Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Super Bowl 52 / Brett Favre / Prince / Terry Glenn

The Eagles are going to have Brett Favre speak with their team before SB52.

This seemed random at first, but after some digging,I found some connections as to why this is happening ...Enjoy!

Eagles coach,Doug Pederson, was Favre's back up in SB31
The Packers defeated the Patriots 35-21 in that SB
The game was in New Orleans and played on the 26th day of the year.
The O/U was 52 points

This upcoming SB is 117 days after Favre's 48th bday.
117 flipped is LII (52)
Favre played for Minnesota, who is hosting SB52.

52 is a reflection of 25
SB25 took place in 1991
In SB25, backup QB Hostetler lead the Giants to a win over the Buffalo Bills
12 weeks later Favre is drafted

Favre was drafted on 4/21/91 by The Atlanta Falcons
Then "25" years later...
On 4/21/16,The artist formerly known as Prince dies
Prince was from Minnesota
His last concert took place in Atlanta, he played 25 songs

Prince had a song called "I will die 4U"
"U" is the 21st letter of the alphabet (4/21)
From SB52 date (2/4) til 4/21 is span of 77 days

Brett Favre last NFL season was 2010
He would turn 41 during that season
Prince performed the halftime show @ SB41
Brady's 41st bday is 180 days after SB52 which is being played in 20(18)
41 = 13th prime

Favre's started 13 games in 2010
His record was 5-8
He would finish his career with 508 TD passes
Prince was born in 58
Belichick was 58 during the 2010 season
2017 is the Patriots 58th season

Favre would finish the season with
11 TDs 19 INTs
11 = 5th prime / 19 = 8th prime (58)

Brett Favre consectutive start streak ended this season
His last start of the Streak would be in Week "13" aganist the Buffalo Bills
The Vikings beat the Bills 38-14 (52)

The following week the Vikings played the Giants
(Bills & Giants= SB25 teAms)
Favre didn't start due to injury
This ended his streak at 297 straight
The Vikings would lose to the Giants
This dropped their record to 5-8

Favre & the Vikings also lost to Brady & the Patriots earlier that year
After that loss the Vikings record dropped to 2-5
The score was 28-18 (46)
46th prime = 199
Favre finished his career with 199 wins
Brady was the 199th pick in the draft

As stated Prince died in 2016
That same year Favre turned 46
And was also inducted in the Pro Football Hall of Fame

Terry Glenn caught Brady's 1st ever TD pass
He died 77 days before SB52
In 2001 he played for the Patriots
In 2002 he played for the Packers
Both those seasons he averaged 14.6 yards per catch!
Flag Day & Trump Bday (6/14)
I got a YUGE post on that which if you haven the already go check it out

To tie everything together...
Glenn played for the Patriots in SB31 against Favre, Pederson & the Packers

Let me know your thoughts on these connections

"When one realises one is asleep, at that moment one is already half-awake"
-P.D. Ouspensky

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Super Bowl 52

15-3 Eagles vs 15-3 Patriots
Game played 2/4/18 @ 6:30EST
35th day of the year

Eagles lead series 7-6.
This will be the 14th meeting.
Last meeting on 12/6/15
Eagles won 35-28 (63)

These teams played in SB39
Patriots won 24-21 (45)

New England Patriots
ATR: 523-405-9
Playoffs: 34-19

Bill Belichick
DOB: 4/16/52 (65 y/o)
ATR: 278-128
Playoffs: 28-10
The game is 71 days before his 66th BD.

Tom Brady
DOB: 8/3/77 (40 Y/o)
ATR: 223-64
Playoffs: 27-9

The game is 180 days before his 41st birthday.

Brady is currently 14-5 all time vs. NFC East teams.
See my blog below with regards to Flag Day (6/14).
That Patriots beat the Eagles 14-6 in 1977, same year Brady was born.
Terry Glenn died 77 days before SB52
He caught the first ever Tom Brady Touchdown pass

Philadelphia Eagles
ATR: 587-615-26
This will be there 1229th game all time
1229 = 201st prime.
Playoffs: 21-21

Doug Pederson
DOB: 1/31/68.
ATR: 22-12. (2-0 Playoffs)
This will be his 35th game as HC.

Interesting Pederson was a back up QB for the Packers when they played the Patriots in SB31.
That game was played on the 26th day of the year.
The O/U was listed at 52
The score was 35-21 (65)
Brady can get his 65th loss
More on Back up Qbs below.

Nick Foles
DOB: 1/20/89 (29 y/o)
ATR: 24-18. This will be his 43rd start.

The SB is 15 days after this 29th bday
Foles got his first start Week 15
The game is 150 days after the first regular season game (Pats vs Chiefs)

Can get 25th win in SB 52
25 a reflection of 52
In SB25 the backup QB, Jeff Hostetler, lead the NYG to a win over the Bills.
Hostetler was also 29 years old when he won.

See WayBeyondCoincidence Blog which I have shared below for a full breakdown on the connections between these two back up Qbs.

Other info that sticks out;

Michael Jordan Connections.
Michael Jordan won his 6th title on 6/14/98 (flag Day)
That was Trumps 52nd birthday
Brady can win his 6th title in SB52 to end the 98th NFL Season.

NFC EAst Teams are 8-2 vs AFC teams in SB.
This will be the 11th matchup
If Patriots win, it will 8-3 (Brady birthday)

Whats interesting is the NFC East has outscored the AFC 263-155
That's a +108 point differential, here we are in 20(18)
Also if you add up all the SB # they matched up it you get 263
263=56th prime

Both teams also lost #11 to injuries
(Edelman & Wentz)

Brady, Foles & Hostetler all replaced # 11 in their careers
(Bledsoe, Wentz & Simms)

Alex Reimer is the radio host who got Brady pissed by talking about his daughter.
They are now reporting he was on the Jay Leno show back in 2005.
The same year Patriots last played the Eagles in the SB

I hope to add more to this post before the game...

Jeff Hostetler Riddle / Super Bowl 52

I'm sharing the work from another decoder. Be sure to check out his page he does a great job.

A team from the NFC East, heavy under dogs, lost their starting QB
to injury late in the regular season, backup came in and lead them to
the Super Bowl, where they face a team from the AFC east,
in a state that equals 38...

Am I talking about the 1990 New York Giants and backup QB
Jeff Hostetler? Or am I talking about the 2017 Philadelphia Eagles
and backup QB Nick Foles?

One was Super Bowl 25. This is Super Bowl 52.
52 is the reverse of 25. Does it happen again?

If so it would be Nick Foles' 25th all time win...
and he seems awfully connected to Jeff Hostetler...

