Friday, August 31, 2018

Shane Lechler

Shane Lechler

Texans cut Shane Lechler today 8/31/18

Date is 5 weeks 3 days before SB53

9 days before Texans play Patriots on 9/9
He wore # 9

It was 24 days after his 42nd birthday

RSR: 113-273 (286)
Playoffs: 5-5
Overall: 118-173 (296)

His last playoff game was a L to the Pats
Score 34-16
-16th prime = 53
-SB53 played on 34 d.o.y
Texans finished 10-8

Last game L to Colts 22-13 (35)

He had 49 career passing yards
SB53 = 49th of modern era
Last year he averaged 49 yards per punt

Threw 1 TD for 35 yards
This was when he was 35 years old
Raiders defeated Browns 24-17 (41)

He was drafted in 2000 like Brady
Lechler went 142 overall by the Raiders

Pretty sure Brady's now the last left from that draft which is why I'm making the post this could be foreshadowing the last season for Brady

Monday, August 20, 2018

8/17/18: Braves get 53rd Loss

Braves loss to Rockies 11-5
This was their 53rd of the year
11 = 5th prime, 5 = 3rd (53)

Also both the previous and following game
Braves lost by a scores of 5-3

Braves record became 68-53
Home record fell to 34-26
-AFC can win 26th SB on 34th d.o.y.

Game was played 8/17/18
-the 229th d.o.y
Which is the 50th prime, 50th home game

Game was a span of 171 days b4 SB53
171 = 18th triangular #
2018 season coming up

Braves through 180 pitches in the game
115 for strikes (final score)

Braves starter, Newcomb, became 10-6
Like 16, 16th prime = 53

Date of games leaves 136 days left
136 = 16th triangular #

Their opponent the Rockies..
From Denver like the Broncos
Who the Falcons played in SB33
Broncos won 34-19 (53)
This was John Elway last game
Hmmmm🤔 interesting

Quick look at some other games that day

Red Sox won 7-3 over TB
Record became 87-36
Home record 43-15

Phillies won 4-2 over Mets
Record became 68-54
Home record 41-20

Date was 20 days before.
Falcons open vs Eagles
216 days after their playoff meeting

Quick post mainly to document

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Red Sox / Chris Sale


# 41 Chris Sale returned from the DL
Red Sox beat the Orioles 4-1
-41 = 13th prime
Sale was 13th pick in 2010 Draft

Sale Sox record is now 29-12 (41)
Sale is 29 years old
Overall 103-62

His last start was on 7/27/18
16 days before 8/12/18
Red Sox beat the Twins 4-3

Win today made them 43-20 on the road
Overall record 85-35 (120th game)
Sale is now 12-4 this year (16)
He had 13 strike outs in the game
He now was 219 this year

This was sales 23rd start on the year
23 = 9th prime
Game was 9 days after Brady’s 41st bday

8/12 also leaves 141 days left in the year
Before today Sale had pitched 141 innings
Hidden 14/41

This is 28 days before Patriots 1st game
They play the Houston Texans
On 8/12 the Houston Astro’s loss 4-3
This was their 28th home loss
First SB hosted by ATL was SB28
-A game that totaled 43 points

There’s a lot more but that’s all I got time for I’ll try to update later

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Isaiah Crowell

Jets Beat Falcons 17-0 on 8/10/18

Jets RB Isiah Crowelll scores the 1st TD

A number of things stick out with him

A 16 yard TD catch
16th prime = 53
He was on the Browns last year...
When they went 0-16

Crowell birthday is 1/8/1993
He turns 26, 26 days before SB53
AFC can win it’s 26th SB

In the game against ATL he also had...
2 rushes for 6 yards

In 2017 he had 206 rushes

His rookie year..
Browns beat ATL 26-24
Browns became 7-4
Falcons 4-7
Crowell had a 26 yard TD run which

He played his college ball @ Georgia
Finished with 26 TDs in college

Being born in 1993...
That was first season ATL hosted a SB
This was the 74th NFL season

He had the same birthday as Dwight Clark
Clark died on 6/4/18
He use to be the GM for the Browns
Crowell has played in 64 games
Browns record is 11-53

