Monday, August 20, 2018

8/17/18: Braves get 53rd Loss

Braves loss to Rockies 11-5
This was their 53rd of the year
11 = 5th prime, 5 = 3rd (53)

Also both the previous and following game
Braves lost by a scores of 5-3

Braves record became 68-53
Home record fell to 34-26
-AFC can win 26th SB on 34th d.o.y.

Game was played 8/17/18
-the 229th d.o.y
Which is the 50th prime, 50th home game

Game was a span of 171 days b4 SB53
171 = 18th triangular #
2018 season coming up

Braves through 180 pitches in the game
115 for strikes (final score)

Braves starter, Newcomb, became 10-6
Like 16, 16th prime = 53

Date of games leaves 136 days left
136 = 16th triangular #

Their opponent the Rockies..
From Denver like the Broncos
Who the Falcons played in SB33
Broncos won 34-19 (53)
This was John Elway last game
Hmmmm🤔 interesting

Quick look at some other games that day

Red Sox won 7-3 over TB
Record became 87-36
Home record 43-15

Phillies won 4-2 over Mets
Record became 68-54
Home record 41-20

Date was 20 days before.
Falcons open vs Eagles
216 days after their playoff meeting

Quick post mainly to document


  1. Indians @ Red Sox, August 22:

    Date leaves 131 days in the year and has numerology 41, Superbowl = 41, 141, Boston is meant to win the Superbowl.
    Red Sox can get their 990th win vs Indians (like 99th season of NFL)

    Indians can get their 53rd loss and Red Sox pitcher Brian Johnson can become 5-3 with a win.

    There's a couple of things for the Indians but this looks pretty good for Boston