To begin with, just in their names:

"Jeff Hostetler" = 149\\
//"Nick Foles" = 149
"Nick Edward Foles" = 149.

"Jeff Hostetler" = 68\\
//"Nick Edward Foles" = 68.

"Jeff Hostetler" = 201 [francis bacon]\\
//"Foles" = 21.

"William Jeffrey Hostetler" = 138\\
//"Nicholas Foles" = 138.

"Hostetler" = 50\\
//"Nick Foles" = 50.

"Hostetler" = 49\\
//"Nick Foles" = 49.
"Nick Edward Foles" = 227 (49th prime).

"Hostetler" = 58\\
//"Nicholas Edward Foles" = 271 [francis bacon] (58th prime).

Then there's more for almost each one of those connections:

for the 149 (35th prime):
{{"Jeff Hostetler" = 149
"Nick Foles" = 149
"Nick Edward Foles" = 149}}
SB is 350 (35) days from Foles' birthday.
if he wins he improves to 20-11 all time w/Philly
2011 is the 305th prime (35)...
and they would prevent NE from getting their 35th playoff win,
71 days (71st prime is 353, a 35 both ways) from "Bill" = 35 Belichick's birthday.

Plus the Eagles coach, Doug Pederson, was a backup QB himself
and the SB is his 35th all time game...

and the previous game between the Eagles and Patriots,
the Eagles won with 35 points.

for the 68:
{{"Jeff Hostetler" = 68
"Nick Edward Foles" = 68}}
Doug Pederson (backup QB himself) was born in '68.

for the 21:
{{"Jeff Hostetler" = 201 [francis bacon]
"Foles" = 21}}
It's 2 weeks and 1 day (21) from Foles' birthday.

If they win they stay at 21 playoff losses.

"Doug" = 73 [francis bacon] (21st prime).

for the 50:
{{"Hostetler" = 50.
"Nick Foles" = 50}}
it's 50 weeks from Foles' birthday

Pederson will have just turned 50 a few days prior.

And they could beat "Brady" = 50.

for the 49:
{{"Hostetler" = 49.
"Nick Foles" = 49. "Nick Edward Foles" = 227}}
"Eagles" = 49

Pederson was 49 years old when they made the SB.
"Douglas Pederson" = 227 [francis bacon].

for the 58:
{{"Hostetler" = 58.
"Nicholas Edward Foles" = 271 [francis bacon]}}
Patriots are in their 58th season and Belichick & Brady could
fall to 27-10 (271) in the playoffs. 271 is the 58th prime.

And then there are other connections between Hostetler and Foles and the Eagles:

\\"Jeff Hostetler" = 202
He was born on the 22nd. His initials, "WJH" = 22.

The Super Bowl is 2 weeks and 2 days (22) from
Nick Foles' birthday.

"Eagles" = 22.
"Philadelphia Eagles" = 202 [francis bacon].
if they win they get their 22nd playoff win.

"Doug Irving Pederson" = 222
he enters the game with 22 all time wins...
"Douglas" = 79

"Philadelphia" = 79.//

\\Hostetler is 56 years old.

Foles enters the game with 56 all time touchdown w/Philadelphia.//

\\"Jeff Hostetler" = 67

67 is the 19th prime and Nick Foles enters the game
with 19 interceptions w/Philly.

If they win they improve to 22-21 in the playoffs,
2221 is the 331st prime, 331 is the 67th...

"Douglas Pederson" = 67.//

\\"Jeff Hostetler" = 59. He was the 59th overall draft pick.

Philly wins they get their 590th (59) all time win...

...and this is the '17 season. 59 is the 17th prime.//

\\"William Jeffrey Hostetler" = 129.

Nick Foles has birth numerology of 129.

it could be Belichick's 129th all time loss...

Plus, it's 11 months and 27 days (1127) from
Pederson's birthday... 1127 reversed is 7211...
7211 is the 921st prime... 921 reversed is 129...

AND the QB jersey numbers are 12 and 9 (129)//

\\"William Jeffrey Hostetler" = 114 and "Jeffrey" = 114
The SB is 9 month, 1 week, and 6 days (916) from his bday,
916 reversed is 619, 619 is the 114th prime...
and he was born in "Hollsopple" = 114.

"Doug Irving Pederson" = 114

"Minneapolis Minnesota" = 114.//

\\"William Jeffrey Hostetler" = 345

Nick Foles was born on the day that leaves 345 in the year.//

\\"Hostetler" = 122

"Pederson" = 122 [francis bacon].//

\\"Hostetler" = 41, his initials "WJH" = 41
he was born in "Hollsopple" = 41

On the day of the SB Foles is 10608 (168) days old 168 reversed is 861...
861 is the 41st triangular number.

"Super Bowl" = 41.//

So, Hostetler and Foles and the Eagles certainly seem connected...

Guess what... during the Hostetler SB season the Eagles happened
to play the Patriots (they don't play every year) and te Eagles won...
and they won with 48 points... SB 52 is the 48th SB of the modern era!

The MVP of Hostetler's SB wore #24 and this year's SB is on 2/4...
he went by the name O.J. & before this season began the famous O.J. was paroled.

"O.J." = 25 btw... SB 25 / SB 52... Hostetler has birth numerology of 25.

the previous time the Eagles and Patriots played was on the day that
leaves 25 days left in the year.

The SB is Belichick's 324th all time game. 325 is 25 squared.

If Philly wins then they will have 25 more losses than wins in their history.

BTW, that would mean New England would have 117 more wins than losses...
117 upside down is LII ... this is SB LII...

From the date of SB 25 to the date of SB 52:
324 months, 1 week, and 1 day, or 32411...
32411 reversed is 11423 which is the 1378th prime...
1378 just happens to be the 52nd triangular number... SB 52!

that's 9870 days... the 9870th prime is 103217...
I see 103 and 217 in 103217... the 217 is 2017 w/o the zero. This is the 2017 season.
103 is the 27th prime...
The NFC can get its 27th Super Bowl win
SB 25 was on the 27th... has the Eagles ranked as the seventh best offense,
the fourth best defense, thirteenth is passing, and third in rushing...
add those up... it's 27...
Brady would stay at 27 playoff wins (& Belichick at 27 w/New England)...
oh, btw, "Jeff" = 27.

Who better for the NFC to get their 27th SB win against:
"twenty-seven" = 46.
"Tom Brady" = 46, Brady went to "Michigan" = 46,
and Brady was the 199th overall draft pick. 199 is the 46th prime.

"twenty-seven" also = 125 (152 rearranged) and that brings us to our next section...

