Friday, March 30, 2018

Kansas & Kentucky / 7 & 8

I went and looked at past NCAA Basketball Champions and had some interesting finds.

All but one time when the year of the season ended in 7-8
Kansas or Kentucky won the championship

1947-48----Kentucky won (10th Tournament)
1957-58---Kentucky won (20th Tournament))
1967-68---UCLA won (30th Tournament)
*Only year not won UK or KU
1977-78---Kentucky won (40th Tournament)
1987-88---Kansas Won (50th Tournament)
1997-98---Kentucky Won (60th Tournament)
2007-08---Kansas Won (70th Tournament)

Both KU & UK wear blue/white.

If Kansas does win their record would be 33-7
337=68th prime #

Looking at this quick, I'm not finding any other connections but I am sure there are some...

I'll update if I find any more

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Great Mills / Tubby Smith / March Madness

Once again we had another shooting take place...

This time the shooting was in Great Mills, Maryland
This took place 34 days after the Parkland, FL shooting

The shooting in Maryland took place on the 79th day of the year (3/20)

College Basketball Coach Tubby Smith was an Alumni of Great Mills
Smith was recently fired by the Memphis Tigers
Yesterday, same day as the shooting, Memphis hired former NBA player, Penny Hardaway, to replace him.

Tubby Smith's first name is Orlando
Hardaway was drafted by the Golden State Warriors # 3 overall in the 1993 draft.
He was immediately traded to the Orlando Magic for Chris Webber.
Hardaway would team up with Shaq and lead the Magic to the 1995 NBA Finals.

Tubby Smith won a National Championship with Kentucky during the 97-98 Season.
They finished the season with 35 wins.
The Final Four was in San Antonio that season
The 17-18 Final Four will also be in San Antonio

97-98 was also the year Hardaway suffered a knee injury
He would never be an elite player after that.

The 1998 was the NFL's 79th season
The Denver Broncos defeated the Atlanta Falcons in SB33 by a score of 34-19 (53)
This would be the final game of Broncos QB, John Elways Career.

Elway went to Stanford University
Tubby Smith's 97-98 Wild Cats defeated Stanford in the Final Four 86-85. (171)
171 is the 18th Triangular #
This was Kentucky's 34th win of the season.
SB53 will be on the 34th day of the year

After the 97-98 NBA Season Michael Jordan would retire as well after winning a title
However Jordan would come out of retirement to play for the Washington Wizards
Jordan went to UNC
Charlotte, NC was the location where the 16 seeded UMBC upset # 1 UVA

The current Head Coach of Kentucky is John Calapari
Before coaching Kentucky he was the coach of the Memphis Tigers

Calapari won the National Championship with Kentucky during the 2011-2012 Season.
They defeated the Kansas Jay Hawks
During the 07-08 Season Calapri lead the Memphis Tigers to the National Championship Game
They lost to the Kansas Jayhawks
Guess What? This Final Four was in San Antonio too!
Both of these Calapri teams finished 38-2
However the 07-08 Memphis wins were vacated because Derrick Rose cheated on a test

**Quick Side Note**
Derrrick Rose and Penny Hardaway both went to school @ Memphis
They both also wore # 1
And they both had promising careers ruined by injuries
Probably more to this but just documenting for now...

Back to Tubby Smith, he was replaced as the coach of Kentucky by Billy Gillispie
Calapari then replaced Gillispie @ Kentucky
After being fired by Kentucky, Tubby Smith went to coach @ Minnesota
After Minnesota he would go on to be the Coach @ Texas Tech
Texas Tech needed a coach because they had just fired, Billy Gillispie.

This is making me think Kentucky will at least make the final this year.
As for an opponent...
Texas Tech is still alive in the tourney, so maybe they make a deep run.
They are a #3 seed and Kentucky is a #5, (53)
53 = 16th prime

Texas Tech Coach, Chris Beard, also has ties to Tubby Smith
In 2016, Beard accepted the HC job at UNLV
However he left to become the coach @ Texas Tech 19 days later
Texas Tech had an opening because Tubby Smith left to become the coach @ Memphis
Beard's College Record is currently 140-53 (193)
If he were to make the finals that would be his 197th game as a College HC
197 =45th prime
Beard is current 45 years old

If not its TT, maybe it will be the Kansas
This would be a Finals rubber match against Calapri
The date Championship Game (4/2) is 51 days after Calapari's bday
Kansas # 1 Seed, Kentucky #5 (51)

If Calapri does win the Champioship he would have 277 College wins
277 = 59th prime
Calapri is 59 years old

# 5 Kentucky is playing # 9 Kansas State in the Sweet Sixteen (59)
If Kentucky beats KSU they will have beaten the #12, 13 & 9 seeds

March Madness indeed...

Texas Tech also ties into my other postS
Michael Crabtree was from Texas Tech.
Crabtree was picked up by the Ravens the same day #16 seed UMBC upset #1 UVA.
If you haven't already, go check them out!

So much more connections to be made, I will update as I find more info

Thanks again to WBC, be sure to check his blog, linked up top!

Monday, March 19, 2018

Raymond Berry, SB53 Sacrifice?

