Saturday, August 11, 2018

Isaiah Crowell

Jets Beat Falcons 17-0 on 8/10/18

Jets RB Isiah Crowelll scores the 1st TD

A number of things stick out with him

A 16 yard TD catch
16th prime = 53
He was on the Browns last year...
When they went 0-16

Crowell birthday is 1/8/1993
He turns 26, 26 days before SB53
AFC can win it’s 26th SB

In the game against ATL he also had...
2 rushes for 6 yards

In 2017 he had 206 rushes

His rookie year..
Browns beat ATL 26-24
Browns became 7-4
Falcons 4-7
Crowell had a 26 yard TD run which

He played his college ball @ Georgia
Finished with 26 TDs in college

Being born in 1993...
That was first season ATL hosted a SB
This was the 74th NFL season

He had the same birthday as Dwight Clark
Clark died on 6/4/18
He use to be the GM for the Browns
Crowell has played in 64 games
Browns record is 11-53

He signed a 12 million deal with the Jets 67 days after his bday
67 = 19th prime
He had 607 rushing yards as a rookie

The 12 makes me think of Brady
Jets end the season playing the Patriots
Game is 12/30/18, 35 days before SB53

Jets next game is vs Redskins
Who just loss to the Patriots 26-17

Today’s baseball games (8/11) are also interesting
Red Sox playing in their 61st road game /118th overall
Can become 41-20 & 83-35 Overall

Brady just turned 41 on 8/3

Braves are playing in their 53rd home game
Can get their 64th win (Dwight Clark)
This would be 67 days after his 6/4 death
They are playing Milwaukee who can get 67th win


  1. 12 million dollar deal
    "I.C." = 12... "N.Y" = 12... 12 makes me think of 37.
    "I.C." = 73...
    "Isaiah Hassan" = 73
    The preseason game was on a date with 37 numerology,
    and 7m and 3d (73) after his bday

    12 also makes me think of 78.
    "New York" = 78

    The season opener (involving ATL)
    is 241 days after his birthday
    He was born in Georgia.

    "I.C' = 64 [bacon]

    Anyway, good stuff- he sounds like the 26 man. Watch the Patriots acquire him and win 26th afc sb. ha nah.


    1. small correction on my comment: "I.C." doesn't = 73... I meant "Isaiah" = 73 [bacon]

    2. Love the 241 days from his birthday

      Brady’s rookie year he won in ATL 24-10

      If Patriots somehow go 18-1 this year Brady will have 241 wins all time

    3. ooh, that is nice- 24-10 in ATL rookie year...

      compelling stuff both/all ways imho- miss the playoffs, lose the SB, or win it. I don't know man! But right now I'd still say they fall off.