Monday, September 2, 2019

Week 1: Bengals @ Seahawks

Week 1: Bengals @ Seahawks

Game will be played on 9/8/19
The 251st day of the year, leaving 114 remaining
251 = 54th prime

This season ends with SB54
SB54 is played on 2/2/2020
The 33rd day of the year and leaves 333 days remaining
From this game to SB54 is 21 weeks

This will be the 21st meeting between these team
Bengals lead the series 11-9
This will be the 9th meeting in Seattle
The series is tied 4-4

This will be the 4th time these teams have met in Week 1
9/6/81: Bengals won 27-21 (48) in Cincinnati
9/8/85: Seahawks won 28-24 (52) in Cincinnati
9/6/92: Bengals won 21-3 (24) in Seattle

Side note: Each of the seasons listed above ended with the NFC winning the SB.
1981-Superbowl 16: 49ers defeat Bengals 26-22 (48)
1985-Superbowl 20: Bears defeat Patriots 46-10 (56)
1992-Superbowl 27: Cowboys defeat Bills 52-17 (69)

Seahawks (44th Season)
ATR: 360-347-1 (709th game)
709 = 127th prime & 69th prime = 347
79 = 22nd prime (SB54 on 2/2/2020)
Could get 361st win , Square Root of 361 = 19

RSR: 344-331-1 (677th game)
677 = 123rd prime & 331 = 67th prime

Seahawks Records @ CenturyLink Field
ATR: 105-42 (148th game)
RSR: 95-41 (137th game) (33rd prime)

Pete Carroll (67 years old) (19th prime)
The game is a span of 359 days after his birthday (72nd prime)

This will be his 227th game as a Head Coach (49th prime)
Record: 132-93-1

This will be his 160th game as Seahawks Head Coach
Record: 98-60-1

Carroll Home Record with the Seahawks is 59-19 (79th)
Carroll is 0-2 vs the Bengals in his career

The last time Seahawks beat the Bengals was on 9/23/07
Seahawks won 24-21 (45)
This date left 99 days left in the year.
Carroll going for 99th win as Seahawks HC

The first time Carroll coached against the Bengals was 10/30/11
This game was 46 days after Carroll’s 60th birthday
Bengals won 34-12 (46)
Carroll’s record as HC dropped to 44-48 overall
As Seahawks coach his record fell to 9-14

Russel Wilson (30 years old)
This is Wilson 113th regular season start (30th prime)
The game is a span of 83 days before his 31st birthday
ATR: 83-41-1 (126th start)
RSR: 75-36-1

Wilson Home record is 49-12 (62nd start)
RS Home: 44-12 (57)
Game is 283 days after his 30th birthday
283 = 61st prime
The only time he has played the Bengals was in his 61st career start
The Bengals won 27-24 (51)
Wilson’s record dropped to 44-17

This is his 29th regular season start vs the AFC
Record: 19-9
He is 20-10 overall vs the AFC (31st start)
31 = 11th prime
He is 13-1 @ home vs the AFC

This will be his 5th start vs the AFC North
AFC-N Record: 3-1

Jody Allen became owner of the Seahawks on 10/18/18 when Paul Allen died
Her DOB: 1/2/1955
From her 64th birthday to the game is a span of 251 days (54th prime)

The Seahawks Record since he took over is 7-4
This will be her 12th game as Owner
Seattle Fans are known as the 12s
Seahawks are 5-1 @ home since she took over

Cincinnati Bengals (52nd Season)
ATR: 362-441-4 (808th Game)
Sq Rt of 441 = 21
RSR: 357-427-4 (789th game)

The 1st time these teams played in Seattle was the 1987 Season
This was the Seahawks 12th Season
The game is 337 days before his 85th birthday (68th prime)

This is Mike Brown’s 29th Season as Owner of the Bengals
This game is played 29 days after his 84th birthday
ATR: 186-266-3 (456th game)
RSR: 186-259-3 (449th game)
449 = 87th prime

This Brown became the owner the Bengals are 5-5 vs Seattle
His teams are 3-3 in Seattle

Zak Taylor (36 years old)
1st game as a Head Coach
DOB: 5/10/1983
This is the 131st day of the year (32nd prime)
This game is 121 days after his birthday
Zac Taylor = 121 (EO)

Andy Dalton (31 years old)
DOB: 10/29, The 302nd day of the year which leaves 63 remaining
The game is 51 days before his 32nd birthday

This will be his 125th career start
Record: 68-54-2

This is his 121st Regular season start
Record: 68-50-2

This will be his 63rd Road start
Road Record: 31-31

This will be his 32nd start vs the NFC
Record: 18-11-2
Dalton is 5-2 vs the NFC West.

