Tuesday, January 1, 2019

AFC Wild Card: Colts @ Texans

Colts @ Texans

Colts lead series 26-8
-Colts last won in Houston 27 days ago

35 / 149
This will be the 35th All-time Meeting
Texans loss makes their playoff record 3-5
-35th prime = 149
A loss makes Deshaun Watson record 14-9
Watson was born on 9/14 or 14/9

13 / 41

-Colts can get 13th win in Houston (12-5)
This is Watsons 13th home start (8-4)
Houston won the 1st meeting, both teams became 1-3
2nd meeting was both teams 13th game
-13th prime = 41
Texans HC Bill Obrien can get 41st loss (43-40)
Obrien could fall to 1-3 in playoffs

9 / 23
Colts win makes their playoff record 23-23
Andrew Luck can become 2-3 on the road in playoffs
Andrew stays on 23 road losses (24-23)
Luck has 23 TD passes vs Texans
- 23 = 9th prime
Colts can get 9th playoff road win

Texans become 3-2 @ home in playoffs
The game is 32 days after Frank Reich birthday

14 / 43
Obrien stays @ 43 wins
Luck becomes 4-3 in playoffs
-43 = 14th prime
Watson stays @ 14 wins

Luck can become 7-4 vs Texans
The game is 74 days after O’Briens 49th Bday

Colts win also means a 1 vs 6 matchup next round (16)
-16th prime = 53

In the two regular season their scores came to 58-58 (116)
A Colts win makes both teams 11-6
The game is a span of 116 days after Lucks bday



  1. I simply go by..Luck is the star in the game lol.

  2. Are you for sure colts are winning? I mean they started season 1-5. Play on 1/5. With win would play 15. Andrew luck=112. Chiefs=112. It could happen.

  3. Do we see the 4 vs 1 seed in both Conference Championship's?

    Ravens @ Chiefs.
    Cowboys @ Saints.

    1. AFC I’m thinking Colts vs Patriots/Ravens

      Patriots would give a 2 vs 6 matchup
      AFC can win it’s 26th Super Bowl

      Patriots have never won a Super Bowl when they didn’t beat Colts of Steelers in AFC Championship game

      NFC I still need to look at but for now I’m liking Saints vs Bears

      That’s a 1 vs 3 (13/41)


    2. if Colts beat the Texans, Baltimore @ New England.

      Will be Tom Brady's 38th playoff game (Baltimore = 38), their last meeting totaled 53 points, Baltimore lost with 23 points scored. (SB on 2.3).

      Brady & New England closed the season with 38 points scored. They are on a 15 game home winning playoff streak. It started vs Baltimore, can end vs Baltimore.

      We could see 4 v 1 in both conference championships. (Ravens @ Chiefs, Cowboys @ Saints). Or your R&R article you wrote this spring comes true with Rams v Ravens SB.

      Baltimore scored 26 points at Atlanta this season. (Where the SB will be held / AFC 26th Win.). Baltimore clinched their postseason birth with 26 points scored.

    3. What started vs Baltimore? The Patriots home win streak began vs Falcons in 2017

    4. Wrong. It started against Baltimore in the game totaling 53 points .Baltimore will end Patriots and Brady's win streak just as they started it next Sunday, 1.12.19. Patriots one and done

    5. At this point it doesn't even matter since the Ravens are out but you sir are the one that is wrong. How could their streak have started vs BAL in 2016 when the Patriots lost their opener to the Chiefs in 2017? lol they also lost vs Panthers at home in wk4. Wk7 was their next home game vs Falcons and have not lost a home game since.

  4. Colts, Cowboys, Ravens is my initial thoughts without decoding any games. Bears vs Eagles is a tough one.

  5. 26,35,53, are numbers that kept showing up all year..so, I simply think it's 2 v 6, and 3 v 5, in the conference championships

  6. 26, looks like it's the negative number though..35, 53, look like the positive numbers. Colts are wearing a 35 year patch. Giants new RB is 26, he's good. But they lost, and Penn stats lost last year when it mattered.

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