Monday, April 23, 2018

Willie Snead to Ravens / Hall of Fame Game

On 4-20-18 the Ravens signed the former NO Saints Receiver to a deal.

I ran some searches and had some interesting finds.

From 4/20/18 to 9/9/18 (First game) is 4 months 20 days

From 4/20/18 to SB53 is 290 days

Snead birthday 10/17 will be the 290th day of the year. He was born in 1992.

Last season he had 92 receiving yards

From his upcoming birthday to SB53 is 109 days. 109 = 29th prime.

The deal is 2 years 7 million with an additional 3.4 million in incentives
3.4 sticks out because SB53 on 34th day of the year.

He wore # 83 for the Saints but I have a feeling he might be wearing 82 for the Ravens

I also saw the Ravens will be playing in the HOF game on 8/2/18 vs the Bears.

This game is 6 months 1 day before SB53
61 / 18th prime & 53 / 16th prime

I went and looked to see how many teams who played in this game went on to make the SB.

The most recent was the 2001 Rams
2001 was the 82nd season for the NFL

In the 01 HOF Game Rams defeated the Dolphins 17-10

They would go on to lose to the Patriots in SB36, 20-17 in New Orleans
SB36 was played on 2/3 like SB53 will

The 01 Rams started out 6-0 before losing their first game, Week 7 to the Saints 34-31
They would lose again Week 11 24-17 vs the Bucs to fall to 8-2
They would win 8 straight before losing in the SB to the Patriots.

They started out 6-1 finished 8-1 and had two wins in between for a record of 16-3

Next up was the 1994 San Diego Chargers
1994 was the 75th Season for the NFL

On 7/30/94 they lost to the Falcons 21-17 in the HOF game

181 days prior to this game ATL hosted SB28
Cowboys defeated the Bills 30-13
181 or 18/81
2018 Season/ 99th NFL Season
9+9 = 18
9*9 = 81

Back to the Chargers
1994 was their 35th season

They also started out 6-0 before losing their 7th game to Broncos 20-15 (35) this dropped their record to 6-1
They would finish 11-5 in the RS
13-6 overall

In SB29 they were defeated by 49ers 49-26
The game was played on 1/29/95 in Miami

Last up we have the 1988 Bengals
1988 was the 69th season of the NFL

On 7/30/88 they defeated the LA Rams 14-7 in the HOF Game

The Bengals ALSO started 6-0
They lost Week 7 to the Pats 27-21
Final record was 14-5

In SB23 they lost to the 49ers 20-16
The played was played on 1/22/89 in Miami

This started out as a simple post but may be on to something here
All these teams started out 6-1 then 8-2 and followed it up with a SB loss

In 1988 Bengals QB, Boomer Esiason, won the MVP
In 2001 Rams QB, Kurt Warmer, won the MVP
In 1994, the Chargers lost to the MVP 49ers QB, Steve Young, in SB29

Holy shit just had another big find.
All three of these teams first lost of the season came 98 days or a span of 99 days before the SB in their respective seasons. That's crazy!
Remember this is the 99th NFL Season

The games played on Sunday of Week 8 for 2018 Season will be 98 days or a span of 99 days before SB53

The Ravens will be playing in Carolina vs The Panthers this week.
They don't have their bye until Week 10 so this would be their 8th game of the Season.

Week 1: Rams @ Raiders

Rams @ Raiders

Both these teams played in LA before relocating to St. Louis/Oakland.
Rams are now back in LA.

Game played 9-10-18 (MNF)
253rd day of the year
112 remaining

Raiders lead series 8-5 (14th game)
Raiders lead 5-2 @ home (8th game)

Rams winning to make it 5-3 jumps out for me.

Last game played 11/30/14 in St. Louis
Rams won 52-0

OAKLAND RAIDERS (2017: 6-10)
59th season

RSR: 462-411-11 (885th game)
ATR: 487-430-11 (931st game)

Could stay in 487 AT wins (93rd prime)
Could get 431st AT loss (83rd prime)

Lost last game played to the Chargers
30-10 (40)

DOB: 8/17/63 (54 y/o)

RSR: 95-81 (177th game)
ATR: 100-85 (186th game)

Last coached the Bucs in 2008, Of course his last game was against the Raiders.
12/28/08-Raiders won 31-24 (55)
Gruden will be 55 when they play the Rams

This same week the Rams lost to the Falcons (SB53 Host) 31-27 (58).
There is a riddle with Atlanta and # 58 I keep seeing.

DOB: 3/28/81 (27 y/o)

ATR: 28-34 (63rd start)
Getting his 35th loss to start this season would make sense.

LA RAMS (2017: 11-6)
82nd Season

RSR: 555-559-21 (1,166th game)
ATR: 574-584-21 (1,210th game)

Lost last game played to Falcons 26-13 (39)

DOB: 1/24/86 (32 y/o)

Game played 229 days after bday (50th prime)

ATR: 11-6 (18th game)

DOB: 10/14/94 (23 y/o)

Turns 24, 35 days after this game is played

RSR: 11-11 (23rd start)
ATR: 11-12 (24 start)

Nothing jumps out at me for this one but I'm leaning towards the Rams for now.

