Saturday, October 13, 2018

Jim Taylor, Former Green Bay Packer dead at 83

Jim Taylor died on 10/13/18
23 days after his 83rd birthday

He had 83 RS rushing TDs

83=23 rd prime
23=9th prime

Hidden 99

It’s the 99th NFL season

He died 113 days before SB53
Last NfL Season was in 1967
He played for the Saints who finished 3-11
His last game was aganist the Redskins

This comes just after saints QB Drew Brees broke the NFL passing yards record vs the Redskins

He went to College @ LSU & died in Baton Rogue

LSU is playing George this week, the state where SB53 will be played

Gonna look into this more...


  1. Jim Taylor = 57
    Could it have something to do with the World Series? The WS starts 33 days after his previous birthday and a span of 333 days before he would have turned 84.
    Wisconsin are playing Dodgers today who are using #99

  2. Nice work, Aaron Rodgers currently @ 57 losses

    Also Taylor was on the Packers team that won Super Bowl 1 in Los Angeles

    They beat the Chiefs 35-10

    Definitely seems connected to the World Series

  3. Interesting tidbit ... 1999 Jan playoffs score 27-30(57) 1999 Nov reg season score 20-3(23)

  4. James Charles Taylor=88 SR Died at 88