If you haven't all ready be sure to check out my post below about the NCAA Upset and Baltimore Ravens

By going down that rabbit hole, I was lead to Raymond Berry.

Berry was a former NFL Hall Of Fame receiver for the Baltimore Colts
He would later become the Head Coach of the Patriots

DOB: 2/27/1933
Thats the 58th day of the year
Berry is currently 85 years old
2/27 is similar to 227 which is the 49th prime #
The upcoming NFL season will be the 49th of the Modern Era

In the 1958 Season The Baltimore Colts defeated the New York Giants 23-17
This was known as "The Greatest Game Ever Played"
The date of the game was 12/28/1958
From that date to the date of SB53 (2/3/19) is a span of 21953 days!!
Crazy because SB53 wIll be played in 2019

In Roman Numerals 53 is written LIII
If you flip LIII you get 1117
11 * 17 = 187
187th prime # = 1117

Berry last season as an NFL receiver was in 1967, he was 34 years old
The Date SB53 will be played is 2/3/19
This is the 34th day of the year

He was inducted to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1973
This is 45 years ago

In the middle of 1984 season the New England Patriots fired their HC, Ron Meyer
Meyer was 5-3 when he was fired
They then hired Berry to take over for Week 9
This was the teams 35th Season

1984 was also the Colts 1st seasom in Indianapolis
In week 12 the Patriots beat the Colts 50-17
The Colts record went to 4-8
The Patriots record went to 8-4
The City of Atlanta is on the 84th meridian
These teams would meet again in Week 16 of the '84 season
The Patriots won 16-10

The following year (1985) Berry would lead the Patriots to SB20
They were defeated by the Chicago Bears 46-10
This was the 66th season for the NFL

His final season as HC was in 1989, he was 56 years old
Berry would again coach aganist the Colts twice this year
The first was Week 8, Patriots won which improved their record to 3-5
The 2nd matchup was Week 13, Patriots won again
This made their record 5-8.
This would be Berrys last win as a HC
He was 10-2 vs the Colts

His last game was played on 12/24/1989
This was the 358 day of the year and left 7 remaining
Berry was born of the 58th day of the year and leaves 307 remaining
It was also 66 days before his 57th bday

HC ATR: 51-41
HC RSR: 48-39

Interesting how the 49ers won the SB in both Berrys 1st and last seasons

That's all for now, I will update if I find more info. Feel free to contact your thoughts or any connections you find below.

So the coach who Berry replaced,Ron Meyer died last year (12/5/17)
Berry and Meyer are connected in a couple different ways

They both coached the Patriots
Meyer coached the Colts, Berry played for Colts
Meyer was the HC @ SMU, Berry went to SML

Fibonacci #s seem to be the common theme here



Berry's last game as both a player & coach were losses to the LA Rams
Los Angeles Rams = 218 in Reverse Ordinal
12/17/67-Lost 34-10 (44)
12/24/89-Lost 24-20 (44)
That's very interesting, especially both games summing to 44
SB53 will be in Georgia, Georgia sums to 44
These games were 22 years 7 days apart
Recall his birthday, 2/27
Also 22/7= Pi

The 67' Colts finished 11-1-2.
Berry had 1 catch for 11 yards in the game
He finished the year with 11 catches for 167 yards

The 67' Rams would also finished 11-1-2
The Rams lost to the Packers in the playoffs 28-7 (35)
The Packers would go on to win Super Bowl 2 defeating the Oakland Raiders 33-14 (47)
This was their 2nd straight SB

The 89' Patriots Finished 5-11
The 1989 LA Rams would finsh the season 11-5
They would advance to the NFC Championship Game
They lost to the 49ers 30-3 (33)
The 49ers would go on to win Super Bowl 24 defeating the Denver Broncos 55-10
This was their 2nd straight SB

Current Rams DC, Wade Phillips, was the DC for the Broncos during the 89 Season

From the date of SB 2 until SB24 was 8050 days (58/85)
It was also 115 weeks (115/511)


I gotta make another post about this, I keep finding more...

Saturday, March 17, 2018

NCAA Upset # 16 over # 1 / Baltimore Ravens / SB53

Shout out to my boy, WayBeyond Coincidence, for pointing in me in this direction
Be sure to check out his Blog, its linked up top.

For the first time in NCAA Basketball History, a # 16 Seed upset a # 1 seed.

