Friday, May 4, 2018

Alex Smith

Alex Smith is one of the reasons I am liking the Redskins

DOB: 5/7/18
127TH D.O.Y, 238 remaining

ATR: 90-67-1 (158 starts)
RSR: 88-62-1 (151 starts/36th prime)

He's now been traded twice during his career

49ers to Chiefs (3/12/13)
Chiefs to Redskins /(3/14/18)

These trades were 5 years 3 days apart if you include the end day (53)

The first time he was traded for the 34th pick in the 2013 draft
Smith turns 34 before the 2018 Season

The first trade was also 5 weeks 3 days after the 49ers lost SB47 to the Ravens
The second trade was 5 weeks 3 days after SB52

Smith last start as a Chief was a L to Titans
Game played on 1/6/18
Score: 22-21 (43)
Game was 121 days before Smith's 34th bday

Smith last start as 49ers was a T to the Rams
Game Played 11/11/12 (316th D.O.Y)
Score: 24-24 (48)
Game was 188 days after 28th bday &...
177 days before 29th bday

Interesting teams because...
The Rams and Titans met in SB34 in ATL
This was the last time ATL hosted the SB

His first full season as a starter was 2006
49ers went 7-9 that season
Smith had 16 TDs & 16 INt

Smith's started 3 games vs ATL in his career

First start vs ATL was on 11/4/07 (week 8)
This date left 53 days left in the year
Falcons won 20-16
Smith was 23 years 181 days old
181 = 42nd prime
Smith got his 18th AT loss &...
Stayed on 11 AT wins (5th prime)

Next start vs ATL was on 10/3/10
ATL won 16-14
Smith was 26 years 149 days old (35th prime)
Smith got this 28th AT loss
ATL hosted S28
Smith stayed on 16 wins

Last start was 12/4/16
Chiefs won 29-28 (57))
This was 211 days after smith's 5/7 BD
211 = 47th prime
Smith got his 87th AT win &...
Stayed on 49 AT losses


The Redskins will be playing the Falcons on 11/4/18 @ home
The game is 181 days after Smiths 34th Bday (42nd Prime)

This game is 2 Months 30 days before SB53 (23)
SB53 played on. 2/3

Redskins lead Falcons 15-9-1 (27th matchup)
16 been hot this year so I'm thinking Redskins win this game

Last time the Redskins beat the Falcons @ home was in 1993
This was the first year ATL hosted the SC
Skins won 30-17 (47)

Redskins leading rusher had 10 carries for 16 yards
1..6 YPC

That's all i got for now...

Update 7-15-18

Smith was born 106 days after SB18
Raiders defeated Redskins 38-9 (47)


  1. Great post as always Wokestool. I've been noticing that there is a big Native American/Indian narrative in regards to Alex Smith. Ironically the last game that he played in as a 49er was against the only Native American Starting Quarterback in the league in Sam Bradford.
    Samuel Eugene Bradford=270,1105
    St Louis Rams=47
    Sam Bradford=47
    Colin Kaepernick=74 (The Quarterback who replaced Alex Smith)
    Native American=135
    Cherokee-47,350 (Sam Bradford is Cherokee)
    The Game occurred during Week Ten of that Season and exactly 325 weeks before this upcoming SB
    Week Ten=106
    Three Hundred Twenty Five Weeks=106,135,30
    Tie=48 (The game finished with a total of 48 points)
    The three Native American teams that he played for have an interesting Gematria:
    Utes + Redskins+ Chiefs=106
    As we know it will 27 years after the Redskins won their last SB
    Twenty Seven=53
    The Redskins/ Falcons game will be on a date numerology of 53. What's interesting is another game on that date that I've been looking at attentively is the Packers/Patriots game in New England. That may be a possible preview for the Super Bowl.
    November Fourth=74,106,115

  2. Good finds with the Native Americans/Bradford

    Redskins open this season vs Cardinals/Bradford

    Then there’s a story about a player the Redskins cut saying the teams names is rascist

    I wonder if this will be the theme of the year like the Flag was last year.

    Patriots/Packers are always popular Super Bowl picks which makes sense because they have the two best QBs

    To me if feels like LeBron vs Kobe where it also happened every year but fell apart got one reason or another.

    But “P” is the 16th letter of the alphabet
    16th prime = 53

    So maybe this is the year they make the matchup happen

    Great work pty, keep it up!

  3. The narrative will probably be set around the 1st QTR of the regular season. And oh wow I didn't even that they were playing the Cardinals week 1. Alex Smith always has some connections as the NFC west.
    The game is in University Of Phoenix Stadium exactly 147 days before the Super Bowl
    University Of Phoenix Stadium=110,,403
    Sam Bradford=47
    A.J. Francis has some interesting Gematria
    A.J. Francis=45,47,84,119,270
    Anthony Joseph Francis=129,147
    His birthday is 272 days before this upcoming Super Bowl (27/72)
    Born on a date Numerology of 121
    Born exactly 1500 weeks before SB53
    Fifteen Hundred Weeks= 202 (The D.C. area code)
    He played college football at the University of Maryland
    The first team he played for was the Miami Dolphins are who are hosting Super Bowl 54 in Sun Life Stadium
    Sun Life Stadium=54
    Super Bowl 53 has a date numerology of 54
    He signed the Redskins 120 months and 5 days before the SB
    Washington D.C.=125
    Of course there is always more to find out. Keep up the Amazing work bro and God bless you :):)

  4. I found more 36/63 Connections in regards to this AJ Francis cat:
    He was born 630 weeks before the Last Redskins SB victory (Super Bowl 26)
    The Metrodome=603
    Joe Flacco=63
    Delaware=636 (Flacco's alma mater)
    Jay Gruden=630
    Jim Kelly=306
    Hubert Humphrey=136 (He became Vice President in 63)