Sunday, September 26, 2021

Super Bowl 56

Haven't looked into it much but Way Beyond Coincidence Blog made me check out the Browns

 Cleveland could be 21st team to win super bowl 
Playoff record could become 21-21 
Baker had 201 yards in first career win 
 he didn’t play but his first NFL game tied 21-21 
21st prime = 73 
73rd NFL Season was 1992
This was the last time LA hosted a SB (27)
Dallas won and were lead by Troy Aikman 
Aikman and Baker Both played at Oklahoma 

Aikman 27th start was vs Cleveland 
SB27 played at the Rose Bowl
Baker Last college game at the rose bowl
Oklahoma lost to Georgia 54-48 (102)

SB28 was hosted by Atlanta Georgia 
Aikman won this super bowl as well 
Georgia = 44
SB56 on 44th date of the year 
SB28 ended the 1993 Season

1993 was the Browns 44th Season 
They won in LA vs the Rams 42-14 (56)
This dropped them to 7-8 (more on that in a bit)

Aikman was # 1 pick 29 years before Baker 
Browns would be 29th team to make SB
29th prime = 109
Aikman’s teams scored 109points in 3 SBs
Oklahoma = 76 
Oklahoma won 76-0 this year 
1995 was the 76th NFL Season 
Baker born in 1995 
Browns left Cleveland after 1995 season 
1995 first season without team in LA 
Aikman won SB30 to end
He was 29 years old 
Cowboys won 27-17 (44)
Baker could be 64th QB to start SB
Browns last won Championship in 1964

Aikman 34th QB to start SB 
Aikman last year in NFL he was 34 
Rams won SB34 in ATL

1999 was the year Browns returned to Cleveland 
This made their 31 NFL teams 
1st time with an odd number of teams since 1966 
Aikman born in 1966

1976 Season NFL expanded to 28 teams
Season ended with SB11 in LA
1st pick in 1976 draft was Lee Roy Selmon by TB 
He went to Oklahoma & wore # 93
He died at 56 years old on 9/4/2011 
His 56th game was vs Cleveland, Browns won 34-27
He was inducted in the HOF in 1995 

Interesting that Week 1 of 1976 Dallas, Cleveland & TB all lost to a team that scored 27 points 

Baker’s Middle name is Regan 
Named after the former President 
Ronald Regan -the 40th President -1981-1989 
He was born February 6th -
SB 56 was suppose to be on 2/6
Reagan Died on June 5th 2004 in Los Angeles 
Date can be written 5/6
Ronald Reagan = 56 

This was 216 months before SB56 
Cleveland Area Code is 216 
Regan was 93 
Aikman won SB28 to end 1993 season 
Regan = 28 

The 28th meeting between Dallas & Cleveland came on 9/19/2004
107 days after Ronald Reagan died 
Date is also the 263rd day of the year
263 = 56th prime 
Cowboys won 19-12
2004 was the Browns 56th season 
AFC wins series is tied 28-28 
Baker born in Texas 
Texas 28th state to join US
Browns = 28 

Browns play @ Sofi Stadium on 10/10/21 
127 days before SB56 
127 = 31st prime 
It will be their 28th game vs the Chargers 
Baker could get 28th career win

Rams play @ Seattle on 10/7 
- the 280th day of the year 
This is the 28th day of the NFL Season 
Could be clues in this game 

Oklahoma last National Championship was in 2000 
Same year Aikman retired @ 34 years old
OU beat Florida St 13-2 
Date of SB56 is 2/13
Bobby Bowen died 93 days before his birthday 
Coached Florida St for 34 years 

Jerry Jones Birthday is 10/13 
123 days before SB56 
He was born in Los Angeles
33rd Season as owner
SB56 could be his 560th game as owner
He bought the Cowboys on 2/25/21
The 56th day of the year 
First win as owner came on 11/5/1989
Date leaves 56 days left in the year 

Jones is currently 78
Cleveland = 78
In 1978 Season Cowboys beat the Rams 28-0 in LA in NFCCG to advance to SB13
League expanded from 14 to 16 game season 
This year league went from 16 to 17 games 
17th prime is 59
1978 was the 59th NFL season 
Steelers beat Dallas in SB13
They scored 102 points in the playoffs 

2021 is 102nd season 
Cowboys = 102 
Kevin Stefanski = 102 
Rayne Dakota Prescott = 213 
Dak Prescott = 132 

Dak got 44th career win in LA on a 56 yard FG 
SB56 on 44th day of the year 
Dak beat Rams 44-21
113 weeks before SB56
113 = 30th prime 
Cleveland leads the series 18-14
Cleveland beat Dallas 19-14 on 9/9/1994
Baker gave Dak 28th career loss last year 12/10/94
This was 19 days after Aikman 28th birthday 
This was the teams 27th meeting
27 years from the date the 2021 season started
Browns won last championship 27-0

Aikman turns 56 - 282 days after SB56

This was the 344 day of the year and left 21
Which mirrors SB56 date - 44th leaving 321

Cowboys Coach is Mike Mccarrthy 
His 56th game as HC was aganist the Browns 
Packers won 31-3 (28 point win) on 10/25/2009
His birthday is 95 days before SB56
When the Cowboys played the Browns last year it was his 208th RS game

28 is a perfect # would be fitting to have the series tied 28-28

Looking at the Cleveland Cavs schedule 
They play in LA for their 5 & 6th games
10/27 vs Clippers 
10/29 vs Lakers - 107 days before SB56

Also play the Lakers on 3/21

The guy who tried to kill Regan was John Warnock Hinckley Jr.
On September 27, 2021 a federal judge approved Hinckley for unconditional release beginning June 2022
John Warnock Hinckley Jr. = 103
Same day Dallas got their 563rd all time win 
563 = 103rd prime
Hinckley was born in Oklahoma 


  1. WELCOME BACK!!!!!!!!! LFG…..I love it. My only doubt is that no player who won the Heisman Trophy since 1997 Charles Woodson has won a Super Bowl. (It was SB45 with Packers)
    Cam Newton and Charles Woodson are the only 2 players that have won the Heisman Trophy from 97’-Present to appear in the SB.
    Interestingly enough Charles Woodson was inducted into the HOF and he’s from Ohio. SB45 was at AT&T Stadium. Are you thinking Browns vs Cowboys or maybe Packers. Like 2019 when I thought we had figured it out, Niners lost. Maybe Browns make it and lose. Could it really be “The Last Dance” for Rodgers and Adams.

    Before the season I was thinking Browns vs 49ers with 49ers finally getting their 6th but idk about that anymore. They’re just cursed with injuries. Then I was looking at Brady getting his 8th. He’s got some connections to Al Michaels who will be the announcer for SB56. A legendary announcer.

    1. Never knew that about the Hesiman winners. Interesting the year Woodson won the SB is the year NEwton wins the Heisman.

      Woodson jut turned 45 this year. SB 45 totaled 56 points. Could be something there.

      Newton was the 76th Heisman winner, Woodson born in 1976
      Woodson drafted by Raiders who won SB11 in 1976 season

      I mentione the 76 stuff, first season their was 28 teams
      Woodson Birthday falls on 280th day of the year

      Michigan won the National Champioship at the Rose Bowl in LA
      This was their 107th season (28th prime)

      In 1997 Broncos beat the Packers 31-24 also in Southern Cal
      Their first SB win

      This ended the NFC steak at 13 straight Super Bowls

      Elway was 37 years old, Rodgers currently 37 years old