Saturday, January 26, 2019

Super Bowl 53: Patriots vs Rams

Patriots lead series 8-5
The Rams have been designated the home team.
Patriots lead 4-2 as road team

Rams (82nd season)
Record: 589-587-21 (1,198th game)
Playoffs: 21-25 (47th game)
Rams are 19-21 playing in ATL
-This will be their 41st game

Stan Kroenke (71 years old)
Record: 66-80-1 (148th game)
Playoffs: 2-1 (4th game)

Sean Mcvay (32 y/o)
Record: 26-9 (36th game)
Playoffs: 2-1

Jared Goff (24 y.o)
Record: 26-15 (42ndh start)
-Could get his 16th loss in SB53
-Could stay on 26 wins, AFC wins 26th SB

Home*: 13-8 (22nd start)
-Could become 13-9 (139=34th prime)

AFC: 4-0 (5th start)
-Could fall to 4-1 vs AFC vs 41 y/o Brady
41 = 13th prime
Goff became 1-3 after losing to the Pats in 2016

His Birthday is 10/14/1994
His birthday is like 114 I’ve been talking about
The game is 253 days before his 25th bday
253 = 22nd triangular #
-Goff playoff record could fall to 2-2
Rams can get their 22nd loss in ATL

New England Patriots
Record: 535-411-9 (957th Game)
Playoffs: 35-20 (56th game)
Patriots are 4-4 playing in ATL
This will be their 9th game

Robert Kraft:
Record: 311-135 (447th game)
Playoffs: 32-14 (47th game)
Game is 4 months 2 days before his birthday

Bill Belichick
Record: 289-134 (426th game)
Playoffs: 30-11 (42nd game)
Patriots: 254-89 (344th game)

Tom Brady
Record: 236-70 (307th start)
Playoffs: 29-10 (38th Start)
Away*: 99-46 (146th start)
Playoffs Away*: 7-4 (12th start)

NFC: 57-19 (77th Start)
NFC West: 12-5 (18th start)
Rams: 4-1 (6th start)
-Could fall to 4-2
-Brady’s 42nd birthday is 181 days after SB53
-181 = 42nd prime

This is a rematch of SB38 which was also played on 2/3
This is the 34th day of the year
Rams appeared in SB34 which was also in ATL
Patriots defeated ATL 34-28 in SB51
The only other SB hosted by ATL was SB28

Interesting both teams last game in ATL in the 2013 season
Week 2: Rams loss 31-24 (55) to ATL
Week 4: Patriots won 30-23 (53) in ATL

NFC West SB Record is 7-6 (14th game)
AFC East SB Record is 9-12 (22nd game)

I keep going back to Brady 1st game is ATL which was 11/4/01
Patriots won 24-10
This game was 6300 days before SB53
Brady threw TD passes of 19, 5 & 44 yards
Add them up you get 63

That game started @ 1:01PM
-101 = 26th prime

However the Patriots have never won a Super Bowl when they did they defeat the Colts or Steelers in the AFC Championship Game...

Ill be adding more when I have time....

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Patriots @ Chiefs / SB53 Prediction

Chiefs are 10-18 in Playoffs
-Can get 19th loss in Mahome’s 19th start
Patriots are 8-11 all time on the road in playoffs
Can become 9-11, Chiefs become 10-19 in playoffs

Chiefs are 3-7 @ home
Could fall to 3-8, Brady bday is 8/3
-Teams previous meeting totaled 83 points

Kraft can get his 311th win
Belichick can become 30-11 in playoffs

Belichick would stay on 89 losses
89 = 24th prime
The game is 240 days before Mahome’s 24th birthday

Reid is @ 207 wins all time
This is his 103rd game as Chiefs HC
27th prime = 103

Tom Brady
Game is 170 days after his 41st birthday
AFC Record: 178-53
-Can get his 179th win (41st prime)
-In Belichicks 41st playoff game
Brady stays on 53 losses advances to SB53
-53 = 16th prime

Patriots can get 16th win vs KC -
-KC leads series 18-15-3
16th triangular # = 136
The game is 136 days before Robert Kraft’s birthday

This is the 16th matchup in KC
-KC leads 11-3-1
All year I’ve been talking about the Patriots and 11/4
Patriots are 10-4 in AFC Championship game
A win makes them 11-4
The teams previous played on 10/14
Patriots have 411 losses all time
Kraft can become 11-4 in AFC Title Games

Brady first played in ATL (11/4/01)
This was 6300 days before SB53
From 11/4 to 1/20 is 77 days

Brady was born in 1977
1977 season ended with SB12
SB12 was played in New Orleans and totaled 37 points
-37 = 12th prime

