Sunday, August 12, 2018

Red Sox / Chris Sale


# 41 Chris Sale returned from the DL
Red Sox beat the Orioles 4-1
-41 = 13th prime
Sale was 13th pick in 2010 Draft

Sale Sox record is now 29-12 (41)
Sale is 29 years old
Overall 103-62

His last start was on 7/27/18
16 days before 8/12/18
Red Sox beat the Twins 4-3

Win today made them 43-20 on the road
Overall record 85-35 (120th game)
Sale is now 12-4 this year (16)
He had 13 strike outs in the game
He now was 219 this year

This was sales 23rd start on the year
23 = 9th prime
Game was 9 days after Brady’s 41st bday

8/12 also leaves 141 days left in the year
Before today Sale had pitched 141 innings
Hidden 14/41

This is 28 days before Patriots 1st game
They play the Houston Texans
On 8/12 the Houston Astro’s loss 4-3
This was their 28th home loss
First SB hosted by ATL was SB28
-A game that totaled 43 points

There’s a lot more but that’s all I got time for I’ll try to update later