Friday, March 30, 2018

Kansas & Kentucky / 7 & 8

I went and looked at past NCAA Basketball Champions and had some interesting finds.

All but one time when the year of the season ended in 7-8
Kansas or Kentucky won the championship

1947-48----Kentucky won (10th Tournament)
1957-58---Kentucky won (20th Tournament))
1967-68---UCLA won (30th Tournament)
*Only year not won UK or KU
1977-78---Kentucky won (40th Tournament)
1987-88---Kansas Won (50th Tournament)
1997-98---Kentucky Won (60th Tournament)
2007-08---Kansas Won (70th Tournament)

Both KU & UK wear blue/white.

If Kansas does win their record would be 33-7
337=68th prime #

Looking at this quick, I'm not finding any other connections but I am sure there are some...

I'll update if I find any more


  1. Good stuff Brendan and this is interesting indeed.

    I still like Michigan vs Nova but you could be right with Ku. It’s in San Antonio and recently KU won it there last time so..

    1. seems like it was a Catholic thing. LOVE Brendan's 7/8 KU/UK find, can't believe it didn't hit again this time... fifty years from the previous non-KU/UK ... UCLA... "UCLA" = 37 and "Wildcats" = 37. I don't know.

      just posted a big decode on the YouTube shooting over on my blog. I first heard that the city was San Francisco (nearby) and I thought of the 49ers for next season... anyway. Cheers!

  2. Thanks Asif, I haven't done much deoding in the tournament, but I think the final will be Michigan vs Kansas

    1. hey hope you're still out there my man, been checking when I get on the pc, haven't done so much lately, but did just post an nba pick. celtics thunder... HA? well anyway... okay man, cheers!