The Saints make sense to win the NFC
Brady’s first game against the Saints was 11/25/01
114 days after his 24th birthday
Patriots won 34-17 (51)
-Saints next game in ATL will be their 51st all time

Brady had a 41 yard TD pass in this game
Brady became 6-3 as a starter // ’01 Patriots record became 6-5

Patriots lead the series 10-4 vs Saints
Bree’s would enter the game with 114 losses
Could call to 115 which matches his 1/15 bday

Bree’s would wall to 15-3 on the season#
This would be Bree’s 220th start for the Saints

Celtics Clues
Celtics won in Atlanta on 11/23/18 with 114 points
They scored 53 points in the 2nd half
This was their 19th game of the season (10-9)
-Game was 72 days prior to SB53

They then beat ATL again on 12/14/18
Celtics scored 42 points in the 1st quarter
-This was 42 days before SB53
This made their record 18-10

-SB53 is 181 days before Bradys 42nd birthday
181 = 42nd prime
The NO Pelicans play in ATL 26 days after SB53
This is the Hawks 67th game of the year

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

NFC Divisional: Eagles @ Saints

Eagles @ Saints
The game is 21 days before SB53
Eagles lead series 17-14 (32nd meeting)
Saints lead 10-8 in NO (19th Meeting)

Saints won last meeting on 10/29/17
*56 days before this game
The score was 48-7 (55)
Saints became 9-1 // Eagles fell to 4-6

Saints (52nd Season)
Record: 370-445-5 (821st game)
Playoffs: 8-10 (19th game)
Home: 5-3 (9th game)

Sean Payton (55 years old)
Record: 125-79 (205th game)
Playoffs: 7-5 (13th game)

Drew Brees (39 y/o)
Record: 162-114 (277th start)
Playoffs: 7-6 (14th Start)
Home: 5-1 (6th start)
Vs Eagles: 5-3 (9th Start)

Eagles (86th season)
Overall: 600 -622-26 (1,249th game)
-249 = 204th prime
Playoffs: 23-21 (45th game)
Road: 7-12 (20th game)

Doug Pederson (50 y/o)
Record: 33-19 (53nd game)
Playoffs: 4-0

Nick Foles
Record: 30-19 (50th start)
Road: 16-11 (27th start)
Playoffs: 4-1

AFC Divisional: Chargers @ Patriots

Chargers @ Patriots
The game is 21 days before SB53
Patriots lead series 24-15-2 (42nd meeting)
Patriots lead 13-8-1 @ home (23rd meeting)
Last meeting on 10/29/17
Patriots won 21-13 (34)
*441 days or 63 weeks prior to this game

Chargers (59th Season)
Record: 459-459-11 (930th game)
Playoffs: 12-17 (30th game)
Road: 6-9 (16th game)

Anthony Lynn (50 y/o)
Record: 22-12 (35th game)
Road: 12-6 (19th game)
Game is 22 days after his 50th b/d

Philip Rivers
Record: 123-95 (219th game)
Road: 55-55 (111th game)
Playoffs: 5-5 (11th Game)
Road: 3-3 (7th game)
Vs Patriots: 1-7 (9th game)
AFC: 97-72 (170th start)
Game is a span of 37 days after his 37th b/d
*37 = 12th prime

New England Patriots
Record: 534-411-9 (955th Game)
Playoffs: 34-20 (55th game)
Home: 22-4 (27th game)

Bill Belichick
Record: 289-134 (424th game)
Playoffs: 28-11 (40th game)

Tom Brady
Record: 234-70 (305th start)
Playoffs: 27-10 (38th Start)
Home: 19-3 (23rd start)
Divisional Round: 12-2 (15th start)
AFC: 177-52 (201nd start)
-Could get 53rd loss
Vs Chargers: 8-2 (11th meeting)

163 days since bday & 202 days til 42nd b/d
163 = 38th prime

Can fall to 8-3 vs Chargers
Birthday is 8/3
Could fall to 8-3 in 23rd home playoff start
*23rd prime = 83

During the 44th NFL season (1963) both these teams were in the AFL.
They met in the AFL Championship Game that year
Chargers won 51-10 (61)
41 point defeat // Brady 41 years old

The passing of Brandon Mebanes Daugther is leaning me chargers

Theres also a good amount of 22/79 in LAC favor

Last charger win in NE was 10/2/05
Chargers won 41-17 (58)
Both teams became 2-2

This was4851 days before next game
That is the 98th triangular #
Rivers can get his 98th win vs AFC

I’ll update more soon

NFC Divisional: Cowboys @ Rams

Just getting these posted to start a discussions. I will update and make picks before the games are played.

