Saturday, September 14, 2019

Week 2: Cardinals @ Ravens

Week 2: Arizona @ Baltimore
Game on 9/15/19
The 259th day of the year and leaves 107 remaining (28th prime)
Fame is 140 days before SB54

Ravens lead the series 4-2 (7th meeting)
Ravens 2-1 in Baltimore (3rd meeting)
Teams last meeting was 10/26/2015
299th day of the year and left 66 days remaining
Cardinals won 26-18 (44)
Ravens fell to 1-6, Cards improved to 5-2

Last meeting in Baltimore was 10/30/2011
This was the 303rd day of the year and left 62 days remaining
Ravens won 30-27 (57)
Ravens improved to 5-2, Cards fell to 1-6
**Interesting their record flipped
Baltimore could take a 5-2 series lead with a win

Baltimore Ravens (24th Season)
ATR: 2016-158-1 (394th game)
RSR: 201-167-1 (370th game)
167 = 39th prime

M&T Bank Stadium
ATR: 122-52 (175th game)
RSR: 119-49 (169th game)

Owner: Steve Bisiotti (59 years old)
DOB: 4/10/1960
Birthday was the 100th day of 2019
ATR: 148-110 (259th game)
149 = 35th prime
RSR: 138-103 (242th game)
139 = 34th prime & 103 = 27th prime
AT Home: 90-33 (125th game)
RS Home: 88-31 (120th game)
89 = 24th prime & 31 = 11th prime

HC: John Harbaugh (56 years old)
DOB: 9/23/1962 (8 days til 57th birthday)
Game is 51 weeks after his 56th birthday
ATR: 115-78 (194th game)
79 = 22nd prime
RSR: 105-72 (178th game)
AT Home: 67-23 (91st game)
RS Home: 65-22 (88th game)
AT NFC West: 5-4 (10th game)
RS NFC West: 4-4 (9th game)
NFC W Home: 3-1 (5th game)

QB: Lamar Jackson (22 years old)
His 22nd birthday was 251 days before the game (54th prime)
Including the end date game is 115 days before 23rd birthday

ATR: 7-2 (10th start)
RSR: 7-1 (9th start)
Home: 4-1 (5th start)
NFC: 2-0 (3rd start)

Arizona Cardinals (100th Season)
ATR: 560-762-41 (1,364th game)
561 = 33rd triangular number
RSR: 553-753-41 (1,348th game)

Owner: Bill Bidwell (88 years old)
DOB: 7/31/1931
Game is 46 (47) days after his 88th birthday
Game is also 321 days until his 89th birthday
This is his 58th Season as Cardinals Owner
ATR: 381-491-15 (888th game)
491 = 94th prime
RSR: 375-483-15 (874th game)

Kliff Kingsbury (40 years old)
DOB: 8/9/1979 (37 days before game)
Game is 47 weeks before his 41st birthday
47 = 15th prime & 41 = 13th prime
ATR: 0-0-1 (2nd game)

Kyler Murray (22 years old)
DOB: 8/7/1997
22nd Birthday 5 weeks 4 days before game
Interesting his 23rd birthday falls on the 220th day of the year
ATR: 0-0-1

Former Raven Terrel Suggs (36 y/o) now plays for the Cardinals
Including the end date the game is 27 days before his 37th birthday
His 37th birthday leaves 81 days left in the year
In RS starts Suggs home record in Baltimore 81-26 (108th start)

Suggs started 229 games for the Ravens (50th prime)
He signed with the Cardinals on 3/13/19
The 72nd day of the year that left 293 remaining (62nd prime)
This was 6 months 2 days before upcoming game
Also was 153 days after Suggs 36th birthday
153 = 17th triangular number
This is Suggs 17th NFL Season

These teams first met in 1997( In Baltimore)
Both QBs born in 1997
The game was played on 11/23/97
Cardinals won 16-13 (29)
Ravens fell to 4-7-1, Cards improved to 3-9
This game was 320 days after Jackson was born
Also 108 days after Murray was born
This game was 7967 days before the upcoming game
The Ravens all time record fell to 8-19-1 after this loss

I googled Ravens Cardinals which stated
Cardinals are 15-44 (60th game) on the road vs the AFC since moving to AZ in 1988

The 8s are standing out to me
Bidwell 88 years old, this is his 888th game as owner
Bisiotti on 88 RS Home win
Cardinals moved to Arizona in 19(88)
Suggs birthday to Lamar Jackson’s birthday is 88 days
This is Harbaughs 88th RS Home game as HC 4
8 days to Harbaugh 57th birthday
Lamar Jackson can get his 8th win
Last meeting in Baltimore was in Week 8 & totaled 57 points
8th prime = 19
19 days after this game the date is 10/4/2019
A date that leaves 88 days left in the year
The 88th day of the year is 3/29/19
This date is 170 days before the game
17th prime = 59 & 59th prime = 277 (Bisiotti is 59 y/o)
10/4/19 is the 277th D.O.Y & 3/29/19 leaves 277 days left

A win makes the Cardinals 2-2 in Baltimore
Both QBs are 22 y/o
Harbaugh stays on 22 RS home losses with a win
Harbaugh could get his 79th AT loss
Ravens = 79 (EO)B

This is the Ravens 370th RS game
Game is 37 days after Kingsbury birthday
Jackson birthday is 37 weeks before Harbaughs

Baltimore is favored by 13 points
0/U set @ 46

Arizona should cover, but I like the Ravens to win
Score Prediction: 22-19


  1. After researching the date numerology numbers, I believe there is a story being told.
    24 represents the complete church
    54 is half the Golden Ratio
    43 represents Lion in Hebrew
    43 can be portioned 22x with each term no larger than 2
    36 represents the Pentagram
    Sum of integers 1-36 = 666
    36 represents light created by God
    63 represents Cosmic Harmony
    810 represents Holy Trinity
    810 is 25th binary number
    25 represents 3rd Temple
    27 is multiple of 3rd cube(810)
    27 is perfect cube
    34 is magic constant of magic square

    This is just a rudimentary breakdown
    I expect Arizona to win outright if I am interpreting this correctly
    43 is key (two 22 yr olds/2-2 series record)

  2. Missed 25 representing the Eastern Gate of Solomon's Temple(The Golden Gate) About Trump(the Raven) rebuilding the temple. I was focused on wrong part of 43(the record) When it was the Lion
    (Trump=Lion of Judah)

  3. Terrell Suggs wore the Star of David in pregame press conference
    Too many parallels between Trump building 3rd Temple and Brady going to Superbowl