Monday, October 1, 2018

Week 4: MNF Chiefs @ Broncos

63th game of the year

Chiefs lead series 61-55 (117th meeting)

In Denver Broncos lead 35-23 (59th game)
Both team in 59th season
59 = 17th prime

Reid's 89th game as Chiefs HC
Chiefs can get 461st RS win
-461 = 89th prime

89 = 24th primE
Chiefs could get 24th win in DEN

-Keenum can get 24th AT win
Keenum could stay on 19 RS losses
-19= 8th prime
Vance Joseph could get 8th win

Broncos can get 406th RS loss
Joseph is 46 years old
Loss makes his record 7-13
-7 = 4th prime & 13 = 6th (4/6)
Elway can get 46th loss as President

Elway could stay on 45 losses
-45th prime = 197
Game is 197 days after Reid's bday
Can stay on 197 AT wins

2018 Home Team
-W1: 8-7-1
-W2: 11-4-1
-W3: 10-6
-W4: 9-5
Overall: 38-22-2

This is Reid's 308th RS game
Colorado the 38th state

Reid can get his 187th RS win
11*17 = 187 & 187th prime = 1117
This is the 117th meeting (11/17)
-1807 days since Keenum last start Vs KC

Home teams can lose 23rd game
Keenum stays on 23 RS wins
Gets 9th Loss in his 23rd Home start
9th prime = 23
Record becomes 14-9
-149 = 35th prime
Denver stays on 35 home wins vs KC

Keenum RS Home Record becomes 13-9
139 days before his 31st bday

Last week these teams faced SB47 teams

Chiefs beat 49ers 38-27
Broncos loss to Ravens 27-14

Chiefs can get 470th AT win

47 = 15th prime
Game is a span of 15 days...
after Mahomes 23b/d

Pick Chiefs

Halftime update

Broncos lead 13-10 (23)

Keenum has 139 yards

My guess that favors KC


  1. Score tied 13-13. Do both teams to to 3-1. Broncos=103. 91d Left in year. 91 is 13th triangular. Both teams can be 3-1 possibly. Mahomes can fall to 4-1. 41 is 13th prime. This one was tough not gonna lie. Reid can lose his 28th game with chiefs. Reid can lose 121st game. 121 is square root of 11. Today is 10/1.

  2. I can see the Chiefs scoring 10 straight to win 24-23 (47)

    The 31 was big now, almost made me go with Denver,the prime time games are always tough

  3. 51 total pts lmao. Mahomes wears 15. Mahomes starts 5-0. Than loses to Brady and patriots i bet.