Cowboys @ Rams
The game is 22 days before SB53
Dallas leads series 17-16 (34th meeting)
Dallas leads 8-7 @ Rams (16th meeting)
Playoffs: 4-4 (9th meeting)

Cowboys (59th Season)
Record: 537-407-6 (962nd game)
Playoffs: 35-27 (63rd game)
Road: 13-17 (31st game)

Jerry Jones
Record: 277-229 (507th game)
Playoffs: 15-11 (27th game)

Jason Garrett (52 y/o)
Record is 79-61 (141st game as HC)
Playoffs: 2-2
Game is 290 days after his bday

Dak Prescott (25 y/o)
Record: 33-17 (51st start)
Road: 15-9 (25th start)
The game is 167 days after his 25th bday
*167 = 39th prime

Rams (82nd season)
Record: 587-587-21 (1,196th game)
*87 = 107th prime #
Playoffs: 19-25 (45th game)
Home: 12-7 (20th game)

Sean Mcvay (32 y/o)
Record: 24-9 (34th game)
*353 days after his b/d (71st prime)

Jared Goff (24 y.o)
Record: 24-15 (40th start)
Home: 12-9 (22nd start)

AFC Divisional: Colts @ Chiefs

Just getting these posted to start a discussions. I will update and make picks before the games are played.

Colts @ Chiefs
-The game is 22 days before SB53
Colts lead series 16-9 (27th Meeting)
Colts lead 9-4 in KC (14 meeting)

Last meeting 10/30/16
805 days before this game
Chiefs won 30-14 (44)
Chiefs became 5-2 // Colts 3-5

Colts (66th Season)
Record 539-459-7 (1,029th game)
Playoffs: 23-23 (47th game)
Road: 9-12 (22nd game)

Frank Reich (57 y/o)
Record: 11-6 (18th game)
39 days after his birthday

Andrew Luck (29 y/o)
Record: 57-36 (94th game)
Road: 25-23 (49th start)
Playoffs: 4-3 (8th game)
Road: 2-3 (6th start)

Chiefs (59th Season)
Record: 478-437-12 (928th game)
*479 = 92nd prime
Playoffs: 9-18 (28th game)
Home: 2-7 @ home (10th game)
*The 28s jumping out to me.

Andy Reid (60 y/o)
Record: 206-137-1 (345th game)
Playoffs: 11-13 (25th game)
Home: 8-5 (14th game)
*66 days before 61st bday

Patrick Mahomes (23 y/o)
Record: 13-4 (18th start)

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

AFC Wildcard: Chargers @ Baltimore

Chargers @ Ravens
Ravens lead the series 7-5 (13th meeting)
In Baltimore; Ravens lead 3-1 (5th)

Last meeting on 12/22/18
-15 days before this game
Ravens won 22-10

Last meeting in Baltimore was 11/1/15
Ravens won 29-26 (54)
Both teams became 2-6

Ravens (23rd Season)
Record: 215-175-1 (396th game)
Playoffs: 15-8 (24th game)
-Can get 16th win on 1/6
Home: 3-2 (6th game)

John Harbaugh
Record: 114-77 (192nd game)
Playoffs: 10-5 (16th game)
Game is 260 days before his 57th bday

Lamar Jackson
Record: 6-1
Home: 4-0
Birthday is 1/7 could become 7-1

He also ended the season will 99 completions

Chargers (59th Season)
Record: 458-459-11 (929th game)
Playoffs: 11-17 (29th game)
Road: 5-8 (14th game)

Anthony Lynn
Record: 21-12 (34th game)
Game is 16 days after his 50th b/d

Philip Rivers
Record: 122-95 (218th game)
Road: 54-55 (110th game)

Playoffs: 4-5 (10th Game)
-Rivers could fall to 4-6, Chargers get 460th loss
Road: 2-3 (6th game)
Vs Ravens: 3-5 (9th game)

Game is 29 days after his 37th birthday

Pick: The numbers aren't showing me much but I have been on the Ravens all season so I expect them to win this game.

NFC Wildcard: Eagles @ Bears

Eagles @ Bears

Bears lead series 29-14-1 (45th matchup)
Bears lead 16-6 in Chicago (23rd game)
Last Meeting on 11/26/2017
-This was 406 days before nextgame
Eagles won 31-3 (34)
-Eagles became 10-1 // Bears 3-8

Bears (99th season)
Overall: 778-601-42 (1,422th game)
Playoffs: 17-18 (36th game)
Home: 12-8 (21st game)
Bears can become 18-18 in playoff while staying on 601 losses
-18th prime = 61

Matt Nagy
Record: 12-4 (17th game)
-108 days til his 41st birthday

Mitch Trubisky
Record 15-11 (27th game)
Home: 9-5 (15th game)
Game is 139 days after 24th b/d
-139 = 34th prime