I noticed that during the Wild Card week of the playoffs this year,
the total number of points scored was 152... Maybe this year was a good
year to have a clue encoded in the Wild Card games because it's the year
of SB 52 and "Wild Card" = 52. Also 152 divided by the number of games (4)
equals 38 and the Super Bowl is in "Minnesota" = 38 and "U.S. Bank Stadium" = 38.

So, 152...

Back then, right after Wild Card week, I searched Google for "152"
and found an obscure horror film by that title. It's just called "152".
I noticed that it was released on 4/22 the year it was released and then...
a couple weeks later when I start checking the numbers on Jeff Hostetler,
to my astonishment, I see he was born on... 4/22!!!!!

My first thoughts on what team(s) the 152 might be good for was mainly
centered around either Drew Brees or Ben Roethlisberger's chances to
get their 152nd all time win by winning the Super Bowl... my second thought
was for either Pittsburgh or Philadelphia because they are from
"Pennsylvania" = 152.

GUESS where Hostetler was born (and attended college)...


When Philadelphia beat Atlanta I was pretty convinced it was going to be
the "Pennsylvania Bowl" and be Pit vs Philly...

Anyway, guess how many reg. season games Hostetler played in?


Ok so, the day the film "152" was released had numerology of 52!
and also of 32, "Eagles" = 32.

It was released on the 112th day of the year, or 211 reversed...
If Foles' wins he improves to 20-11 (211) all time w/Philly...

It was the day that leaves 253 days in the year...
"William Hostetler" = 253 [francis bacon]...
"Philadelphia Eagles New England Patriots Super Bowl fifty-two" = 253...
253 is the 22nd triangular number. Recall the 22 stuff:
\\"Jeff Hostetler" = 202
He was born (and the film was released) on the 22nd. His initials, "WJH" = 22.

The Super Bowl is 2 weeks and 2 days (22) from
Nick Foles' birthday.

"Eagles" = 22.
"Philadelphia Eagles" = 202 [francis bacon].
if they win they get their 22nd playoff win.

"Doug Irving Pederson" = 222
he enters the game with 22 all time wins...
"Douglas" = 79 (the 22nd prime).

"Philadelphia" = 79.//

...and then also, the 253rd prime is 1607 (167)...
on the day of the SB Nick Foles' is 10607 days old...
167 is the 39th prime and it's his 39th all time game appearance w/Philly...

And I'm not sure if this includes playoff games or not
but there's been a total of 16007 (167) NFL games to date...
so maybe that's just reg. season, but still...

Now, 152 reversed is 251, which is the 54th prime. PLUS "one hundred fifty-two" = 251...
Hostetler's birthday (4/22/61) to the release of the film "152" (4/22/06)
was exactly 540 months... 540 (54)...
Doug Pederson will be 50 years and 4 days old (54) on the day of the SB...
Foles' full first name, "Nicholas" = 54 [francis bacon]...
the SB is the Patriots' 54th playoff game...

Hostetler was 45 years old the day the film came out. Reverse of 54...
"New England" = 45...

the previous time they played each other was 791 days prior to the SB...
791 is 197 reversed... 197 is the 45th prime...

Now, like we said when we began the 152 section, 152 rearranged is 125...
The Giants finished the Hostetler SB season 12-5 (125)...

and another rearrangement is 521... 521 is the 98th prime...
this is the 98th season of the NFL...

Hostetler has 98 rushing yards in his playoff career.

And that about covers the 152 stuff.

Back to the time span between the Hostetler SB and this one...
9870 days... 9870 has 32 divisors... I think 32 will show up big on this
year's SB because it's the 48th of the modern era and 4x8=32.
I've checked that back quite a ways and it seems pretty solid.
The previous SB was the 47th, 4x7=28 and it went to O.T. 28-28...
but anyway...

32... "Eagles" = 32
the previous time they played the Patriots was 2y, 1m, 4w, and 1d prior, (2141)
and 2141 is the 323rd prime (a 32 both ways)...
that time span is also 2y, 1m, and 29d (2129) and 2129 is the 320th prime...

"Nicholas Edward Foles" = 320.

Pederson was born 1/31 (131, the 32nd prime).

Anyone else notice all the 29 scores this season? 29 is a rare score for
a team to score, and out of 16007 NFL games (that counts this season)
there were only 231 games in which at least one team scored 29...
That's 0.0144511 percent...

Just in the 2017 regular season there were 8 such games!
That's 0.03125 percent...

if you count this year's playoff games it's 9 and that's 0.0338345 percent,
which is, what, like 2.3 times higher than the average in NFL history?!?

Well Hostetler's birthday 4/22, the 422nd prime is 2917...
see the 29, and the 17... like 29 has been hot in '17 season...

Nick Foles just turned 29 years old...

"twenty-nine" = 49
{{"Hostetler" = 49.
"Nick Foles" = 49. "Nick Edward Foles" = 227}}
"Eagles" = 49

Pederson was 49 years old when they made the SB.
"Douglas Pederson" = 227 [francis bacon].

"twenty-nine" = 149
{{"Jeff Hostetler" = 149
"Nick Foles" = 149
"Nick Edward Foles" = 149}}
SB is 350 (35) days from Foles' birthday.
if he wins he improves to 20-11 all time w/Philly
2011 is the 305th prime (35)...
and they would prevent NE from getting their 35th playoff win,
71 days (71st prime is 353, a 35 both ways) from "Bill" = 35 Belichick's birthday.

Plus the Eagles coach, Doug Pederson, was a backup QB himself
and the SB is his 35th all time game...

and the previous game between the Eagles and Patriots,
the Eagles won with 35 points.

"twenty-nine" = 50
{{"Hostetler" = 50.
"Nick Foles" = 50}}
it's 50 weeks from Foles' birthday

Pederson will have just turned 50 a few days prior.

And they could beat "Brady" = 50.

and "twenty-five" (Hostetler SB25) is identical to "twenty-nine".

Hostetler's nickname, "Hoss" = 29.

Foles will be 29 years and 15 days old on the day of the SB...
the SB is 15 days from his birthday and Hostetler wore #15.

From the previous Eagles/Patriots game to this SB is
25 months and 29 days (SB25 and 29 stuff...)

Foles enters the SB with 29 all time interceptions.

The weeks the 29 scores happened this season were:
week 1, 2, 4, 7, 8, 15, and 16... add 'em up it's 53...
if Philly wins then Belichick stays at 241 all time wins w/NE
241 is the 53rd prime.

if we count the playoff week where a 29 score happened, it was
the 19th week, and so add 'em all up and it's 72...
the reverse of 27... Recall all the 27 stuff already talked about.

27 adds to 9 btw, and Foles wears #9 and from the anniversary of
the Hostetler SB, to this SB is 9 days...

