Friday, June 1, 2018

2018 Falcons / 2002 Season

Since Atlanta is hosting Super Bowl 53 I wanted to take a look at their schedule for clues and do some early breakdowns.

This is their Francises 53rd Season.

For starters ATL is opening @ Philadelphia vs the defending Champion Eagles
That means ATL will be involved if the first and last game of the 2018 Season
ATL & Philly are also the last two teams to represent the NFC in the SB

The game will be played on 9/6/18
This is the 249th day of the year and leaves 116 days remaining
This game is 150 days before SB53

This will be their 35th matchup (19th meeting in Philly)
-Philly leads 19-14-1
-19 = 8th prime
ATL last hosted a SB 19 years ago (SB34)

Last time ATL win in Philly the score was 30-17 (47)
-47 = 15th prime
-ATL can get 15th win vs Philly all time
-Philly also beat ATL 15-10 in the playoffs last year

The dates of ATL's first and last home games of the season also stick out
-First Home Game-9/16/18
This is the 159th day of the year and leaves 106 days remaining
-Last Home Game-12/16/18
This is the 350th day of the year and leaves 15 days remaining
Both dates being on the 16th on the month is interesting
-16th prime = 53

From 9/16/18 to 12/16/18 is 91 days
-91 = 13th triangular #

Their first home game is against the Carolina Panthers who play in Charlotte, NC

Charlotte was the city where a 16 seed upset a # 1 seed in the NCAA tournament for the first time ever
-The 16 seed (UMBC) scored 53 points in the second half
The next time Falcons play the Panthers will be in Week 16
16th prime = 53

This will be the teams 47th match up
-ATL leads series 28-18
This will be the. 24th game in ATL
ATL leads 17-6

I'd bet these teams split the two matchups this year
That would make the series 29-19 all time
29 = 10 prime & 19 = 8th prime (108/18) in 20(18)

ATL win @ home gives them 18 vs Panthers all time in the 2018 season

If Carolina wins the match up @ home in Week 16 they would lead the series 13-11
13 = 6th prime 11 = 5th prime (65)
Virginia was the # 1 seed that lost to the 16 seed in Charlotte
Their record went to 31-3 (313 = 65th prime)

Falcons last home game on 12/16/18 is played 49 days before SB53
-SB53 will be the 49th SB of the Modern Era
-The date leaves 15 days left in the year and will be Week 15

They are playing the Cardinals in this game
This will be the 31st match up (11th prime)
Cardinals lead series 16-14
ATL can get 15th series win in Week 15

This will be the teams 19th meeting in ATL
19 = 8th prime
New Cardinals Coach, Steve Wilks birthday is 8/8
ATL leads series 12-6 @ home
Would also get 13th series home @ home and stay on 6 losses
6th prime = 13

Cards stay on 16 series wins on the 16th day of the month

Their 2nd home game is vs the Saints on 9/23/18
-This date leaves 99 days left in the year
-2018 is also the NFL's 99th NFL season
Which is a perfect day for the game because it will be the 99th meeting between this teams

ATL leads 52-46.
ATL leads 27-22 @ home

I think NO gets their 23rd win in ATL on 9/23
9th prime = 23

ATL leads the series 26-24 in NO
The next game will be the 51st in NO
Week 12 in NO for the 100th matchup ATL will get their 53rd series win

Home vs Cincinnati on 9/30/18
The game is 18 weeks before SB53
Game is also 4 weeks 4 days before (44)

This will be the 14th matchup
Cincy leads 8-5

This will be the 7th game in ATL
Series is tied 3-3

One team will improve to 4-3 in ATL in the teams 14th matchup
14th prime = 43

My gut says ATL wins this one

They travel to Pittsburg on 10/7/18
Once again this is a perfect day for these teams to play.
-First the date; 10/7 is a hidden 17
-From that day to SB53 is 17 weeks

This will be the 17th matchup between these teams
-Pitt leads the series 13-2-1

In the 2002 Season 16 years ago these teams tied 34-34.
-SB53 is going to be played on the 34th day of the year

ATL in 0-6-1 @ Pitt
A ATL win would make it 1-6-1 (16/61)
16th prime = 53 & 18th prime = 61

If Pitt loses the series will be 13-3-1 (13/31)
13 = 6th prime & 31 = 11th prime (More 116)

Based off all the 16 we are seeing I would bet ATL gets their first win in PITT this year

They play the NY Giants on Monday Night Football @ Home
DATE: 10/22/18
-This date leaves 70 days left in the year
-This game is 104 days before SB53

This will be the 25th match up
-Series is tied 12-12
This will be the 13th in ATL
The Giants surprising lead 8-4 in ATL

