Sunday, July 8, 2018

Braves Outfielder: Nick Markakis / Super Bowl 53

Braves Outfielder Nick Markakis will make his first All Star appearance @ 34 years old.

This news jumped out to me for several different reasons...

The first is obvious...ATL is hosting the upcoming Super Bowl which...
Will be played on the 34th day of the year
Markakis is originally from Georgia
Markakis currently has 34 career HRs as a Brave
Markakis started his career on the Orioles who play in Baltimore just like the Ravens.

Markakis birthday of 11/17/83
SB53 in Roman numerals is written LIII
If you flip LIII your get 1117 similar to 11/17

This was announced on 7/9/18
Which is 131 days before his birthday
131 = 32nd prime
SB53 will be played on 2/3

He was drafted in 3 straight MLB drafts

First in 2001 Markakis was drafted by the Cincinnati Reds in the 35th round
-This was a few months after the Ravens had won SB35
Markakis did not sign with the Reds

The following year he was again drafted by the Reds this time in the 23rd round
-2018 will be the Ravens 23rd season
Markakis again did not sign with the Reds
-The day after Markakis 35th bday this year the Ravens play the Cincinnati Bengals

In 2003 the Orioles drafted him in the 1st round (7th overall)
He signed with the Orioles on 6/11/2003
-116 has been big with Baltimore this year, check out my posts below

He played 9 seasons in Baltimore and has currently played 4 in ATL
-SB53 will be the 49th of the modern era

He signed with the Braves on 12/3/14
This was 16 days after his 31st birthday
The contract was a 4 year deal worth 44 Million
Georgia = 44

From the day he signed with the Braves to SB53 is 1523 days
1523 = 241st prime
241 = 53rd prime

The Atlanta Falcons will play in the opening game of this season on 9/6
From that date to Markakis 35th bday is 51 days
ATL was in SB51

Nicholas William Markakis = 99 in Full Reduction
2018 will be the 99th NFL season

In 2006 Markakis won Rookie of the year
That same year the Colts won SB41
The Colts are originally from Baltimore

Now 13 years later Markakis will play in his first all star game
13th prime = 41

Markakis is another connection that brings Atlanta and Baltimore together so wanted to document

The MLB All Star game is in Washington DC which would be another clue for the Redskins


  1. Yeah I knew something was up with him... he’s been a random the last few years ... been in the league for 13 years.. and now he’s so good. Lol

    1. I remember him coming into the league but completely forgot about him, granted I don't watch must baseball anymore.

      Ill be keeping on how he does during the ASG, if he wins MVP or something ridiculous we will know there is more to this riddle