More time span stuff form the Hostetler SB to this one...
9870 days... w/o the zero: 987 and 987 is the 16th Fibonacci number...
16 is 4 squared...

this could be the Eagles 4th football championship,
it's on the 4th, on the 44th parallel, and it's 4 days from Pederson's birthday.

From Hostetler's SB to this one, including the end date,
1410 weeks and 1 day (14101) and 14101 is 59 x 239...
59 x 239... that's the 17th prime times the 52nd...
the '17 season and SB 52...

Hostetler was born in '61... 61 is the 18th prime... it's the year '18...("Jeff" = 18)
All of Philly's scores vs New England, reduced to single digits and added
equals 61...

All of New England's scores vs Philly, reduced to single digits and added
equals 59... it's the '17 season (59 is the 17th prime)...

Now, you might think that would be all... but no, we dig even more!

Let's look at Hostetler's seasons, both the year he won the SB (1990)
and the year Nick Foles was born (1989)...

The Giants' first loss of Hostetler's SB year was to the Eagles! And it was on the 25th! They lost by 18 points! And their first win that year was against the Eagles! (they won with 27, NFC gets 27th SB win, recall all the 27 stuff, and they won by 7, 7th prime is 17 this is the '17 season...)

Hostetler's first start that season was vs the Cardinals. Foles went to Arizona.

As mentioned: Foles could get 25th win: he could beat "Bill Belichick" = 97 (the 25th prime). "Giants" = 25. Hostetler started 25 reg. season games for them, and won SB25 for them, duh.

They finished the 1990 reg. season by beating the Patriots... The score was 13-10 (131) the 32nd prime and as we already talked about I have a theory that 32 will show up on this year's SB 'cause it's the 48th of the modern era and 4x8=32... I've checked that back a good ways...
so recall all the 32 stuff... "Eagles" = 32 e.g.

So that was the Hostetler SB year, 1990, but Foles was born in 1989. So as for Hostetler in 1989: Hostetler apparently appeared in all 16 games for the Giants in their 1989 season but the first game he appears in the box score was week three and it was against... the Cardinals! (remember, Foles went to Arizona). He went 1 for 1 for 8 yards. They had 22 total completions in the game- his 1 completion helped bring the total to 22 (remember all the 22 stuff)... And they won the game with 35 points (see the 35 stuff).

Now get this, his next appearance in the box score was week five (week three/week five another 35?)... and it featured his first touchdown of the season... it was against the Eagles! and it was a very weird one... Well first, it was for 22 yards! He was 1-1 for 22yds. Remember the 22 stuff! But it was weird because it was to their linebacker Carl Banks! (initials "C" and "B" or 32? see the 32 stuff). And that was the Giants' first loss of the season and they fell to 4-1 (41) "Super Bowl" = 41... The date was 10/8 (108 or 18) and had numerology of 107 (17) and 117 (LII), and 45 ("New England" = 45)...

The next time he appears in the box score was week eight (week three plus week five equals week eight?)... Monday Night Football... against Minnesota! ...and the game totaled to 38 points!
"Minnesota" = 38 etc, and Philly advanced to the SB with 38 points... And they won that Monday Night game (with 24 points, SB is on 2/4) to improve to 7-1 (71 | 17)...

Then he started his one start of 1989 the next week, in week nine against the Cardinals! Foles went to Arizona and wears #9. His long pass was for 35 yards... see the 35 stuff.

Then he had one rushing attempt for three yards in week eleven. The Giants beat the Seahawks 15-3 (same as records of PHI and NE this year and adds to 18).

And the Giants finished the year 12-5 (152 rearranged like we already talked about)...
And so that was 17 games that year, the year Foles was born...
now Foles could win it in the '17 season.

And other odds and ends...

Hostetler has birth numerology of 43...

The SB is the Eagles' 43rd playoff game...
and Nick Foles' 43rd all time game.
Brady enters the game with 191 all time playoff interceptions. 191 is the 43rd prime.

From the Hostetler SB to this one:
324 months and 9 days (3249)
3249 is 57 squared...
"Foles" = 57.

Jeff Hostetler... J.H. "J.H." = 18 and
"J" = 1 and "H" = 8... another 18 for the year '18?

in reversed reduced "J.H." = 9... Foles wears #9.

Foles' initials, "NEF" = 25... SB 25...
and "NEF" = 56, Hostetler is 56 years old...

5x6=30, the 30th prime is 113, "Eagles" = 113
"Nicholas Edward Foles" = 113...

Nick Foles was born
"January twenty" = 223 [francis bacon]...

and Hostetler was born
"April twenty-second" = 223...

223 is the 48th prime, this is the 48th modern era SB...

"January twentieth" = 218 (2018 w/o the zero)...

"January twentieth" and "April twenty-second" = 92...

"Nick Foles" is 9 letters and 2 words (92)...

ok that might be silly but this is kind of neat:

"Jeff Hostetler Nick Foles" = 117... 117 is LII upside down... SB LII...

"Jeff Hostetler Nick Foles" = 351...
the SB is 351 days from Foles' birthday.

"Jeff Hostetler Nick Foles" = 99...
if Philly wins then New England stays at 523 all time wins...
523 is the 99th prime.

Hostetler's SB is remembered the for the missed FG that would have won it
for the Bills... The FG went wide right... Say "wide right" to any football fan and
they think of SB 25...

"wide right" = 103 (the 27th prime- NFC could get 27th SB win, etc, see all 27 stuff)
"wide right" = 58... Patriots are in their 58th season- see 58 stuff...
"wide right" = 50, SB is 50 weeks from Foles' bday, see other 50 stuff...
"wide right" = 140, time span from SB25 to SB52 9870 days 9870 is the 140th triangular number,
"wide right" = 59... 59 is the 17th prime, this is the '17 season.

And that's about that.

My next post will most likely be my full Super Bowl decode


thanks to Brendad F at for the Hostetler's 1st start in 1990 was v Cardinals
and Foles attended Arizona bit.
check his blog out!

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Super Bowl 49 / The # 21

Patriots defeat Seahawks 28-24

The game ended when Seahawks QB, Russel Wilson, pass was intercepted by Malcom Butler.

The game was played on 2/1
There was 21 seconds left on the clock
The down was 2nd and 1
Butler wears # 21
Brady got his 21st playoff win
Wilson Finished 12 for 21 with 2 TDs 1 INT
21 is a reflection of 12
Seattle fans are known as the "12s"

That's a whole lotta 21s all coming together at the same time 🤔
What are the odds this all happened to be a coincidence?!?!?

Now let's look at the Seahawks playing calling in the game

This was the FIRST time all season the Seahawks threw the ball on the one yard line.
Why would a coach do anything for the first time all season with the Super Bowl on the line ??