He signed a 12 million deal with the Jets 67 days after his bday
67 = 19th prime
He had 607 rushing yards as a rookie

The 12 makes me think of Brady
Jets end the season playing the Patriots
Game is 12/30/18, 35 days before SB53

Jets next game is vs Redskins
Who just loss to the Patriots 26-17

Today’s baseball games (8/11) are also interesting
Red Sox playing in their 61st road game /118th overall
Can become 41-20 & 83-35 Overall

Brady just turned 41 on 8/3

Braves are playing in their 53rd home game
Can get their 64th win (Dwight Clark)
This would be 67 days after his 6/4 death
They are playing Milwaukee who can get 67th win

Friday, August 10, 2018

8/9/18 Recap

8/9 Recap

In my post below I talked about how 8/9 was a big day for the NFL & MLB

Games I was interested in
-Braves @ Nationals
-Red Sox @ Toronto
-Redskins @ Patriots

Nationals Beat the Braves 6-3
Gott their 59th win on the year
-Patriots going into 59th season trying t
-Brady trying to go 6-3 in SBs

Nationals home record is now 30-28 like 28-3 look familiar??

Braves road record became 34-27 (61)
61 = 18th prime

Red Sox loss to the Blue Jays 8-5
Record became 81-35
-81 is 18 reversed & 35 is 53

Blue Jays home record is now 28-30 (LOL)

This was the Red Sox 59th road game
Record became 39-20

The 39 sticks out because The Falcons played in the last NFL in Toronto in 2013

Beat the Bills 34-31 (65)
Their record became 3-9

18 MLB played on this day
Winning teams outscored losing 65-39

Patriots beat the Redskins 26-17
They scored 26 straight
Interesting because AFC can win 26th SB
Redskins first SB win was SB17

Game was 179 days before SB53
179 = 41st prime
Tom Brady is 41 years old

Former Redskins QB Doug Williams turns 63 on 8/9
He was 8-9 as starter for Redskins...
& Retired in 1989.

Williams lead them to a win in SB22 during the 1987 season

2018 is the Redskins 87th season

I was wrong about both my Dez Bryant and Red Sox predictions....

Can’t win them alll

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Jim Harbaugh / Nick Saban

I was making a couple different post about both these guys then decided to combine parts of each so this post is a bit all over the place

Harbaugh has connections to Tom Brady & Alex Smith which goes well with the Patriots Redskins narrative

Harbaugh was head coach of Smith on 49ers
Harbaugh was a QB @ Michigan like Brady
Harbaugh now HC @ Michigan

Harbaugh 1st game as Michigan HC vs Utah
-Utah won 24-17 (41)
-Alex Smith went to Utah

Harbaugh was the 26th pick of the 87' Draft
-Redskins won the SB that season
-2018 is Redskins 87th season
-SB26 was Redskins last win (1991)

Harbaugh was born in 1963
-The NFL 44th Season
Finished with 44 reg season wins as NFL HC

Patriots made AFL Championship in 1963
-Lost to Chargers 51-10 (61)
Chargers were Harbaugh's last team as QB Harbaugh last season in the NFL was 2000
-This was Brady's 1st Season

This is making me think NFC Championship Game might be Redskins vs 49ers (82' season rematch)
With the winner playing the Patriots
(Ravens still my sleeper)

Harbaugh 55th bday is on 12/23/18
-This is the Week 16 of the NFL Season
His Bday is 42 days before SB53
Brady turns 42, 181 days after SB53
-181 = 42nd prime

Harbaugh got his 36th win as HC...
on his 50th bday
-Beat ATL 34-24 (58)
-49ers record became 11-4

This same week....
Patriots also became 11-4 by...
Beating the Ravens 41-7
-Ravens HC is Jim's brother John Harbaugh

Im thinking Alabama and Michigan will meet in the CF playoff or championship game

Championship game played @ Levi Stadium
-Home of the 49ers

One of the playoff games will be in Miami...
Where Saban was NFL Head coach

Brady won Orange Bowl over Alabama
35-34 (69) on 1/1/2000 in Miami
-This was his last college game

