Friday, August 10, 2018

8/9/18 Recap

8/9 Recap

In my post below I talked about how 8/9 was a big day for the NFL & MLB

Games I was interested in
-Braves @ Nationals
-Red Sox @ Toronto
-Redskins @ Patriots

Nationals Beat the Braves 6-3
Gott their 59th win on the year
-Patriots going into 59th season trying t
-Brady trying to go 6-3 in SBs

Nationals home record is now 30-28 like 28-3 look familiar??

Braves road record became 34-27 (61)
61 = 18th prime

Red Sox loss to the Blue Jays 8-5
Record became 81-35
-81 is 18 reversed & 35 is 53

Blue Jays home record is now 28-30 (LOL)

This was the Red Sox 59th road game
Record became 39-20

The 39 sticks out because The Falcons played in the last NFL in Toronto in 2013

Beat the Bills 34-31 (65)
Their record became 3-9

18 MLB played on this day
Winning teams outscored losing 65-39

Patriots beat the Redskins 26-17
They scored 26 straight
Interesting because AFC can win 26th SB
Redskins first SB win was SB17

Game was 179 days before SB53
179 = 41st prime
Tom Brady is 41 years old

Former Redskins QB Doug Williams turns 63 on 8/9
He was 8-9 as starter for Redskins...
& Retired in 1989.

Williams lead them to a win in SB22 during the 1987 season

2018 is the Redskins 87th season

I was wrong about both my Dez Bryant and Red Sox predictions....

Can’t win them alll


  1. Dez Will sign 8/13-14 with Pats or Browns maybe Redskins

    1. I'm seeing 8/15 or 8/19

      I didn't look at many teams and haven't looked since June, but I was seeing Falcons or maybe Raiders. Dez stats are hilarious too. 99GS, 909 TGT, 66.0 ypg, 73, 113, 7459, 85, 47 etc.

      Don't forget the 411 for his bday itself. Is part of why I was seeing 8/15 or 8/19

      The 15th is 227th day of year, 49th prime.

      19 is 8th prime. 8/19 is 288d from his last bday. 11w to his next, 77d. 8/19/18 reduces to 9's and 11s only. Bunch else for both days I'm on my phone. 8/19 is also right after some injuries happen in the previous day's games.

    2. 8/19 is also 21d from 9/9, 21 is 8th Fibonacci and seems to matter because of the 73 catches in rookie year + 73 career TD now. 73 is 21st prime.

      8/19/18 is 10,880d from 11/4/88

      Also, 8/19 can be seen as 88 because 19 is 8th prime.

    3. Nice work!

      Just checked and 8/19 looks good to me

      Has to be Patriots or Browns

      77 days for Brady

      also 2 months 16 days before his bday
      216 is CLE area code

  2. Like I said in My Miami Dolphins Protest During Anthem post, I noticed the 26 unanswered points by the Patriots and thought about the 26th SB win for the AFC but caught myself and said, well wait a second, look back in history, the Eagles got the NFC its 27th SB win a year ago, did they score 27 points in their preseason games? Etc... I've noticed a tendency back when I watch ZKH and sometimes even in myself to only focus/think about NOW because NOW is when we are looking at things and studying but you always have to remember to check it back when you can...

    One other small critique, sometimes it feels to me like you, not just you, but like you have Brady On The Brain, like everything you look at you connect back to Brady and the Patriots. Not so much this post- I get the Boston connections but something in a recent post where it was like in something not related to New England you said the numbers 41-12 make you think Brady... But anyway, no big deal.

    In doing my update to my 112 days before the Super Bowl work, the score of Brady's first SB stood out to me...

    SB36. NE 20 STL 17...


    Maybe his first SB gave us a clue as to when his last SB would be? Especially in that, IF HE IS DONE, then his final SB WIN was in Feb of 2017, and his final SB appearance was at the end of the 2017 season... like a double hit on it or something. I don't know...

    Also I was thinking... they've "dirtied" Brady and Belichick up a bit- SpyGate, DeflateGate, and now this trainer/Garoppolo stuff... Makes me wonder if they have them set for a fairy tale happy ending... seems like they might have them end in a downfall... and a year full of NINES, with New England = 99 and Brady = 45 and other 9 stuff on them, what would be special in this NINE year? Another SB? Done that! What would be special would be a downfall...

    but who knows!

    Anyway man, keep up the work,

    1. It’s hard not to think of Brady with 41-12 this year especially because that equal 53

      The year of SB36 the Patriots also played the Rams in the Regular Season
      Rams won 24-17 (41)
      Brady became 5-3 as starter

      Also played ATL that year not sure if you saw my post below but crazy Numbers with that

      Game was played 11/4/01
      Patriots won 24-10
      Brady became 4-2 as starter
      He turns 42,181 days after SB53
      181 = 42nd prime

      But here’s the crazy part
      From that game to SB53 is 6300 days!
      Brady had 3 TD passes in the game
      4, 15, 44 yards, add them you get 63

      SB53 could be Brady’s 307th start
      307 = 63rd prime

      They could send off Brady with an SB win like Elway who beat ATL @ 37 years old

      Dolphins connect because it’s been 46 years since there undefeated season
      46th prime = 199 (Brady/draft)

      That was 1972, the 53rd season

      I get what you mean but there is just so many Patriots themes, whether they win it or not they are a huge part of the riddle

      I’m looking at all angles once the games start more clues will be shown

      Appreciate the post WBC, keep up the good work as well