Thursday, May 31, 2018

AFC North vs NFC West

It's still early but after my most recent post were I went back and looked at the SB history, I thought I would share my findings on another potential SB matchup

The past two times the Patriots have lost a SB to an NFC East Team (SB's 42 & 46)....
In following Super Bowl an AFC North team beat a NFC West Team
-SB43: Steelers over Cardinals: 27-23
-SB47: Ravens over 49ers: 34-31

The Patriots just lost to the Eagles in SB52

Also in the Super Bowl # in these games are prime #s
-43 = 14th prime
-47 = 15th prime
-53 = 16th prime

The AFC North & NFC West have even more history together
-In SB14 the Steelers beat the LA Rams 31-19 (50)
-In SB16 the 49ers beat the Bengals 26-21 (47)

The only matchup not to be AFC North vs NFC West was...
SB15: Where the Raiders beat the Eagles 27-10 (37)
However we just saw the Eagles win SB52 so clearly this matchup is connected.

While I would not at all be surprised to see the Steelers, Rams, make it, The matchup I'm leaning towards is between...

Ravens & 49ers

If you've been reading my post you can clearly tell I'm hot on the Ravens
A lot can change during the year but for now these two seem like a solid match up based on the #s

Recall these teams previously met in SB47..
In Both Ravens SB wins they've scored 34 points
SB47 was played on 2/3 (Feb 2nd) which is the 34th day of the year
SB53 will also be played on the 2/3
The last SB ATL hosted was SB34

The following year the Ravens won SB35
Flip 35 you get 53
53 = 16th prime, Flip 16 you get 61
If 49ers win SB53, their SB record would be 6-1 (61)
49ers HC, Kyle Shannan, current record is 6-10
61 = 18th prime
The upcoming season is 20(18)

49ers current playoff record is 31-21
If they got a First Round Bye then won SB 53 they would have 34 wins
Recall SB53 will be played on the 34th day of the year
They would also stay on 21 losses while dropping the Ravens SB record to 2-1
21st prime = 73
2018 will be the 49ers 73rd Season

Ravens Current Playoff Record is 15-8
If they would to start in the Wild Card Round then lose in SB53 their record would become 18-9
Staying on 18 playoff wins to end the 20(18) Season also looks good

If Ravens do make SB53 from the WC Round...
SB53 would be the franchise's 379th all time game
379 = 75th prime
The NFL's 75th Season was in 1994...
The 49ers beat the Chargers in SB29 by a score of 49-26 (75)

Early that year on 1/30/1994 The Cowboys Defeated the Bills in SB28
SB28 was the first year ATL hosted a SB
SB28 was the end of the 74th NFL Season
Fast forward to the most recent SB which was SB52
The total points scored was 74 points

SB53 will also be the 49th SB of the Modern Era
I recently saw the 49ers were wearing throwback uniforms from the 94' season
That's not a coincidence....

If these teams do meet in SB53 regardless of result they would have a combined SB Record of 8-2 after the game
The Ravens open the Pre Season by playing in the Hall of Fame game
The HOF game is schedule to be played on 8/2
This game is 6 months 1 day before SB53

SB53 is 18 days after Joe Flacco's 34th birthday
Flacco was also the 18th pick in the 2008 draft
The only other QB drafted in the first round that year was Matt Ryan by the Falcons
Atlanta is hosting SB53

If the Ravens went 3-1 in the playoff this year Flaccos playoff record would go to 13-6
136 = 16th triangular #
We just had a 16 seed from Baltimore upset a # 1 Seed in the NCAA Tourney
Flacco's Bday is also 1/16

On this same day of the historic upset....
The Baltimore Ravens signed former SF 49er wide receiver, Michael Crabtree.
Crabtree was on the 49ers in SB47
Crabtree will turn 31 this year
In SB 47 he scored a 31 yard TD

31 = 11th prime
Raiders won SB11
Crabtree played for the Raiders last Season

Back to Ravens & 49ers...
From their teams previous match up in SB47 to SB53 is 313 weeks
313 = 65th prime (SB47 total score)
#1 Virginia fell to 31-3 after being upset by #16 UMBC
After losing SB47 the 49ers record dropped to 13-5-1
In The NCAA Tourney 16 seeds are now 1-135 against 1 seeds in the

