Saturday, September 14, 2019

Week 2: 49ers @ Cincinnati

Week 2: 49ers @ Cincinnati
Game on 9/15/19
The 259th day of the year and leaves 107 remaining (28th prime)
Game is 140 days before SB54

49ers lead the series 11-4 (16th matchup)
49ers lead 9-4 in the regular season (14th matchup)
49ers lead 4-2 in Cincinnati (7th matchup)

San Francisco 49ers (74th Season)
ATR: 602-507-16 (1,126th game)
RSR: 571-487-16 (1.074th game)
571 = 105th prime & 487 = 93rd prime

Jed York (39 years old)
Game is 190 days his 39th birthday
ATR: 81-87-1 (171st game)
171 = 18th triangular number
RSR: 76-84-1 (162nd game)
AT Road: 33-51-1 (85th game)
RS Road: 30-51 (82nd game)

Kyle Shanahan (39 years old)
His 40th birthday is 90 days after this game
ATR: 11-22 (34th game)
Road: 4-13 (18th game)
AFC: 5-3 (9th game)
AFC Road: 1-3 (5th game)

Jimmy Garoppolo (27 years old)
27th birthday was 317 days before game (66th prime)
Game is 49 days before his 28th birthday
His 28th birthday is the 306th day of the year and leaves 59 remaining

ATR: 9-2 (12th start)
Road: 5-2 (8th start)
AFC: 4-1 (6th start)
AFC Road: 1-1 (3rd start)

Cincinnati Bengals (52nd Season)
ATR: 362-442-4 (790th game)
443 = 86th prime
RSR: 357-428-4 (809th game)
809 = 140th prime

Paul Brown Stadium
ATR: 83-70-2 (156th game)
RSR: 83-66-2 (152nd game)

Mike Brown (84 years old)
29 Season as Owner
Birthday was 36 days before the game
ATR: 186-267-3 (457th game)
457 = 88th prime
RSR: 186-260-3 (450th game)
He is 3-4 vs the 49ers

Zac Taylor (36 years old)
37th birthday is 239 days after the game (52nd prime)
AT: 0-1 (2nd game)

Andy Dalton (31 years old)
Game is 44 days before his 32nd birthday
ATR: 68-55-2 (126th start)
RSR: 68-51-2 (122nd start)
Home: 37-23-2 (63rd start)
RS Home: 37-22-2 (62nd start)
NFC: 18-12-2 (33rd start)
NFC West: 5-3 (9th start)

This game is 330 days before Mike Browns 85th birthday
Jed York could stay on 33 road wins in his 85th AT road game

From Jed York birthday to Shanahan’s is 280 days
Jimmy G next birthday is his 28th
Date of game leaves 107 days left in the year

These teams met in SB23 which was the end of the 1988 Season
York could get his 88th AT loss in Mike Browns 457th game
1988 was the NFL’s 69th Season which was 31 years ago
31 year old Andy Dalton would pick up his 69th win

1988 was the 49ers 43rd Season
A loss would make them 4-3 all time in Cincinnati
43 = 14th prime
This is the 14th RS matchup between these teams
Shanahan could get his 14th Road loss & fall to 1-4 on the road vs AFC
Shanahan born on the 14th day of the month (12/14)
Shanahan’s birthday is 43 days after Jimmy G’s (11/2)
Game is 140 days before SB54
This is the Bengals 809th game

The first time these teams played in Cincinnati was 1981
1981 Bengals 14th Season
They played in Week 14: 49ers won 21-3 (24)
Bengals fell to 10-4. 49ers improved to 11-3
They would end up meeting in SB16 to end the 81’ Season
49ers won 26-21, their final record was 16-3. Bengals finished 14-5

Mike Browns currently 84 years old
Bengals can get 84th win at Paul Brown Stadium

Last meeting in Cincinnati was 2011, the Bengals 44th Season
Brown can become 4-4 vs 49ers all time with a win
Game is 44 days before Daltons next birthday

Dalton be become 6-3 vs NFC West in his 63rd RS home start
Zac Taylor is 36 years old, game is 36 days after Mike Browns birthday
Bengals can get 363rd all time win
A win makes the Bengals 5-9 vs 49ers in RS
Jimmy G’s next birthday is 306th day of the year and leaves 59 remaining

Line is even
O/U is 46

Picking the Bengals to win 23-20


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  1. 14th matchup. SF leads 4-2
    14th prime = 43
    SF falls to 4-3
    More to it but didn't want to write a novel again