Wednesday, July 18, 2018

New England Patriots & Washington Redskins

These teams are connected in several different ways...

For starters the Redskins Francise started in Boston

In 1932 the Boston Braves were founded
-This was the 13th season for the NFL
In 1933 they became the Boston Redskins

In 1936 the Boston Redskins made the NFL Championship
They lost to the Packers 21-6 (27)
This was the 17th NFL Season

In 1937 they moved to Washington
-This was the NFL 18th Season....
Redskins won the championship 28-21 (49)

2018 will be their 81st in Washington
The 2018 Super Bowl will be in Atlanta
Atlanta baseball team is the Braves

Redskins last SB appearance was the SB26
Redskins won 37-24 (61 = 18th prime)
They outscored playoff opponents 102-41
-61 point differential
This was 1991 season (72nd NFL season)

Redskins first SB appearance was 1972
-The 53rd NFL season
They lost SB7 to the Dolphins 14-7
The Dolphins finished the year undefeated
-No other team has done this since

72' Playoffs the Redskins scored 49 points
-SB53 will be the 49th of the modern era

72' was the first season...
Redskins played the Patriots
Game was on 10/1/72
-Patriots won 24-23 (47)
The date of 10/1 or 101 sticks out***
-101 = 26th prime

AFC can win 26th SB
10/1 also leaves 91 days left in the year
91 = 13th triangular #
13th prime = 41

Speaking of 41...
1972 was the Redskins 41st season
Patriots Franchise would not start up until 1960
-In the AFL but 1960 was the NFL 41st season

Brady will turn 41 before the season starts
Brady was drafted in 2000...
-the Patriots 41st season

Redksins coach, Jay Gruden bday is 3/4
-4 weeks 1 day after SB53

Brady becomes 4-1 vs Redskins with a win

Redskins next SB appearance came in 1982
-The 63rd NFL Season
Redskins won their first Super Bowl (17)

82' season was shortened by a 57 day strike
-New QB, Alex Smith, birthday is 5/7
Skins finished the regular season 8-1

The only game they loss was to Dallas 24-10 (34)
-Smith current 34 y/o, SB53 on 34th d.o.y
The loss dropped their record to 4-1
This loss was a span of 57 days before SB17

Skins finished 12-1 overall in 83'
-Square root of 121 = 11 (Smiths wears #11)
In SB17: Redskins defeat dolphins 27-17 (44)

The next year Redskins lost SB18
Raiders beat them 38-9 (47)
83' Redskins scored a NFL record 541 points
-541 = 100th prime
1983 was the Redskins 42nd Season

Patriots 42nd season was in In 2001 season
Brady won his first SB @ 24 years old..
The game was played 2/3/02 (SB36)
-This was 181 days before his 25th birthday
-181 = 42nd prime

'07 Patriots loss SB42 on 2/3/08
-They finished 18-1
-This was 181 days before his 31st birthday

Brady 42nd birthday is 181 days after SB53

The Patriots currently have 523 wins
523 = 99th prime
2018 is the 99th NFL Season

A 18-1 season would give them 541 wins
541 = 100th prime
This would be 35 years after Skins scored 541 points
-35 mirrors 53

If Patriots go 18-1...
Brady would finish with 241 wins
-241 = 53rd prime
241 has 24 & 41 hidden in it as well
Brady won his 1st SB @ 24 and could win his last @ 41

Redskins could improve to 4-2 with a SB win
Maybe Pats go 18-1 with a SB again?? unlikely...

A Patriots win in SB53 would make Brady 6-3 all time
SB53 would be Brady's 307th game
-307 = 63rd prime

Brady 6th career start was in ATL on 11/4/01
Patriots won 24-10 (34)
-SB53 will be played on the 34th day of 19'
Brady's record became 4-2 as a starter
Brady threw TDs passes for 4, 44 & 15 yards
-4 + 44 + 15 = 63
This game was 6300 days before SB53

A loss would be the Redskins 3rd in their 6th SB app.
Jay Gruden was born on the 63rd day of the year

In 19(63) Patriots made their first AFL championship game
Chargers won 51-10 (61)
63' was the NFL 44th Season
Patriots would not make playoffs again until 1976
-The NFL 57th Season