The University of Baltimore Maryland Retrievers defeated the University of Virginia Cavaliers 74-54 (128)
In year of the Dog it's Fitting the Retrievers pull off the upset

16 seeds are now 1-135 all time against 1 seeds
The 16 seeded Retrievers scored 53 points in the 2nd half

16th prime = 53
The next Super Bowl is SB53

From the date of the upset to the first Sunday of the upcoming NFL season is 5 months 23 days
523 = 99th Prime
This will be the 99th NFL Season

The Ravens are from Baltimore just like UMBC
Ravens have the 16th pick in the 1st Rd of the upcoming NFL Draft

On the same day as the upset,the Ravens signed former SF 49er wide receiver, Michael Crabtree.
He has worn # 15 his entire career
15th prime = 47

In SB47 the Ravens Defeated the 49ers 34-31 (65)
Crabtree was involved in the decisive play of that game

Crabtree will turn 31 this year
In SB 47 he scored a 31 yard TD

SB47 and SB53 both were/will be played on 2/3
2/3 is the 34 day of the year
In both the Ravens previous SB appearances (35&47) they scored 34 points
From SB47 to SB53 is 313 weeks
313 = 65th prime
Virginia fell to 31-3 after being upset by UMBC

Super Bowl 34 was played in Atlanta
Super Bowl Super Bowl 53 will be played in Atlanta on the 34th day

After losing SB47 the 49ers record dropped to 13-5-1
Recall 16 seeds are now 1-135 against 1 seeds

Back to this being the 99th NFL Season
The first Sunday of the upcoming NFL season will be on 9/9
Ravens Coach, John Harbaugh,, birthday is 9/23
This is a date that leaves 99 days left in the year
9/23 will be on Sunday this year
THe Ravens are scheduled to play in ATL this season
I'm thinking they are in the ATL on 9/23

This will be the Ravens 23rd Season
23 = 9th prime
The Ravens have played 23 playoff games (15-8)

Ravens QB, Joe Flacco birthday is January 16th or 1/16
Flacco will turn 34, 18 days before SB53
Flacco was the 18th overall pick in the 2008 draft
The only other QB drafted in the first round that year was Matt Ryan by the Atlanta Falcons

I looked at the last game of the Ravens 2017 Season.
They lost to the Bengals 31-27 (58)
The Bengals scored on a long pass to come back and win
When the ball was snapped there was 53 seconds on the clock
Andy Dalton threw a 49 yard pass to Tyler Boyd
By losing the game the Ravens were eliminated from the playoffs
The upcoming season will be the 53rd SB and is the 49th season of the modern era

There also seems to be connections to the city of Baltimore and the numbers 3 & 5

In SB3 the Baltimore Colts loss to the NY Jets 16-7
In SB5 the Baltimore Colts defeated the Dallas Cowboys 16-13
In SB35 the Baltimore Ravens defeated the NY Giants 34-7

Torrey Smith is also involved in this riddle
Smith wears # 82 like fomer colt Recicer Raymond Berry, more on him below
He was just traded from the Philadelphia Eagles to the Carolina Panthers on 3/15/18
The game between UMBC and UVA was played in Charlotte
Smith was from The University of Maryland and drafted by the Ravens, he was on the team when they won SB47
He then played 2 seasons for the 49ers before going to the Eagles
He had 53 catches as a 49er

Interesting he was the 58th pick on the 2011 draft, in my post below I get in to connections about the #58, Atlanta and Prince

The two Superbowls the Ravens won were played in NFC South team stadiums
47-New Orleans

The only teams would ever come out of the AFC anymore are the Patriots, Steelers, Broncos, Colts and Ravens..
-Colts & Broncos are not going this year ( I like the Colts for SB54)
-Patriots always have a chance but I don't think the NFL wants them going to their 3rd straight..
That leaves Steelers and Ravens, Steelers looked good last year and it all fell apart.

It's super early at this point but as of right now the Ravens are the team I am rolling with to make it out of the AFC.

A ton more to this, I need to keep digging...


As I keep digging I am finding more information

SB53 will be Written as LIII, when you flip that you get 1117
1117 is the 187th prime #
11 * 17 = 187
11 = 5th prime, 17= 8th (58)
The number 58 coming back into play yet again.

In the 1958 Season The Baltimore Colts defeated the New York Giants 23-17
This was known as "The Greatest Game Ever Played"
The game was tied 17-17 (More 34) when it went into OT
The date of the game was 12/28/1958
From that date to the date of SB53 (2/3/19) is a span of 21953 days!!
Crazy because SB53 wIll be played in 2019

This year will be the 60th anniversary of that game
The Giants and Colts Are scheduled to play this upcoming Season

In the game the Giants QB, Charlie Conerly, had 187 passing yards
Colts Receiver, Raymond Berry also had a 187 receiving yards

Looking like Raymond Berry might be sacrificed for SB53
DOB: 2/27/1933
Thats the 58th day of the year
Berry is currently 85 years old
227 is also the 49th prime #
The upcoming NFL season will be the 49th of the Modern Era
Berry last season as a player was in 1967, when he was 34 years old. (Another 34)
**This deserves a separate post

I will continue to look into this riddle

Another Crabtree related thing is the fight he got in with Aqib Talib
Talib is on the Rams now

Update 4/14/18

The 34th NFL Season was in 1953
This was the Baltimore Colts first season back after they folded two seasons prior.
The Colts started that year 3-5
They would lose to the Rams and 49ers twice each during the last 4 weeks of the season
More 34/53 finds

I am definitely leaning towards a Rams or 49ers vs Ravens or Steelers Super Bowl

The Colts are a big key to this riddle, they played all 4 of these teams during the 2017 season.

Week 1: Loss to Rams 46-9
Week 5: Won vs 49ers 26-23
Week 10: Loss to Steelers 20-17
Week 16: Loss to Ravens 23-16