Here's Another 116...
SF currently had 16 ties
Baltimore currently has 1

Finally ill end with this.
The NFC currently leads the AFC 27-25 in SB Wins
A NFC win would make it 28-25 lead
If you reduce 2+8 = 10, 2+5 = 7
10-7 or 107 which is the 28th prime

When these team played in SB47
Joe Flacco was 28 years old &...
49ers QB Colin Kaepernick was 25 years old

That's all for now, we will see what happens as the season gets close

**update: 6/6/18**
2018 will be SF's 73rd season & baltimore's 23

The 96' season was Baltimore 1st

That year in Week 12 they played the 49ers
-SF won 38-20 (58)
-SF became 8-3 on the year, Balt dropped to 3-8

What I find most interesting is the date of this game which was 11/17/96

If you flip 11/17 you get LIII which is Roman numerals for 53
The upcoming SB will be the 53rd

The Primes on their seasons as well
73=21st prime
23=9th prime

21/9 or 219
The upcoming SB will be played in 2019

Update 6/13/18

The 2017 49ers started the season 0-9 and finished 6-1in SF
This season on 9/16/18 they will be the Detroit Lions (Week 2)
The 49ers won SB16 in Detroit, this was the teams 1st SB
AS stated 16th prime = 53

SB16 was played on 1/24/82, 29ers scored 26 points
Week 2 will be the 26th matchup between the 49ers & Lions in SF
If 49ers Win they will lead the series 24-10-1 in SF
The lions would also stay on 28 all time wins vs the 49ers


  1. Yep, I love all the 73 stuff for the niners in their 73rd season and love that they'd be on 21 playoff losses if they win the SB, I like that if they beat BAL BAL's SB record would be 2-1

    as for BAL's playoff record your 18 idea makes sense but... if they are a one or two seed and make the SB they'd be at 17-8 in the playoffs, and then if they lost the SB they'd be 17-9 (179)
    179 the 41st prime "Super Bowl" = 41
    what a better time to fall to 17-9 than in the SB?

    but a couple other wild card scenarios you laid out do make sense.

    hey what's this about SF wearing '94 uniforms?

    Oh, love the 313 weeks from SB47 to SB53.

    from SB47 to the start of this season, get this, 2041 days...
    241 the 53rd prime.

    aka 67 months and 3 days, 673 is the 122nd prime
    recall Flacco's the 122 man.

    and DUDE! your update, connecting back to '96...
    that matchup that year of BAL/SF, 38-20... first thing I saw was 283... 38-20 (382, 382 reversed is 283)...

    ...and we all should know that 283 is the 61st prime!

    and then second thing, that score is a difference of 18!

    plus going into that game BAL had given up 286 points
    by surrendering 38 to SF in that game they had then
    given up 324 points... 324 is 18 squared.

    oh and their final win that year brought their record to 4-9 after the win... 49th modern SB... 49ers...

    and they finished that year scoring 21 points in their final game. 21 stuff all over the niners and BAL's record could be 2-1 in SBs etc.
    (they gave up 441 points on the year: 441 is 21 squared)

    the niners scored 28 points in that years playoffs
    (maybe they get 28th NFC SB win)
    scoring 14 in both playoff games
    (14/41 "Super Bowl" = 41)

    SF's point differential for the entire year was 134
    134 / 431... 431 is the 83rd prime.
    83rd NFL draft/Ravens 23rd season

    great stuff man!

    back in early March I fell in love with the Ravens. You were there.

    but then as now, current official pick: Buffalo/San Francisco,
    bench pick: Baltimore/San Francisco.

    but I'm starting to look at Baltimore more and more
    and they are starting to edge up on their seat, getting ready to jump up and enter the game... hahaha. I don't know.


  2. They announced the 49ers will be wearing 94’ throw back uniforms for 2 games this year

    Those games haven’t but announced yet so we will have to pay attention to when they are..

    You asking about it made me look a little deeper so get this.

    The day they announced his was 5/23
    523 as we know is 99th prime

    This was 109 days before 49ers first game
    109 = 29th prime
    9ers won SB29 in 94

    Just have to laugh at that....

    Great work yet again WBC!

    We are gonna need to figure out how a good way to approach each week this season.

    Maybe we both can pick some games that we see connections on before hand

    Like you have mentioned doing this does burn you out after a while so don’t want to go overboard

    Falcons, 49ers, Patriots, Ravens, Bills def need to be done weekly

    We will figure it out

    Appreciate all the feed back you provide!