Wednesday, July 25, 2018

If Patriots fo 15-1 then win Super Bowl 53

The following will be as if the Patriots finish the seasons 18-1 and win SB53

TOM BRADY-Quarterback
41 years old

Regular Season Record;
211-56 (267 Starts)
211 = 47th prime

Playoff Record: 30-10 (40 Starts)

Overall Record: 241-66 (307 Starts)
-241 = 53rd prime
-307 = 63rd prime

Can become 6-3 in SBs with SB53 win
66 all time loses, BB 66 years old

66 years old

Regular Season Record: 265-119 (384 Games)

Playoff Record; 31-11 (42 games)
-31 = 11th prime / 11 = 5th prime

Overall Record; 296-130 (426 Games)

77 years old

Regular Season Record: 283-117
283 = 61st prime

Playoff Record: 33-14 (47 Games)

Overall Record: 316-131 (447 Games)
-131 = 32nd Prime
131 also a Championship #

Regular Season Record: 504-387-9 (900 Games)
-Those all reduce to 9
-This is the 99th NFL Season

Playoff Record: 37-20 (57 Games)
-37 = 12th prime (Brady)
Patriots First SB appearance was SB20
-This was 66th NFL Season (Belichick)

Overall Record: 541-407-9 (957 Games)
541 = 100 prime
2019 will be the NFL's 100th season

SB53 is 100 days before Gronks 30th birthday
Recall SB53 can be Brady 30th Playoff win

The way all these numbers line up with all these individuals jumps right out to me.

Last team to go 18-1 and win SB was the 85’ bears

This was 33 years ago in the NFLs 66th Season
-Belichick currently 66 years old

Bears beat Patriots 46-10 (56) in SB20

1985 was the Patriots 16th season in the NFL
16th prime = 53


  1. I think your Ravens riddle is connected to Pats like Zach said.. They play the bears on 8/2 like 82 to make the bears go 4-1 like 41.. Bears are 4-0 in HOF games currently

  2. Brady is 196-55 in reg season guess where his 199th win will be? Good ol Michigan! Haha

    1. Great find! The date of the game also leaves 99 days left in the year

      I’m trying to find Belichicks record vs his former coordinators but it doesnt matter, based on that Pats are a lock to win

    2. Patriots will go 13-3 get a first round playoff bye and win 3 total playoff games including superbowl. Robert Kraft (Robert Kenneth Kraft =722 jewish) will then get his 314th win in super bowl. Also his 33 all time playoff win in superbowl and will have 119 losses. If they play the 49ers in super bowl (49th prime is 227) it will be 47 years 3m 3d (47 33 ritual) since their first match-up on halloween 1971. On the atlanta staudium that is hosting the superbowl... construction started 1722 days before 2/3/19 superbowl. Last year the eagles owner won his 227th all time game winning the superbowl.

  3. Game is 51 days after Brady’s bday
    He can become 5-1 vs Lions

    1. Fifty one = 46
      Michigan = 46
      Forty Six = 46

      All full reduction

    2. Go ahead and lock the Pats in

      Lions Coach, Matt Patricia will be 43 y/o

      Last meeting Pats won 34-9 (43)
      This was 46 months before next meeting

      46th prime = 199
      Brady’s get 199th regular season win

      Also was 1400 days
      14th prime = 43

      Patricia born in 1974
      74’ was 55th NFL season

      Brady stays on 55 regular season losses

      Brady gets 55th career win vs NFC &...
      stays on 18 losses

  4. Check this out ..

    "Ninety ninth NFL season"= 257, 103
    "Fifty third super bowl" = 257, 103
    "Forty ninth super bowl champions" = 378, 144, 378, 144
    "Twenty seven"= 46, 53

  5. Washington Redskins = 257
    Washington = 49
    Redskins = 99

    "Washington redskins vs New England patriots" = 487 the 93rd prime
    "Washington vs New England"= 270, 99, 108

    It could be game "Eleven" = 63, 27, 99, 27
    They also play on 8/9 leaving 144 days ..
    8/9 to 2/3 = 179 days the 41st prime
    Forty one = 46

  6. Jay Gruden is 51.. Born on 63rd day of year. Jay Gruden = 42
    Remember 2002 season they called the super bowl "Gruden Bowl" = 49
    The year they added 32 teams "Thirty two"= 49
    You should look at that i think it was super bowl 37 the 33rd sb of modern era

    1. Nice work, I did a brief post about the 2002 season but could do a deeper dive,

      The last prime # SB (47) was a brother vs brother (Harbaughs))

      Also a California team vs DC area team

      Raiders and Redskins met in SB18 and we are now in the 20(18)) season
      SB18 the end of the 1983 Season and 2002 was the 83rd NFL season

      Ive been seeing a narrative for the Raiders this year but my gut is telling me they are a couple seasons away. Good stuff though man keep it up

  7. Howdy. Hey Brendan, I'm doing a huge decode/story everyday. If ya care check me out more man, and tell your friends. I don't get around much.