Eagles (86th season)
Overall: 599-622-26 (1,248th game)
Playoffs: 22-21 (44th game)
Road: 6-12 (19th game)

Doug Pederson
Record: 32-19 (52nd game)
Playoffs: 3-0
340 days since 50th b/d

Nick Foles
Record: 29-19 (49th start)
Road: 15-11 (26th start)
Playoffs: 3-1
The game is 351 days after his 29th b/d
-351 = 26th triangular number


I’m liking the Bears, both teams can finish with matching playoff record
-Bears: 18-18
-Eagles: 22-22
22 = 79th prime

Former Bears Coach Mike Ditka is currently 79
-Game is 79 days after his bday

Last time Ditka coached against the Eagles was 10/2/1989
Bears Won 27-13 (40)
-Bears became 4-0 // Eagles 2-2

NFC Wildcard: Seahawks @ Cowboys

Seahawks @ Cowboys
Dallas lead series 10-9 (20th meeting)
Last played on 9/23/18
-104 days before this meeting
Seahawks won 24-13 (37)
-Both teams became 1-2

Seahawks (43red Season)
Record: 360-346-1 (708th game)
Playoffs: 16-15 in playoffs (32nd game)
-16 = 53rd prime
They are 3-11 on the road (15th game)
Seattle can get 347th loss (69th prime)
-A loss makes Carroll 9-6 in playoffs with Seahawks

Pete Carroll
Record: 132-92-1 (22th game)
Seahawks: 98-59-1 (159th game)
-Could get 99th win in 99th NFL season
Playoffs: 10-7 (18th Game)
The game is 253 days before his 68th bday
-253 = 22nd triangular number

Russell Wilson
Record: 83-40-1 (125th start)
Road: 34-27-1 (63 start)
-A loss makes his road record 34-28-1
-The previous SB ATL hosted where 28 & 34

Playoffs: 8-4 (13th start)
Can get 41st loss in 13th playoff start
-41 = 13th prime

Road: 3-2 (6th start)
-A loss makes him 3-3, Prescott can get 33rd win
Game is 37 days after his 30th bday
-37 = 12th prime, Seattle known for the 12s
Seattle could get 12th road playoff loss

Cowboys (59th Season)
Record: 536-407-6 (961st game)
-SQ root of 961 = 31
Playoffs: 34-27 (62nd game)
Home: 21-10 (32nd Game)

Dak Prescott
Record: 32-17 (50th start)
Home: 17-8 (26th start)
The game is 160 days after his 25th bday

Jason Garrett
Record is 78-61 (140th game as HC)
Garret stays on 61 losses, Prescott get 18th win
-61 = 18th prime
Game is 283 days after Garrets bday (61st prime)
-His birthday is also 3/28 or 28/3

Garret can become 2-2 in playoffs
Cowboys get 22nd home playoff win
-22th prime = 79
Garret can get his 79th win

Jerry Jones
Record: 276-229 (506th game)
-Can get 277th win (59th prime) Teams 59th season
-Stays on 229 losses (50th prime) in Prescott 50th start
Playoffs: 14-11 (26th game)

Pick-Leaning towards the Cowboys

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

AFC Wild Card: Colts @ Texans

Colts @ Texans

Colts lead series 26-8
-Colts last won in Houston 27 days ago

35 / 149
This will be the 35th All-time Meeting
Texans loss makes their playoff record 3-5
-35th prime = 149
A loss makes Deshaun Watson record 14-9
Watson was born on 9/14 or 14/9

13 / 41

-Colts can get 13th win in Houston (12-5)
This is Watsons 13th home start (8-4)
Houston won the 1st meeting, both teams became 1-3
2nd meeting was both teams 13th game
-13th prime = 41
Texans HC Bill Obrien can get 41st loss (43-40)
Obrien could fall to 1-3 in playoffs

9 / 23
Colts win makes their playoff record 23-23
Andrew Luck can become 2-3 on the road in playoffs
Andrew stays on 23 road losses (24-23)
Luck has 23 TD passes vs Texans
- 23 = 9th prime
Colts can get 9th playoff road win

Texans become 3-2 @ home in playoffs
The game is 32 days after Frank Reich birthday

14 / 43
Obrien stays @ 43 wins
Luck becomes 4-3 in playoffs
-43 = 14th prime
Watson stays @ 14 wins

Luck can become 7-4 vs Texans
The game is 74 days after O’Briens 49th Bday

Colts win also means a 1 vs 6 matchup next round (16)
-16th prime = 53

In the two regular season their scores came to 58-58 (116)
A Colts win makes both teams 11-6
The game is a span of 116 days after Lucks bday