Thursday, December 14, 2017

Super Bowl 52

Superbowl 52 in Minnesota on 2/4/17 (35th day of the year). This is the 98th season for the NFL.

If the AFC wins the Superbowl it will be there 26th Victory.

Steelers 85th season (84th year)

Current records;
RSR: 617-551-24 (3 regular season games left)

Their owner Dan Rooney died 84 years 98 days. (4/13/17)

If the Steelers win they will be 6-2 all time in the SB.

The Steelers first SB was SB9 they defeated the Vikings 16-6 on 1/12/1975. That game was 43 years 23 days before the upcoming SB. 43 = 14th prime, 23 = 9th prime.

The Steelers last victory was in SB 43 against the cardinals on 2/1/2009, 27-23.

I have a feeling the Steelers will finish the regular season 13-3. 13= 6th prime, 3 = 2nd prime.

If they win the SB they will have 39 playoffs wins all time in 63 games. Mike Tomlin's 46th Birthday (3/15/1972) is 39 days after the super bowl.

Ben Ben is currently 35 years old. The SB is 26 days before Big Bens 36th birthday (3/2/1982=61st day of the year). Dan Rooney died 1 month 1 day (111) after Bens 35th bday. Ben was the 11th pick in the 1st round back in 2004.

This is Big Bens 14th season. If they win the SB his playoff record would be 16-7 all time (23 games). The Big Ben clock in London was shot down 167days before the SB. Maybe he retires after they win?

Steelers are 8-8 in the AFC Championship Game.
This will be their 17th game
They improve to 9-8 with a win. This is the 98th NFL Season.

Some #s on their games so far this season,

Steelers outscored the Bengals 52-34 (86&18)this season.

Steelers won the first game 29-14 (43&15) on 10/22/17. The game was 105 days before SB52.

They won the second game 23-20 (53&3) on 12/4/17. The game was 62 days before SB52.

On 9/17/17 the Steelers beat the Vikings 26-9 (35&17). This game was played on the 260th day of the year and left 105 days remaining.

On 9/24/17 they loss to the Bears 23 (40&6) This game date left 98 days left in the year and was 206 days after Big Ben birthday. The game was also 6 months 2 days after Tomlins birthday.

In week 5 on 10/8/17 the Steelers loss to the Jaguars 30-9 (39&21) dropping their record to 3-2.

On 10/15/17 the Steelers beat the Cheifs 19-13 (32&6). The game was 3 months 2 days before SB52. (32)

On 10/29/17 they beat the Lions 20-15 (35&5) to go to 6-2. This was 3 months 6 days & 98 days before SB52. The game was on the 302nd day of the year and left 63 days remaining. Steelers got their 17 win of the series in the 32 matchup.

On 11/12/17 they beat the Colts 20-17 (37&3)

On 11/26/17 they beat the Packers 31-28 (59&3) (59 =17th prime). This game was played on the 330th day of the year and leaves 35 days remaining. 26th Vicotry. If the Steelers win they will be 6-2 all time in the SB.

Denny Green the former coach of the Minnesota Vikings died just before the start of last season. He was from Pennsylvania. The Eagles like the Steelers are 11-2 this season and just loss their starting QB.

This is similar to the 1990 season when Jeff Hosteler as the back up QB lead the New York Giants to SB25 to face the Buffalo Bills, an in state SB matchup. Giants win 20-19.

Right now the Steelers I believe the Steelers will win the SB this year. There is more information and my post is sloppy af right now, but it's good enough to show the connections. I will work on adding more and cleaning it up.

If you check out the logo for SB for the star in the corner is similar to the one star on the Steelers helmets.

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