Monday, July 30, 2018

Dez Bryant Prediction

Prediction: Dez Bryant

He wears #88
Be was born on 11/4/19(88)

Dez will sign with a team on 8/8/18
-This will 88 days before his 30th birthday

He was cut on 4/13/18
161 days after his 29th bday

From 4/13 to 8/8 is a 117 days
Next game= 117th all time

Also 114th regular season game...
like his 11/4 birthday

Last game with Cowboys he had 24 yards
He was the 24th pick in the draft
24th prime = 89

8/9 is start of the preseason

1988 was the NFLs 69th season
Dez has 69 catches last year

In 1988 only one team went 8-8
The Denver Broncos...their 29th season

Denver beat Dallas 42-17 (69) last year
Dez has 59 yards in the game
2018 is the Broncos 59th season

I also like the Patriots, Redkins or Browns


Patriots look like the team to sign on 8/8

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  1. Man I looked at the TV one day and saw them talking about Dez and the Browns and it seemed to me that it was already done, that he signed with the Browns, and I was like, see, me and my main man StayWoke are trying to tell y'all, the Browns are in the playoffs! Hahaha.

    So still, that would make some sense, no? The Browns... Yeah, totally. Redskins for that rivalry! Detroit Michigan = 88. Lions could do it? I don't know. Haven't looked at him.

    Cheers man!