Saturday, March 17, 2018

NCAA Upset # 16 over # 1 / Baltimore Ravens / SB53

Shout out to my boy, WayBeyond Coincidence, for pointing in me in this direction
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For the first time in NCAA Basketball History, a # 16 Seed upset a # 1 seed.

The University of Baltimore Maryland Retrievers defeated the University of Virginia Cavaliers 74-54 (128)
In year of the Dog it's Fitting the Retrievers pull off the upset

16 seeds are now 1-135 all time against 1 seeds
The 16 seeded Retrievers scored 53 points in the 2nd half

16th prime = 53
The next Super Bowl is SB53

From the date of the upset to the first Sunday of the upcoming NFL season is 5 months 23 days
523 = 99th Prime
This will be the 99th NFL Season

The Ravens are from Baltimore just like UMBC
Ravens have the 16th pick in the 1st Rd of the upcoming NFL Draft

On the same day as the upset,the Ravens signed former SF 49er wide receiver, Michael Crabtree.
He has worn # 15 his entire career
15th prime = 47

In SB47 the Ravens Defeated the 49ers 34-31 (65)
Crabtree was involved in the decisive play of that game

Crabtree will turn 31 this year
In SB 47 he scored a 31 yard TD

SB47 and SB53 both were/will be played on 2/3
2/3 is the 34 day of the year
In both the Ravens previous SB appearances (35&47) they scored 34 points
From SB47 to SB53 is 313 weeks
313 = 65th prime
Virginia fell to 31-3 after being upset by UMBC

Super Bowl 34 was played in Atlanta
Super Bowl Super Bowl 53 will be played in Atlanta on the 34th day

After losing SB47 the 49ers record dropped to 13-5-1
Recall 16 seeds are now 1-135 against 1 seeds

Back to this being the 99th NFL Season
The first Sunday of the upcoming NFL season will be on 9/9
Ravens Coach, John Harbaugh,, birthday is 9/23
This is a date that leaves 99 days left in the year
9/23 will be on Sunday this year
THe Ravens are scheduled to play in ATL this season
I'm thinking they are in the ATL on 9/23

This will be the Ravens 23rd Season
23 = 9th prime
The Ravens have played 23 playoff games (15-8)

Ravens QB, Joe Flacco birthday is January 16th or 1/16
Flacco will turn 34, 18 days before SB53
Flacco was the 18th overall pick in the 2008 draft
The only other QB drafted in the first round that year was Matt Ryan by the Atlanta Falcons

I looked at the last game of the Ravens 2017 Season.
They lost to the Bengals 31-27 (58)
The Bengals scored on a long pass to come back and win
When the ball was snapped there was 53 seconds on the clock
Andy Dalton threw a 49 yard pass to Tyler Boyd
By losing the game the Ravens were eliminated from the playoffs
The upcoming season will be the 53rd SB and is the 49th season of the modern era

There also seems to be connections to the city of Baltimore and the numbers 3 & 5

In SB3 the Baltimore Colts loss to the NY Jets 16-7
In SB5 the Baltimore Colts defeated the Dallas Cowboys 16-13
In SB35 the Baltimore Ravens defeated the NY Giants 34-7

Torrey Smith is also involved in this riddle
Smith wears # 82 like fomer colt Recicer Raymond Berry, more on him below
He was just traded from the Philadelphia Eagles to the Carolina Panthers on 3/15/18
The game between UMBC and UVA was played in Charlotte
Smith was from The University of Maryland and drafted by the Ravens, he was on the team when they won SB47
He then played 2 seasons for the 49ers before going to the Eagles
He had 53 catches as a 49er

Interesting he was the 58th pick on the 2011 draft, in my post below I get in to connections about the #58, Atlanta and Prince

The two Superbowls the Ravens won were played in NFC South team stadiums
47-New Orleans

The only teams would ever come out of the AFC anymore are the Patriots, Steelers, Broncos, Colts and Ravens..
-Colts & Broncos are not going this year ( I like the Colts for SB54)
-Patriots always have a chance but I don't think the NFL wants them going to their 3rd straight..
That leaves Steelers and Ravens, Steelers looked good last year and it all fell apart.

