Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Ha Ha Clinton-Dix traded to Washington

This comes on 10/30/18
A span of 53 days before his 26th birthday

His birthday to SB53 is 44 days

Washington next game is vs the Falcons
This will be the 26th matchup
Game is played on 11/4, 91days before SB53
Redskins last won SB in 1991 season

Dix was born 330 days after Redskins won SB26
He was traded on the 303rd day of the year

This was also 313 days after Dix 25th birthday
-313= 65th prime
Dix has started 65 regular season games

Packers next game is vs Patriots
Patriots could improve to 6-5 in Super Bowls

Think about Bill Clinton former President involved in sex scandal

The trade is 72 days after Clintons 72nd birthday
72 is a big # for Washington

They made their first SB in 1972
-1972 was the NFLs 53rd season
The 1972 Redskins finished 11-3
Bill Clinton was elected President 11/3/92
9 months 9 days after Redskins won SB26
-This is the 99th NFL season
SB26 was the end of the 1991 season

1991 was the NfLs 72nd season
Clinton Dix has 72 career starts
Current Prez Donny Trump is also 72 years old

Redskins Owner, Dan Synders birthday is 11/23/18
From That day to SB53 is 72 days

72 days after SB53 (4/16) Bill Belichick turns 67

The NFL did that start counting ties until 1972
We have seen a few ties already this season

Flip 72 you get 27
Clinton was born in 1946
1946 was the NFL 27th season

Monica Lewinsky, the woman he had an affair with was born on 7-23-1973
27 days before Clinton’s 27th birthday

1/14/1973 was the Date SB7 was played
This was the Redskins first SB appearance
Also 1/14 is Simlar to this Sunday's 11/4

Think about all those 72/27

Again this is the 99th NFL season

Holy shit Just noticed this was my 72nd post!
That’s the organic side of the #s right there

Update 11/2/18
Redskins QB went to Utah

Utah is currently 6-2 and ranked # 16
A win makes them 7-2
16th prime = 53


  1. From Clinton Portis birthday (9/1/81) to Clinton Dix birthday (12/21/92) is 11 years 111 days...
    111, the number in NY where the Clintons are from.
    Also "Dix" = 313 like the 313 days after his birthday.
    Whoa! Great finds on those Bill Clinton clues!

    1. The first SB ATL hosted was SB28
      Cowboys beat the Bills 30-13 similar to 313
      This was the 1993 season

      Also Portis went to Miami, Dix to bama
      Last time those teams played was the 1993 Sugar Bowl
      Bama won 34-13

      Miami finished that season 11-1

  2. There's a movie from 1929 called "Redskin" and the lead actor is named... Richard DIX

    1. Ha! That movie Runs 81 minute long, Portis born in 1981

      That was the 10th NFL season
      Packers beat NYG 20-6 (26)

      The Falcons play the Redskins this week
      Both teams previous game was vs the New York Giants