The main reason they didn't have throw the ball was because they had a guy on their team by the name of Marshawn Lynch, who was a beast and could get 1 yard in his sleep.
The play before The INT, Lynch ran for 4 yards (it was 1st and 5 because of a NE plenty).

Pete Carroll's decision to throw the ball in that situation is considered the worst call in NFL History.

The Seahawks were down by 4 points, so a field goal was not an option.
As stated it was 2nd down when the INT happened, anyone trying to win the game would have ran it at least one more time with Lynch, he could fall down and get a yard. That would have been the smart play to call.
If that didn't work they still had two more downs to throw.
Passing in that situation made 0 sense.

Lynch finished the game with 102 rushing yards. A hidden 12/21
Also he had 24 carries (Seahawks final score)
Like I said before he was averaging 4.25 aganist the Pats
But they don't give him the ball at the 1 to win the Super Bowl LOL

Instead Pete Carrolll had the million dollar idea to throw a slant to Ricardo Lockette
Ask yourself who in their right mind would rather have Ricardo Lockette get the ball than Marshawn Lynch with the Super Bowl on the line?

"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident"

Arthur Schopenhauer, German philosopher (1788 – 1860)

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

A look back at Superbowl 51

For those who were living under a rock and don't remember, this was the Patriots making an epic comeback vs the Falcons

The greatest quarterback ever making the biggest comeback in Super Bowl History.

The Patriots were down 25 points but scored 31 straight to win 34-28 in OT.

Couldn't have scripted in any better...

That was the end of the 97th NFL season
97 = 25th prime

The game was played on 2/5
Brady got his 25th playoff win in his 34th game (Won with 34 points)
AFC won its 25th Super

The half time performer was Lady Gaga
Her birthday is 3/28 (Can be written 28/3)
Patriots trailed 28-3 in the game

On 10/9/16;
The Simpsons 3rd episode of their 28th season aired
That sameday Brady returned from his suspension.
The episode was called the Town and about the Patriots and Brady.
10/9 is the 283rd day of the year. (28/3)
The Simpsons are known for "predicting" future event

The game would go to OT tied 28-28
Then #28 (James White) scores the game Winning TD
This was #28's 3rd TD of the gane (28/3)

28 is a perfect #
This means the divisors of that sum to it
1 + 2 + 7 + 14 =28
These numbers are very rare,so that sticks out.

I'm interested in hearing what the average person thinks about all those connections.

Back to the 31 straights points;
31 is like 3-1.

2016 was all about teAms coming back after being down 3-1
-Warriors over Thunder
-Cavs over Warriors
-Cubs over Indians

But now let's look at the game.

ATL was up 28-20 with under 4 minutes. after a Matt Ryan 27 yard pass to Julio Jones, it was 1st and 10 on the Patriots 22yard line. This is a 39 yard field goal which is easy for an NFL kicker.

Alll Atlanta had to do was kill as much clock as possible then have their kicker hit the field goal to make it a two score game. At that point there would not have been enough time on the clock for the Patriots to score twice. The game would have been over. They could have done this by just kneeling the ball.

So these coaches who supposedly get paid millions of dollars, who are coaching in the biggest game of their lives didn't figure that out?

I digress, back to them having 1st and 10 at the 22. At this point according to Profootball reference they had over 98% chance to win the game. AKA you'd have to try to lose the game.

Then Matt Ryan gets sacked for a 13 yard loss and some penalties put them out of field Goal range. By the time they punted it was 4th and 33 at the 45. In the biggest series of all these players/coaches careers they lost 23 yards? They did this knowing a field goal would give them the win since they would be up two scorers with a couple minutes left. YEA OK.

Their kicker, Matt Bryant, holds the NFL record for LONGEST field goal at 64 yards, so yea he's pretty good. If ATL had some how managed to ONLY lose 13 yards on their biggest career possession; Bryant Would need to hit a 55 yard FG to give them a two possession lead to seal the game.

What we were told was the Falcons were aggressive all year and that's why they kept throwing the ball, but that's bullshit. If they were actually trying to win the game they would not have called plays that out them out of FG range when a field goal would have guaranteed a win in the SUPERBOWL

The garbage play calling alone should make it obvious never mind when you incorporate the numbers. They put all this right in front of our faces for all to see, yet the vast majority cannot and if you try to show them they refuse to believe it.

"“Heavy physical work, the care of home and children, petty quarrels with neighbors, films, football, beer, and above all, gambling filled up the horizon of their minds. To keep them in control was not difficult"

That's a quote from George Orwells book 1984, if you don't know about that book do some research. The book is fairly accurate to today's society.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Flag Day / Trump / Harvey / Super Bowl

Flag Day 6/14/1777

Trump birthday 6/14/1946

First American Flag was sewed at 239 Arch street in Philadelphia.

The flag was 239 years old when Trump became president.
Recently is was reported that Trump weighed 239lbs

On 9/23/17(which can also be written 23/9/17)
Trump made a YUGE deal about the NFL Players kneeling during the national anthem, this was also considered protesting the Flag.

During the 2001 Season Brady replaced Bledsoe on 9/23 or 23/9
This came 52 days after his 24th birthday

239 is the 52nd Prime number.
This will be the 52nd Super Bowl.

The New England Patriots will be playing the PHILADELPHIA Eagles.
Both teams mascots are symbols used to represent the USA.

The Super Bowl will be played in Minnesota which is known as "the land of 10,000 lakes" because of ancient flooding.

The previous Super Bowl was hosted by Houston.
The game was played on 2/5/17 which can be written as 5/2/17
Houston was flooded by Hurricane Harvey on August 27 which is the 239th day of the year.

Side note-The first pitcher to pitch in Houston after the flood was Matt HARVEY.

The Flooding took place 29 weeks after Super bowl 51.
Eagles QB Nick Foles turns 29, 15 days before Super Bowl 52.
He got his first start this season in Week 15.

Also his initials
N= 14th Letter of the alphabet.
F = 6th letter.
Another 6/14

The Eagles starter,Carson Wentz,was hurt Week 14 in LA vs the Rams.
The Eagles won that game 43-35
14th prime = 43

The Superbowl will be the Eagles 43rd playoff game all time.
This will also their 14th all time meeting vs Patriots
Patriots can get 35th playoff win all time .

With a loss Eagles fall to 7-7 vs Patriots
Last week we saw the Jaguars record fall to 7-7 in playoffs
In 1977 the Patriots beat the Eagles 14-6 (Anotha One)
See my blog below for more 77 connections to the Patriots.

The Patriots and Eagles played aganist eachother in SB39 in Jacksonville
The score was 24-21 which sums to 45.
Trump is the 45th president.

