Monday, January 13, 2020

NFC Championship Game: #2 Seed Packers @ #1 Seed 49ers

#2 Seeded Packers @ #1 Seeded 49ers
Packers lead 36-31-1 (69th meeting
SF leads 19-12-1 @ home (33rd meeting)
Last Meeting played on 11/24/19 in SF
SF won 37-8 (45)

SF 49ers
ATR: 615-510-6 (1,142nd game)
Playoffs: 32-31 (54th game)
Home Playoffs: 22-9 (32nd game)
NFCCG: 6-9 (16th game)
Levi Stadium: 23-26 (50th game)
2019: 14-3
Last week: Won 27-10 (37)
In Miami: 4-4 (would be 9th game)

Jed York (39 years old)
DOB: 3/9/1980
ATR: 94-90-1 (186th game)
Playoffs: 6-3

Kyle Shanahan (40 years old)
DOB 12/14/1979
ATR: 24-25 (50th game)
Home: 14-11 (26th game)

Jimmy G (28 years old)
DOB: 11/2/1991
Game is 79 days after his birthday
ATR: 22-5 (28th game)
49ers: 20-5 (26th game)
Home: 11-2 (14th game)

Green Bay Packers
ATR: 791-596-38 (1,426th game)
Playoffs: 35-22(58th game)
Playoffs Road: 12-16 (29th game)
NFCCG: 5-4 (10th game)
Last Week: W 28-23 (51)
In Miami: 6-10 (would be 17th game)

Matt Lafleur (40 years old)
DOB: 11/14/1979
Game is 66 days after his birthday`
ATR: 14-3 (18th game)
Road: 6-2

Aaron Rodgers
DOB: 12/2/1983
48 days before game
ATR: 123-67-1 (192nd game)
Road: 50-48 (99th)
Playoffs: 10-7 (18th)
Playoffs Road: 5-5 (11th)
Vs 49ers: 4-5 (10th game)


  1. There is something to the week 1 tie between Lions & Cardinals.
    The NFC Championship is teams from those divisions for starters.
    The combined scored was 54 points.
    both scored 27 points, 49ers scored 27 points vs Vikings.
    It was the series' 6th tie, 49ers can win their 6th SB.
    The series record is 33-28-6 (DET Leads), SB on 33rd DOY, and NFC can win their 28th SB.
    It was the 33rd meeting @Arizona.

    GB @ SF
    49ers can get their 33rd playoff win
    It is the 33rd meeting @SF
    Two 3's facing each other form an 8
    Rodgers can get his 8th playoff loss
    This will be the 8th playoff meeting

    Rodgers can get his 49th career road loss vs 49ers
    It is the 69th overall meeting, Sixty Nine = 49
    7 x 7 = 49
    Jimmy G = 77
    Jimmy Garoppolo = 77
    Green Bay = 77
    Forty Nine = 54
    It will be 49ers' 54th playoff game.

    dolphins lead home series vs 49ers, 4-2
    so if you add the 2 Super Bowl wins for the 49ers, the series record @ Miami is 4-4, that would make it the 9th time the 49ers play in Miami and it is the 9th time FOX will Broadcast the Super Bowl.

    The State Farm commercials are a diversion. You see how the masses are already screaming "RIGGED" and referencing the commercials. That's what they love doing. I can only assume, but I have to think there are millions on the packers and Chiefs. This is why the puppets keep shaming Garoppolo, that he is the weakest link of the teams remaining, that he has yet to carry his team with the game on the line. They had a fan questionnaire segment on one the ESPN shows and a fan asked Collin Cowherd which QB was he most confident in, He said Mahomes. Then Stephen "the sheep" A. Smith jumps in and says, I know Garoppolo aint! They're hiping up a SB1 rematch and talking up the Packers like they really are a different team than the week 12 meeting. They were missing their LT Bulaga and they are making everyone think him playing will be the difference. Yet they don't mention the fact that in that week 12 game the 49ers did not have Joe Staley, Kwon Alexander and Dee Ford.

    A SB rematch or a Regualr season rematch in the same season does not look likely. 2011 was the last time two teams played each other in the regular season then the SB. In fact, since 2001, that has only happened 3 times and it has involved the Patriots all 3 times.
    2001: Faced Rams in regular season and SB
    2007: Faced Giants in regular season and SB
    2011: Same with Giants

    As for a SB remacth, we have already seen back to back SB rematches. and that has not happened since the NYG/NE rematch in 2011. So I highly doubt we see Chiefs vs Packers. They played this season. Most SB matchups have been teams that faced each other the previous season (SF vs KC) or teams that will face each other the following season (GB vs TEN). How likely do you think it is that they would have both underdogs win or even one of them at this point with the lines being at +285 for Titans and +290 for Packers. If the masses really think the Packers will win and putting money on them with the payout looking juicy, Vegas will rake in all that money having the 49ers win, plus the majority of the bets will probably be on the Packers covering the spread (-7.5). They keep saying, there is no way we will see the same result in the championship game. I am willing to say that the 49ers might just blow them out. I will look for the 49ers to elect to kick first if they win the coin toss to put Rodgers out there right away and bring the heat just like the week 12 game.

    The SB1 rematch could happen in SB57. Hosted by Arizona in the Sate Farm Stadium.

    1. Good call on the 49ers in Miami, I corrected

      You made a ton of great points here.

