Thursday, September 26, 2019

Super Bowl 54

Super Bowl 54
I think the 49ers will be coming out of the NFC and will face either the Patriots or the Colts

The next QB to start in a SB, who has not already appeared, will be the 62nd all time
Jimmy Garopolo was the 62nd pick in the 2014 draft
Belichick was 62 years old at the time
2014 draft was the 79th NFL draft
79 = 22nd prime, SB52 is played on 2/2/2020 in Miami

Garoppolo first played in Miami on 1/3/16 which was 62 days after his birthday
Brady got his 62nd career win in Miami on 11/13/05
Patriots won 23-16 (39), their record improved to 5-4 that year
Brady career record become 62-18

The 62nd NFL season was in 1981
This season was the year the 49ers won their first SB(16)
SB16 was played in Michigan
49ers opened the 1981 Season in Michigan, they lost to Detroit 24-17

Brady first NFL appearance was in Detroit, Patriots loss 34-9 (43)
This was 112 days after Brady’s birthday. Garopplo was born on 11/2
Brady got his 54th win vs the 49ers, Record became 54-14

Bradys first start in Miami was on 10/7/01
Patriot’s lost 30-10
Belichick’s career record as Head Coach became 43-59

Garoppolo was traded to the 49ers for the 43rd pick in the 2018 draft
The Patriots won 43-0 in Miami, 43 days after Bradys birthday
A win in the Divisional Round would make his record 14-3 all time in that round
That would put him in his 14th AFC Championship game (9-4)
SB43 would be Brady’s 43rd Playoff game

The Patriots would go on to trade that 43rd pick to the Detroit Lions

Garoppolo’s last appearance with the Patriots was also in Miami
Patriots won 35-14 (49), Patriots got their 14th win on the season

1962 was the NFL’s 43rd Season

There teams last played on 11/20/16
Patriots won 30-17 (47)
This was 167 weeks before SB54
167 = 39th prime, Brady was 39 years old when the game was played

The next meeting between 49ers & Patriots will be the 14th all time
The 49ers have their bye Week 4 and Patriots week 5
49ers lead 8-5
A win makes them 9-5
Garoppolo drafted on 5/9, his birthday leaves 59 days left in the year
Brady’s next game is from vs NFC West will be his 19th
His record is 13-5


  1. Another 1981 synchronicity. That year the 49ers starting running back Ricky Patton was drafted by the Falcons. This year, their starting running back is former Falcon T. Coleman. He should be back for Mondays game vs Browns next week. 49ers have 2 Monday games this season. They have the most wins in MNF history 48. win both and they will have 50 (50th modern era SB). Dolphins have the most appearances, 81. They play @PIT on Monday Week 8. Maybe you will find something to that.

  2. It's hard to jump the gun on this one but Here is some work on a potential upset LAC vs MIA.

    Rivers can get his 54th regular season road loss vs SB host.
    He is 0-3 @MIA.
    With loss it would be 4, Chargers can remain at 4 series wins @MIA
    Josh Rosen gets his 4th career win
    Rosen's 15th career start, it will be the 15th series meeting @MIA, Chargers can remain at 15 overall series wins vs MIA, and Anthony Lynn can get his 15th loss as Chargers coach.
    Rivers can also get his 93rd regular season loss on a day that leaves 93 days on the year.
    Maybe Miami covers the spread or the Chargers will do the same as the other teams and destroy them lol. I might put a little bit on the dolphins straight up just in case, They are currently at +650 ML. The Bills did it last year vs Vikings so you never know.

    CAR @ HOU
    Panthers enter their 405th overall game (45)
    Bill O'Brien can remain at 45 career wins
    O'Brien can get his 43rd loss, It is Watson's 14th career home game
    43 = 14th Prime
    Watson gets his 11th career loss and 5th home loss on the 5th series meeting between panthers and Texans. 11 = 5th prime
    It is the 3rd series meeting @HOU, Panthers can get their 3rd overall series win and Kyle Allen can get his 3rd career win in his 3rd start(it is also the 3rd road start for Allen).
    Ron Rivera can also go 3-0 vs Texans
    5 = 3rd prime
    Panthers can remain at 203 losses (23)
    Watson remains at 9 home wins.

    Another Iffy one. A majority of the public will be on Texans so who knows. Maybe Panthers cover.

  3. Something else relating to the Lion King movie.

    the animated version released in 1994, that year the 49ers won the SB.
    the live action version released this year, SF wins it?????

    1. That is a great point.

      The 1994 Lion King was released on 6/15

      Now the 2019 Lion king was released in the US on 7/19
      This date leaves 165 days left in the year

      The date of the 94' release was a span of 229 days before SB29. 229 = 50th prime

      The 94' moviewas released on the 199th day of the year
      THe 2019 Movie was released 199 days before SB54

      94' movie runs 88 minutes long, 49ers won SB23 in Miami to end the 1988 season.

      We just saw the Cardinals owner die at 88, My Cardinals/Ravens post had a ton of 88 connections.

      The 2019 movie runs 118 minutes long
      The 1994 version was released 118 days before Steve Young 33rd birthday

  4. Something else I have noticed. I have not gone further back than the 2015 Season but from that point to 2018. At least one new coach and a coach in his 2nd year with a team have made the playoffs. In that span, only Sean Mcvay has lead his team to the playoffs in his first 2 seasons.

    Last year, Pederson was the only coach in his 3rd year to make the playoffs. Like I said I didn't go back further to get more info on this.

    I did find somewhat of a pattern though.

    2015: 1st year HC Gary Kubiak lead Denver to a Super Bowl win

    2017: 2nd year HC Doug Pederson lead Philadelphia to a Super Bowl win

    2019: 3rd year HC leads their team to a Super Bowl Win???
    3rd year HC's: Doug Marrone, Kyle Shanahan, Sean Mcvay, Anthony Lynn, and Sean McDermott.

    Only thing I can think of is how they mocked the 49ers after losing the Super Bowl, they went back to the Championship game the following season only to lose to the rival Seahawks and watch them win the Super Bowl. Could this be the case here?? Rams just lost the Super Bowl, Wouldn't put it past the NFL to do the same to the Rams this time around.

    I also found that the first season FOX broadcasted NFC games was 1994 when the 49ers won the Super Bowl in Miami.