Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Week 1: Steelers @ Patriots

Steelers @ Patriots
Series is tied 16-16
Patriots lead 6-4 in New England

Kraft can get his 313th win as Patriots Owner
313 = 65th prime. Kraft birthday is 6/5
Ben Roethlisberger can stay on 65 regular Season road wins

This is Kraft’s 401st Regular Season game
401 = 79th prime
The game is 271 days before Kraft’s 79th birthday
Belichick currently @ 79 regular season losses with Patriots
79 = 22nd prime
Brady could get 22nd home loss

Brady’s home Record is 135-21
A win gives him 136 (16th triangular #)
This is Roethlisberger’s 160 regular season start vs an AFC team
16th prime =53
Record is 106-52-1, Could get his 53rd loss
Brady could stay on 53 losses vs AFC (180-53)

This is the 33rd matchup between these teams (16-16)
This is Roethlisberger’s 33rd career game vs the AFC East (19-13)
Could stay on 19 wins, 190 days after his birthday to start 20(19) Season
19th prime = 67
Tomlin could get 67th regular season loss
Belichick is 67 years old

Roethlisberger could also get his 14th loss vs AFC East
14th prime = 43
Roethlisberger could get his 43rd regular season road loss
Brady turns 43, 330 days after the game
43rd prime =191
A span of 191 days before the game was Roethlisberger birthday

Kraft can pick up his 280th regular season win
Brady can win his 208th regular season game (207-60)
This is Tomlin’s 208th game as Steelers Head Coach (133-73-1)
This is Roethlisberger’s 28th regular season start vs the AFC East (16-11)
28th prime = 107

Roethlisberger could get his 107th regular season win vs AFC
Roethlisberger could get his 12th loss vs AFC East
Brady can get 12th win vs the Steelers (11-3)
#12 Brady's birthday is a span of 37 days before the game
12th prime =37. Roethlisberger is currently 37 years old
37th prime = 157
Roethlisberger stays on 157 career wins
Brady is starting his 157th home game

Steelers could stay on 659 all time wins (120th prime)

Tomlin could get his 74th career loss
Tomlin’s birthday (3/15) fell on the 74th day of the year in 2019
Patriots would become 7-4 @ home vs Steelers with a win

Patriots could start their 59th season by getting 17th win vs Steelers
17th prime = 59

Brady is 11-3 vs the Steelers all time
Could fall to 11-4 on a date that leaves 114 days left in the year



  1. Patriots also enter Week 1 having won 16 straight home games. With win it will be 17.

  2. Great work, very good and I'm excited to get back into it and to read your info this season!

    One thing here, all the afl teams are in their 60th seasons this year, including patriots, so not 59th but 60th.

    Anyway, I picked ne and your data here has me feeling good about it.

    Hope we do some awesome work this season. Check out my SB pick post and all the best my man.


    1. Good call, I was going off Profootball reference and they had not updated yet, but now the site says 60th season.

      I will check out your post tonight, Glad to have you back!

  3. Hey man great decode who you got for vikes vs falcons??

    1. I haven't looked at that yet, Ill try to get one done before Sunday. Match up between the 2 previous SB host so could have some big clues.

    2. Shit i just noticed that lol super-bowl is in florida which just got hit by a hurricane shits crazy first look without much research I've got vikings

  4. Brady is 5-0 against Pittsburgh at Gillette Stadium. 60th season