Monday, November 26, 2018

Colin Kaepnick to Redskins?

Thanks to Jeremy White for his work which lead me to all the finds below.

Be sure to check out his blog

They just announced his case vs the NFL will be handled in Philadelphia in early 2019

Redskins next game is vs Philadelphia on 12/3/18
A span of 31 days after Kaps 31st bday
31=11th prime
This is Week 13 which mirrors 31
From 12/3/18 to SB53 is a span of 63 days

Redskins also play the Eagles again Week 17 on 12/30/18
From Kaeps Birthday to that date is 57 days, like Smith 5/7 bday

When Kaep replaced Smith back in 2012
49ers tied the Rams 24-24
Kaep went 11-17 for 117 yards
Flip 1117 you get LIII (53)

This was something I had mentioned before and thought Kaep may sign with a team that makes SB53

Smith broke his leg 15 days after Kaeps bday, 15th prime = 47
Kaep lead 49ers to SB47 replacing Smith

Also his last start was 1/1/17
49ers lost to Seahawks 25-23 (48)
Kaep was 29 years 59 days old
-29 = 10th prime, 59 =17th (117)

This was 109 weeks before SB53
-109= 29th prime

Kaep RS starting record is 28-30
Like 28-3, Patriots/ATL connection

Kaep last college game was vs Boston College, Nevada won 20-13 (33)
This was Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl!
Bob Kraft?!?
& was played in San Francisco

Nevada finished 13-1(Championship)
131 = 32nd prime
Kaep is 32-32 as NFL starter

From Brady’s bday to Kaep is 92 days
Kaeps bday to SB53 is 92 days
Redskins last SB appearance in 92’
-1991 Season

Kaep was born 61 days before the Redskins won SB22

Redskins won that SB with Doug Williams who was also a back up QB

His first appearance that season was against the Eagles
Redskins won 34-24 (58)

SB22 was the end of the 1987 season
Williams birthday to Kaeps is 87 days

A date that would make sense is 11/30/18
This date leaves 31 days left in the year

I will keep updating as I find more info

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