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Super Bowl History / Prime Numbers

Alright so on this post I want to get a lot of eyes on because there is a ton of information that I will miss and the more people who see the more we will find. I get little to no views on this blog so please share on whatever forum you wish so more people can look at this information and find more connections.

I went back and looked at all the Super Bowl Matchups were the final combined score totaled a Prime #

Green Bay Packers over KC Chiefs in Los Angeles, CA
SCORE: 33-14 (47 = 15th prime)
-Both SB15 & SB 47 were played in New Orleans
-Both were won by the AFC
-Both games had a Bird team playing a team from CA
-Raiders vs Eagles (15) & Ravens vs 49ers (47)

New York Jets over Baltimore Colts in Miami, FL
SCORE: 16-7 (23= 9th prime)
-In SB9 & SB23 the Steelers & 49ers would both win their first on back to back SBs
-Steelers won SB9 in New Orleans then SB10 in Miami
-49ers won SB23 in Miami then won SB24 in New Orleans
-Steelers SB's 9 & 10 total 19 (8th prime)
-49ers SB's 23 & 24 total 47 (15th prime)

Baltimore Colts over Dallas Cowboys in Miami, FL
SCORE: 16-13 (29= 10th prime)
-Both SB10 & 29 were played in Miami
-In SB10 the Steelers defeated the Cowboys
-To get to SB29 the 49ers & Chargers had to defeat the Cowboys and Steelers respectfully

Miami Dolphins over Minnesota Vikings in Houston, TX
SCORE: 24=7 (31 = 11th prime)
8th prime = 19
Dolphins lost in SB 19 to the 49ers; 38-16

Cowboys over Denver Broncos in New Orleans, LA
SCORE: 27-10 (37 = 12th prime)
- Bo

Raiders over Eagles in New Orleans, LA
SCORE: 27-10 (37=12th prime)
-SB12 & 15 played had same score (27-10) and both played in New Orleans
-Raiders played in both SB15 & 37

49ers over Bengals in Pontiac, MI
SCORE: 26-21 (47 = 15th prime)
-SB16 was 49ers 1st appearance, SB47 currently last appearance

Raiders over Redskins in Tampa, FL
SCORE: 38-9 (47th = 15th prime)
-SB's 15, 18 & 47 all won by "R" teams (Raiders & Ravens)
-All also played in NFC South Stadiums (Tampa & New Orleans)

Giants over Broncos in Los Angeles, CA
SCORE: 39-20 (59 = 17th prime)
-SB17 also win by NFC East team (Redskins)
-Both SB 17 & 21 played in LA
-In SB17 & 21: Redskins & Giants get 1st ever SB wins

Redskins over Bills in Minneapolis, MN
SCORE: 37-24 (61 = 18th prime)
-Redskins played in both SB26 & SB18

Cowboys over Bills in Atlanta, GA
SCORE: 30-13 (43 = 14th prime)
-In both SB 14 & 43 the Steelers defeated a NFC West Team which were...
-The Rams who scored 19 points (8th prime) vs Steelers &...
-The Cardinals who scored 23 (9th prime)
-The Rams and Cardinals were also making their 1st SB appearances

Broncos over Falcons in Miami, FL
SCORE: 34-19 (53 = 16th prime)

Ravens over Giants in Tampa, FL
SCORE: 34-7 (41 = 13th prime)
-SB's 13, 35 & 41 where played in Florida
-In those games the losing team finished with a prime # score
-SB13: Dallas-31/11th prime, SB35 Giants-7/4th prime, SB41-Bears 17/7th prime

Patriots over Rams in New Orleans, LA
SCORE: 20-17 (37 = 12th prime)

Patriots over Panthers in Houston, TX
SCORE: 32-29 (61 = 18th prime)

Steelers over Seahawks in Detroit, MI
SCORE: 21-10 (31 = 11th prime)

Giants over Patriots in Glendale, AZ
SCORE: 17-14 (31 =11th prime)
-Patriots loss both SB42 & SB31

Ok so if you haven't fallen asleep yet and are still with me lets take a look at the matchup/teams connections

If your keeping count that is 17 SB's where the combined final score totals a Prime #
Then add 1+2+3, etc... all the way to 17 you get 153
153 = 17th triangular #

Add up all the respective SB #s you get 378
378 = 27th triangular #

Add up the total points in all the games you get 715
Nothing sticks out about that # for now

Add up the prime # that go with the SB #s you get 229
229 = 50th prime
Next season will be the 50th SB of the Modern Era...
I have a feeling the total score will be a Prime #

I'm sure there are connections to those #s which is why I want more eyes seeing them to help out, but im moving on for now

The AFC leads the NFC: 10-7 in these games
107 = 28th prime

After SB's 2, 3 & 5...
No SB # that was a prime had a total combined score that was a prime

Keep in mind the upcoming SB will be the 53rd
53 = 16th prime
If that patten continues the total score will not be a prime #

SB53 will be the 15th primed # SB
As stated 15th prime = 47

Thats all I got for now I will update when I have more time.

