Sunday, August 11, 2019

2019 Season & Miami Super Bowl History

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Sorry I have not been blogging, recently moved half way across the country and haven’t had much extra time. Hoping to get back into a groove, but we will see what happens.

Anyway I figured I would get started with the Miami’s history of hosting the Super Bowl.

2019 Season

This is the NFLs 100th Season
Which will end with Super Bowl 54
•54th prime = 251
This is the 50th SB of the Modern Error

SB54 played on 2/2/2020
• The 33rd D.O.Y and leaves 333 remaining
• NFC leads SB series 27-26

The Season starts on 9/5/19
• The 249th day of the year that leaves 117 remaining
• This game is 150 days before SB54

SB History in Miami
This will be the 11th Super Bowl hosted by Miami
• SB1: Packers defeat Raiders 33-14 (47)
• SB3: Jets defeat Colts 16-7 (23) Colts NFC
• SB5: Colts defeat Cowboys 16-13 (29)
• SB10: Steelers defeat Cowboys 21-17 (38)
• SB13: Steelers defeat Cowboys 35-31 (66)
• SB23: 49ers defeat Bengals 20-16 (36)
• SB29: 49ers defeat Chargers 49-26 (75)
• SB33: Broncos defeat Falcons 34-19 (53)
• SB41: Colts defeat Bears 29-17 (46)
• SB44 Saints defeat Colts 31-17 (48)

AFC leads SBs in Miami: 6-4
NFC could get 5th SB win in 11th SB hosted by Miami
•5th prime = 11

Teams with multiple SB appearances in Miami:
• Colts (4x)
• Steelers (2x)
• Cowboys (3x)
• 49ers (2x)

This season the Dolphins open @ home vs the Baltimore Ravens
• Baltimore use to be the host city for the Colts
• Colts only have appeared in SBs that are played in Miami

Andrew Luck
SB54 could be Luck’s 113th start (1st Rd Bye)
• 113 = 30th prime

Luck will be 30 y/o when SB54 is played
• 223 days after SB54, Luck turns 31
• 31 = 11th prime
• 11th SB in Miami
• SB54 could be Luck’s 11th playoff game

This will be Colts 67th Season
• 67 = 19th prime (2019 Season)
• 36th in Indianapolis

Colts playoff record is 23-24 (47 game)
• 3 more games would put them @ 50 total
• This is the 50th SB of the Modern era
• Colts won 1st SB of Modern era (SB5)

SB5 totaled 29 points, Luck starts the year @ 29 y/o
• 29 = 10th prime

Colts HC: Frank Reich
• He was a career backup QB in the NFL
• Played for: Bills, Panthers, Jets & Lions
• ATR: 7-15 (22 Career starts)
o 22 starts goes nicely with SB54 being on 2/2/2020

Reich’s last Season as a QB was in 1998
• The 1998 Season ended with SB34 which was played in Miami
• 1998 was the NFL’s 79th Season
o 79 = 22nd prime

Reich’s last start in NFL was for the Detroit Lions on 12/27/1998
• This was 23 days after his 37th bday
o 23 =9th prime & 37 = 12th {(9/12) (Luck’s birthday}
• SB54 could be Reich’s 37th game as HC (Luck wears #12)

In Reich’s last start the Lions lost to the Baltimore Ravens 19-10 (29)
• On this same day Miami lost to Atlanta 38-16 (54)
• This was the same score of SB19 when Miami lost to the SF 49ers

SB19 was the end to the 1984 Season (65th NFL Season)
• In 1984 the Colts moved from Baltimore to Indianapolis
• SB19 was also played at Stanford Stadium
• Luck went to Stanford

SB19 was played on 1/20/1985
• 100 days after SB19 on 4/30/85 Reich was drafted by the Bills
• Remember this is the 100th NFL Season
• Reich was the 57th pick (Reich is currently 57 years old)
• He turns 58 on 12/4/19 which is 60 days before SB54

Reich’s first start was for the Bills on 10/16/1989
• Bills defeated the Los Angeles Rams 23-20 (43)
• This same day Miami won in Cincinnati 20-13 (33)
• Miami’s record became 3-3 (SB54 on 33rd D.O.Y)

