Saturday, September 29, 2018

Seahawks @ Cardinals

Seahawks Cardinals

🚨🚨Upset Alert 🚨🚨

The game is a span of 233 days after Josh Rosen’s birthday
233 = 51st prime

Pete Carroll can get 51st RS loss as Seahawks HC
Russel Wilson making 51st RS road start

233 is also the 13th triangular #
Cards & Hawks can become 1-3

This is Wilson’s 13th start vs Cards
A loss makes him 6-6-1
661=121st prime #

Pete Carroll can stay on 89 wins with Hawks and can 89th loss all time
89 = 24th prime

Carrol could become 9-7-1 vs Cards
971 = 164th prime
In Carroll’s 146th game as Seahawks HC

Game is 53 days as Steve Wilks 49th bday


  1. 233. Can you put it out of order like 332. Or it has to be 233 exactly? In the properties calculator

  2. Did my own analysis on texans colts game. Watsons bday to tomorrow is 16d. 16 is square root of 4. He can pick up his 4th win.