Monday, May 14, 2018

Cleveland Browns return to the Playoffs?

The Browns returned to Cleveland in 1999
This was the last year ATL hosted 34th Super Bowl

Since they returned in 1999 the Browns record is;
RSR: 88-216 (304 games)
ATR: 88-217 (305 games)

The 1999 Browns won 2 games
-Week 8 they defeated the Saints 21-16 (37)
-Week 10 they defeated the Steelers 16-15 (31)

Interesting 16 points involved with both games
Browns currently have 16 Playoffs wins
16th prime = 53
ATL hosting SB53

The 1999 Browns also played the two teams who would play in SB34
-Week 2: L to the Titans 26-9 (35)
-Week 7: L to the Rams 34-3 (37)

Other findings...

Since their return the only season they made the playoffs was 2002
This was 16 years ago
In Week 17 they defeated the Atlanta Falcons 24-16 to clinch a playoff spot

Those same '02 Falcons tied with the Steelers in Week 10: 34-34
Both teams records went to 5-3-1 after
Hmmm might be something more to that??

In 1953 the Browns reached the NFL Championship Game
They lost to the Lions 17-16 (33)
This was the 34th NFL Season
SB53 will be on the 34th day of the year

The numbers I keep seeing involving Cleveland appear to look good for them

This offseason Cleveland added some top tier players so the NFL is making a Cleveland turn around not look that surprising


  1. I agree... was thinking about it when looking at the draft. Wouldn't surprise me if they are at least in the hunt right to week 17... good stuff man.

    "Browns" = 35...
    35/53, maybe they reverse their fortunes

    it was the 83rd draft
    "Cleveland Browns" = 83

    "Jim Brown" = 49 (49th SB modern era)

    "Jim Nathaniel Brown" = 349, 70th prime
    Browns' 70th season...

    and I don't think they've kept the coach, Jackson, there through a 1-31 record to just keep losing...

    so right on man.

    oh and that prev. playoff game totaled to 69
    "Atlanta" = 69

  2. The 83rd draft is interesting...

    Last time Browns made the playoffs was the NFLs 83rd Season

    Also their HC

    The first game of the season with be Hue Jackson 49th game as HC...
    49th SB of the Modern Era

    His 53rd birthday is 6 weeks 1 day after the first Sunday of the year (9/9) 99th NFL Season

    61/18 & 53/16

    Some strong codes for the Browns to make it back to the playoffs

    1. Hue's 49th... nice. 83rd nfl season very nice... 53/61 birthday span nice nice...

      had to comment, just noticed this was your 33rd post.
      i'm sure you know about Cleveland and 33.

      when you think about the 6 afc spots it's hard to take someone else out for cleveland but i'm still thinking the patriots fall off so they can have their spot, haha. maybe belichick's final year and some symmetry or symbolism for his time in Cleveland... ok cheers!

    2. Yes I do know about Cleveland and 33 funny how that works out huh?

      Then they announced the Browns will be the 13th team to be on Hard Knocks.

      13th triangular # is 91 which is 19 flipped

      But we'll see WBC, looking forward to your Vikings videos!

    3. Hue Jackson and other Browns members are jumping in a lake on 6/1... 61... 18...

      it's a date w/18 numerology too.

      "Hard Knocks" = 67... 19th prime.
      also it = 156, 33 connection
      and 218 (2018).

      "thirteenth" = 53

      "thirteenth team" = 67

      anyway. now watch it be Vikings and not 49ers.

      post done but struggling with how to do the video.
      but anyway

  3. You should decode my texans schedule lol