
The next Super Bowl will be the 49th of the Modern Era
This date also leaves 99 days left in the year
2018 is the NFL's 99th season

Brown Sr was signed by the Cleveland Browns as an un-drafted free agent back in 1993
Atlanta hosted their first ever Super Bowl for the 93 season
They are hosting the Super Bowl for the 2018 season

The article also points out the Browns are the 40th father/son combo to play for the same franchise

In games Brown Sr played in his career record was 53-78-1
-Next Super Bowl will be the 53rd
-Brown Sr & Brown Jr wore/wear 78

In 2011 Ravens played the Rams the week before his
death &...
The Titans the week after Brown Sr's death
-WEEK 2: L vs Titans 26-13 (39)
-WEEK 3: W vs. Rams 37-7 (44)

Rams & Titans met in Super Bowl 34
This was the last SB hosted by Atlanta

If you total the scores (39+44) you get 83
Ravens drafted Brown Jr with the 83 pick in the 2018 draft
83 = 23rd prime
Ravens are going into their 23rd season
Brown Jr was born the same year of the Ravens 1st season (1996)

Brown Sr was he was born on 12/12/70
37 days later...
The Baltimore Colts would win SB5 on 1/17/18

He dies on 9/23/11
16 months 11 days later...
The Baltimore Ravens win SB47 on 2/3/13

The reason this Article stood up was because of the name "Orlando" and Baltimore connections
This reminded me of a shooting that took place in Great MIills Maryland, check it out below

Shooting in Great Mills, Maryland
Took place 34 days after the Parkland, FL shooting
This happened on the 79th day of the year
College Bball Coach Tubby Smith -Alumni of Great Mills

Smith was recently fired by the Memphis Tigers
Memphis hired former Penny Hardaway to replace him.
Hardaway was a former NBA Player
This was done the day of the Maryland shooting

Tubby Smith's first name is Orlando
Hardaway was drafted by the Golden State Warriors # 3 overall in the 1993 draft.
He was immediately traded to the Orlando Magic for Chris Webber.
Hardaway would team up with Shaquille and lead the Magic to the 1995 NBA Finals.

Baltimore also ties into the recent NCAA Tournament

A 16 seed up set a 1 seed in the NCAA tournament this year
The 16 see was from Baltimore, MD
They scored 53 points in the 2nd Half
53 = 16th prime

On the same day of this upset..
Michael Crabtree was signed by the Baltimore Ravens
-Former 49ers who played vs Ravens in SB47
47 = 15th prime
Crabtree wears # 15

Other finds:

The only tie in the Ravens history come on 11/16/97
This was Week 10 of the 1997 Season
They tied the Eagles 10-10
Both teams record became 4-6-1

Same # as flag day (6/14)
Flag day was a yuge riddle in last years Super Bowl

The date of the TIE being 1/16 is big as well
Joe Flacco birthday 1/16
16 seed upsetting a 1 seed (116)
NFL draft was on the 116th day of the year
NFL season starts on a day that leaves 116 days left in the year

The Ravens drafted QB Lamar Jackson in the 1st round
This appears to be signaling the end for Joe Flacco

The last QB to win a SB then not play on same team the following year was Trent Dilfer
This was after Dilfer won SB35 with the Ravens


  1. Good stuff bro!! So you really liking the Ravens chances this year so far to reach the SB? Against who the Rams?

    1. I like the Ravens, but the Patriots can never be written off either

      From the NFC I’m liking 49ers, Rams & Redskins for now