From Flag day/Trump bday to 9/23 is 101 days
101= 26th prime
AFC can win their 26th all time Super Bowl
Both Brady and Foles had 26 completions last week

Flip 26 and you get 62
Scores of SB51 sum to 62
Brady had 62 pass attempts in SB51
Last week Patriots scored 24, Eagles 38 (62)
Brady can improve to 6-2 in SB

The Celtics lost to the Magic on the same day as the AFC Championship
The lost kept the Celtics at 62 wins vs Magic all time
Michigan (Brady almamater) won with 62 points in basketball on this day as well

Michael Jordan won his 6th title on 6/14/98
That was Trump 52nd birthday
Brady can win his 6th title in SB52 in the 98th NFL Season

Lastly, from the date Trump got pissed at the NFL about the protest (9/23) to the Super Bowl (2/4) is 135 days
Carson Wentz did not throw an interception until his 135th career pass.

If you find this interesting check out this blog

New England Patriots Dynasty

New England Patriot Dynasty

Comparisons to the first 3 Superbowls to now

Patriots beat Rams 20-17
(NFC West)

Buccaneers beat Raiders 48-21
(NFC South & AFC West)

Patriots beat Panthers 32-29
(NFC South)

Patriots beat Eagles 24-21
(NFC East)

Flash forward to 2014 The Patriots will appear in 3 Superbowls in 4 years just like before.

Patriots beat Seahawks 28-24
(NFC West)

Broncos beat Panthers 27-10
(AFC West & NFC South)

Patriots beat Falcons 34-28
(NFC South)

Patriots playing Eagles ???
(NFC East)

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

AFC Championship-Jaguars @ Patriots

12-6 Jaguars @ 14-3 Patriots
Game played 1/21/17
21st day of the year & leaves 344 remaining

14 days til SB52

Patriots lead series 10-1
This will be the 12th game.

Patriots lead the series 7-0 in NE.

These teams last met in the playoff on 1/12/08

Patriots won 31-20 (51)

That game was exactly 3662 days prior to the upcoming game.

This sticks out to me because this will be Brady's 36th playoff game.
If they win he will go to the Super Bowl with a chance to improve his record to 6-2

If the Patriots win the AFC will have won 26 Superbowls.

Bill Belichick
DOB: 4/16/52
ATR: 277-128
This will be his 406th game.
Playoffs: 27-10

The game is 280 days after his 65th bday.
He can get 28th playoff win

Tom Brady
DOB: 8/3/77
ATR: 222-64.
This is his 287th start.
Playoffs: 26-9

Can get 223rd win
223 = 48th prime.

The game is 6 months 13 days before his 41st birthday

This is interesting because;
6th prime = 13
13th prime = 41

Interesting the game starts at 3:05
35 is a big # for Tom Brady

Brady just won in what was his 35th playoff game with 35 points.

He was 35 for 53 in the win vs the Titans.
53 = 16th prime
He had 337 yards
337 = 68th prime

Brady is 26-9 in the Playoffs.
This will be his 36th game.

Brady is 18-3 @ home in playoffs.

Brady is 7-0 vs Jags all time
He is 2-0 in playoffs

With a win he improve to 8-0 vs jags &
Gets 19th home playoff win
8th prime = 19

Brady is also 7-4 in the AFC Championship Game

Jacksonville Jaguars
ATR: 172-209
This will be their 382nd all time game.
Playoffs: 7-6

Doug Marrone
DOB: 7/25/64.
ATR: 28-24.
This will be his 53th game.
Playoffs: 2-0

The game is 180 days after his 53rd BD.

Blake Bortles
DOB: 4/28/92

ATR: 23-40
This will be his 64th start.
Playoffs: 2-0

The game is 97 days before his 26th BD.
97 = 25th prime

It is also 3 months 7 days before his BD
37 = 12th prime.

Road record is 7-24.
This will be his 32nd road start
Could get 25th loss.

77 Factors

Terry Glenn former Patriot WR died 77 days before SB52

Tom Brady was born in 77'

Brady threw his first ever TD pass to Glenn

Jags lost to Jimmy G lead 49ers
44-33 (77)

Jags fall to 7-7 in playoffs with a loss

7=17th prime and we are wrapping up the 2017 s

I can't see the jags winning this game, but said that last week and they won.


Friday, January 12, 2018

Divisional Round-Patriots vs Titans

Patriots vs Titans

Looked at the game they played back on 10/18/09

Patriots won 59-0

Brady had 5 TDs in the 2nd quarter.

The game was exactly 98 months 26 days before the upcoming game.

Brady can get 26th playoff win in 98th NFL season. What are the odds?

The game was also 3900 days before the upcoming game.

The Patriots had the ball for exactly 39 minutes.

Game is played on the 13th day of the year.
22 days before SB52
202 days before Bradys 41st bday
41=13th prime

Titans finished with a pathetic -7 passing yards

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

'08 Lions / '17 Browns / Super Bowl 52

Sean Mchugh, a man you have never heard, may be a clue to SuperBowl 52.

Who is he?

A former NFL backup tight end, Sean did not put up much stats during his brief football career. He did however have his moment in the Spotlight.

Right before the 2008 NFL Season started he was cut by the Detriot Lions. A few days later he was signed by the Pittsburg Steelers.

Now players get cut by one team signed by another thousands of times during the NFL season so why is this one player any different?

This is because the 2008 Lions went down in History as the first team to go 0-16.

The 2008 Steelers would go on to win Super Bowl 43, there 6th title in franchise history.

Now here we are in 2017, as you all know the Browns just became the 2nd team ever to go

Right before the season started the Browns cut former 1st Rd pick & Pro-bowlers Joe Haden. Later on that day Haden signed with the....


Sean Mchugh
DOB: 5/27/1982

Cut by Lions- 8/31/2008
Signed by Steelers 9/3/2008
Won Super Bowl 2/1/2009

Joe Haden
DOB: 4/14/1989

Cut by Browns & Signed by Steelers 8/30/2017
Superbowl date 2/4/2018

I will be looking in to this more but wanted to share for others to check out.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Divisional Round-Saints vs Vikings

12-5 Saints @ 13-3 Vikings

Game Played on 1/14/18. 21 days til SB52
The game is the 14th day of the year and leaves 351 remaining.
Vikings Lead series 21-11.
This will be their 33rd matchup.

Vikings won last game 29-19 on 9/11/17.
This game was 125 days before upcoming game.
29 = 10th prime. 19 = 8th prime.
This will be 17th matchup in MN. Series is 13-3.