    If ya don't. I'll still keep it up. Who cares.

    And I know it's stupid but I still think the Patriots fall off this year. No playoffs. Cheers!

    1. Hey WBC, I’ve been reading the post and like them man keep it up. I was a big fan of Too Cool back in the day so it was sad hearing about GMS.

      You could def be right about the Pats, only time a Brady lead team didn’t make the playoffs was 2002 and I see a lot of similarities between that season and this season.

      But... I can’t deny the numbers I am seeing strongly indicate another Pats SB appearance and possible 18-1 season but we will see man.

    2. I drop by your site sometimes, it's good stuff. You gotta take off the comment approval thing, people might comment more.

    3. Hey StayWoke, hey man thanks for reading. That three WWE in one day, was wild, eh? I was more old school myself- grew up on the Hulkster... I was a Hulkamaniac! And I was screaming at the Ref in the Hulk vs Ultimate Warrior match at Wrestlemania!!!!! lol, ahh to be young and foolish, eh. Anyway.

      You got some viewers/commenters, a little more it looks like here recently- and I read you call into the ZKH web show? Shout a playa out dog!

      Ok man. I don't know. Cheers!

  8. Amazing work, man. You could be right about the 18-1, isn't Superbowl 53 181 days before Brady's birthday? I had some good reasons for them going 13-3 in the season but I can't remember now it's been a while.

    I always enjoy your calls in to the radio show too!

    1. If they got 10 wins in the regular season, they'd be on 533 wins, very similar to 53 and 533 is 41 x 13 both very important numbers on this Superbowl. They'd go 10-6 like Prophecy.

    2. Hey Lenny C, thanks for dropping by sometimes. I wouldn't turn the comment approval off after reading ZKH's blog back in the day and reading all the hate and vitriol and stuff- don't want no attacks or spam or anything to be on there unchecked. Sometimes I'm away for a while. But anyway, whatever. Spread my work if you think it's any good- tell your friends! lol, ok cheers!

    3. Zach gets all the negative comments because he's got all eyes on him and he's the main dude. The other smaller blogs like this one we're on right now don't get trolling in the same way.

  9. Check this out bro


    *Matt Patricia = 50

    *Superbowl 50 days away from Bill Belichick bday

    America = 50


    Superbowl 53 is 181 days from Tom Brady's 42nd birthday

    181 = 42nd prime

    Bill Belichick = 181


    The Lions won the NFL Championship in 1953

    Robert Kraft = 53

    Kraft bought the Patriots at 53 years old


    Tom Brady = 98

    Detroit = 98

    Patriots = 98

    Martha Firestone Ford = 98


    Patriots vs Lions with 99 days left in the year on 23/9

    The US Flag is 241 years old

    *If the Patriots go 15-1, then win 3 postseason

     games including the Superbowl, Tom Brady will have 241 wins, the 53rd prime for Superbowl 53, and the Patriots will have 541 wins, the 100th prime entering the 100th NFL season

    *The United States of America = 99

    Patriots first game is against Houston on 9/9


    Georgia = 44

    Matt Patricia will be 44

    Detroit = 44


    Mercedes-Benz Stadium = 307

    (the 63rd prime)

    If Tom Brady wins the Superbowl he goes 6-3

    (William Ford bought the Lions in '63)

    Georgia = 37


    Football = 133

    From the match on Sep 23 to Superbowl LII is 133 days

    Roger Goodell = 133

    President = 133

    *Stafford went to College in Georgia

    It's likely Matthew Stafford wins the MVP in this scenario seeing the recent MVPs being the loser in the Superbowl, he could throw 35 touchdowns and have a total of 241

    If the Patriots lose to Detroit (regular season), Brady will be 4-1 against the Lions.

    Robert Kraft was born in '41

    Also this being the 49th modern Superbowl, Belichick was 49 years old when he won his first

    Also another thing: If the Lions win the NFC Championship, they will be the last NFC team to do so. All of the NFC has done it by then.