Monday, June 4, 2018

Dwight Clark / 49ers Riddle

Former 49er Tight End, Dwight Clark, passed away at 61

The # 61 jumped out at me because...
61 = 18th
The upcoming season will happen in 20(18)

Keep in mind 2018 is the NFLs 99th season

Clark was born on 1/8/57
-His 1/8 birthday is similar to 18
He died on 6/4/18
-This is the 155th day of the year and leaves 210 remaining
-From the day of his birthday to the day he died was 21 weeks

Clark is most famous for "The Catch" which happened during the 19(81)-82 season
He scored the game winning touchdown in the NFC Championship game
This gave the 49ers a 28-27 win over the Cowboys

The 49ers would then go on to win Super Bowl 16 vs the Bengals: 26-21
16 is 61 flipped but also....the 16th prime = 53
The next Super Bowl will be the 53rd
The 49ers win the 16th SB, 16 days after Clarks 24th birthday
Those 49ers finished that season with 16 wins

His last game was played on 1/9/88
The 49ers lost that game to the Vikings 36-24 in the playoffs
-In 2018 they open the season against the Vikings***

In Clarks first & last career games vs Minnesota...
Minnesota outscored SF 64-46 In Clarks 1st & last games!!
Which is insane because he died 6/4

Clark was 31 years old and had 1 catch for 13 yards in the game
This sticks out to me because...
31 = 11th prime & 13 = 6th prime (11/6)

Been seeing 116 a lot lately
The NFL draft was on the 116th day of the year and
The season starts on a date that leaves 116 days left in the year

We also had the first ever 16 seed upset a 1 in the NCAA tournament
This happened in North Carolina
Clark was born in North Carolin

Clark died 94 days before the start of the NFL Season (9/6/18)
94 is 49 flipped 49ers won the SB in the 1994 season
This was the 29th Super Bowl
In his last season Clark finished with 290 yards
The season when clark was 29
29 = 10th prime

New 49ers QB, Jimmy G, wears # 10
The 49ers traded for Jimmy G on 10/31/17
This was the 304th day of the year and leaves 61 remaining
We already know the importance of 61 but the 304 or 34 is as well
Super Bowl 53 will be played on the 34th day of the year

From the date of the Jimmy G trade to Clarks 61st bday (1/8/18) is a span of...
2 months 9 days or 10 weeks

From Jimmy G's Bday (11/2/18) to SB53 is span of 94 days

Ive also been documenting the # 58 in connection to the city of Atlanta who is hosting Super bowl 53

In both Weeks 5 & 8 the 49ers play the Cardinals (another bird team)
What's funny if that meet in the 1st & last weeks of October (10th month)
These teams have met 53 times
49ers lead series 29-24
-2018 will make it 24 seasons since the 49ers won SB29
-The 49ers also won SB24

***i may have figured out why “58” & “116” keep popping up
They both have 29 as a multiple
Just wanted to document that cause seems every post I do those #s have came up**

Anyway back to Clark, he wore #87 and his last NFL season was in 1987
29 * 3 =87

Looking at his Former head coach Bill Walsh there appears to be even more connections..
He won 3 SBs. Ages 50, 53, & 57...add those up you get 160 (16)

Walsh died on 11/30/07 which is the 334th day of the year and leaves 31 remaining
SB53 is the 34th day of the year and leaves 331

Walsh last game was in SB23 when the 49ers defeated the Bengals 20-16
In that SB, Joe Montana threw a 10 yard TD to # 82 John Taylor with 34 seconds left
Those 49ers finished 13-6 (136 which is the 16th triangular #)

Joe Montana's birthday is 6/11/56 which can be written 11/6
From his birthday to the start of the season is 87 days
As previously stated 87 is the number Clark wore
Clark’s 61st bday was 5 months 3 days prior to Montana’s 62nd bday
Clark caught 41 TD passes from Joe Montana

Clarks death is clearly a YUGE riddle for the upcoming season...

The 49ers are looking real good, honestly a little to good...makes me think it might be a trap to trick all of us paying attention to the numbers....

Just gotta keep paying attention

Getting minimal views/ zero comments on my post lately.. Not gonna stop me from making them but would enjoy to hear from people who are reading them to get some feedback....As the season gets closer im sure that will change

***Week 1 49ers @ Vikings**
49ers lead series 23-22-1
This will be the 47th matchup
-47 = 15th prime

Minnesota leads 14-9 @ home

I'm liking the Vikings to make the series 23-23-1 on 9/9/18
23 = 9th prime

I think I’ll do a full break down of the 49ers schedule like I did with the Falcons but heres another quick one

WEEK 10 @ home vs Giants
This will be the 41st matchup
-Series tied 20-20

This will be the 23rd in SF
SF leads 12-9

Can get 13th home series win in 41st matchup
13th prime = 41

The game is played on 11/12/18
-Which leaves 49 days left in the year
-SB53 will be the 49th SB of the modern era

The game is also 83 days before SB23
83 = 23rd prime


  1. I'm new to gematria. You should do nfl games every week. Maybe do some baseball games.

    1. I plan on doing a ton of NFL games this year, I don’t know about baseball tho.

      Way to many games

  2. Hey there- Wow, awesome- a ton of posts! I'm too whooped tonight to get into 'em, just did and posted my Dwight Clark breakdown, you know I'd be all over that one, haha, but yes, you have posted some stuff to get into and I will as soon as I can. Awesome stuff man.

    keep posting and working and digging into it!

    as for doing every NFL game- imagine if we did all 13-16 games EACH week! At the level let's say of my full decodes, man, I know I'd be toast within two weeks, hahaha, but yes, I plan to do a ton as well.

    baseball!? Ahhhh... I think there's too many basketball games to do, let alone to mess with baseball, my goodness. I did figure I like the Nationals this year tho- they haven't won it in any other "USA/America" connected season number, so maybe they win it this year in their 50th season. i think they're in their 50th, ok anyway...

    ok, cheers!

  3. Replies
    1. Good addition Emil,

      The season prior to the 49ers winning their first Super Bowl (SB16) they also went 6-10

      That was the 1980-81 season which was the 61st for the NFL

  4. *1980-81(80+81)=161(Golden Ratio)
    *(Date: 24/1)[Jan 24th]49ers win
    SB16 (Dwight Clark 61) *[16+61=77]*(7x7=49)

    *Clark born,1/8/57 to 1/24/81(1yr prior SB): (24yrs &16days){40}
    *1/8/57 to (SB16)1/24/82: (25yrs &16days){41}+{40}=81 [81-82season]
    *Adding years:(24+25=49)
    *Days(16+16)=32nd prime(131)=Championship

    *SB 16 (1/24/82) to 6/4/18[death]:
    36yrs(3x6=18)& 131days

    *(“Golden Ratio 1.61")=49(Septenary)
    *(“Eighty plus eighty one")=1523(Jewish) 241st Prime
    *(81+82)=163(38th Prime)*Death=38