Friday, November 2, 2018

November 4th

With this Sunday being 11/4 I wanna to touch on some info I have talked about before

Most of this is in my post below but I wanna to combine them since I think the games this Sunday will offer more clues

Tom Brady 1st start in ATL-11/4/01
-Patriots won 24-10 (34)
From this day to SB53 is 6300 days
-Brady can become 6-3 in SBs

Alex Smith-1st start in ATL- 11/4/07
-49ers lost 20-16
From this date to SB53 is 4109 days
-419 = 81st prime
This is the Redskins 81st season in Washington
41 y/o Brady / 9th SB appearance?

Brady's start 17 years ago
Smith's was 11 years ago

Flip 11/17 you get LIII
Which is Roman numerals for 53

Brady birthday to 11/4 is 93 days
SB53 to Brady's birthday 181 days

Smith birthday to 11/4 is 181 days
SB53 to Smith birthday is 93 days

19(93) first season ATL hosted a SB

Now on 11/4/18
Smith/ Redskins play ATL
A loss makes Redskins 5-3

11/4 leaves 57 days left in the year
Smith born May 7th or 5/7

Smith is 11-3 Vs AFC East in his career
Falls to 11-4 with a loss

Redskins BYE was Week 4
Patriots BYE week 11

11/4 to SB53 is 91 days
91' Season was Skins last SB appearance

Both players missed the 08' season
2008 was 89th NFL season

This preseason on 8/9...
Patriots beat Redskins 26-17 (43)

Same day former Redskin QB Doug Williams turned 63
Williams was 8-9 as Redskins Starter

He lead Redskins to SB22 win in 19(88)
-Smith birthday to Brady is 88 days

Redskins first SB appearance was 1/14/73
-1/14 similar to 11/4

261 days before that SB on 10/1/72...
Patriots beat Redskins 24-23
The 1st ever matchup between the two
That date left 91 days left in the year

From that date to SB53 is 16927 days
-The 1952 prime
1952 was the 33rd NFL season
-Redskins could fall to 3-3 in SBs
Bill Belichick was born 4-16-1952

Redskins lead series 6-4
Patriots win makes it 6-5 &...
Patriots become 6-5 in SBs

65th NFL season was 1984
Same year Alex Smith was born

In other post below I have talked about connections to 116

Patriots could make 11th SB appearance
Resskins could make 6th

Brady’s 1st start vs Washington was 9/28/03
This was 801 weeks before SB53
-This is the Redskins 81st season in Washington
Redskins won 20-17 (37)
That was Brady’s 37th career start
-37=12th prime
His record became 25-12

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