      The 55 made me look at Dee Ford. He shares a birthday with Andy Reid, Reid turned 33 the day Ford was born.

      Maybe he’s a sleeper to win SB MVP?

    2. Ryan Tannehill won his last college game 33-22 in Houston Bowl game

      He beat NorthWestern, Jimmy G from outside Chicago

      On 11/27/05 Titans beat 49ers 33-22

      This was 740 weeks before SB54

      49ers still lead the series 7-4

      2019 is 49ers 74th season

      Tannehill started against Jimmy G on 9/8/16

      Patriots beat Miami 31-24

      Tannehill fell to 29-37

      Game was a span of 54 days of Tannehill 28th birthday

      Later that season on 12/27:16 the Dolphins beat the 49ers 31-24
      Dolphins became 7-4

  2. San Francisco vs Tennessee
    San Francisco wins

    Betting: GB/Ten + points

    1. I can see that. That article you posted below is DEEP!!! Crazy!!!

      CJ Beathard's brother getting killed in Tennessee, 22yo. The article NFL Network published was time stamped at 2:22pm.

    2. From Vanderbilt's NCAA Championship to SB 54
      6/26/19 to 2/2/20
      221 days (222(+1))
      7 months 7days
      31 weeks 4 days
      Vanderbilt in Nashville
      Tannehill has same D.O.B. as Ed Orgeron (gives me pause on SF)
      Notice the Katie Sowers commercials?
      100 years of Women's suffrage
      Only female coach in NFL
      She is a twin and she is LBGTQ
      Makes dramatic statement coaching in a Superbowl
      Even more if SF wins

    3. Titans owner is also a woman. Amy Adams Strunk.

      Her record is currently 39-29


  4. Shakira
    49th Grammys
    Roc Nation Nashville

  5. Clemson (Death Valley)
    LSU (Death Valley)

    Death Valley 49ers

    Groom Lake, Ridgecrest and California Gold Rush stand out

    1. Bro!!! The Undertaker (The Deadman) lost his 21-0 WrestleMania streak in Louisiana just like Lawrence got his first loss after starting 25-0. The Undertaker is from Texas, He is introduced being from Death Valley (Both AFC Teams with Texas roots). It was Undertaker's 22nd WM appearance. He is currently 54yo, his wife Michelle McCool (former WWE Diva), is from Florida. They keep mentioning a WWE type of environment with the 49ers.

    2. George Kittle has been saying “if you smell what the rock is cooking all year”

      Then the guy on the Chiefs did the Stone Cold Steve Austin beer chug after a TD be the Texans.

    3. Wrestle Mania is in Houston this year

    4. Supposed to be Royal Rumble NOT Wrestle Mania
      Was looking at WM when typing

  6. From Dwight Clark's death to SB 54
    6/4/18 to 2/2/20
    609 days (+1)
    87 weeks (+1)
    Dwight Clark #87

  7. Only time SF has played GB in NFC Championship game
    SF #1 seed GB #2 seed
    GB 23 SF 10

    1/11/98 to 1/19/20
    22 yrs 8 days
    1149 weeks

    Ironically SF beat Min in Div round

  8. Is there any significance to it being leap year?

  9. This is a lock for the 49ers to win. This is the Shanahan tribute. There will be no "flipping the script" BS!!

    49ers 7th SB appearance
    Reid's 7th year as Chiefs HC
    Chiefs will remain at 7 home wins this season(including playoffs)
    *Designated home team
    Reid remains at 7 career wins vs 49ers

    Reid is 61yo
    49ers SB record will be 6-1 after win
    Reid gets his 6th playoff loss as Chiefs HC
    Chiefs remain at 6 series wins vs 49ers
    49ers get their 16th overall win this season
    16 is mirror image of 61

    Reid enters the SB with 81 total wins as Chiefs HC
    81 is the square root of 9
    9 upside down is a 6
    It is the 9th Super Bowl being broadcast-ed by FOX
    SB54, 5 + 4 = 9

    49ers get their 617th overall win
    617 = 113th prime
    Miami Gardens = 113

    It is the 50th Modern Era Super Bowl
    It is the Chiefs first SB appearance in 50 years
    SB50 hosted by 49ers

    ***"Lock this bitch in" Information***

    49ers get their 34th playoff win
    The Combined score at SB50, was 34 points
    In Super Bowl 33, the broncos scored 34 points
    Super Bowl 33 was in Miami
    Mike Shanahan was the HC of the Broncos
    Broncos won SB50 at Levi's
    Kyle Shanahan made it to SB54 that is on the 33rd DOY and in Miami
    Mike Shanahan got his 54th overall win as Broncos HC at SB33

    BOOOOOOM!!!! 49ers win this shit. We nailed it fellas. We were off about the AFC team but we knew the 49ers would win. Tip of the cap to Stay Woke and SkiDMark for all of your vital information. I hope we can work together next season and nail these hoes again and win some fucking money!

    If interested, Duke still has juicy odds for the NCAA Tournament and I really believe they will win it all this year for Coach K to get his 6th championship and go with the Head Coaches' 666 ritual.

    2017 Nick Saban won 6th in Atlanta
    2018 Bill Belichick won 6th in Atlanta
    2019 Coach K wins 6th in Atlanta
    Duke would go 6-6 in the championship game if they win it this year.

  10. Where are the new posts??? SB55 Raiders vs 49ers