Saturday, December 16, 2017

Week 15

Week 15
Don't have time for in-depth break downs this week so here are my thoughts on the games.

Jax over Texans
-Texans fall to 4-10 with loss and Jaguars get 13th series win. 41=13th prime.

ATL over Tampa
-Matt RYAN gets 97th career win. Bucs stay at 25 wins in series. 97=25th prime.

Tenn over SF
-Mariota 40th start brings his record to 20-20(422). Titans get 422nd regular season win.

Philly over NYG
-See full breakdown in previous post.

Cincy over Minnesota
-Vikings loss would drop their record to 6-7 vs Cincy. (67=19th prime. Keenun gets 19th career loss.

Zona over Washington
-Zona can get 47th series win in Week 15. (47=15th prime)
- win brings record to 7-7 this season (17=17th prime) Game played 12/17/17
-Skins record drops to 5-9 (59=17th prime)

Saints over Jets
-Brees gets 117th win with Saints and stays on 77 losses
-Jets fall to 5-9 with loss

Rams over Hawks
-Rams win brings them to 17-23 all time vs Seattle
-Rams last win in Seattle was 23-17
-Carrol gets 47th loss with Hawks

Cowboys over Raiders
-Garret gets 66th regular season win
-Cowboys tie series @ 6-6
-Dak record goes to 21-10 (211=47th prime)

Packers over Panthers
-Rodgers gets 95th regular season win stays on 47 losses, Panthers drop on 9-5
-McCarthy on his 190th regular season game as HC stays on 67 losses (67=19th Pn)

Dolphins over Bills
-Both teams go to 7-7 after game on 12/17/17 (Teams 107th matchup)
-Cutler gets 7th win with Phins and stays on 77 career losses.
-Gase gets 17th win as HC

Ravens over Browns
(prediction, they get their 4th shutout of the season)
-Ravens get 29th series win stay on 9 losses
-Hue Jackson gets 29th loss as Browns HC stays on 9 wins all time.
-Flacco gets 17th win vs Browns

Chargers over Chiefs
-Rivers record goes to 109-90 after his 199th game. 199 = 46th prime, 109 = 29th.
-46-29= 17.
-Chiefs stay in 59 wins in the series.

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