Earlier in that season on 10/9/99...
-Michigan State defeated Michigan 34-31
Saban was MSU coach at the time

He would leave for LSU after that season
Then leave LSU for Miami Dolphins
Then Miami for Alabama

12/31/2006 was Saban last game as NFL HC
-Dolphins lost to Colts 27-22 (49)
-SB53 will be the 49th of the Modern era
Dolphins Record became 6-10 (61)
-61 = 18th prime
Colts won SB41 in Miami later that season

Saban just won his 6th title on 1/8/18
In ATL where SB53 will be played
Brady like Saban can get his 6th ring
-Bama won on a 41 yard TD pass in OT
Brady will then 41 years old this year (8/3)

Bama won 26-23 (49)
-AFC can win its 26th SB

Alabama is always in the conversation...
but Michigan has not been for a while

They are already setting up Ohio State to be vulnerable this year which would help Michigan

Harbaugh current record @ Michigan...
-28-11 (39 games)
The Championship Game would be his 53rd

I could see them going 13-1 this year which..
-Makes his record 41-12
Two numbers that make me think of Brady

The Championship will be played 1/7/18
A span of 16 days after Harbaugh's bday
-16th prime = 53

Harbaugh turning 55...
Goes well with the prime # / Patriots riddle

If Michigan and the Ravens win...
both Harbaugh's brothers would be Champs

Last time Michigan played Bama was 2012
-Bama won 41-14 (55)
Bama would go on to win the title in Miami
They lost 1 game that year to...
-Texas A&M, who won 29-24 (53)

2012 NFL season ended with the...
"Harbaugh Bowl"
Ravens beat 49ers 34-31 in SB47
Game was played on 2/3 like SB53

Bama and Michigan are 2-2 all time
Loser would become 2-3

Saban turns 67 on 10/31/18
-304th d.o.y leaves 61 remaining
CF playoff Game in Miami is on 10/29/18
This is 59 days after Saban's 67th bday
-2018 is Patriots 59th season

Saban is also 5-2 in CF playoffs games
A loss makes him 5-3
A win then a loss makes him 6-3
A good for the Patriots

Red Sox record is currently 80-34
They have won 5 straight
I could see them extending it to 12 straight

That makes their record 87-34 (121 games)
They would be 53 games over .500
-SB53 played on 34th day of the year

Redskins in 87th season
Square root of 121 = 11
Alex Smith wears 11

If this happens the 87th win would be in Philadelphia vs the Phillies on 8/14/18
-Braves play Nationals on this day as well

Falcons open 2018 season in Philadelphia

Monday, August 6, 2018

Hue Jackson

Hue Jackson mother and brother recently passed away

As far as I know they haven't said the age of his brother but...
His mother was 83

Browns last made the playoffs in 2002
-The 83 rd NFL Season
In the last week of the season the Browns beat the Falcons 24-16 to clinch a playoff spot

Jackson got his only win as Browns coach on 12/24/16

Browns beat Chargers 20-17 (37)
Record became 1-14

Game played 63 days after Jackson 51st birthday

Jackson Record became 9-23 all time as HC
23 = 9th prime

Also on 12/24/16....

ATL beat Carolina 33-16 (49)
ATL became 10-5

Patriots beat NYJ 41-3 (44)
NE record became 13-2

Washington beat Chicago 41-21 (63)
Record became 8-6-1
-861 = 41st triangular number

12/24/16 was also the 359th day of the year
-359 = 72nd prime

72 is a big # for the Redskins, checkout my post below

From this date to SB53 is 2 years 41 days

Earlier in the 2016 Season..
-Patriots beat Browns 33-13..
-NE Record improved to 4-1
This was the Week Brady turned from his suspension

Brady will be 41 for the 2018 season

The Browns are also going to be the 13th team on Hard Knocks
13th prime = 41

I have a hunch the Browns might play the Patriots in the playoffs this year

Browns last playoff was in 94/95 vs Patriots
Score: 20-13 (33)
-Kraft 1st season as Patriots owner
-Belichick was the Browns coach
This was Browns 16th playoff win all time
-16th prime = 53

Browns Current playoff record is 16-20
If Browns win in WC round then lose to Patriots..
Record would be 17-21

Brady would be 7-1 vs Browns all time
1st ever meeting between these teams was in 1971

Seems unlikely at the moment but I do believe the Browns make playoff this year and the numbers look good for a Browns Patriots Matchup

Also my Dez signing on 8/8 is looking good right now and the team is the patriots

Saturday, August 4, 2018

James Hasty

Pigging backing off my 5/23 Birthday post which you can check out below.