Alex Smith birthday is 5/7
Smith like Brady got his 1st start in ATL on 11/4 (2007)
-This date leaves 57 days left in the year
Falcons won 20-16 (36)
This was 181 days after Smith's 23rd birthday
Smith starting record became 11-18

Smith last start in ATL was 12/4/16..
-Chiefs won 29-28 (57)
Falcons became 7-5 which mirrors 57

A reason 57 could be a clue is...
5th prime = 11 & 7 prime = 17
If you combine you get 1117..
IF flipped is LIII which is Roman numerals for 53

Redskins play Atlanta on 11/4/18 (in DC)
This is 181 days after his 34th birthday
23 (y/o) + 34 (y/o) = 57

Smith's currently 11-3 all time vs AFC East teams
A loss brings him to 11-4 like the date 11/4
Also their bye weeks in 2018...
-Redskins Bye Week 4, Patriots Week 11

Brady is currently 14-6 vs the NFC East
A win makes him 15-6
156th prime = 911

Patriots owner is also born on the 156th day of the year
This is June 5th or 6/5
Patriots can become 6-5 in SBs

Brady took off at the time 9/11 happened
This would bring his career full circle

Brady & Smith got their 1st career starts vs Colts
Brady won 44-13 (57) on 9/30/01
Smith loss 28-3 (31) on 10/9/05
-This same day Brady/Pats beat ATL 31-28

Both teams will play the Colts in 200188
-Redskins on 9/16/18
-Patriots on 10/4/18
These games are 18 days apart

NFC East leads 9-2 over the AFC East in SB matchups
NFC-E has outscored them 304-188
If they played it would be the 12th matchup

Last time Skins played the Patriots was 11/8/15
This day left 53 days left in the year
Patriots won 27-10 (37)
Redskins dropped to 3-5
-This same day ATL fell to 6-3 after losing to SF 17-16

Redskins & Patriots are also playing this preseason
The game is on 8/9/18
From this day to SB53 is a span of 179 days
-179 = 41st prime
Also 8/9 or 89 = 24th prime

Former Skins QB, Doug Williams turns 63 on 8/9
Williams lead the Skins to a win in SB22
This was the 1987 season
In 87’ there was a 24 day strike
Week 3 was cancelled...
Redskins were suppose to play the Patriots
87' Skins wnt 11-4 in the RS
Williams record as Skins starter was 8-9

2018 will be the Redskins 87th season
#87 / Former 49er Dwight Clark recently died
Redskins & Pats are 8-7 combined in SBs

Patriots #87 is Rob Gronkowski
He was drafted 42nd overall in 2010
He turns 30, 100 days after SB53

2008 was the 89th NFL Season
Smith and Brady missed the '08 season with injuries
Brady started one game before getting hurt...
-This was against Smith former team, KC Chiefs

If Redskins get a 1st round bye then lose SB53...
Smith playoff record will be 4-6
46th prime = 199
Brady was the 199th Pick in the 2000 draft

Brady was drafted on the 107th day of the year
Add Brady age (41) & Belichick (66) = 107
But also....
-107 = 28th prime
NFC can win its 28th SB

1st round bye and SB win makes BB playoff record 31-11
SB53 would be Belichicks 42nd playoff game all time
Belichick got his first ever playoff win when he was 42 y/o

This was in the 94-95 Season as coach of the Browns
-Browns beat the Patriots 20-13 (33)
This was Cleveland 16th playoff win all time
They have not won a playoff game since
-16th prime = 53

From SB53 to BB 67th bday (4/16/19) is 72 days
'72 like the year the Redskins made 1st SB appearance
-Recall 72' was also the NFLS 53rd season

4/16/19 is also the 19th anniversary when Pats drafted Brady
-19th prime = 67

A SB53 win would make Patriots playoff record 37-20 (57)
-Smiths birthday is 5/7

Last game of their 2018 RS would be Pats 900th RS game all-time
-The 99th NFL season starts on 9/9

Patriots are 4-4 all time in ATL
-SB53 would be their 9th game

Redskins are 5-6-1 in ATL
-SB53 would be their 13th game
571 = 105th prime
661 = 121st prime

This is changing my AFC favorite to the Patriots &...
NFC favorite to the Redskins

AFC still could be Baltimore and I wouldn't be surprised to see the Raiders (see below)