Like I said please feel free to share this where ever you can. There is a lot more information to go through and find more connections

The more eyes that get to see this the more information we will find...

Here's a Random find since I had been looking at all the SB's
SB8: Miami defeats Vikings 24-7
8th prime = 19
SB19: SF defeats Miami 38-16 (54)

The score of 54 sticks out to me because Miami is hosting SB54
Also if you reduce the scores...
3+8=11 & 1+6 = 7
11 = 5th prime & 7 = 4th (54)

Every SB the Colts have played in has been in Miami
SB3: L to Jets 16-7
SB5: W vs. Dallas 16-13
SB41: W vs. Bears 29-17
SB44: L to Saints 31-17 (Prime reduced comes to 5-4)....
31-11-5 & 17-7-4

All those scores add to 136 which is the 16th triangular #

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  1. This is beautiful stuff. Reminds me of my post here:
    I had an era in there, I said the only SBs where both scores were prime numbers were SB14, SB41, and SB44
    and wondered how SB40 didn't hit on that (but its total score was prime) well I missed SB4... that also feat. two prime scores. So it is always a 1 and 4 involved!
    IF the 1s/4s code is ever broken, I think the next time both scores are prime will either be this year if the AFC wins and keeps the NFC on 27 SB wins, or when the AFC wins and gets their 27th SB win. Because those SB #s added up: 4+14+41+44=103 and 103 is the 27th prime

    This post reminds me of something I was trying to figure up in my head the other night... when a prime numbered SB
    is played in a prime numbered year... this year it's 53 in '19.

    Checked and there have been 9 of those so far:
    SB05 played in '71 (03rd prime in 20th prime)
    SB07 played in '73 (04th prime in 21st prime)
    SB13 played in '79 (06th prime in 22nd prime)
    SB17 played in '83 (07th prime in 23rd prime)
    SB23 played in '89 (09th prime in 24th prime)
    SB31 played in '97 (11th prime in 25th prime)
    SB37 played in '03 (12th prime in 02nd prime)
    SB41 played in '07 (13th prime in 04th prime)
    SB47 played in '13 (15th prime in 06th prime)

    The city of Baltimore has TWO of those nine.
    San Francisco also has TWO of those nine.

    The scores are currently both prime:
    Winning teams: 229 (50th prime)
    Losing teams: 157 (37th prime)

    50+37=87, Redskins in their 87th season.

    The only one where a prime numbered SB was at the end of
    a prime numbered season (the year the season starts
    not when the SB is played) is
    SB02 concluding the '67 season (01st prime concluding 19th prime).

    Ok, 7 times the difference between a SB that the total score was prime and the next time it happened has been 2...

    7 times the difference has been 2.
    SB03 - SB05...
    SB16 - SB18...
    SB26 - SB28...
    SB33 - SB35...
    SB36 - SB38...
    SB38 - SB40...
    SB40 - SB42...

    4 times the difference has been 3.
    SB05 - SB08...
    SB12 - SB15...
    SB15 - SB18...
    SB18 - SB21...

    3 times the difference has been 1 (aka back-to-back)
    SB02 - SB03...
    SB15 - SB16...
    SB35 - SB36...

    2 times the difference has been 5.
    SB21 - SB26
    SB28 - SB33

    1 time the difference has been 4.
    SB08 - SB12...

    So we're currently sitting on SB42 as the most recent
    one that the total score was prime.

    So the next time it happens it's already blown the previous high out of the water... if it's SB53 that'd be 11!

    May be, because the previous distances have either been
    1, 2, 3, 4, or 5... so up to 5... the 5th prime is 11.

    If it is 53 that would be a total score being prime in a prime SB played in a prime year... the only other one was SB5. and that one featured Baltimore...

    Oh, your Colts in Miami...
    I know you've mentioned you like the Colts for SB54...
    just on a feeling I'm thinking Colts vs Lions for 54.

    if the Miami thing continues for the Colts, how wild!

    Ok well, made some mad comments here tonight.
    Keep up the work- you are great with the non-words = #s
    stuff- the scores, records, dates, and primes and stuff.
    Keep it coming man!