In a bunch of my previous post the # 58 was always coming up with ATL...
Liking ATL making the series 5-8 @ home and get their 13th win of the series

After a BYE they travel to Washington to play the Redskins
DATE: 11/4/18'
-This game is played 2 months 30 days before SB53
-SB53 is played on 2/3
-The game is also 91 days before SB53

This will be their 26th matchup
-Washington leads 15-9-1
-Washington leads 10-3 @ home

ATL last won in Washington back in 1993 the first year they hosted the SB
Score was 30-17 (47 / 15th prime)
Washington can stay on 15 series wins with a loss

But 16's seem like the play this year and Washington can get their 16th series win

WEEK 10:
They head to Cleveland
DATE: 11/11/18
-This date is 84 days before SB53
-Also is 2 months 23 days (223 = 48th prime)
The 84/48 stick out because ATL is on the 84th Meridian

This will be their 15th match up
-Cleveland leads the series 11-3
The 8th match up in Cleveland
-Cleveland leads 5-2 @ home

Liking ATL to make it 5-3

I made a post below on how I think the Browns will return to the playoffs this year
Last time they made it was 16 years ago in 2002
Week 17 they beat ATL 24-16 to clinch a playoff birth

WEEK 11:
The Cowboys come to ATL on 11/18/18
-This date is 2 months 16 days before SB53
-Funny because the Area Code of Cleveland is 216

Dallas leads the series 16-11
-Meaning This will be their 28th matchup
-The 28 sticks out because Dallas won SB28 which was the first year ATL hosted
-If a NFC team wins this year they will have 28 SB victories

The series is tied 7-7 in ATL
The game is also 77 days before SB 53

Based on all the 7's I'm liking Dallas to get 17th series win
7th prime = 17

WEEK 13:
Baltimore heads to ATL on 12/2/18
The game is 9 weeks before SB53
Also is 63 days

These teams were the only ones to draft QBs in the 1st round of the 2008 draft
Matt Ryan-3rd pick
Joe Flacco-18th pick
-Both players are 33 years old
From Flacco's 1/16 bday to this game is 10 months 16 days

Baltimore leads the series 3-2
-This will be the 6th matchup during Week 13
-6th prime = 13

This will be the 4th match up in ATL
ATL leads 2-1 @ home

Seems to me like ATL will tie the series 3-3

WEEK 14:
@ Green Bay on 12/9/18
8 weeks before SB53

This will be the teams 34th matchup
-GB leads 17-16
This will be the 17th matchup in GB
-GB leads 11-5

The game is 7 days after Aaron Rodgers 35th bday.
7th prime = 17

The 7/17 code appears to favor ATL

TAMPA 6 & 17:
ATL plays Tampa @ home in Week 6
They play in Tampa Bay Week 17

Week 6 will be the 50th meeting between the teams
ATL leads 25-24
It will be the 24th meeting in ATL
ATL leafs 13-10

The game is on 10/14/18
This game is 16 weeks before SB52 &
Also is 3 months 20 days before

ATL can make the series 14-10 in ATL on 10/14
I like ATL to win in Week 6

In Week 17 they meet in Tampa on 12/30/18

This would be the 51st match up between these teams
-This would be the 27th in Tampa
-Tampa leads 14-12 @ home

Not really sure about this last game

Alright so if you're keeping score;

Saints, Panthers Steelers, Giants, Browns, Ravens, Packers, Cardinals, Bucs

Saints, Panthers, Redskins, Cowboys

Eagles, Bengals, Bucs (2nd game)

That makes them 9-4.

I think they either go 10-6 (16) or...
12-4 which can be reduced to 3-4 (1+2=3)
Like I've said SB53 is being played on the 34th day of the year &...
The last Super Bowl ATL hosted was SB34

It's WAY too early they could easily go 4-12 or 6-10 but whatever haha

We will see what happens once the season starts

Now let's take a look at some 2002 connections...

I sprinkled some in during the ATL 2018 breakdown but here are some additional finds

ATL opens with the Eagles in Week 1...
Then ends with the Bucs in Week 17

In 2002 NFC Championship game the Bucs beat the Eagles 27-10 (37)
After that the Bucs would win SB37 vs the Raiders 48-21
In SB15 the Raiders Beat the Eagles 27-10 (37)
37 = 12th prime

2002 was the NFL 83rd Season
2018 was the 83rd Season of the NFL Draft
83 = 23rd prime #

The only team in their 23rd Season is the Ravens
Ravens HC John Harbaugh birthday is September 23rd (9/23)

Check out my post about the Hall of Fame game below
The Ravens are playing in it this year.

