Friday, July 13, 2018

May 23 Birthdays

This being the 99th NFL season I wanna to take a look @ May 23
99th prime = 523
First Sunday in upcoming season will be 9/9/18

From 5/23/18 to 9/9/18 is 109 days
From SB53 (2/3/19) to 5/23/19 is 109 days
109 = 29th prime

Lets take a look at the active players with a 5/23 bday

The best player on the list is Rams DT, Aaron Donald
He is currently 27 years old
Drafted 13th overall in 2014

The other player who sticks out is Tyus Bowser
I’ve never heard of Until now..

He was drafted 47th overall in 2017 by the Ravens
-Ravens won SB47

He was drafted 3 weeks 5 days before his 22nd bday
-Ravens won SB35
-35 mirrors 53

He’s currently 23 years old
-2018 is Ravens 23 season

He played his college ball in Houston
-He wore # 81 which mirrors 18
The year he was drafted the SB51 was played in Houston

Ravens open the Season @ home vs the Bills
This will be the 8th matchup
Ravens lead 4-3 (4-1 @ home)

The only year Bills won in Balt was 99’
Score: 13-10 (23)

If you go back to the 109/29
Bowser was born a span of 116 days after SB29
-49ers won 49-26 over the Chargers

116 keeps showing up with the Baltimore Ravens
-29 * 4 = 116

In the 2017 draft the Ravens also the 16th pick
16th prime = 53

Donald & Bowser both play for “R” teams
R = 18th letter of the alphabet
Last SB matchup of “R” teams was SB18
Raiders defeated Redskins 38-9 (47)
Team from CA vs D.C team

Update 7/30/18

Last season was the 98th for the NFL
-98th prime = 521

SB Champion Eagles has a player with a 5/21 bday

Corey Robinson 5/21/96

He was the 43rd pick of the 2017 draft

He tuened 21, 37 weeks before SB52
-Eagles become 1-2 in SBs
12th prime = 47

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