Sunday, October 7, 2018

Week 5 SNF: Cowboys @ Texans

Quick one

Cowboys lead 3-1 (4th meeting)

Game is 23 days after Watson’s 23rd birthday.

He can fall to 2-3 at home

Game is 70 days after Prescott’s 25th bday
He can get 25th RS win
Jason Garret can get 70th RS win
70th prime = 349
Game is 349 after O’Brien bday

Prescott can get 13th road win
Stay on 13 all time losses

13th prime= 41
Cowboys take 4-1 series lead
Texans Fall to 1-4 on the year

Pick: Cowboys

Post Game:

The 23 days after Watson 23rd birthday
Texans became 2-3


  1. Replies
    1. As you can tell this wasn’t the best decode, Put in together right before the game. But yea your right been missing more then hitting this year. These decodes can take a while and I haven’t had much time recently.

      Feel free to share your own here Hot Shot