Tuesday, July 24, 2018

August 9th 2018


The 221st day of the year &...
Leaves 144 remaining

The following games will be played;

Patriots vs Redskins in the preseason
Braves vs Nationals
Red Sox vs Blue Jays

Redskins franchise started in Boston...
-They originally went by the Boston Braves

Barring any rain delays this would be..
-Braves 113th game of the season
-Nationals 114th game of the season
--This will be the 114th World Series

Add those together you get 227
-227 = 49th prime
SB53 will be the 49th of the Modern Era

This will also be the 16th meeting between Braves & Nationals
16th prime = 53

Red Sox will play their 117th game vs the Toronto Blue Jays
Falcons took part in the last NFL game in Toronto

They beat the Bills 34-31 (65)
Game was played on 12/1/13

From 8/9 to SB53 (2/3/19) is a span of 179 days
179 = 41st prime

Tom Brady turns 41 on 8/3/18
41 =. 13th prime

13th triangular # is 91
Belicheck 1st season as HC was 91'
Redskins won SB26 in the 91' season

89 = 24th prime
Belichick record became 2-4 as HC after losing to Redskins in 91'

Redskins play SB53 Host ATL on 11/4
-From 11/4 to SB53 is 91 days

11/4 is the 308th d.o.y. & leaves 57 remaining
Redskins QB, Alex Smith birthday is 5/7

11/4 is also 93 days after Brady's bday (8/3)
Smiths 35th bday is 93 days after SB53

SB53 will be played on the 34th day of the year
-Alex Smith is 34 years old

34 year old QBs are currently 3-5 in SBs
Brady was the last 34 y/o to start (SB46)

From Smith's Bday to 11/4 is 181 days
From SB53 to Brady's 42nd Bday (8/3) is 181 days
-181 = 42nd prime

From 8/9 to 11/4 is 87 days
-2018 is Redskins 87th season

# 87 Dwight Clark died on 6/4 @ 61 years old
-6/4 to 8/9 is 66 days
Bill Belichick is 66 years old

From Belichick's bday (4/16) to 6/4 is 49 days
-SB53 will be the 49th of the Moderan Era
Clark's last NFL season was in 1987

Redskins won the SB in the 87' season
Doug Williams lead them to a SB22 victory
The 87' Skins finished the regular season 11-4

There was a strike in 87'...
NFL did not play any games in Week 3
Redskins and Patriots were scheduled to play

87’ was the Patriots 18th season
-They finished 8-7 in

Doug Williams turns 63 on 8/9/18
-Tom Brady can become 6-3 in SBs with a win
Williams record as a Redskins was 8-9

Williams last start for the Redskins was in 89'
Redskins beat the Eagles 10-3 (103)
-103 = 27th prime

Williams last appearance for Redskins was in ATL
Redskins won 31-30 (61 = 18th prime)
-130 days after Williams 34th birthday
He threw a 34 yard TD and finished with 106 yards

Not sure of the dates for the World Series starts but those should give more clues

But thats all for now, 8/9 should give a couple hints a possible SB53 matchups and possible World Series as well


found a connection To Toronto

The Falcons played in the NFL last game in Toronto’s

They beat the Bills on 12/1/13
Score was 34-31 (65)

2013 Atl also played the Patriots and Redkins

On 9/29/13 Patriots won in ATL 30-23 (53)
Patriots become 4-0
SB53 could be Brady’s 40th playoff gme

ATL became 1-3
13th prime = 41
Brady will be 41 y/o when SB53 is played

On 12/15/14 Atl beat Washington 27-26 (53)
-Washington last SB appearance was 27 years ago in SB26

Atl record become 4-10 (41)
Washington become 3-11

From the Patriots game to Washington game was 77 days
-Brady born in 77’
-Robert Kraft currently 77 years old