Minnesota Vikings
ATR: 489-418-10.
This is their 918th all-time game.
They can get 419th loss.
419 = 81st prime.
Playoffs: 19-28. This is their 48th playoff game.
If Vikings lose they go to 19-29 like the score of the last game between the teams

They are 13-8 @ home in playoff. This is their 22nd game.

Vikings can get;
14th win of the season
14th on home playoff win
14th home win vs Saints

All on 1/14
14th prime = 43

Vikings lost las playoff game 10-9 to the Seahawks.109=29th prime.
Blair Walsh missed an easy field goal in that game.
This year Walsh missed a kick for the Seahawks that made them lose to the Cardinals in Week 17.

Adrian Peterson a longtime Viking was traded from the Saints to Cardinals this year
He finished the year for 156 carries
His 33rd bday is 66 days after these teams 33rd matchup
His 32nd birthday was 320 days prior to the game.

Mike Zimmer
DOB: 6/5/56. 61 years old.
This is is 156th day of the year and leaves 209 left
156th prime = 911. Again teams last played 9/11.
209 like 29

The game is 223 days after his 61st bday.
223 = 48th prime
61 = 18th prime.

ATR: 39-26.
This is his 66th game as HC.
Vikings can improve to 8-1 @ home.
Could get 27th AT loss and fall to 7-2 @ home this season.

Case Keenum
DOB: 2/17/88. 29 years old.
The game is 331 days after his 29th bday.
331=67th prime
His 30th birthday is on the 48th day of the year and leaves 317 days left.
317 = 66th prime.
If Saints win, both teams will have 13 wins on the season.
13 = 6th prime.

ATR: 20-18. This is his 39th start.
Could get 19th loss in 39th start.Zimmer would stay on 39 wins.
Could get 21st win,21 days before SB52
Could stay on 18 losses
18th prime = 61 Zimmer 61 y/o

He is 11-8 @home.
Could stay on 20 wins and in 20th home start
Record goes to 11-9 with a loss, teams last played on 9/11.

Keenum has never faced The saints.
He is 4-2 vs NFC South.
Could go to 5-2, 21 days before SB52
He would also get 21st win

New Orleans Saints
ATR: 357-441-5.
This will be their 804th career game.

Playoffs 8-9.
This is their 18th game.
If saints win SB52 they will be 11-9
Played in MN on 11/9, SB52 is in MN

If Saints lose the year go to 8-10
The previous game between team during ended with The 8th & 10th primes as the final score 29-19

Saints are 1-6 on the road in playoffs.
Could go to 1-7 to end their 2017 Season

The Saints like the vikings lost their last playoff games to seattle 23-15 (38)

In the 09-10 playoffs the Saints beat the Cards 45-14 (59) & Vikings 31-28 (59)
They then beat the Colts 31-17 (11Th prime&7th prime)
That means they outscored their oppents 117-59
Super Bowl LII looks like 117 flipped.
59 = 17th prime, its the 2017 Season.

Some sort of riddle Going on with Saints, Cards, Vikings, Seahawks

Sean Payton
DOB: 12/29/63. 54 y/o.
The game is 16 days after his 53rd bday.
16th prime = 53

ATR: 112-75. His is his 188th game as HC.
Playoffs: 7-4. This is his 12th game.
Can improve to 8-4 in Saints 804th game.
Vikes and Keemun would get 19th loss
19 = 8th prime
Can get win # 113. 113 = 30th prime.

Drew Brees
DOB: 1/15/79.
38 y/o. Game is the day before his 39th bday.
ATR: 149-111. this is his 261st start.
149 = 35th prime.
His birthday leaves 350 days left in the year.
SB52 on the 35th day of the year
Saints could fall rob 12-6 in Brees 261st start

Playoffs: 7-5. This is his 13th start.
Could get 6th loss, 13 = 6th prime.
Record would be 7-6, Payton would get 76th career loss
This is also his 6th start vs. Vikings.
He is currently 3-2.
Could improve to 4-2. SB52 on 2/4.
42nd prime =181 (18/81)

Brees road record is 66-44.
This is his 131st road game.
131=32nd prime.

Could get 67th road win.
Keeps Vikes on 19th playoff win
67= 19th prime.

Brees I sent 1-4 on the road in playoffs.
Could go to 1-5, birthday is 1/15. 15th day of the year.

Bree's bday is 20 days before SB 52.
20th prime =71
71 like 17.

I keep flip flopping on this game. I wanted to get his up to get other peoples thoughts.


Keenum has same bday as former Vikings Coach Denny Green 2/17. Green died on 7/21/16
Green has 117 wins as a head coach and was
101-70 with Vikings. he coached them for 171 games.

In Green last season as HC he was with Cardinals
On 11/26/06 they lost to the Vikings 31-26. Cards record became 2-9
11/26 is The 330rd day of the year and leaves 35days left
SB52 is on 35th day of the year and leaves 330 remaining

On 11/26 of this year Saints lost to the Rams 26-20

When Green died he was 67 years 156 days old. Are you kidding me?!?

Huge riddle with Denny Green and the SB this year

Another thing i found Interesting Is;
12th prime = 37
21st prime = 73

Both numbers Opposite of each other.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Divisional Round-Steelers Jags

11-6 Jags @ 13-3 Steelers
Game played 1/14/18
21 days til SB52

Jags lead series 13-11.
This is the 25th matchup.

Jags won last game 30-9 on 10/8/17.
This game was 98 days before the upcoming one. This is the 98th NFL season.

ATR: 171-209.
Playoffs: 6-6
Jags won last week 10-3. 103 =27th prime.

If Jags lose they go to 11-7.
Super Bowl LII looks like 117 upside down.
Jags could get 210th loss 21 days before SB52

Doug Marrone
DOB: 7/25/64
ATR: 27-24. 52nd game as HC.
Could get 25th loss in the teams 25 matchup.
Flip 25 you get 52.

Blake Bortles
DOB: 4/28/92. 25 y/o
ATR: 22-40.

Could get 41st loss
Jags stay at 13 wins against SteelerS.
41=13th prime.
Game is 104 days before his 26th bday.

Away record is 6-24.
This will be his 31st road game.
Record vs AFC is 18-30.
This will be his 49th game
31=11th prime

ATR: 655-576-21
Playoffs: 36-24.

This will be their 61st game.
61=18th prime.
Can get 37th playoff win And gives Jags 12th series loss
37=12th prime

Mike Tomlin
DOB: 3/15/72
ATR: 124-66.
Playoffs: 8-6

This will be his 191st game as HC.
191 = 43rd prime.

The game is 43 weeks 4 days after his bday.
The game is also 305 days after his bday.

