Monday, December 11, 2017

Week 15--TNF

12/14/17 (52 days til SB 52)

-4-9 Broncos @ 3-10 Colts
-Series tied 13-13 (27th matchup)
-Colts win would make both teams 4-10
(41=13th prime)
-Last game 9/18/16. Den won 34-20 @ H.
-This date left 104 days left in the year (14)

Last week:
-Den won 23-0
-Indy loss 13-6.

-65th Season
-ATR: 527-474-7 (1009th game)
-RSR: 505-451-7 (964th game)
-They are 2-4 at home this season

DOB: 10/2/1960
-ATR--55-44 (100th game as HC)
-RSR--52-41. (94th game as HC)
-10 weeks 3 days since B/D. (13)
-With a win would stay on 41 RS losses.
-Career 2-2 vs Broncos

DOB: 12/11/1993
-ATR:4-10. This will be his 15th start.
-11 TDs 7 INTs on the season.
-Game is 3 day s after his Bday

-58th Season
-ATR:492-421-10 (924th game)
-RSR:461-402-10 (882nd game)
-Could get RS loss 403 (43=14th prime)
-Would also get 14th loss in series
- They are 0-6 on the road this season.
-With a loss they drop to 0-7.
(7th prime =17th)
-Date game played leavers 17 days left in the year
---I have a feeling they will finish 1-7 on the road in 2017

DOB: 9/30/1972
-ATR:4-9. This will be 14th game as HC.
-75 days since BD. 290 til next.
-29 = 10th prime. Could get 10th career loss

DOB: 12/26/91
ATR:11-11. This will be his 23rd start.
-Bday is 12 days after game
-Previous Bday was 353 days before game
(353 =71st prime)

I'm liking Indy right now but will continue to look at this one.

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