Only 3 teams who played in the game went to the SB
-01' Rams
-94' Chargers
-88' Bengals
All three got their 1st loss of the season 99 days before their respective SBs
They all would go on to lose in those SBs

Week 8 The Ravens play in Carolina on 10/8/18 which is a 99 days before SB53 if you include the end date
Week 8 is also the Week ATL had their Bye

We already have a connection between them through the NCAA #16 over #1 upset

From the date of this years HOF game (8/2/18) to 10/28/18 is span of 88 days

Seeing a lot of 28/82 which makes me think the NFC gets their 28th SB this year

**Seeing all these ties ATL has with teams makes me think there will be a few this upcoming season**


  1. ATL @ PHI 9618 THURSDAY
    the day that leaves 116 days in the year
    this is the first time they've faced each other on a
    "Thursday" = 116.

    it will be their 35th all time meeting
    "Thursday" = 35

    see right there, people need to realize that that is NOT
    coincidence... regardless of making correct predictions
    or not- this stuff shows that something is going on.

    ATL can get their 15th win in the all time series...
    15 was involved in their previous two games:
    previous meeting: PHI won 15 to ten
    the one before that: PHI won twenty-four to 15...

    ...and actually, the one before that was in the year '15.

    AND actually, the one before THAT totaled to 47 points,
    the 15th prime... 15 involved in their previous four games.

    The previous time 15 wasn't on one of their games was
    played on 9/18... and now this one will be in the month of
    9 and in the year '18. (99th NFL season too)

    Other 15s?

    ...they've only played each other on the 15th ONE time,
    it was the one tie...

    ...and in their 15th all time meeting the total score was
    51... the reverse of 15... (ATl in SB51, PHI off of a SB)

    ...and 15 years ago, back in twenty-oh-three they met in the playoffs at the end of one season, and in the next regular season. That was the first time they ever did that. Then they did it again in twenty-oh-five... So in '03 and in '05... 3 x 5 = 15.

    they've had one game with a margin of 15 points.
    in 'ninety-six PHI won thirty-three to eighteen.
    (that was a date w/56 numerology and was the 56th prime
    number of months and 15 days before this meeting.
    (263 months, 15 days)).

    and PHI's SB win was on a date w/15 numerology as well.

    Matt Ryan is 99-69 all time...
    "Atlanta" = 69
    "Thursday Night" = 69
    first time playing on Thursday night...
    plus the 15 stuff... I'd go ATL right now.
    PLUS the previous time ATL won in PHI, like you said,
    the score totaled to 47 so... yep, ATL.

    in fact looking at all this 15 charge and opening against
    the SB champs, hosting the SB, and the 15s on their final home game 49 days before SB... almost makes ya think ATL for the SB.

    maybe the riddle is 15 prime numbered SBs have been played
    and now in the next one ATL becomes the first team to make it in their home stadium?
    keep in mind "Atlanta" = 15.

    week three:
    another beautiful example of, regardless of predictions, this stuff is way beyond coincidence... the 99th meeting of ATL/NO on the day that leaves 99 days in the year, in the NFL's 99th season.
    INSANE. I might differ with ya here though, I might like ATL to get their 53rd win in this 99season charged game, the year of SB53 which ATL is hosting! ... and then getting their 47th loss to NO in the 51st meeting in NO because they were in SB51, the 47th of the modern era.

    week seven:
    BEAUTIFUL 70 thing here... ATl/NYG on the day that leaves
    70 days in the year...
    "Falcons" = 70
    "Giants" = 70.
    Could be a special/memorable game too (maybe a tie?)
    The 25th meeting
    "Falcons" = 25
    "Giants" = 25

    as for your 58 idea and ATL improving to 5-8
    "Monday Night" = 58.

    and what a time to be playing on "MNF" = 12
    with the series tied 12-12

    week nine:
    maybe WAS wins and improves to 11-3 @ home vs ATL
    beating ATL off of their "Bye Week" = 113.

    week thirteen:
    BAL/ATL on 12/2...
    "Flacco" = 122... and in many other ways,
    he's loaded with 122.

    Ok... Love your HOF game breakdown
    boy if BAL gets their first loss in week 8... eh? Wow.
    and the 49ers being involved in two of the previous three,
    beating the '94 chargers and '88 bengals...
    does it happen again and they beat the '18 ravens!?!

    the HOF game is 5 weeks and 3 days before BAL's first game.

    Ok cheers!

  2. Yea it’s way to early to predicting games, I started this post just wanting to just to a schedule breakdown then started seeing signs pointing to one team beating the other.

    I like you point about the Saints, one thing we know is they should split this season

    I’m definitely feeling a Tie or two this year based on the numbers

    Should be a fun season of decoding, get those videos going!!