It's super early at this point but as of right now the Ravens are the team I am rolling with to make it out of the AFC.

A ton more to this, I need to keep digging...


As I keep digging I am finding more information

SB53 will be Written as LIII, when you flip that you get 1117
1117 is the 187th prime #
11 * 17 = 187
11 = 5th prime, 17= 8th (58)
The number 58 coming back into play yet again.

In the 1958 Season The Baltimore Colts defeated the New York Giants 23-17
This was known as "The Greatest Game Ever Played"
The game was tied 17-17 (More 34) when it went into OT
The date of the game was 12/28/1958
From that date to the date of SB53 (2/3/19) is a span of 21953 days!!
Crazy because SB53 wIll be played in 2019

This year will be the 60th anniversary of that game
The Giants and Colts Are scheduled to play this upcoming Season

In the game the Giants QB, Charlie Conerly, had 187 passing yards
Colts Receiver, Raymond Berry also had a 187 receiving yards

Looking like Raymond Berry might be sacrificed for SB53
DOB: 2/27/1933
Thats the 58th day of the year
Berry is currently 85 years old
227 is also the 49th prime #
The upcoming NFL season will be the 49th of the Modern Era
Berry last season as a player was in 1967, when he was 34 years old. (Another 34)
**This deserves a separate post

I will continue to look into this riddle

Another Crabtree related thing is the fight he got in with Aqib Talib
Talib is on the Rams now

Update 4/14/18

The 34th NFL Season was in 1953
This was the Baltimore Colts first season back after they folded two seasons prior.
The Colts started that year 3-5
They would lose to the Rams and 49ers twice each during the last 4 weeks of the season
More 34/53 finds

I am definitely leaning towards a Rams or 49ers vs Ravens or Steelers Super Bowl

The Colts are a big key to this riddle, they played all 4 of these teams during the 2017 season.

Week 1: Loss to Rams 46-9
Week 5: Won vs 49ers 26-23
Week 10: Loss to Steelers 20-17
Week 16: Loss to Ravens 23-16


  1. Ok, that's some insane stuff. As I read I went "wow" a few times:

    "...16 seed... scored 53 pts in the second half"...

    the ravens signed crabtree that day!

    Virginia fell to 31-3 (313)!

    the 53 seconds / 49 yd pass in ravens/bengals game

    SB3: Baltimore
    SB5: Baltimore
    SB35: Baltimore

    the ravens wins coming in NFC south stadiums
    very nice

    and then into the Raymond Berry stuff but that's not in front of me...

    Anyway, awesome stuff!

    been thinking about the umbc score... 74-54...
    74=2... 54=9... 29... 2x9=18...

    oh... haha. the score backwards: 4547 is the 616th prime.
    Of course it is. And 616 just happens to have 16 divisors... c'mon!

    Alright man, cheers!

  2. On your blog you commented about how the 49ers tied the Rams/Fisher.

    I looked at that game. Rams record went to 3-5-1 after.

    This was the game Alex Smith got hurt then Karpernick came in. Kaepernick stAt line was 11/17 for 117 yards

    1117 a lot like LIII (53), Crazy! Maybe he joins a team that makes the SB this year.

    His birthday is 11/3. This is 13 weeks 1 day before SB53. He will be turning 31 like Crabtree.

    His bday is also the 307th day of the year and leaves 58 remaining. Kap also has 58 regular season starts. Same #s keep popping up.

    The Rams & 49ers are looking good right now. A wild card might be the Redskins who just traded for Alex Smith.

    This is worth another post as well.

    Your post had got me motivated again. Between the both of us I am confident we will be able to solve this riddle.

    Keep up the great work WBC!