NFC still see scripts for 49ers & Rams

The picture will be come clearer as the Super Bowl gets closer

10/1 also makes me think of the Vegas "shooting"
From the date of the shooting to SB53 is 490 days
The Washington Capitals won the Stanley Cup in Vegas
Bryce Harper, Washington Nationals player is from Vegas

The years Brady (77) & Smith (84) were born...
The Raiders won the Super Bowl

1976 Season (57th NFL Season)
Super Bowl 11 played on 1/9/1977:
-Raiders defeat Vikings: 32-14 (46)
Brady was born 206 days after SB11

1983 Season: (64th NFL Season)
Super Bowl 18 played on 1/22/84
-Raiders Defeated Redskins: 38-9
Alex Smith was born 106 days after SB18

Makes me think of the Raiders who are going to Vegas
Gruden bros coach both teams


  1. Love your work.. You should look at Cleveland Browns on stuck on 185 home wins looking to get 186-187 this year.. I think they win 2 out 4 home games then they play "Los Angeles Chargers" = 188

    1. Thank you Appreciate it, I'll be sure to take a look once the season gets closer

  2. Thank you man! This girl is definely part of the riddle.

    She was born on 11/4, which was the day
    Smith & Brady got their first starts in ATL.
    Smith is playing ATL on 11/4 this year.

    She would have turned 59 on this day.
    2018 will be Patriots 59th season

  3. How do you know she was sacrificed? And sacrificed for her father and SB17 specifically?

    And yep, 36 years after the 63rd season... that's why this is the 99th season. 36+63=99. So the 1981 season, the 62nd, 26 years after that it was the 88th season... did anything happen of significance to make this 36 after 63 relevant? And what about the 1980 and the 61st and then 16 years later it was the 77th and...

    Now, on the other hand, 36 after the 63rd in which the
    "Redskins" = 36!!!!! won, might actually be significant. Especially considering "Redskins" also = 99...

    but would love to know how you know anyone was sacrificed and for what, but whatever,

  4. Hello Perturbed Awake, I'm a big fan of finding the number patterns and "gematria", check out my blog. I'm just not a big fan of the whole pretending we know exactly what is going on, why it's going on, who is doing it, etc. "We know how these Masons love to script things", well, I don't KNOW that. What I do KNOW is that there are connections and patterns and things that are way beyond coincidence, and that SOMETHING is going on. I learned quite a bit from ZKH and can understand the tendency to assume we know it's "the Masons" and it's being done for this and this and this reason. But I really don't think we have any idea and I see this type of interest (interest in "gematria") quickly become rutted in what I call "Mason fanboyism". It's almost like we just want to sit around and obsess over "Masons" all day long. But anyway...

    I see you mentioned quite a few words, like Kill, Freemasonry, Power, Sacrifice, Murder, etc. -words that you have their numeric values memorized within this particular mindset of "ritualistic masons are sacrificing..." ... And you could just as easy have a different set of words from a different mindset memorized, such as, just for an example, you could be all about "ancient Ninjas rule from the shadows using hyper-evolved forms of quantum physics and taoism..." and then you would have memorized that, "Ninja" = 33, "Taoism" = 77, "Yin" = 33, "Yang" = 47, "Japan" = 119 (like All Seeing Eye), "Ancient Ninja" = 51 (like Conspiracy), "ancient ninja electron magic" = 113 (like Mainstream)... etc. And whilst this might not be the best example, and whilst I do think that various words all about a certain theme all equaling the same numbers is, way beyond coincidence, I hope you get my point.

    We bring a certain "kit" if you will, into this study with us, and yours is obviously the "freemason kit"... and don't get me wrong, it may very well be exactly how you surmise it! I just don't think you can KNOW that, and certainly not the details like if someone was actually sacrificed or not, and I think we will only ever appeal to the already super conspiracy-awake type of people when we present this study in those ways.

    And just to be clear in your first comment you didn't even say you THINK she was ritually sacrificed. You just out and out stated that she was. I checked back in on ZKH for the first time in over a year a couple of months ago and saw in his The Gematria Effect episode description something like, "on this episode we talk about how Barbara Bush did not die from natural causes but was sacrificed..." and I just sighed and thought, aww man, dude, you don't KNOW that! I think this type of stuff certainly brings in more attention and views (from the conspiracy community) but c'mon people. But anyway. Redskins do make perfect sense this year. And the Patriots apparently always make sense. arghh.