Dalton last start vs the Seahawks was his 73rd career start (21st prime)
His Record became 45-27-1
It was his 69th regular season start: 45-23-1
This game was 347 days after Daltons 27th birthday

Wilson could stay at 49 home in Carroll’s 227th game
Carrol could get his 94th career loss

Jody Allen record could become 8-4 as owner
Wilson could get 84th career win in his 29th RS start vs AFC
Paul Brown turned 84 years old, 29 days before the game
From Zac Taylor’s birthday to Wilson is 29 weeks
29 = 10th prime (Dalton birthday 10/29)
Seahawks could get 10th win vs Bengals
Wilson could stay on 10 losses vs AFC
The 10th triangular & Fibonacci # is 55
Dalton would get his 55th career loss
Seattle win would tie the regular season series 10-10 all time
One of the Bengals wins was in the Playoffs

Wilson gets 21st win vs AFC in 21st all time matchup between these teams
Dalton could fall to 2-1 vs Seahawks
The game is 21 weeks before SB54
Bengals stay on 441 losses with a win

Dalton could get 32nd win or loss on the road in his 32nd start vs the NFC
Zak Taylor birthday is the 131st day of the year (32nd prime)
Wilson could fall to 3-2 vs AFC North

Seattle could get win # 361 to start the 20(19) Season
Seahawks stay on 331 regular season losses
Pete Carroll is currently 67 years old
Dalton could get his 19th win vs NFC
Wilson stays on 19 regular season wins vs AFC with a loss

From Dalton’s birthday to Wilsons is 31 days
Wilson could become 1-1 vs Bengals with a win
Bengals stay on 11 series wins with a loss
Wilson could get his 11th loss in his 31st start vs AFC
With a win 31 year old Dalton stays on 11 losses vs NFC
Bengal’s become 3-1 in Week 1 games vs Seattle with a win

Dalton stays on 68 wins with a loss
337 days before Mike Browns next birthday
Pete Carroll turns 68 a week after game

Dalton stays on 54 losses on the 251st day of the year in his 125th start
A loss would make Dalton 5-4 in Week 1 games
Jody Allen birthday to game is a span of 251 days
Whoever wins will lead the series in Seattle 5-4
Russell Wilson = 54 (FR)

The teams last meeting totaled 51 points
Dalton could get 51st RS loss 51 days before his birthday
Taylor birthday is 5/10
Game is 51 weeks and 1 day after Carroll’s birthday
This is the Bengals 51st season in the NFL (1st Season they were AFL)
Cincinnati = 51 (FR)

Wilson has never beaten the Bengals
The only other team he has not beaten is the Chargers
The Chargers gave Wilson his first home loss to an AFC team last season

This game was on 11/4/18, Bengal game date leaves 114 days left in the year
Chargers won 25-17 (43). Seahawk's record fell to 4-4
This game was played 44 weeks before the Bengals game
O/U for the Bengals game is listed @ 44 points

2019 is the Seahawks 44th Season
Wilson is currently @ 44 regular season Home wins
The previous loss to the Bengals left Wilson on 44 career wins
From Dalton birthday to Taylor’s is 193 days (44th prime)
From Dalton’s birthday to Carroll is 44 days

Carroll stayed on 44 wins first time he coached against Cincinnati (44-48)
A win would make Wilson 4-4 in Week 1 Games
Seattle = 44 (RFR)
Jo Lynn Allen = 44 (FR)

Seahawks are currently favored by 9.5.

I like the Seahawks to win, but the Bengals to cover. I think the game will total 44 points.


  1. You were on the money for this one. The score was 41 total points but still. you would have hit on the spread and under total.

    1. thanks Bukk, I thought Seattle was gonna get a late FG to make it 44.

      I’d like to get this in-depth on all the games, but that take a while to do. It’s tough with work/life going on. Hoping to get in more games each week.