Saturday, August 4, 2018

James Hasty

Pigging backing off my 5/23 Birthday post which you can check out below.

I wanted to see what former NFL players had that birthday and turned 53 in 2018

One Player came up

James Hasty
DOB: 5/23/18

He was drafted 74th overall by the Jets in the 1988 draft
-1988 was the 53rd NFL Draft

He played 14 years in the NFL for the Jets, Chiefs & Raiders

His last season was 2001, when he was 36 years old
-He only appeared in one game for the Raiders

Game was 11/18/01
Raiders beat the Chargers 34-24 (58)
Which improved their record to 7-2
-From Hasty's bday to Brady's is 72 days

Game was played 179 days...
after Hasty's 36th bday
-179 = 41st prime
Brady will be 41 this season

Also on 11/18/01
Brady/Patriots lost to the Rams 24-17 (41)
Brady starting Record became 5-3
These teams would meet again in SB36

From 11/18/01 to SB36 was 77 days
-Brady born in 77'

In the 01'-02' playoffs...
Raiders lost to Patriots
-The infamous "Tuck Rule Game"...
played 1/19.02
11/18/01 to 1/19/02 is a span of 63 days
Patriots won 16-13 (29)

Hasty went to Washington State
Same as Drew Bledsoe...
who Brady took the starting job from

Hasty first NFL game was vs Patriots
Patriots beat the Jets: 28-3 (Look familiar?)

Hasty wore # 40 his whole career except..
his last season when he wore #34

If Brady makes SB53 that could be....
-His 40th playoff game on...
the 34th day of the year.

Hasty career Record was;
101-107-1 (209 games)
0-3 in playoffs

He played 18 games vs Patriots
Record: 10-8

His bday to the first Sunday (9/9) is 109 days

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