I wanted to see what former NFL players had that birthday and turned 53 in 2018

One Player came up

James Hasty
DOB: 5/23/18

He was drafted 74th overall by the Jets in the 1988 draft
-1988 was the 53rd NFL Draft

He played 14 years in the NFL for the Jets, Chiefs & Raiders

His last season was 2001, when he was 36 years old
-He only appeared in one game for the Raiders

Game was 11/18/01
Raiders beat the Chargers 34-24 (58)
Which improved their record to 7-2
-From Hasty's bday to Brady's is 72 days

Game was played 179 days...
after Hasty's 36th bday
-179 = 41st prime
Brady will be 41 this season

Also on 11/18/01
Brady/Patriots lost to the Rams 24-17 (41)
Brady starting Record became 5-3
These teams would meet again in SB36

From 11/18/01 to SB36 was 77 days
-Brady born in 77'

In the 01'-02' playoffs...
Raiders lost to Patriots
-The infamous "Tuck Rule Game"...
played 1/19.02
11/18/01 to 1/19/02 is a span of 63 days
Patriots won 16-13 (29)

Hasty went to Washington State
Same as Drew Bledsoe...
who Brady took the starting job from

Hasty first NFL game was vs Patriots
Patriots beat the Jets: 28-3 (Look familiar?)

Hasty wore # 40 his whole career except..
his last season when he wore #34

If Brady makes SB53 that could be....
-His 40th playoff game on...
the 34th day of the year.

Hasty career Record was;
101-107-1 (209 games)
0-3 in playoffs

He played 18 games vs Patriots
Record: 10-8

His bday to the first Sunday (9/9) is 109 days

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Nationals improve to 53-53 / Redskins

I made a post on another blog on how we should an eye on this game because of the Nationals record and date

The post was;
“Tomorrow 7/31/18 a date to pay attention..

This date is 187 days before SB53
187th prime = 1117
If you flip you get LIII...
Roman Numbers for 53

Also 11 * 17 = 187

This is the 212th day of the year and leaves 153 (17th triangular #)

Washington Nationals
Nationals record is 52-53
Next game will be their 106th
16th prime = 53

played the N.Y. Mets on 7/31”

Nationals won 25-4 (29)
Nationals became 24-25 (49) @ home
-SB53 is the 49th of the Modern Era

Date can be written 31/7
-317 = 66th prime

First Super Bowl was in the 1966 season

Redskins went 7-7 in 66’
-Makes me think of Brady, born in 77’

66’ Redskins scored 72 points in one game
-Beat the New York Giants 72-41 (113)
Redskins record became 6-6

Game was played on 11/27/66
The 331st date of the year
-331= 67th prime = 19th prime
SB53 played in 20(19)

66’ Redskins beat ATL 33-20 (53)
Record became 3-2
ATL is hosting SB53 on 2/3
Game was on 10/9/66
10/9 a big date with ATL/Brady/SB51

66’ was ATL first year year in NFL
Started 0-9...
then beat the Giants 27-16 (43)
ATL Record became 1-9...
Giants fell to 1-8-1 (181 / 42nd prime)

Week before the Redskins game when...
-Giants became 1-9-1 (43rd prime)

More with 72....

Redskins made their 1st SB in 1972
-The 53rd NFL Season

Made their last in 1991
-The 72nd season of the NFL

72 was 1 point less then the NFL record
Redskins won 73-0 in the 1940 Title game
1940 was the 21st NFL Season
-21st prime = 73

Nationals won by 21 runs on 7/31/18
-vs the New York Mets