Ben Roethlisberger
DOB: 3/2/82
ATR: 148-70
Playoffs: 13-7

Can get his 149th win.
149 is the 35th prime,
Ben is 35 years old.
SB played on 35th day of the year.

Can get 14 playoff win.
14th prime = 43
Would stay on 7 losses. 7= 4th prime
43 & 4 connect with Tomlins bday.

Game is 47 days before his bday.
47= 15th prime.

He could fall to 13-8 in playoffs. This is Jags 381st all time game.

Pick-Steelers, id be shocked if Jags win.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Wildcard- Falcons vs Rams

10-6 Falcons @ 11-5 Rams

Played 1/6/18. 29 days before SB 52.

Rams lead series 47-29-2. This will be their 79th matchup.

ATL won last meeting in LA 42-14

Jeff Fisher was fired as the Rams HC after this game, he also coached Titans for a while and lead them to the SB where they loss to the Rams.

Atlanta Falcons
Playoff Record 9-13. This will be their 23rd game which is the 9th prime.
With a win playoff record would be 10-13
113 is 30th prime
The would also have 410 wins all time.
41=13th prime.

Dan Quinn
ATR: 31-20. This will be his 52nd game.
DOB: 9/11/1964
Game is 117 days after his bday. Super Bowl LII looks like 117 upside down.

DOB: 5/17/85
ATR: 98-68 (3-5 in playoffs)
Maybe they keep him at 98 wins for the 98th season.
Game is 131 days before his bday.
131=32nd prime. RYAN currently 32 years old. Quinn can get 32nd win.
This will be his 167 start. 167= 39th prime.
He is 4-0 vs Rams.

LA Rams
Playoff Record: 19-24. This will be their 44th game.

Rams last playoff game they loss to ATL 47-17.

In the 99' season the Rams won the SB 34 over the Titans in ATL by a score of 23-16 (39)

In week 16 of this year Rams beat the Titian 27-23.

With a Falcons win both teams go to 11-6. Rams won 99' NFC Championship game 11-6. BTW that score is absolutely ridiculous for a football game.

Sean Mcvay
DOB: 1/24/86. 31 years old.
ATR: 11-5.
Could get 6th loss on 6th day of the year
Would also stay on11 wins(11th prime =31)

Jared Goff
DOB: 10/14/94. 23 years old.
ATR: 11-11. This will be his 23rd start overall, 16th of this season.

Also is should be the notes the following day the Hawks play the lakers in LA, this happens all the times in sports just adding to the scripting. If you pay attention you'll start to notice.

OriginalPick-ATL (1-4-18)

**Update 1/5/18**
After reviewing other breakdowns I'm starting to lean towards the Rams. I'm gonna try to add more before the game .

Wildcard-Bills vs Jaguars

9-7 Bills @ 10-6 Jaguars
Game played on 1/7/18.
28 days before SB52

Bills lead all time series 8-7
This will be their 16th matchup
Bills last playoff game they loss 22-16
Bills just beat Miami 22-16 to get in playoffs for the first time since 99'.

Not many games end 22-16. Think about that for a second, what are the odds those scores are exactly the same?

The Bills also had 6 games this year when either them or their opponent finished with 16 points. There is a riddle with the Bills and the #16.

In Gematria; Six = 16(Full Reduction)

Buffalo Bills
ATR: 423-482-8.
Playoff record: 14-15. This will be their 30th game.
Bills could get 16th playoff loss.
If Bills win both teams go to 10-7 (17)
17=7th prime. Game played on 7th day of the year.

The Bills lost SB 25 by a score of 52-17. It's now the 2017 season and we are on SB 52.

Sean McDermott
DOB: 3/21/74
ATR: 9-7. This will be his 17th game.
Could fall to 9-8 in the 98th NFL season.

Tyrod Taylor
DOB: 8/3/1989. 28 years old.
Record: 22-20. This will be his 44th start.
Bills 4-4 on the road this season.

Jacksonville Jaguars
ATR: 170-209. This will be their 380th game.
Playoff Record: 5-6
Jags 6-2 @ home this season.
In the 99' playoffs the Jags scored 62 points.
Lost last game 15-10 (25)

Doug Marrone
DOB: 7/25/64
ATR: 26-24. This will be his 51st game as HC.

He was 15-17 as HC of Bills. Bills could get 15th playoff win in the 2017 season.

DOB: 4/28/92. 25 years old.
Record: 21-40
Drafted in the 1st round @ 3rd overall (13)
Could get 41st loss (41=13th prime)


The Jags getting 6th playoff win and giving Bills 16th playoff lost is interesting tho.

Im starting to believe the Bills are gonna get their 16th playoff loss in the 16th matchup between these teams. 16th prime is 53, Jags coach 53 years old

Monday, January 1, 2018

1968 / 9-11 / Patriots


-George W Bush graduated from Yale/Skull and Bones
-911 becomes the national emergency dial code
-World Trade Center construction begins
-Stanley Kubricks Space Odyssey:2001 is released

33 years later-2001
-George W Bush now president
-World trade Centers come down on 9/11/2001
-GW Bush birthday (7/6) to 9/11 is a span of 68 days

-The patriots would play the Jets on the first Sunday after 9/11.
-Drew Bledsoe was their starting QB. He was injured when he was hit by Mo Lewis
Jet flying into Patriot
-This leads to Tom Brady coming in and starting the Patriot dynasty
-They would go on to win first post 9/11 Super Bowl. In that Superbowl they beat the Rams, who defeated the eagles in the NFC Championship. The Eagle is another symbol for the USA.
-The Patriot ATC was also passed after 9/11. Patriots have dominated the NFL since.
-Drew Bledsoe was drafted as the #1 pick of the 1993 draft. That same year there also was a bombing at the WTCs.
-it was in Bledsoe 9th season he was replaced by Brady. Bledsoe wore #11.

Patriots played the Rams in Week 10 of the 01' Regular season.
Rams won that game 24-17
12 weeks later the Patriots would win the Super Bowl
The score was 20-17 (37)
37 = 12th prime
#12 got his first SB victory

The week 10 loss to the Rams would be the Patriots last that season
They finished with 11 regular season wins
They won 9 straight including playoffS

-Patriots leading receiver was Troy Brown. He finished with 101 catches, 1199 yards, 11.9 yards per catch.
-101 looks similar to 2 towers.
101 was also the age David rockelfeller died. He was one of the main people responsible for the towers being built.
On 4/3/1967 Rockefeller was on the cover of Time magazine. In the photo his watch is set to 9:11.

Also back to Stanley Kubrick, there is also connections between his film "The Shining" and the moon landing but that's a topic for another day.

That's all for now, but a ton more to uncover. Do some research see what other connections you can find.