Week 1: Jaguars @ Giants

Jaguars @ Giants

Game played 9/9/18
252nd day of the year
113 days remaining

Series tied 3-3 (7th matchup)

Giants 3-0 @ home (4th matchup)

Last Meeting 11/30/14 in Jacksonville
Jaguars won 25-24 (49)

NEW YORK GIANTS (2017: 3-13)
94th NFL Season

RSR: 687-585-33 (1,306th game)
ATR: 711-610-33 (1,355th game)

Won last game vs Redskins 18-10 (28)

DOB: 4/14/65 (53 y/o)
Game is 149 days after 53 rd BD
149 = 35th prime

He previous was the HC coach of the Browns
ATR: 9-23 (33rd game)

Last Win as Browns HC was Week 14 of the 2012 Season
Browns beat the Chiefs 30-7 (37 =12th prime)
This improved their record to 5-8

He was the interim coach for 1 game for the Eagles on 1/3/16
The game was against the Giants
Eagles won 35-30 (65)

This game was also Eli's 35th birthday.

Giants finished that year 6-10 (61)
61 = 18th prime

DOB: 1/3/81 (37 y/o)

RSR: 111-103 (215th game)
ATR: 119-107 (227th game = 49th prime)

24th Season

RSR: 165-203 (369th game)
ATR: 172-210 (386th game)

Could get 173rd all time win (40th prime)
Could get 211th all time loss (47th prime)

Lost last game played to Patriots 24-20 (44) in AFC Championship

DOB: 7/25/64 (53 y/o)

The game is a span of 47 days after his 53rd bday

RSR: 26-24 (51st Game)
ATR: 28-25 (54th Game)

DOB: 4/28/92 (26 y/o)

RSR: 21-40 (62nd start)
ATR: 23-41 (65th Start)

35/53 seem to be big in this game which seem to favor the Giants for now.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Week 1: Texans @ Patriots

Texans @ Patriots
-Game played 9/9/18
-252nd day of the year
-113 days remaining

Pats lead series 9-1 (11th matchup)
Could improve to 10-1 (26th prime)

Pats lead 6-0 @ home
Could fall to 6-1
61 = 18th prime

Last matchup: 9/24/17
Patriots won 36-33 (69)
This game was played 350 days before upcoming game

59th season

RSR: 489-386-9 (885th game)
Can get 490th RS win to start the season where the 49th SB of the modern era will be played

ATR: 523-406-9 (939th game)
Could stay on 523 wins to start the 99th NFL Season
523 = 99th prime

Lost last game played to Eagles, 41-33 in SB52

DOB: 4/16/52 (66 y/o)

RSR: 250-118 (369th game)
Could get 251th career win (54th prime)

ATR: 289-129 (419th game =81st prime)

DOB: 8/3/77
The game is 37 days after his 41st BD
37 = 12th prime, 41 = 13th
The game is 1 month 7 days after his 41st BD
The game is also 5 weeks 3 days after BD

RSR: 196-55 (252nd game)
ATR: 223-65 (289th game)

Square Root of 289 = 17
Patriots can improve to 7-0 @ home Vs Texans
7th prime = 17th

HOUSTON TEXANS (2017: 4-12)
17th Season

RSR: 110-146 (257th game = 55th prime)

ATR: 113-150 (264th game)
Could stay on 113 wins (30th prime )
Can get loss # 151 (36th prime)

Lost last game played to the Colts 22-13 (35)

Bill O'Brien
DOB: 10/23/69 (48 y/o)
Turns 49 y/o 44 days after this game

RSR: 31-33 (65th game)
ATR: 32-35 (68th game)
Could get 36th career loss (Texans all time loss # 151)

DeShaun Watson
DOB: 9/14/95 (22 y/o)
ATR: 3-3 (7th start)

Watson falls to 3-4 and OBrien gets 34th RS loss.
SB53 played on 34th day of the year.


Week 1- Bills @ Ravens

I'm going to start posting initial breakdowns of the Week 1 games, mainly to get WBC feedback since no one else comments. I will update all games as we get closer to the season.

Game played 9/9/18
252nd day of the year
113 days remaining

Ravens lead Series 4-3 (8th game)
Ravens lead 4-1 @ Home (5th game)

The Bills only win in Baltimore came on 10/31/1999, 13-10 (23)
This was the 304th day of the year and left 61 days
Interesting for the following reasons
-This is the 99th NFL Season
-SB53 will be played on the 34th day of the year
-61 = 18 prime (2018 Season)

Last game played between these teams was on 9/11/16 in Baltimore
The Ravens won 13-7 (20)

23rd Season (9th prime)

RSR: 190-161-1 (353rd game = 71st prime #)
ATR: 205-169-1 (376th game)
Could get 191st RS win (43rd prime)

Lost last game played to the Bengals 31-27 (58)
This loss kept the Ravens out and got the Bills in the playoffs

DOB: 9/23/62 (55 y/o)
This year his B/D leaves 99 days left in the year
The game is 14 days before 56th B/D.

