Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Saints / Bears / Mike Ditka

Sean Payton's 1st win in ATL came on 11/26/06
Saints won 31-13 (44)
31=11th prime & 13 = 6th
More 11/6
This was Payton's 11th game (became 7-4)

A span of 4453 days before SB53
NO already appeared in SB 44 now SB53?

Bree's had 349 yards in the game
349 = 70th prime

This was Bree's 70th start
Record came 37-33

The game was 33 days before Payton's 43rd birthday

Saints won in ATL 43-37 this year

Saints are 23-27 all time in ATL

The next game with be their 51st

Bree's 40th birthday is 19 days before SB53
He is 8-6 in ATL

SB53 could be Bree's is 16th playoff came
His record could become 10-6

Saints 1st win in ATL was 10/20/74
NO won 13-3 (16)
44 years 106 days before SB53
This was their 6th all time game in ATL

Saints record became 2-4
-SB53 played on 2/4

74' Season when SB(9) was played in New Orleans
Steelers Beat the Vikings 16-6
That year NO played both those teams

Week 11: L to Steelers 28-7
Week 12: L to Vikings 29-9

They were outscored 57-16

1974 was the NFL 55th Season
Sean Payton will be 55 for SB53

Payton was born in 1963, the 44th NFL Season
Payton was born on 12/29/63
Same day as the 1963 Championship Game
Bears beat Giants 14-10

Mike Ditka was on that Bears team
Ditka was in the news early this year for a Heart attack

This was announced on 11/23/18, the day after Thanksgiving

Ditka played for the Cowboys
Coached Bears and Saints

All Three teams that Ditka has connections to all won in thanksgiving

Bears over Lions 23-16 (39)
Cowboys over Redskins 31-23 (54)
Saints over Falcons 31-17 (48)

His 79th bday (10/18/18) is 108 days before SB53
Ditka turns 80, 257 days after SB52
-257 = 55th prime

Ditka last Season as a player was 1972 (53rd NFL Season)
Heart attack happened 72 days before SB53

Last season as Bears HC was 1992
When he was 53 years old
He was fired 1/5/93
-79 days after his 53rd birthday
Ditka is currently 79 years old

In 1988 Ditka got in the HOF
-79 days before his 49th bday
SB52 is the 4th of the modern era

Ditka was fired by the Saints in 1999
This again happened on 1/5/2000, just before ATL hosted their 2nd SB

As Saints coached he is most remembered for trading all his picks in the 19(99) draft for Ricky WIlliams

Ditka Won SB20 vs the Patriots
Date of the game was 1/26/86
-101 days after his 46th Birthday
Bears won 46-10
They finished 18-1

Lotta Bear/Saint connections

Back in the 2006 Season....
Bears beat the Saints in the NFC Championship
The score was 39-14 (53) '

The teams are 15-15 all time

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