The 89’ Season ended with the 49ers winning SB24
o 24th prime = 89
• 49ers defeated the Broncos 55-10 (65) on 1/28/19
• A span of 139 days after Andrew Luck was born
o 139 = 34th prime

Back to the of Reich last start, Lions lost 19-10 (29)
• In SB29 the 49ers defeated the Chargers 49-26 (75)
• As stated, SB29 was played in Miami
• The Colts 1st game of the 2019 Season is vs the Chargers

On 1/22/89 49ers defeated the Bengals 20-16 to win SB23 in Miami
• 22nd day of the year
• This was 233 days before Luck was born
o 233 = 13th Fibonacci # & 51st prime #

Luck’s only start vs 49ers was on 9/22/13
• A date that left 100 days left in the year
• That date can also be written 22/9
• 229 = the 50th prime

This brought Luck’s career record to 13-7
• 137 = 33rd prime
• Colts won the game by a score of 27-7 (34)
• On this same day Miami won @ home vs ATL 27-23 (50)

The 2013 49ers were coached by Jim Harbaugh
• Harbaugh coached Luck @ Stanford
• But get this, Harbaugh was the Ravens QB in Reich’s last career NFL game back in 1998

Harbaugh is now the coach at Michigan (Reich last start was for Detroit)
In Harbaugh’s last NFL game as QB he played for SD vs Miami on 11/22/2000
• This was 41 days before his 37th birthday
• Dolphins won 17-7 (24) Chargers season record dropped to 0-10

Harbaugh was backing up Ryan Leaf in this game
Back in 1998 there was a big debate who should go # 1 in the draft; Ryan Leaf or Peyton Manning
• Colts took Manning, who was eventually replaced by Luck.

Side Note: Oliver Luck’s last start in the NFL was for the Oilers vs the SD Chargers
• Chargers won 27-0,
• Oliver Luck's stat line: 10-26 for 110 yards

Luck father, Oliver Luck, also played QB in the NFL
• DOB: 4/5/1960 (59th y/o)
• 59th bday is 303 days before SB54

Remember Week 1 this year Colts playing the Chargers in Los Angeles
This will be the 30th meeting between this two teams
Luck turns 30, 3 days after the game

Week 1 of 2019 the 49ers open the 2019 Season in Florida vs the Buccaneers

This should be Jimmy Garoppolo’s 11th career start (8-2)
• The game is 310 (31) days after his 27th birthday (31/11)
• Game is also 55 days before his 28th birthday

Last year he tore is ACL vs the Chiefs on 9/23/18
• Chiefs won that game 38-27 (65)
• That game is 350 days before upcoming game vs Bucs
• JG left the game with 251 passing yards (54th prime)

This same day;
• Miami won @ home vs Oakland 27-20 (47)
• Colts loss in Philly 20-16 (36)

The Chiefs also open the 2019 Season in Florida
They are playing in Jacksonville

SB54 would be JG's 29th career start

Back in 2016 while starting for the Patriots JG was injured vs Miami

The 49ers Head Coach is Kyle Shannon
• DOB:12/14/79 (39 y/o)
• His 40th birthday is 50 days before SB54
• HC Record: 10-22 (32 games)

His Dad, Mike Shanahan won 2 SBs, including SB33 in Miami

The 49ers playoff record is currently 31-21 (52 game)
• A 1st Rd Bye then SB lost would make them 33-22
• That would be a perfect # for a SB on 2/2/2020
o 33rd day of the year and leaves 333 days remaining

The Colts lead the series vs the 49ers 26-19
The next meeting would be there 46th all time
Last Meeting was on 10/8/17, Colts won 26-23 (49)

The Colts record in Miami is 25-12
Next game will be their 38th all time
The Colts play Miami this year but in Indianapolis
They Meet Week 10 on 11/10/19
From that date until SB54 is 84 days

The 49ers are 2-4 in Miami
The next game will be their 7th all time

That’s all I got for now, haven’t done any decoding in months so very rusty. Still way to early but I am liking the connections between these two team, but I have not looked at any others so I am bias.

Hoping to get back into the swing of things and I look forward to hearing from everyone who commented last season.