Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Dwayne Harris 99 yard Punt Return

This came 99 days after his 31st bday
This happened on the 9th play of the game
John Gruden got his 99th RS win

Harris was born on 9/16/87

A day that leaves 106 left in the year

Harris was born in Atlanta

Harris has appeared in 102 RS games
-Record is 49-53
SB53 is the 49th of the modern Era

Raiders won 27-14 (41)
The game was 41 days before SB53

Broncos got their 413th RS loss
41 = 13th prime

This may have been the last game in Oakland

Raiders became 4-11
11/4 is a date with connections to ATL

The 41s are making me think of Tom Brady who is currently 41 years old

Recall Brady legacy started with the Tuck Rule game vs the Raiders back in the 2001 season
That year he played in ATL on 11/4

The Raiders first SB was the 11th
The game was played on 1/9/1977
206 days before Tom Brady was born
AFC can win his 26th Super Bowl
This would be Brady 11th appearance

Raiders won 32-14 (46)
46th prime = 199
Tom Brady was the 199th pick in the draft

The 1976 Raiders only loss one game
Patriots defeated them 48-17 (65)
Patriots could become 6-5 in SBs

This game was a span of 99 days before SB11

Based off this it would make sense for the Patriots to lose Week 17

This would mke Brady RS Record 206-61
He would then need to win 4 games to win SB53

If he did that his payoff record would be 31-10
SB53 would be his 41st game

Last time Brady played the Raiders...
Patriots won 33-8 (41)
Brady became 4-1 vs Raiders in RS


  1. I doubt a 99 yard Punt will be a reason why Brady would lose in week 17 @ home, (7-0 at home this season and have won 14 consecutive home games)but you never know. sometimes some of the odd connections happen while all the obvious one's don't. We shall see. I am looking into the possibility of Patriots vs Cowboys. Right now I have three SB matchups and they all involve the patriots. NE vs DAL, NE vs LAR & NE vs MIN. The Pats have lost at home in the playoffs before but the odds are slim. Brady's record at home vs all the AFC teams in the playoffs and teams trying to get in, is impeccable!! If they have to go on the road in the championship game they will lose for sure. Brady is 3-4 on the road in the playoffs. I don't think that will be the case though.

    1. The Cowboys would make sense because a win vs NFC East team would make Brady 15-6 vs them all time

      156thprime = 911

      But I’m liking the Saints more

      Brady beat the Saints back in 2001
      The score was 34-17 (51)
      Brady is 4-1 vs Saints

      Brady became 6-3 as starter
      Patriots became 6-5 on the year
      Look family?

      Brady through a 41 yard TD in this game

      Saints QB Aaron Brooks threw for 307 yards. SB53 would be Brady’s 307th game

      307 = 63rd prime

      Brady is currently 28-7 vs the NFC South meaning his next game would be his 36th

      Patriots Beat Saints 36-20 in last meeting

      Brady threw a 53 yard TD in this game

  2. Vikings Miracle run
    Win wk 17 + 3 playoff games

    Entering SB53:
    Vikings 502-425-11
    Playoff rec. 23-29 (53rd playoff gm)
    Zimmer 52-33-1
    Cousins 38-37-2
    *12-6-1 (w/MIN)
    SB Rec 0-4

    Rams (expected)
    Entering SB53:
    Playoffs rec. 21-25
    Mcvay 26-9
    Goff 26-15
    SB rec. 1-2

    Entering SB53:
    Playoff rec. 37-27
    Garrett 81-61
    Presscott 35-17 (53rd game)
    SB rec. 5-3

    Interesting: Falcons hosting SB53, Patriots beat Falcons 2 years ago with 34pts and this SB is on the 34th DOY.

  3. If NE vs MIN

    last meeting 12/2 (14)
    Score 24-10 (34)
    14pt victory
    Would be their 14th series meeting

  4. Last time the Vikings made it to the SB they scored 14pts
    It has been 41 years since that SB.