RSR: 94-66 (161st game)
ATR: 204-71 (176th game)

DOB: 1/16/85 (33 y/o)
RSR: 92-62 (155th Start)
ATR: 102-67 (170th Start)

Could get 103rd career win (27th Prime)
9 x 23 = 207
9 & 23 come into play for the Ravens Season/Harbaugh Birthday

59th Season

RSR: 409-467-8 (885th Game)
409 = 80th prime.
This will also be the 49th SB of the modern Era

ATR: 423-483-8 (915th Game)

Lost last game played to Jaguars 10-3 (13)

DOB: 3/21/74 (44 y/o)

RSR: 9-7 (17th game)
ATR- 9-8 (18th game)
Could fall to 9-9 to start the 99th NFL Season

For now it appears the Bills Week 1 starter will be A.J McCarron.
He was a backup QB for the Bengals who eliminated the Ravens last season.

DOB: 9/13/90
ATR: 2-2 (0-1 in Playoffs)

Could fall to 2-3 to start the Ravens 23rd Season

His last RS start came against the Ravens on 1/3/16
The Bengals won 24-16 (40)
McCaron stat line-17/27, 160 yard, 2TDs

His last start was on 1/9/16 vs the Steelers in the playoffs
Steelers won 18-16 (34)

McCarron state line: 23-41, 212 yards, 1TD, I INT
23 = 9th prime, 41 = 13th prime.
9/13 just like his bday

Bengals had this game won until Vontaze Burfict & Pacman Jones made stupid penalties which gave the Steelers a 1st down and put them in FG range

Steelers kicker, Chris Boswell, then hit a 35 yarder with 18 seconds left to win the game

35 is 53 flipped, next SB will be the 53rd
18 seconds sticks out because this is the 2018 season

The total of 34 points does as well because SB53 will be played on the 34th day of the year.


As stated, It's super early so this can change as the season gets closer.

Feel free to share thoughts/additional info!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Colts Riddle with SB53 / NFL Draft

I am continuing to look into SB53

I am seeing connections that it will be between the Rams/49ers vs Ravens

A team that seems to be involved in the Riddle is the Colts. I don't like the Colts this year but next year I think they have a good shot to make it.

Anyway I looked a new Colts HC. Frank Reich.

He was a former NFL QB.
His last game started/played was 12/27/98. This was Week 17 of the 1998 Season
He started for the Lions vs the Ravens
Ravens won 19-10

The Ravens starting QB that day was Jim Harbaugh
Harbaugh coached current Colts QB, Andrew Luck, in college

Harbaugh is now the HC @ Michigan
He coached the 49ers for 4 years (11'-14')
Harbaugh also was the Colts starting Qb from 94-97'

The only other game Reich started that season was Week 16 vs the Atlanta Falcons
In week 15 vs the 49ers he came in relief and played most of the game

Reich upcoming birthday (12/4/18) is 61 days before SB53
Reich played his college ball @ Maryland

All these players/coaches are so intertwined its ridiculous iculos

More to this but just documenting this for now

Also the # 8 appears to have a a big role

This is the first time in 19 years ATL will host a SB
19 = 8th prime

Its SB53

The schedules should be released later this week, I’ll be interested to see the matchups/bye weeks for Weeks 3,5,8 & 16

The NFL Draft is going to begin on 4/26/18
This is the 116th day of the year
Ravens have the 16th pick in the 1st Rd
Ravens QB, Joe Flacco birthday is 1/16

The NFL Season starts on 9/6/18
This date leaves 116 days left in the year

Keep in mind this year was the first time ever a 16 seed defeated a 1 seed in the NCAA tournament
The 16 seed was from Baltimore
16th prime = 53

Random thought-I’ve been hearing a lot lately how a4 seed has only won the NBA Finals once
I see a narrative for a 4 to win this year because 4 is the square root of 16

Friday, March 30, 2018

Kansas & Kentucky / 7 & 8

I went and looked at past NCAA Basketball Champions and had some interesting finds.

All but one time when the year of the season ended in 7-8
Kansas or Kentucky won the championship

1947-48----Kentucky won (10th Tournament)
1957-58---Kentucky won (20th Tournament))
1967-68---UCLA won (30th Tournament)
*Only year not won UK or KU
1977-78---Kentucky won (40th Tournament)
1987-88---Kansas Won (50th Tournament)
1997-98---Kentucky Won (60th Tournament)
2007-08---Kansas Won (70th Tournament)

Both KU & UK wear blue/white.

If Kansas does win their record would be 33-7
337=68th prime #

Looking at this quick, I'm not finding any other connections but I am sure there are some...

I'll update if I find any more